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Radio Free Burrito Episode 42: Here. Home. Us.

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RFB LogoOn this week’s Radio Free Burrito, I think I’m going to read you one story, but I end up reading you two stories. It’s your lucky day!

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Radio Free Burrito Episode 41: what a weird week

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RFB LogoThis week, I talk about how weird the last two weeks have been



Radio Free Burrito Episode 40: …meh, it’s good enough.

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RFB LogoHey, Welcome to Radio Free Burrito!

This week, I talk a lot about my creative process, how I’ve found myself at a bit of a creative and existential crossroads, and what I’m doing about it.


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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Nine: The Unearned Bell

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RFB LogoIt’s late, but for good reasons. Welcome to Radio Free Burrito!

This week, I talk a little bit about my creative process for the Tabletop RPG Show, my D&D 5E campaign, and I ring an unearned bell.


This is the end of the notes.

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Radio Free Burrito Episode 39



Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Eight: You Really Shouldn’t Listen To This

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RFB LogoBy Grabthar’s Hammer, it’s a new RFB!

This week, Anne is back to discuss our dog who eats her own shit and then throws up her own shit in our house, the flock of wild parrots we want to set on fire, going to Kings games, playing games on Tabletop, and our Foundation to Increase Awesome.

You should not listen to this episode, though, because the story of Marlowe eating her own shit and then throwing it up in our house is really, really awful. You have been warned.




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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Seven: In a Row?

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RFB LogoIt’s later than usual, but it’s not a year later! How about a new Radio Free Burrito!?

This week, I talked a lot about our secret vacation, and Anne joined me to share a story from her blog.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of mixing podcast audio in Audacity, largely thanks to the wiki.

A couple of very  notes:

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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Six: Secret Vacation

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Holy crap, it’s two weeks in a row that I’ve made a thing!

I’m on Secret Vacation this week, but I have a few minutes between breakfast and adventure to record a short thing. As I always say, it isn’t much, but it’s a thing where a thing wasn’t before, and that’s okay.

A couple of very brief notes:

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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Five – Ring of Fire

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Well, it looks like we’re really back, for reals, and on an actual schedule. Welcome to Radio Free Burrito Episode 35 – Ring of Fire

This week, I talk about the first thing to come to my mind, including trains and books. I tell a pretty gross story that gives the episode its title. This will also be the first episode that has an actual name, because some day I’d like to come up with something as magnificent as #Torsoshorts.

Okay, that’s everything. Please enjoy Radio Free Burrito Episode 35 – Ring of Fire.






We’re (almost) baaaaaaack

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So this should technically be episode 35, but it’s really just an experiment to see if I can keep making burritos, so we’re just calling it Radio Free Burrito’s Experimental Episode.


Here’s a cut-n-paste from the mothership:

I had an idea, so I tried it out. I’m publishing it now, before I have a chance to back out and change my mind.

Enjoy the Burrito!

If the embeded player doesn’t work, try this link: RFB-Experimental

Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-Four

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Holy Crap it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito! 

Today, I talked about books, played some music, and rang my podcast bell a few times.

Show Notes:

Ready? Put down that copy of Sky Mall, and


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