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Radio Free Burrito Archives: Episode Three

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This episode of The Burrito is the longest, yet, weighing in at 37 minutes. It was so long, in fact, that I had to break it into two parts in garage band, and use audacity to join them together. However, it's relatively small; just 15.2MB. I listened to it in headphones and through my Powerbook's speakers, and it sounds fine to me, but let me know if you think it sucks. You can also let me know if you like it, of course.

I'm not very happy with this episode, as I fell into one of my chief complaints about podcasts in general: it rapidly devolves into just some guy talking about bullshit. I mostly did the show so I could stay on the weekly schedule, and I really just wanted to share this song that I made in garageband, because I think it's kind of cool.

I'm always interested in feedback which can be sent to podcast at wil wheaton dot net. The feedback some listeners have chosen to send in has been extremely useful, whether it's praise or constructive criticism, so thank you all for that. Questions for next week's show, which will focus exclusively on family and holiday themes, can be sent to ask at wil wheaton dot net.

Anyway, If you have 37 minutes to spend listening to me blather on about bullshit, please enjoy: Download radio_free_burrito_episode_three.mp3 <– the second fixed version. The first one had huge gaps where I addicentally erased a track, while the second one had an additional track layered over the beginning that I didn't delete when I replaced the first deleted track, for fuck's sake. But this should be the "good" version now, and if you have one of the earlier versions, hermetically seal it and start planning for your retirement.

Show Notes:

Mirrors, provided by WWdN reader Brian M:

Low: 6.46 megs, vbr 24kb max, mono

High torrent:


p style=”margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; “>(Thank you, Brian!)

Radio Free Burrito Archives: Episode One

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Whitevancan't believe I already did another podcast, but I had ideas, and they needed to come out of my brains, so here we are.

I'm going to tell you the complete truth: This isn't the greatest thing ever, but I really had fun putting this show together, and I think I'm officially hooked on doing these shows. As long as it doesn't completely take over my life, I'll do everything I can to get a new episode up every week. Around episode four or five, when I've climbed a little higher up the learning curve, I'll even see if I can get this into iTunes so subscribing is easier.

Okay. How about some show notes? That's kind of cool, isn't it?

Notes for Episode One:

This week's show is much, much smaller than episode zero, weighing in at a much friendlier 13.3 MB, but still just over 30 minutes. I'm still not ready for primetime, but I feel much more comfortable than I did last week, and had a great time putting this together.

Questions can be sent to ask at wil wheaton dot net and comments can be sent to podcast at wil wheaton dot net.

Also, until I figure out a more appropriate license, RFB will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Okay? Get to listening!


p style=”margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; “>Download radio_free_burrito_episode_one.mp3


Several listeners have asked for a list of the music in this show:

. . . and have a mirror, courtesy of WWdN:iX reader Alan.

. . . and another mirror courtesy of Craig.

. . . Brian did a ton of Burrito-Fu, and sent in a low-fi version, and .torrents for hi and lo fi:

High (orig):

Low (mono, VBR bit rate range 8-24, 5.7 megs):

Mirror for the Low..

Wow! Thanks, guys!

Radio Free Burrito Archives: Episode Zero

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AliveWell, here it is! It's alive!

As I wrote earlier today, "It will either be really cool, or the stupidest fucking thing in history, and I'll proceed accordingly." My initial feeling is that it falls somewhere in the middle: it's longer than I wanted, and it's a little unfocused, but I'm willing to allow myself the freedom to make as many mistakes as it takes to either come up with something cool, or accept that I just don't have what it takes to make a podcast.

Observations on getting this thing from my brains to your ears: I thought the recording would be very hard, but it was actually super easy. I've tried in Audacity several times before, and it never wants to work, so today I just followed the instructions from Apple for creating podcasts in Garageband, and it was simple and easy. But holy shit the converting and the uploading was so hard, I felt like I had no thumbs and an IQ of 24. I'm sorry to report that this episode is only available in the stupid, proprietary, Apple AAC format, but that's the only format I could get to upload (the .aiff file was over 300MB, and TypePad just wouldn't let me upload it. That was really annoying.)

So now I need to know what you, the audience, think. What would you like more of? Less of? Is it too long? Is it too narrowly focused, or not broad enough? Most importantly: when it was over, did you feel like I earned your 30 minutes, or did you feel like you wasted your time?

Heh. The last time I felt this nervous about releasing something into the wild, it was the first version of Dancing Barefoot. This is both cool and scary.

Afterthought: I just realized that I stupidly recorded this thing in super-ultra-hyper-mega-stereo, when nifty-old-mono would have been just fine. The result is a ridiculously large file (71.8 MB) which I can only leave up for a few hours before I blow through all my bandwidth. I'll see if I can convert the file I have to mono, and if not, look for Episode .05 to hit the airwaves in the next 48 hours. Yeah, I am really a moran. iTunes won't let me convert it to mp3, and Audacity won't even open it. So this file will stay up until about 8:00 PM Pacific time, when I'll have to take it down. If someone wants to mirror the file, go nuts. Gods, I am sofa king stupid. I blame my nervousness for this ultrarookie error. When you mock, please mock me gently.

AfterthoughtAfterthought: I owe Shane Nickerson a huge debt of gratitude, because he pointed out to me my stupid mistake. I'll reveal my shame a bit later on. In the meantime, here is a .mp3 file, which is much smaller: "only" 27.3MB:

Download radio_free_burrito_episode_zero.mp3

Oh boy! Several Mirrors!

Mirror one, from WWdN:iX reader buford: radio_free_burrito_episode_zero.mp3

Mirror two, from my friend Kathleenradio_free_burrito_episode_zero.mp3

Mirror three, from WWdN:iX reader  UglyRedHonda: Unauthorized low-bandwidth-friendly re-encoding


p style=”margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; “>And the coolest of them all . . . a .torrent. Man, do I feel like I've arrived now! Thanks, Brian! :)