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Radio Free Burrito Archives: Episode Four

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Greenslime_1Yes, it is true! At long last, the long-overdue Episode Four is here. According to certain other episode-numbered series, this should be the episode that grabs everyone's attention and establishes me as a Force to be reckoned with . . . but it will be the next episode that proves to be my best ever, one which I'll never be able to top.

I guess I should figure out a way to get a hold of Lawrence Kasdan, huh?

This episode is another audio diary one, this time centered around an audition I had this morning for a new Nickelodeon animated series. It was an awesome audition, thanks entirely to the totally cool people who I read for, who made me feel welcome, and enthusiastically worked with me to bring my version of this character to life. (I know some of you read my blog, so thank you for doing that. I had an awesome time today. You guys rock.)

The audio diary is 33 minutes long, so I didn't do Q&A in this show, but it will be back in the next show. In fact, I'll devote most of the next show to Q&A, since many of you have written in that you like that, and it's pretty damn easy for me to answer questions about myself.

Show Notes:

The entire show is 47 minutes long (ouch. sorry about that.) and weighs in at 18.8MB. Enjoy!

Download radio_free_burrito_episode_four.mp3

Update: WWdN:iX reader Brian has created the following .torrent low-fi mirrors:

High (orig):

Low (mono, VBR bit rate range 8-24, 8.1 megs):

Mirror for the Low..

Thanks, Brian!


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