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Not Radio Free Burrito episode 38d: It’s delta, right? Yeah. Delta.

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LoveyMaybe I need to change the title of the podcast to Not Radio Free Burrito.

Here it is for you non-embed types: 038d-RFB

Radio Free Burrito 38c: Another Not A Radio Free Burrito

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Bent LeiaHow about another Not A Radio Free Burrito?

And for you non-embeded-player types: 038c-RFB

Radio Free Burrito 38b: Let’s Try This Again

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Another try at going straight into Audacity, with some new settings.

This episode is 28.4MB and 19:41 long.

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Radio Free Burrito 38a: Not Actually A Radio Free Burrito

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RFB LogoThis is not an actual Radio Free Burrito. I have some time today, and I have all my gear set up, so I talked at you for a little bit about some things.


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