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Not Radio Free Burrito 43a: This one ends abruptly

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This is a very brief recording, with a little bit of music, and nothing particularly interesting (ding!) otherwise. In fact, you shouldn’t even listen to this one.

Radio Free Burrito doesn’t work as hard to earn its [EXPLICIT] tag as Memories of the Futurecast did, but it still manages to upset mom and get Twitter breakup messages from sensitive people. You have been warned.

And of course, for you non-embedded-player types: 043a-RFB


Radio Free Burrito 43: my next mistake

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RFB LogoIt’s a full episode, just like the old days … but mostly I just talk about myself and some stuff that’s been on my mind, so you probably don’t want to listen to this one.

And for you non-embed folks: 043-RFB.