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Radio Free Burrito Mixtape: If This Be Sin

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Another mixtape, combining lots of weird and random files I have accumulated over the years, and keep in a folder that’s called “weird and random audio”.

Includes: Telly Savalas being really 70s, some random preacher who is really into UFOs, Asian covers of popular tunes, surf tunes, early punk, Shatner’s balls, Hitchcock, and something that’s Incredible, but True.

I did this more or less live, choosing tracks as I came across them, and adding them to the mix in order, with minimal editing.

This mixtape is 58m22s long and is here as a 31.6MB VBR MP3 or a 49.1MB OGG file.

Radio Free Burrito Episode 50: an episode of arbitrary significance

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Stuff and things and other things, and moog synthesizer music. Yes, it is all in one place, and it’s all for you, Damien! IT IS ALL FOR YOU!

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Radio Free Burrito Episode 49 – a nice pair of stories

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I have a pair of stories this week. One is about my family’s connection to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The other is about the first time I met Adam West. There’s some music here for you, too.

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Radio Free Burrito Episode 48 – Big Canned Pasta

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It’s time for a new Radio Free Burrito! This week, I brave an unexpected headache from hell to bring you music from some friends, the origin story of a nemesis, SPORTS!, and some thoughts about this moment in history.

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Radio Free Burrito Episode 47 – time is weird, man.

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Who has kept to a weekly schedule for one whole week in a row? THIS GUY!

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Radio Free Burrito Episode 46 – it makes a terrifying sound.

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Hey nerds! It’s time for a new Radio Free Burrito! This show features a whole lot of me talking about how weird I feel, how afraid I am of falling into obscurity, and wondering what, if anything, I can do about it. There’s also a little bit of music, and a couple of radio spots for some 70s movies.


This episode is 59m04s long and weighs in at 62.1MB

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Not Radio Free Burrito – The Space Pirates Mixtape

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I needed a creative project to decompress between writing assignments, so I made a mixtape. It’s mostly rarities and weird out of print stuff that’s come into my world over the last couple of years, some psychobilly, 70s porn soundtracks, 80s punk, surf music, a couple of weird covers. I also snuck in a track from my friends, Uke Box Heroes. Mixed into the whole thing is a track I found from an old kiddie record in which a rocketship has to attack space pirates and everything goes to shit. It’s terrible on its own, but I think it almost works as a piece of strange art when it’s spread out in little pieces like this, broken up by the music.

This mixtape is 37.9MB and is 53:31 long. Don’t think that I didn’t seriously consider taking an extra four seconds onto the end of it for palindrome purposes.


If you can’t see the embed above, or just want the file in its own thing-a-whatever, here ya go: Space Pirates Mixtape.

Radio Free Burrito Episode 45 – No Secret Messages

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RFB LogoHey nerds! It’s time for a new Radio Free Burrito! This show features a whole lot of talking about stuff, including the JoCo Cruise, art, auditions, and why it’s great to do things that are hard.


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And, as always, for you non-embeds out there: 045-RFB


Radio Free Burrito Episode 44: The Cecil Hotel

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RFB LogoIt’s a Halloween episode, sort of, with a spooky, creepy, weird story that gets really dark by the end.

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Happy Halloween, everyone.

Not Radio Free Burrito 43a: This one ends abruptly

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This is a very brief recording, with a little bit of music, and nothing particularly interesting (ding!) otherwise. In fact, you shouldn’t even listen to this one.

Radio Free Burrito doesn’t work as hard to earn its [EXPLICIT] tag as Memories of the Futurecast did, but it still manages to upset mom and get Twitter breakup messages from sensitive people. You have been warned.

And of course, for you non-embedded-player types: 043a-RFB