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Not Radio Free Burrito 43a: This one ends abruptly

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This is a very brief recording, with a little bit of music, and nothing particularly interesting (ding!) otherwise. In fact, you shouldn’t even listen to this one.

Radio Free Burrito doesn’t work as hard to earn its [EXPLICIT] tag as Memories of the Futurecast did, but it still manages to upset mom and get Twitter breakup messages from sensitive people. You have been warned.

And of course, for you non-embedded-player types: 043a-RFB


23 Responses to “Not Radio Free Burrito 43a: This one ends abruptly”

  1. kaciedilla says:

    I haven’t watched Blindspot yet (I was watching Castle instead), but it’s on my list of things to do. I’m honestly a little worried about it due to the cheese that made up the commercials, but it could go either way. We’ll see.

    Pointless comment in pointless.

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh man, oh man, oh man… I miss the Deschutes Pub House! One of my best days in Portland was the day I learned that their little buzzy waiting list things work the next block over at Powell’s.

  3. Uncommoner says:

    Admit it, Eliot is a total foster failure; and that’s not a bad thing because she seems absolutely adorable.

  4. fester99 says:

    Thanks for another episode. I will listen as long as you continue to make them.

  5. Daniel Mann says:

    I have also been excited for blindspot, and was not turned off by the pilot. I thought it had an interesting premise and some room to tell a good story. Hopefully it will continue in that vein. Also, I loved your interview with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Is there any chance the full interview will be posted soon?

  6. imdrb says:

    I was all ‘meh’ about Blindspot, and decided to check it out anyway, when…


    I really did like the main characters (ok, except the main FBI agent dude…he’s a little caveman-esque for me). Jamie Alexander is SO good, fragile-on-the-edge-of-breakdown to full-blown ninja badass in seconds. The fact that Ashley is in the show makes me blissfully happy about the quality of show nerdiness. I think it could be a very good show, I’m looking forward to watching it develop.

  7. Kevin says:

    Don’t download it? Wait just a minute there, mister. I gave you a whole $5 three years ago and I’m gonna git my money’s worth! 😉

  8. Eric says:

    First time caller, long long time listener.

    #43 –
    Haters will be haters, thinking that if you would have been better at PAX, it would have changed their view, you know that’s not true.

    You have done poor, good and great things, like many people, like many artists, don’t stop, never stop. The things, any one of those think is one thousand time better than any of those haters have ever done.
    Haters done create, they just demolished, don’t let them.
    You don’t have to share, but as your friend Chris says and you’ve been repeating, just do a thing.
    And some of us like what you share.

    43a – blindspot – it’s a pilot, seems like a merger between “Prison Break” and “Continuum”. Hopefully the personality of the main male character improves and that her insecurities diminished.

    Time will tell.

    Keep creating those things, more of us are on your side than haters. We are just more quiet cause we are listening.

  9. RDBetz says:

    Fact check: Kirsten Vangsness is on Criminal Minds, not CSI.

  10. Kim Lloyd says:

    When I’m trying to sleep and my brain won’t shut up, I have found this podcast helpful: It’s meandering stories that are just interesting enough to give your wandering thoughts something to focus on, but boring enough that you conk out.

  11. Jessica says:

    Holy crap, thanks for mentioning the sweater, dude! I am all aglow 🙂 If anyone wants to see some pics, here you go:

    Thanks again man.
    PS: I reaaaaaallly wanna shorten those sleeves for you!

  12. I loved the Blindspot pilot and have been pushing everyone I know to at least give it a chance. I agree that it wasn’t marketed well but I enjoy the Blacklist-like feel and Jamie Alexander, Ashley Johnson and the rest of the cast are definitely lifting the material.

    I also like that the showrunner has said they won’t be super-stingy on doling out answers the way that some serial shows (including Blindspot) have a tendency to do. He’s said that they plan to try to make each season have a sense of completeness to it, which means we won’t be frustrated with fake-out answers to questions.

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself at RCCC! I was there and was in the first signing session you had near the front of the line; I was the guy in the Death cosplay that had you sign my TT Backer T-Shirt. As tired as you say you were, you certainly didn’t let it show; you had a lot of energy and were great with the kids who were in front of us. I hope you’re back again next year, seeing you is one of the many highlights of RCCC!

  13. Allison Taylor says:

    So full disclosure: I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I recently finished episode 43 and there’s not an area to reply? Probably because I took too long finishing it. Anyway, I just wanted to say a few things. I’m new to the podcast world (yeah, I know) and I enjoy yours the most as a general podcast. I like nerdist, but most of the time I end up feeling like I’m on the outside of an inside joke since I only just started listening. (Not his/their fault, not a complaint, just a fact.) I enjoy the “intimacy” of your podcast (for lack of a better word). You do a fabulous job of making me think about things in a different way and just feel included in general. I’m not really a creative person at all, though sometimes I wish I was. I do play lots of games (at least on my PS4) and I do my best to not ever be a dick.
    Now, this episode had me thinking quite a bit. I taught high school for 5 years (math and computer science) before leaving to reconsider what I wanted to do with my life. (I’m currently running a tutoring center at a college and considering getting my master’s degree…small children though, so we will see.) Something that occurred to me is that we should institute a required course for high school/junior high students that’s all about etiquette with technology and the internet.
    Aside: Did you know there are states who do not require students to take a computer course before they graduate? Insanity in my opinion…
    I mean my/your generation grew up with the advancement of the internet and technology. I mean I remember when our family got our first cell phone and I remember when we got internet. Everything was so new, most parents didn’t really know how to regulate or protect their children from what was out there. Now, I feel like there are a lot of parents who still know nothing about the internet and technology but their kids are growing up knowing everything. However, no one is telling these kids what consequences may occur. I feel like if there was a course that literally taught people how not to be dicks on the internet it might actually help. It might not, but it also might. I remember taking a social psychology course in college and our professor talked about a scenario where a man was standing on the roof thinking about jumping off. It was kind of dark outside and a group of people started forming beneath him. One person shouts that he should jump and then every one else chimes in, taunting him to do the same. However, if one person were to turn to another and introduce themselves then the crowd would stop being just a mindless “mob mentality” type of group and would start dissipating because it’s the anonymity that keeps that mentality intake. I’ve always found that super interesting. (I may have left out a few things because it’s been a couple of years since I graduated from college.) I just think if there was some class that helped dispel the illusion that there are no consequences for what you say/post/comment online or even through texting it MIGHT help future generations grow up better. Anyway, just a thought.
    I appreciate your candor and your frankness in your podcast. I’m sorry people are dicks and I wish I could fix that for you. I think the fact that you are brave enough to post about how much you have been hurt is one step in the right direction. Thank you, Wil. You are appreciated.

  14. Chris says:

    Just finished watching the Blindspot premiere and immediately came here to comment:

    The thing I enjoyed most about it is that I’ve seen a lot of shows where you have the amnesiac woman dropped helplessly into the story so that the male protagonist can guide her in her journey to remember. And this looks like that at first, but Jane Doe has by far the fastest transition from “I’m lost and confused and afraid” to “I’ve had ENTIRELY too much crap done to me already; get out of my way while I take back charge of my life” I’ve ever seen, and by the end of the episode she’s pretty much taken the lead in her own case. Which is glorious to see, and a great subversion (that in an ideal world should be commonplace), and in hindsight I don’t know why I expected any less from an Asgardian warrior.

    Thor: And Sif, when no one believed a woman would make a good warrior, who showed them how you could be as fierce as any man?
    Sif: I did!
    Thor: Yes. But I supported you!

  15. JD Logsdon says:

    In a world where there is so much content, I could never take it all in if I tried 24/7/365 – I somehow make a point of listening to RFB, and I missed it when it was gone. I love your rambling and braindroppings, the inner process of creativity you share, as well as the technical details that you sometimes muse you should edit out. As someone in your age group, I also find your confessionals amusing. As a mental health professional, I’m eternally grateful for your forthrightness in talking about your struggles and normalizing the experience, and encouraging people to seek help. And I love how gratified you are when people share with you the impact you’ve had on their lives. And I love non-judgemental ninja!
    Please keep making things where there weren’t things before. They are appreciated – even when you don’t hear about it.

  16. Stephen says:

    I don’t know why, but, although she’s been in a number of things that I enjoy, whenever I hear Ashley Johnson’s name, I remember that she was in “Growing Pains” when she was just a wee lass. When my son was little, we also watched “Recess,” and I remember her from that too. Yes, the pilot of “Blindspot” was intriguing. I hope that don’t lose steam.

  17. boB says:

    Just finished watching Blindspot, it was fun and set up an interesting world, I’m really hoping that the writers and showrunners know the end of the story already (or at least the end of the first season/story arc) or it could start getting really bad really quick

  18. TheJastrom says:

    Blindspot’s showrunner is Martin Gero who created the wonderful short-lived series The LA Complex (all of the episodes are on Netflix). I thought it was a good set up, I’ll definitely keep on watching. I loved The Wire, it’s one of the greatest tv series ever and it’s a sad fact that I will never be able to get my Wife to watch it lol. I know that no one asked but my Top Four Tv series are The Wire, Breaking Bad, Chuck and Fringe. If you haven’t seen any of those I encourage you to give them a try as they are Fantastic!

  19. Hephaestus42 says:

    I’ve seen the first two episodes of Boindspot so far. I enjoyed the pilot but episode two just didn’t sit well with me (maybe I was just tired). Either way, I’m not sure if it’s got it’s hooks into me yet. Maybe it’s just me getting older, but I am starting to notice things in TV and movies that really take me out of them. I’m just finding it harder and harder to suspend my disbelief. For example, I’m going to have to re-watch Fury Road again, because I felt disappointed the first time I watched it, and I was excited to watch it.

  20. Kevin says:

    Thanks for your writing and other creations. I have been a blog reader for years, and am really moved by your accounts of dealing with life’s struggles and your personal growth.

  21. Niki says:

    First –
    Thank you for recommending Blindspot – I was looking for something the other day to watch on demand and so I watched the first two episodes. I liked it, specifically the story/concept as a whole. I think there were a few scenes where the writing was a little too on the surface for the emotion of the scenes, but overall good. It feels like a show that will really settle in after a few episodes and hopefully the story becomes more complex.

    I also already have a theory about how she got her tattoos – so kinda spoiler alert – I think she discovered a bunch of stuff that the government kept classified & she wanted to whistle blow, but the only way to do it was to completely wipe her memory and then have someone put all the tattoos on her – so I’m saying it was actually her choice to do it to herself as a way to give clues and help her & the FBI discover all these things (like the drones, etc.) – it actually reminded me very much of the movie Memento – which if you haven’t seen it…go see it! Guy Pearce is fabulous!

    And I love Ashley Johnson (ps- all I kept thinking when I saw her was “hey it’s the little girl from Growing Pains!”) as the forensic tech/math wiz/computer programmer/all-around problem solver. It actually made me a little jealous (yes jealous of a character…) because I’m currently working a project, helping to update a website – and where I am visually able to create it – there are so many things that are just slightly beyond my abilities (as in I understand code exists but have no clue how to use it to change something as simple as removing the menu bar, etc.) – so while watching this I just kept thinking how in awe I am of anyone who can do it – especially women – and also just wanting to yell at my tv and say “come on Ashley Johnson you can figure all this out…now just tell me how to remove the stupid menu bar!” lol

    Which leads me to the Second thing I wanted to say (as if I haven’t said enough already…)

    Thank You Wil! Thank you for being you and being real. I only just started listening to these podcasts within the last few days because I’ve been trying to catch up on a different series – but this has been sitting in my list to listen to for a while now. Well I started listening with this one then just let it play and go backwards – and I have to say I love them! Both ACTUAL and NOT episodes. I love that you just talk about whatever is going on or whatever you’re thinking about because it’s real and that’s encouraging because no matter when you record it – someone will hear it at exactly the time they need to hear it – which happened for me. As I said above I’m helping on a project to update a website and where it’s exciting to be able to create something and be creative…it’s also very intimidating and scary because when this goes live it will be very public and will be left open for people to potentially crap all over it (and yes I know haters are gonna hate) and although I will have some anonymity in the beginning, eventually my name will be associated with it and that’s just scary because basically I don’t want to fuck it up! And although I know that the only opinion that really matters is the person I’m doing this for, and my own, it’s sometimes hard to separate out the crap people say (and often times very publicly) – even though it may not be personally directed at me – it feels that way because I’ve invested parts of myself in to this creative project.

    Anyway now that I have rambled on – I really again just wanted to say Thank You – because you are always encouraging and a joy to listen to!