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Not Radio Free Burrito 44a: Full of tumult.

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wil wheaton frostmourneI’m getting ready for Blizzcon, and feeling alternately excited and terrified … so that’s what this is about.

And for the Embeded Media Player Temperance Movement types out there: 044a-RFB

41 Responses to “Not Radio Free Burrito 44a: Full of tumult.”

  1. Jackie Kashian says:

    You were GREAT. Amen. And there’s nothing fake geek girl about youz.

  2. Matthew Basford says:

    I haven’t listened yet, i will soon but i just wanted to say. Wil, you are amazing!

  3. Katie says:

    One of my favorite things about you is your opposition to the toxicity in the gaming community. I also love you are a total feminist. Keep doing what you are doing. Im going to Blizzcon and cant wait to see what you bring to the table. Keep us quiet gamers in mind this weekend!

  4. Matthew Basford says:

    Ok I just finished listening. First off thank you for publishing this burrito & all the others, for what it’s worth I really enjoy the pod cast & everything else you do. Now as for what you spoke about in this pod cast. I really don’t like how people say you are something you’re not, they don’t even know you. They haven’t got the right to say that you’re not a geek/nerd, you know who you are and what you stand for. You Wil, don’t need to justify yourself to anyone in terms of why you are doing something, anything, the people of Blizzard obviously know you have something to offer otherwise they wouldn’t have asked you to be apart of it, Like you said they could have got anyone, but they got you & that is real special. I think people should feel privileged to be apart of something you are apart of (I would love to be able to see you live) but people are just going to hate, if it wasn’t you it would be the next person they would be hating on. So just get up there and be yourself and put on a show for the people who do think you are amazing.

    Thanks again Wil, if I ever happen to bump into you I’ll defiantly be buying you a beer! (not that it will ever happen, I live on the other side of the planet)

  5. PJ says:


    I am unfortunately friends with some of those people who dislike you. I’m going to try to offer some insight.

    I’d like to define two concepts: geek culture, and the geek tribe.

    Geek culture is all of the things we love: comics, games, t-shirts with bad science puns on them, science fiction, etc.

    the Geek Tribe is a specific group of people who wrap up geek culture in identity politics: they layer geek culture on top of their social views and use it to define who’s in the tribe, and who’s out of the tribe.

    I would say that Geek Culture can be very positive, and has something in it everyone can enjoy.

    The Geek Tribe, on the other hand, is where you find GamerGate.

    The central conflict here is that the Tribe believes that it has exclusive rights to the Culture: that it gets to be the gatekeeper and declare who’s a part of the culture and who is not, whereas in reality they don’t have that right. They never did. And trying to inform them of this obvious fact is what has provoked this entire big stupid fight in the first place.

    So what’s really happening is that members of the Tribe are trying to kick you out of the Culture. They can’t. They can only kick you out of the Tribe – which is fine, I get the feeling it’s not something you want to be a member of.

    Christ this all made sense in my head.

  6. Jimmy the Pseudonym says:

    Wil, I’m saying this from a place of love, as someone who is a big fan of you and your work, but who is also offended by the things you say pretty regularly:

    You often express yourself very forcefully. Especially when you’re offering an opinion on politics or morality.
    It often goes beyond “This is what I believe”
    to a place that sounds a lot closer to “This is objective fact. And if you disagree, you are a monster. Or an imbecile. Or both. Either way, you’re fucking disgusting.”

    And it hurts. Because even if you aren’t saying that about me, you’re saying it about my friends. Or my parents. Or that uncle who I’m embarrassed about, but I still love him because he’s family.
    And I still believe that he’s a good person. He just has different experiences and priorities, which leads to different political views.

    And here’s the thing: I’m not asking you not to express your opinion. I certainly express mine. Hell, I have trouble getting along with my in-laws for this exact reason.

    I’m just saying that gamer culture spans both sides of the political aisle, so if you’re going to pretty aggressively advocate for one side or the other, you can kind of expect that a substantial portion of the community will hate you for it.

    • jimmy again says:

      OK, I feel like I didn’t think that one out super well. I turned it back on you and that was shitty. I’m saying I understand how people wind up offended and angry at you, because I do too. But that doesn’t make it OK to lash out and be a dick. It doesn’t make it OK to be so easily offended, or to hold a grudge, or to be one of these gatekeeper asshats, etc. You keep doing you, I’ll keep doing me, and maybe we can all be friends even though we disagree sometimes.

  7. Jennifer Kraft says:

    There’s…a very surprising amount of vitriol towards anyone that, for some reason, the toxic part of Blizzard’s gaming community dubs “not worthy” to represent certain aspects.

    Quite a lot of people are happy that you’re going to be hosting Blizzcon, and even more so that you’ve taken the time to try and play as much as you can of other Blizzard games that you wouldn’t normally play. You have experience in public speaking, and hosting, as well as geek culture, and it’s awesome!

    The people who are happy or content about you hosting, aren’t the ones making themselves heard, it’s more of an “oh, that’s nice, Wil’s hosting Blizzcon”.

    The people who are being total dickwagons about the whole thing are screaming everywhere they can, and it’s giving the impression that the entire community feels that way, when it’s really just a shitty minority of whiny people.

  8. Steve says:

    You’ll be awesome! Know your average gamers will into the 30s now, don’t let the bitter people win! Enjoy the other people who floew out to have a good time and know that the regular and virtual people will be enjoying that you made an effort to be at a geeky thing we love. Theres no street cred for these things, that something silly that the new “teenagers” who didn’t grow up in a world where geekdom wasn’t accepted or celebrated. Glad your hosting, Look forward to see whats you have to offer to Blizzcon. Have a virtual beer on me!

  9. Rob c says:

    Good luck Wil. The dicks whom you refer to are not worthy of your energy. Anyone who doesn’t follow the one and only commandment of don’t be a dick should be banned from having an opinion.

  10. M Fish says:

    Listened to this on my way to work. Made me feel like I should comment on it even though I never really comment on things. When I get a radio free burrito or a not a radio free burrito pop up it feels a lot like Christmas so thank you and keep it up please😄.
    Just wanted to say I played WoW for years. I stopped because it was taking up to much time. I did not know blizzcon was coming until you mentioned it. I had no interest as I have left the blizzard community. I am now excited to watch you do an amazing job hosting it however. I know there are always the trolls out there but remember there are also people supporting.
    As an aside watching tabletop and Titangrave rekindled my inner gamer and I have picked back up D&D. Really enjoying it. So much fun being social while gaming.
    Good luck at blizzcon.

  11. Takashi says:


    Re: haters, I think part of the reason is group identity; they’ve managed to surround themselves with others who agree with them, and their expression of hate is a way of flying their group flag. All groups do this to some extent, but it’s especially pernicious when it targets an individual for no good reason.

    Like you, I can only hope that most of them will grow up and look back on it with shame, or at least, embarrassment. By the way, I really appreciate your clear and uncompromising stand against the gg mob.

  12. Megz says:

    The people who are hating are threatened by your message of inclusion. The very fact that they are saying you aren’t qualified is an extension of their gatekeeping efforts to EXclude people.

    Haters gonna hate. You don’t want their support anyway if they’re going to treat anyone that way.

    Thank you for your raw honesty. People ARE excited for you to host this, and I hope you can feel the support of your fans through the anxiety.

    And OH MY GOD Danny Elfman. I would have lost my mind, too.

  13. Matt Fischer says:

    I love your stuff Will! I listen to every Radio Free Burrito related podcast that comes out. I loved when you were in the Acquisitions Inc. stuff for Penny Arcade. I read your articles in Dragon Magazine when you were doing those. I even think you get a bad rap on Trek and always hoped that Wesley would return after his experiences with the Traveller and be some kind of badass time lord or something. And Stand By Me is one of my favorite films of all time.

    So listening to this podcast (and some of the others) where you are feeling angsty about a performance. I would just like to share something Marc Maron once told me when I was feeling angsty: “Fuck ’em.” Not to be a dick or anything, but just “Fuck ’em.” Don’t worry about the haters. Lots of us out here love your stuff!!!

    Matt the Bastard DM

  14. Ponchifer says:

    I understand where you’re coming from and it’s a horrible place to be. Nothing Blizzard decides ever comes without 200 really loud, obnoxious trolls declaring it’s the end times, they hate it and they’re never playing again. These people never go away and stop playing no matter what they’re crying about, so I really don’t know what that’s about, but after 11 years of WoW I’m kind of used to it. I’m sorry that you’re their current target.
    If it helps, I’d like to say that I’ll be in the audience at Blizzcon itself, and my husband and I are really excited to see you as our host. So you’ll have at least two people rooting for you, though I’m sure that number will be much higher in reality.

  15. M says:

    Remember NJN says “You got this!”

  16. Brandon Lester says:

    The company picked you to do the hosting so obviously they like you and that’s all that matters. Also, just be yourself like on the Nedists podcasts you have done and the TV crimes podcast and I think the audience shouldn’t have an issue with you. I am a 40 year old politically center guy that leans right. I am into video games, sports, hunting, fishing and my kids. If I enjoy listening to all things Wheaton and can’t get enough, then you must be doing something right.

  17. C, Ph.D. says:

    As usual, I am so thankful when a burrito (or protoburrito) is posted, so thank you so much for saying “No, thank you.” to the voices in your head who tell you not to post it. It really brightens my day so much, so those voices are no better than the teenage idiots who rage at you.
    I listen to the burrito a lot, but don’t always make my way to the website. I know in the past you’ve been missing interaction with your audience here, so I thought I’d take a second before work to write: thank you for showing your balls to me!

    Haha, really – thank you for trusting me with your vulnerabilities today. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be so vulnerable, to have so little control over what’s going to happen at BlizzCon. I know some artist enjoy the uncertainty but I think most individuals would much prefer some insight. Especially an individual who went through such a sad, stressful and tragic experience like the one you felt at PAX. No one would want to have that happen again – it makes perfect sense that you would be fearful of a repeat.

    That being said – that everything your feeling seems more than normal – I’m going to roll up a newspaper (ok a leaflet, how about Parade) and whack you a little for saying you “shouldn’t care” and you “shouldn’t trust myself.” It’s ok to care. It’s ok to worry whether you’ll do well. You have real experiences telling you to worry.

    But, this time, things are a little different. You are not the person you were at PAX. You’ve taken every perceived failure and channeled it into preparing more than before for this gig. You’re passionate about it! You have the Seal of Approval of Blizzard. Trust in those things and let them be your buffer for your nervousness and anxiety. You may fail at this, but keep trying. You’ll channel that energy into joy when there.

    You have the passion of a thousand suns and THE positive message we need – fuck this “qualified” shit. Funny thing is, the nematodes screaming for blood aren’t themselves qualified to judge burnt toast.

  18. Megan P. says:

    As a wise person once said, haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

    That being said, I know you’re freaking out – I mean, I’d be freaking out if there were even 10 people in the room, let alone that ungodly number.

    Here’s what I watch/listen to when I’m freaking out:

    (don’t worry, not a risky link. If you’re wary cuz people on the internet can be awful, google “When I’m Scared Animated”, it’ll be the first Vimeo link. You probably already know it, but just a nice reminder).

  19. Luis says:

    Wil you’ll do a great job in blizzcon.

  20. Erik says:

    Listen too this men. He talks about nerds en the people that try too hurt them. You have been picket for this con. You are going too do great! You have played WoW. You know how too deal with the trolls! You will be great!

  21. Paul says:

    Hey Wil,

    Just listened to episode 44a on the way home from work. I look forward to downloading a burrito as soon as it pops up. I watched the stream from PAX and from my POV you worked very hard to make it work, and I enjoyed it.

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck for BlizzCon. Work and kids will keep me from watching (it’s the stigma of being half a world from Anaheim). As a life-long nerd/geek/outsider of 44, I can offer support for a fellow gamer.

  22. Karen says:

    I really enjoy your podcasts, please keep them coming 🙂

  23. Allen W. says:

    Dear Mr. Wheaton,
    When TNG premiered I was a nerdy Jr. In college and I was very jealous over the concept that kids would get to ride in the Enterprise when I knew I could never qualify for Astronaut training. I loved your character from day one because I got to see Trek through your eyes. Thank you, I look forward to seeing your blizzard con on YouTube. Break a leg!

  24. Stacie says:

    I’m sorry your anxiety has made this con difficult. I love cons, and they should be fun, not painful. I don’t have anxiety, and really am about as opposite from anxious as one can get. But, my best friend suffers from it, and migraines (’cause one would be bad enough, but both, double the fun). It’s hard to watch, and know you can’t help. But, I want to help you a bit, if I can. My husband and I watched the Wil Wheaton Project, and loved it. We were very disappointed to hear there would be no more. And, I consider it a coup on my part, as hubby was one of those who didn’t like you because of Wesley Crusher. I have argued the stupidity of disliking an actor for a character he disliked for years. When he laughed, and genuinely enjoyed your show, I knew I had won, but really you won, ’cause you won him over.
    Oh! Something lovely came in the mail today – A Guide To Being a Dog. Lovely, lovely book and tribute to your sweet dogs. We have cats, not dogs, but this book is so touching. Thank you for it, and all you do!
    Play more games! 🙂

  25. Yay! Another RFB..well a NOT RFB to be exact I guess.

    I have a hard time sleeping so I often listen to podcasts to help me fall asleep and one of my favorites has been the Burrito. So thanks, Uncle Wil, for sending me to sleep. I know that’s not entirely your intention when making these things, but believe me, I do appreciate it. 😀


  26. Alli says:

    Hey Wil,
    I wanted to tell you about a thing that happened. About 6 months ago I got a new job and with that and a bunch of other “life” type stuff I stopped listening to all my podcasts. No Nightvale, no Fire Talk With Me and no Radio Free Burrito. I missed them but I had other stuff to do. Then this week, prompted by my tickets to see a WTNV live show, I downloaded all my missing episodes and went on a bit of a auditory bender.
    Today I caught up on RFB and that’s when it happened. I got a sudden urge to start writing and painting again. I have not put down any creative words in close to a year, but something about listening to you talk about being creative makes me want to be creative. I don’t know if it’s your voice or your honest approach to your topics but it always gets me. So I wanted to say thank you. I always feel better when I’m being creative and you have played a role in getting me to that happy place. If I ever get published I’ll be sure to mention you in my acknowledgements.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know when Blizzcon is and if you’ve already done your thing, but I wanted to add my Thoughts into the hat. All of us who’ve played Blizzard MMOs know there are asshats about everything, and we’re used to that. There will always be asshats. I think most of it is the in-game asshats bringing it to real life. But also, as any one in geek culture knows, we’re burned so hard in mainstream media, and WoW was something that got a real load of negative sterotype early on (negelected children, death, etc.).

    WoW got me through hard times in my life, with PND and a stillborn baby and some serious bad head stuff. All my friends at that time lived in my computer and we would get together a raid group few times a week and kill Internet Dragons. In-game asshats I can deal with. People from Outside who mock us for being anti-social freaks who don’t bathe and only eat pizza and Mountain Dew are the problem, and if the perception is ‘you’re not one of us and you don’t know’ then asshole defensive behaviour happens.

  28. Ralph says:

    Well, I felt like that about… whatever so THANK YOU!

  29. Dan Heaton says:

    Well done, Wil. I’m currently going through some turmoil about my career, and it’s never bad to hear what you’re experiencing. Good luck at Blizzcon!

  30. Stephen Hammond says:

    Vocal minorities are (A) generally trolls and (B) almost never representative of any majority view or part thereof.

    Don’t feed the trolls

    As a fellow sufferer of depression and anxiety even thinking about performing to that large a group brings on a cold sweat. Even if the crowd is hostile (it won’t be) and full of dicks (it won’t be) you would still deserve respect for going out there.
    I know it’s part of your job and all (one that you are good at) but that does not make it any less daunting and stressful.

    Regarding the Burrito, I have recently caught up on them from the beginning and will be listening to anything you release in the future. It’s entertaining, enlightening and refreshing and I cannot thank you enough for choosing to be this open with both the positive and difficult parts your life.

    Regarding Wesley, cause someone else mentioned him first. I never liked the character for reasons which even now I cannot fully define. But this is not a negative! I never transferred this over to you, your acting was fine, the show was fine, you are more than fine. The ‘Wesley’ issue lives in my head not yours and there is no reason why I should project that onto you or ask you to take responsibility for it.

    Also TableTop is great, and TitansGrave is great and Big Bang is great (and you are great in it).

    Wow, I seem to have written an essay here!
    Basically what I have typed to may words saying is.

    “Trolls are dicks, don’t feed the dicks”


    “I and a huge, uncountable, number of people like me love you for the work you do the things you make and the person you are <3”

  31. Dave says:

    Dude, you have gaming cred and verbal talent to spare. If the crowd can’t or won’t see it, then that’s on them. Compared to most of us you are a first edition 15th level magic-user. I say that as someone who remembers hearing about you starting some web thing called Tabletop and thinking, WTF is this poser doing? It took me years to discover that I was so very wrong and had been missing out. You’ve earned your XP, now show them your power!

  32. Derrick Heard says:


    Your world will be a happier place if you simply realize one simple truth. People are simply flawed. We all are. Evolution dictates it that we will be. The human brain is no different than any other anomaly of the human body. Some people have green eyes. Some people are tall. Unfortunately, we can’t test or see the flaws of the human mind. Some things are broken. There are entire libraries filled with disorders of genetic diseases. Yet, we don’t look at the human brain the same. We see an adult and we expect them to be normal; to be rationale. We expect them to be free of any problem mentally.

    Why do we do this?

    I often think of this when raising my two baby, twin daughters. They pee on the floor and cry over silly things. I never get mad at them. Their logic is flawed. They cry over things they shouldn’t. They break my stuff. They say things that are hurtful. Why don’t I get mad? They don’t know better. They should, but they don’t.

    An entire 50 lb brick of book exists that catalogues all know mental disorders. There are people who literally believe they are Abraham Lincoln. Yet, we treat them with kindness because we can diagnose their disability. If it helps, try treating others as if they had disabilities. Mental disabilities are no different than the person in a wheelchair. Do we get mad and yell at them because they can’t walk? No, that is a horrible, horrible thought.

    Try sympathizing for these poor souls. Try treating them with kindness. I’m not saying you have to be all Mother Teresa about it, but it may help. I know when my daughters get a little older and start saying bad things to me. You know what? I will forgive them. They are flawed little human beings and I will still love them just the same.

    Anyway, enjoy your podcasts.

  33. JD says:

    Love the not-RFB’s as much, perhaps more sometimes than the RFB’S! Thanks for posting.

  34. RSmithston says:

    Watched a little clip on Youtube. It seems like you went down well with the BlizzCon crowd. Great!

    I’m sorry that there are assholes out there who want to make you feel bad but thats life. Just know that there are even more of us who know your a good guy. We like you and like listening to and watching your stuff.

    Being roughly your age and into much of the same stuff as you it’s a real blast listening to this podcast. keep going bud 🙂

    By the way, I loved the previous episode! Creepy, entrancing then very sad and all too human. Some of the music was too loud in the mix though. More of this!!

  35. Bethani says:

    Wow, just wow. Let me just start by saying (after reading through all the comments) that you obviously have some wonderful, insightful, thoughtful, caring people listening to your podcasts. You guys are awesome!

    But really, I just popped by to say that I’m new to podcasts and new to Radio Free Burrito, but I’ve been listening.

    Thank you so much for sharing your highs, lows and interesting stories and tid bits with us. I feel like through these podcasts I can get to know you more as a silent friend. And at the risk of being overly sappy – I wrote a journal post about it.

    I look forward to the next NRFB or RFB.

  36. Royi says:

    This was my first podcast of yours. It was great! It was fun to delve into your mind, it felt very like my own.

    Keep up the good work.

    P.S. What class were you playing in Diablo 3?

    • wil says:

      My main is a wizard. When I have some more time, though, I’m looking forward to rolling the other classes, especially the witch doctor.