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Not Radio Free Burrito – The Space Pirates Mixtape

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I needed a creative project to decompress between writing assignments, so I made a mixtape. It’s mostly rarities and weird out of print stuff that’s come into my world over the last couple of years, some psychobilly, 70s porn soundtracks, 80s punk, surf music, a couple of weird covers. I also snuck in a track from my friends, Uke Box Heroes. Mixed into the whole thing is a track I found from an old kiddie record in which a rocketship has to attack space pirates and everything goes to shit. It’s terrible on its own, but I think it almost works as a piece of strange art when it’s spread out in little pieces like this, broken up by the music.

This mixtape is 37.9MB and is 53:31 long. Don’t think that I didn’t seriously consider taking an extra four seconds onto the end of it for palindrome purposes.


If you can’t see the embed above, or just want the file in its own thing-a-whatever, here ya go: Space Pirates Mixtape.

19 Responses to “Not Radio Free Burrito – The Space Pirates Mixtape”

  1. Love the image. Now I want to write a space opera about classic pirates lost in space.

  2. John Jackson says:

    This is great! They are about to shoot a 10-year old out of a missile launcher into space. What could go wrong?

  3. DemetriosX says:

    Could we maybe get a track list? I recognized a few things, but there are a couple more I’d love to explore further.

    Also, Rocky Jones was a TV show in the 50s. There are tons of episodes on YouTube for those who are interested.

  4. Paul Roberts says:

    Good job Wil.

    Reminds me of one of my favourite bands in places – Public Service Broadcast. They take old Public Information films and news items and put music underneath them. Check out Spitfire as one of their best.

  5. Kirk Schobert says:

    Enjoying it! Thanks, any chance for a track list (there is a high likelihood it’s imbedded in the track but I just don’t know how to get it)

  6. GrantGravity says:

    I feel like we get to be in a secret club when you release these. This is exactly what I needed today.

  7. Ann-Mi says:

    Thanks Wil!
    This is the perfect thing for accompanying me on the way to work. Definitely brings down the anxiety levels.

  8. RyanK says:

    Awesome, thanks for this mixtape! 🙂

  9. Duncan says:

    Listened to this last night and really loved it. Great eclectic mix that was fun to listen to

  10. LobbycastGeoff says:

    Thank you!

  11. Adam says:

    Thanks! I was totally grooving on this at work.

  12. Daric says:

    That was great! Excellent sound track for an afternoon of photoshop work.
    Track listing anywhere?

  13. Pj says:

    Ever since I’ve started listening to this podcast I started to listen to Pink Floyd more often. Are you putting subliminal messages in your pod casts will?

  14. Amy says:

    Groovy mixtape! Thanks Wil! I love following your creative journey!

  15. DFB says:

    This really hit the spot for me in terms of moods and podcasts right now – silly and crazy, but also carefully crafted and entertaining. Thank you for this, and for the other work you do. Whenever/if you have time and energy and content for more RFBs, I’ll look forward to them, and if your projects take you elsewhere, I’ll be excited to see/hear/experience/smell those too. Thank you.

  16. Kurt Higgins says:

    Thank you for making this, Wil! I’m really enjoying the mix. I love when my podcast device chirps with the signal that a new RFB post is available.

  17. Elijah Richmond says:

    8 minutes into this podcast, I HAD to download this as a music file.

    Great Mixtape.

    Now for someone to line this up with footage and put it out on YouTube.

  18. Chelle says:

    Thanks, Wil. Been missing RFB and not-a-RFB.