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Radio Free Burrito 38a: Not Actually A Radio Free Burrito

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RFB LogoThis is not an actual Radio Free Burrito. I have some time today, and I have all my gear set up, so I talked at you for a little bit about some things.


If you can’t use the embedded player, here’s a link: 038a-RFB

13 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito 38a: Not Actually A Radio Free Burrito”

  1. Stephen says:

    When I went to the @midnight site to watch the latest episode, I saw that there weren’t going to be new episodes until July 20. I was a little bummed. So, I thought I’d check out Radio Free Burrito and, hey man, there’s a new episode of RFB! Thanks, Wil!

  2. Martine says:

    It’s always great to hear a new RFB. Yes, the skips/lag is unfortunate, but I’ve heard worse. I was only slightly saddened to hear that you may not be attending another SDCC, because I’ve never been, and always thought it would be cool to meet you (not in a creepy way – I want to meet all kinds of fellow nerds lol)After hearing your explanation however, I feel I should thank you. It does indeed seem to be verging on dangerous, and if I was ever to witness such an event like a stampede etc, it would hurt my heart. Not to mention, I live on the other side of the country, so a journey to a closer and less populated Con would be a much better choice. On another note, I feel that it’s very douchy to assume that Geeek & Sundry would compete against Nerdist and vice versa. I imagine the two having gaming/pizza parties and watching @midnight AND Co-Optitude in perfect harmony, but maybe that’s just me…
    Great job on Titansgrave too! I know everyone works together but #TeamLemley all the way. Thanks again for all of your hard work, and have a great!

    P.S. As always, I promise to play more games and not be a dick 🙂

  3. Dan McD says:

    Okay, just so I know I’m not a) having technical problems, or b) losing my mind, Did you edit this to be all jumbled on purpose? Starting around the 3:00 mark there’s a bunch of jumps like scratches on a record where it’s impossible to follow the dialogue. It sounds like maybe the different parts of the recording are shuffled, but I can’t tell because I can’t keep track. It stops for a bit at 3:48 and then starts again at 4:46, continuing until around the 8-minute mark.

    It was really great to see a new RFB available to listen to, but most of the content is unintelligible. I’ve tried on two different podcast aggregation programs and listening from the in-page player.

    • James says:

      I’m getting the same thing with the audio skipping about all over the place. My guess is that it was an error in transcoding to mp3. Very possible if the original was recorded with a variable bitrate or something.

  4. Jessica says:

    The clipping started around minute 3:00 for me as well

  5. Michael says:

    Same problem here.

  6. Mike says:

    The iTunes version has the same issue, too. 🙁

  7. Dan McD says:

    And now I see the tweet you wrote about it, and the bullet in the description above, which I didn’t read before I posted the above comment. So now I feel dumb and sorry to have bothered you.

  8. Jared Bentley says:

    Greetings Wil,

    While I have an unrelated question, I just learned about Radio Free Burrito. I was on a road trip with friends, and listened to episodes zero,one, three, and four. I want to listen to all of them, in order, but Itunes only allows me to download about 10 of them. I’m going to try downloading them individually while not using firefox, as firefox was only letting me play them.

    I am about halfway through the Itunes episodes, and at the end of my comment, I’m going to link a picture that your episodes all seem to do. I know sometimes you get down, sometimes you worry about needing to ring the bell (but damn it, it’s interesting!) but you really seem to showing others that they can “Do the Thing” as you talk about how you get yourself to as well.

    I really want to keep episodes one and four so that I can listen to them before interviews, and have encouraged your favorite Con Mom, Mitzi, to consider that as well. Talk about getting into the right mentality for interviews!

    The unrelated question is a beer question. I don’t know if you remember who I am, but I’m the member of Mitzi’s team that always has chocolate. While I’m not a big fan of beer, I always try the chocolate beers, because well, Chocolate.

    I have found that none of them really have more than a hint of chocolate, and the salted chocolate varieties are almost pure salt for flavor. Is there a beer, even a light one, that has a good sweet chocolate flavor? I know you have a passion for beer knowledge, so if anyone would have this answer for me, it would be you.

  9. Mike says:

    Hey, you record on a Mac, right? I bet Audacity is going into App Nap when the machine goes idle, and that’s screwing up its recording. Try disabling App Nap for it (there’s a check box somewhere in Get Info).

  10. Shane says:

    You have a great too Mr. Wheaton.

  11. Garret M says:

    Hey Wil,

    I’ve just started podcasting and have been binge listening past episodes of a few of my favourites, including Radio Free Burrito. You asked in the last episode, i think it was episode 38a not actually a radio free burrito, if we the listeners appreciate and listen to your ramblings even when not an actual RFB. My answer is YES. I appreciate the work that must go into this endeavour of yours and love the updates that you put out. I remember thinking “DId i do something wrong?” And checked my subscription multiple times to make sure I didn’t remove RFB from my list. So your short updates of “Hey guys i have a life” remind me that your human too and have the same joys and concerns as the rest of us. The thought that you drink too much beer, without being an alcoholic, and need to cutback to feel better day to day was times perfectly with my same thoughts on the subject. I’m a rock climber in Canada and the need to hold back beer has many benefits.

    Anyways i ramble, it’s nice for me to know that my role models who may live very different lives then me still have comparable thoughts and experiences and I appreciate hearing that you are alive, well, and thinking of us too.

    Please continue to post whenever you can be it once a week, once a month or once a year. (Although the last would be sad for all of us fans)

    Thanks for your time