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Radio Free Burrito Episode 40: …meh, it’s good enough.

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RFB LogoHey, Welcome to Radio Free Burrito!

This week, I talk a lot about my creative process, how I’ve found myself at a bit of a creative and existential crossroads, and what I’m doing about it.


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25 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode 40: …meh, it’s good enough.”

  1. Hey Wil!

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing your Q&A audio from Das Boot.

    Congratulations on the experience of being at the benefit where the other VO actors treated you like one of them. Good for them, and good for you.

    I think the concept that you’re sort of talking about is universal imposter syndrome; that feeling basically everyone has that you’re worried that someone will discover that you’re not really meant to “be there”, and it’s all just a trick. I’ve heard lots of very very successful people talk about having that feeling; notably Craig Feregeson and Stephen Fry, for instance. It’s kind of a relief when you can have that moment where someone else affirms that you do belong there and people do think of you as part of the team.

    Thanks for the Burrito. It was fun to listen to you share as always. I understand and echo your feelings of going back and forth about whether you’re Ok with things.

    Keep up the great work on the RPG show. I can’t wait to see it–I suspect it’s going to be awesome.

    Thanks! Take care,


  2. Michael Kohne says:

    FYI, when I pulled this episode from the feed, I ended up with an m3u file. I had to come to the web site to actually get the mp3 file.

  3. Wil, I think that shows like Tabletop wouldn’t be what they are without the abilities that I imagined you gained or honed as an actor. You draw people in and you command the room in way that’s very simple and genuine, but I know is hard for any random person to do. It takes an ingrained training to do something so deliberate and purposeful in such a natural way.

    If your window of opportunity to be in front of the camera has passed, then at the least it seems from an outsider’s point of view as if it’s helped to give you the tools you need to be successful in what you’re currently doing. It even comes through in RFB too, you have a way of speaking that’s interesting ding in and of itself.

    One of my favorite movie-going story is this: I have never really enjoyed going to the movie theater and have only see a handful of movies in that format. One of them was the original X-Men movie. So I’m there with a couple of friends, and the usual chaos of people taking, snacks rustling, children mewling and jumping about is happening. The pre-movie commercials fade out, the lights start to dim and it’s obvious the movie is about to begin. People are still talking and fidgeting and I’m reminding myself of why I don’t go to the movies. Then from behind the black screen, from out of the surround speakers booms Patrick Stewart’s voice. It’s a single word in the opening of the movie. “Mutants.” Immediately all sound ceases, quiet to the point where it feels like I’ve gone spontaneously deaf.

    You don’t have quite that level of command yet, but it’s very easy to pay rapt attention to you.

  4. UngainlyDodge says:

    More RFB, Huzzah! I just discovered RFB this month, but ever since Just a Geek I’ve been delighting in your YouTube interviews/Con appearances/TableTop, audiobooks, writing, acting, the works!

    I’m enjoying how you experimented with such different content and formats from Ep Zero to now.

    I empathize with your bouts with depression and I’m so glad you have such a great family to help you bear through it. In revealing your struggles (and triumphs) with self-doubt and various creative endeavors, you inspire me and countless others. It was great you were finally able to joke “And the point of this is not to say ‘Hey everybody, look how great I am’–because that’s implied!” instead of just qualifying your statements self-consciously again. Anyone who’s paying attention knows you’re humble and genuinely awesome. =D

    Game on, rock on, keep creating and performing, and Fnord–praise Bob!

  5. Taellosse says:

    I’m having a similar situation to Michael – my phone got the feed update, but can’t download the file properly – it tries to load the file in a browser player instead. My iTunes (annoying, I know, but it’s the easiest program to use with my iPhone, and I’m used to it) isn’t registering the updated feed at all for some reason. But loading the website, the direct link leads to an MP3 file.

  6. Talvi says:

    Same issue here. The RSS feed links to

    whereas for previous episodes it’s always been the mp3 file

    What’s going on is that the m3u playlist you linked to in the shownotes is for some reason getting picked up as the media enclosure for this episode.

  7. Guy who likes stuff says:

    Fantastic episode. Your talking of inspiration and creativity has inspired me to get back on the creating train… erm… cable.

  8. Ryan says:

    Wil, I appreciate you taking the time to make these. I think I’ve listened to all the episodes since the re-launch. I enjoy the music selections, in particular.

  9. Dave UK says:

    Thanks for the Burrito. Keep making things.

  10. Dave says:

    That was a good song. Reminds me a bit of Joy Zipper. Have you listened?

  11. Knakker says:

    Hi Will,

    I normally don’t react on podcasts, but this time I wanted to make an exception. You really inspired me in this podcast. I just recently starting making Youtube clips for my class (I’m a chemistry teacher) and I’m really on tipping point: do I keep making the clips or is it to much. The thing you said about “It’s not about making something perfect, it’s about making something” really made start to think. Is this what I want to do? The answer is definitely yes, although the clips are still very rough on the edges. I just hope they keep getting better every time. So again: Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. I think you seem very kind and that you take time to help others. I like you just the way your are, no matter what you do.

    Just did a TNG re-watch with my wife a few months ago and we both realized how good you actually are as an actor, especially considering how young you were in that series.

    Have also enjoyed this podcast, any of your writing I’ve seen, most of the stuff you’ve made, actually. I also just like seeing you as yourself. Your geeky awkward life resonates with me as a middle-age geeky dude who didn’t want to tell people I played D&D since I was 10.

    Your kindness and openness is the most inspiring thing about you.


  13. Bogue says:

    34:00 – 35:01 = A true reflection into the struggles of family and the joy it brings vs self-actualization. Well articulated and much appreciated. Now I must go as “Elf needs Food Badly!”

  14. Kristen says:

    I just got into the podcast game 3 weeks ago and I have now listened to ALL the old episodes and get all giddy when I see a little “1” pop up on my podcast app telling me that I have a new episode to listen to. Thank you for making things to share with us!

  15. Max Robinson says:

    Hey Wil, just got into the free burritos today! And they are great, also a big fan of TableTop.
    Would love to hear more of the upcoming RPG show, it sounds awesome!
    Much Love!

  16. Theresa says:

    I so heart the fuck outta Vivaldi…the FUCK!

  17. Steve Pritchard says:

    That’s pretty cool hearing you enthusing about voice acting, I didn’t know that you’d been so prolific. I’d heartily recommend Big Finish Productions ( if you’re a fan of the medium. They don’t just do Doctor Who.

    Alright, it’s almost all Doctor Who but their other stuff is pretty damn good too. They’ve even bagged a couple of Audie nominations themselves.

  18. Jess says:

    I love hearing your self-talk regarding “why it’s okay that I suck” – as the editing/audiogeek part of a podcast team that just wants to share stories with the world, it’s encouraging to hear your work and feel like it’s okay to make my own work “good enough”. Thank you.

    Also, I’m looking forward to seeing if the above-mentioned tweaks to your notes/feed allow iphone downloads to play when you release a new episode!

  19. Dave says:

    Dear Wil,
    Replying here since comments are closed on 37.Yes,I am listening and enjoying the show. My podcast queue is 7 weeks long but I get to them eventually. Not before comments close on the post apparently, but before the heat death of the universe.

    Thank you for the show.

  20. Rafael says:

    You should come to San Antonio. We have the Alamo Draft House which is a theater/bar with a serious no noise no texting policy. We also have kid friendly Santikos which has assigned seating, “mom’s night out”, and free screenings of kids movies that aren’t currently in theaters.
    The other reason you should come to San Antonio is because my wife and I would love to meet you. We are huge Star Trek fans, love Tabletop, and enjoyed The Wil Wheaton Project.

  21. Nicholas says:

    I just wanted to pass this on to you for your use in the future. I listened to your Memories of The Futurecast podcast episode of DataLore, and liked your rapping/mad rhyme skills so much, I played around with it abit. Here it is for you to make even better.

    “On Omicron Theta,
    The Home of Mr. Data,”
    We meet his Beta,
    And learn he’s a hata,

    The champagne is bad,
    And Data’s been had,
    Sure enough,
    The audience is sad,

    Doctor Crusher,
    Starts to Usher,
    In a new close,
    Turns Data on,
    And Lores plan blows,