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Radio Free Burrito Episode 41: what a weird week

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RFB LogoThis week, I talk about how weird the last two weeks have been



19 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode 41: what a weird week”

  1. Robert Sanford says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about that meeting when you can share it

    I liked the scotch ale, will be interested to see the new brews they have coming

    There seems to be two copies of the embedded podcast at the end of the post, not sure if that is on purpose or not

  2. Bob Dobbs says:

    Get your shit together, Luna.

  3. Jamison says:

    Am I seriously the only craft beer geek who enjoys Amber Ales and Altbiers? Sigh…..

  4. Malicoire says:

    Obviously, Wil’s meeting was with Marvel and he’s been offered the part of Spider-Man.

    Not Peter Parker, but Miles Morales.

  5. Bob Loftin says:

    FYI — The plugin did not insert the correct direct download link.

  6. Bob Loftin says:

    Nevermind — haha

  7. Sean says:

    Love the show! I know this may or may not mean anything to you…..however, I was really wanting my son (11) into your show. Mainly because he has followed your career as well as LOVES and I mean LOVES burritos. The only reason I hesitate is some of the language. Is there a kid friendly version, such as bleeped, etc? I mean this in all seriousness…..I love the show, I was just unsure about some of the language for my son. Thank you for all that you do.

    • Chris says:

      You could listen to the show using Audacity (Free and open source) and cut out the parts that you feel are too graphic for your son. Doing this on the fly and then saving it out would involve little extra effort on your part. That way Wil wouldn’t have to figure out where to draw the line.

  8. Oreo says:

    Hi Wil,

    So glad that you’re making this particular thing again! Just got caught up, and you’re killing it.

    Something about this episode doesn’t work with Dog Catcher, though. It pulled the post, but not the media file. I know you can’t tailor to all podcast apps, but this one pulls through RSS, so maybe you can check that? It has pulled your other episodes just fine.

    Thanks for the things you make!

  9. Thanks for another great burrito!

    Congratulations on the big meeting! Good luck booking the job! It’ll be very fun hearing about what this meeting was with someday.

    One thing to remind yourself of as an actor: you have good, not-receeding hair and don’t need a hairpiece to be a not-bald dude. This asset will become even more important as you get older. (Speaking as someone who does not have that gift; I’m slightly younger than you, but I’m in the Patrick Stewart/Bruce Willis/Paul Giamatti class of hair.)

    Hooray for being busy! I can’t wait to see you on Co-optitude! (Please mention to Felicia that I gave people at G&S an NES Contra cartridge at GenCon last year to play on the show. To me that’s the ultimate co-op game and it would be great to play it.)

    Thanks for everything, Wil. Take care,


  10. Johan Björn says:

    Just love your pod! Makes my day

  11. Nykon says:

    This episode is not showing up in iTunes.

  12. RandomClass says:

    Another DoggCatcher user having a problem with this episode, guess the way new podcast plugin works clashes with DoggCatcher

  13. Matt says:

    Yeah a new direct download link. Now I can get the podcast on my phone faster.

  14. Mary says:

    First listen. Fun and congrats!

  15. Max Robinson says:

    Another Great Burrito!
    I didn’t know you were even a little enthusiastic about football!

  16. Jerry says:

    Greetings from sweden!
    Love your pods!
    Keep up the good work!