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Radio Free Burrito Episode 46 – it makes a terrifying sound.

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Hey nerds! It’s time for a new Radio Free Burrito! This show features a whole lot of me talking about how weird I feel, how afraid I am of falling into obscurity, and wondering what, if anything, I can do about it. There’s also a little bit of music, and a couple of radio spots for some 70s movies.


This episode is 59m04s long and weighs in at 62.1MB

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433 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode 46 – it makes a terrifying sound.”

  1. Mimi says:

    Yayyy!!!! I miss the burrito!!!!

  2. jason young says:

    Hey there Mr Wil Wheaton, please dont overthink your movie dream and just go for it, you will have my support straight out of the gate. Just found out about Radio free B and I am a true creepy fan now (kidding obviously), anyway greetings from Australia and have a wonderful day/night.

  3. I enjoyed listening to this episode.

    • My phone froze before I could finish my thoughts. I was just evaluating my creativity and social media and to hear that you are feeling obscure and you feel your creativity is going into a black hole I never knew you felt that way. I have been struggling on social media. I have a Facebook profile and page, Twitter, and YouTube, but I don’t have huge followers. I struggle with my writing. I look forward to your creativity. I found this podcast on Facebook and I enjoyed every minute of. I hope to hear more.

  4. Martin says:

    Made it all the way through, thanks for making this and I sincerely hope you get more work.
    For whatever it might be worth, your struggles with writing and the perseverance to keep on in the face of what seems like a world on fire are inspiring.
    Found through website, which I frequent.

  5. Lee says:

    Interesting – first time to hear Radio Free (saw it as I follow you on Twitter) .. would definitely listen to future episodes (or maybe even the old ones..)

  6. Alice says:

    Hi Wil,
    Thanks for the new episode. I’ve missed hearing you, and was really excited to see a new (and long) episode. I saw it on Facebook, and then it popped up on my iTune podcast feed.
    I haven’t had a chance to check the website version, but I think the last two iTunes versions of the podcast have had some serious skipping issues. Not for the whole episode, but for decent chunks. And it’s so frustrating coz it when you’re talking and I really want to hear what you say. So it might be something to look into maybe.
    Anyway, thanks again for the episode, and I really hope you do manage to make more regularly, and that if you do get the radio gig, there is a way for those of us outside the US to listen to it.

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, I noticed the skipping thing, too. Not during the songs, but while you’re talking. I felt like I missed a couple important points you were making…

    • Scott Whittaker says:

      Yes, the skipping issue is a real bummer. I’m listening through the Overcast iPhone app.

      I listen to a lot of podcasts but when this showed up I moved it to the top of my queue – glad to hear your voice again 🙂

      I just bought your book on Bandcamp. Hang in there buddy, the world needs creative, insightful and authentic voices like yours.

    • mlp codingCat says:

      My guess is that the skipping was an attempt at jump cuts, and while noticeable it didn’t bother me because I never lost the topic thread.

  7. Jeff says:

    Love your stuff Wil… you have more listeners than you give yourself credit for!

  8. Shaun says:

    Hey Wil, just stopping by to say that I eagerly listen to/await/devour every episode of radio free burrito. (On my iPhone through the iOS podcast app, through which I am subscribed). I also continuously appreciate your work, I’m not a typical consumer of media, as an older millennial without a TV, I feel like an anomaly. You inspire me and I feel encouraged to keep working on my passions because I see folks like you doing it, too. Thank You.

  9. Aaron Trahan says:

    Hello Wil! I loved the episode 🙂 I get the podcast on Overcast on IOS. Hope you get to make your radio show! 🙂 Looking forward to more content

  10. Genericus says:

    Listened to the whole thing, saw it on Facebook, listened to it directly off the website.

    Hang in there, dude.

  11. Kim says:

    You have given me a perspective on the challenges in putting yourself out there that is required to be an actor. I am one of those people that visit your twitter account daily and would never dream of commenting or replying. I can assure you that there are a lot people like me. I enjoy watching you on tv, I enjoy what you put on your twitter account. I have gotten 2 audiobooks that you have narrated because you narrated them. I would love to see you given the opportunity to act in a character role that challenges you. You are creating, writing and giving an audience an insight into your life, that requires incredible bravery. Please continue to forge your own path as you have done before. There are people who appreciate what you have to say and what you have to offer.

  12. John says:


    Caught this in iTunes. I always love hearing your introspection and your desire to create. Keep it up and I’ll buy you a beer if you are ever in Minnesota.

  13. Paul says:

    Wil, you rock! I always love listening to your podcasts, and when the little pop up showed up on my phone as I was driving across Utah this evening I squeed a little then clicked on it to listen in. Your work most definitely does not fall into oblivion. I’m a fan who appreciates the art that you create, so please keep sharing of yourself with us!

    I’ve subscribed through the iPhone podcast app, so that’s where I got the notification. Seriously, dude… you rock!

  14. JayneSays says:

    What a fun show! Thank you for sharing your insights & insecurities. Just know you’re being heard and that your efforts are truly appreciated.

    I’ll keep an eye out on Twitter for the next episode!

  15. Ashley says:

    Hi Wil,
    I listened from the email update. It was good to hear from you again! Real radio shows are the best. I had a overnight show on a Pittsburgh station for a couple years and it was so much fun! I hope you get the gig, you’re right in thinking that you’ll enjoy it. All the best,

  16. WeatherServo9 says:

    Hey Will, I just wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to make money from home. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! MUCH MONEY FOR AMERICA USA!

    It’s this new thing called a podcast and you could do it every week and we would totally pay for it.

    I, like many people here, miss hearing RFB on a regular basis. And like you, and many people, I’m also going through the middle-age doldrums. The only advice or comfort I can give you is that you aren’t alone. Almost nobody is ever where they want to be by their middle age, and while that may seem depressing, it’s all the more incentive to keep going.

    From what I know of your public persona, you have a great family and have done some very cool things in your life. So as difficult as anxiety and depression are, the one thing they can never take away from you is how much you have to be grateful for.

    I also miss Memories of the Futurecast, even though I’m sure you’re probably sick of talking about Star Trek.

    I listen to podcasts on Pocket Casts, and I have to chime in with the others who have pointed out the skipping. There was a lot of skipping in this episode.

    But as to your doldrums, maybe you should take some advice from a famous ship’s Captain who once said, “Never fear, Captain Crunch stays crunchy even after you pour on the milk.”

    • WeatherServo9 says:

      I totally misspelled “Will” intentionally as part of the joke. Totally.

    • Morgan says:

      +1 to podcasts on PocketCast on Android, and +1 to the skipping.
      It was fun to hear about Team Wheaton hanging out with Team Hearstwick. “Goons,” lol (sob)

  17. Brian Dunkelberger says:

    I wanted to second what people above have been saying. I have been a subscriber of this podcast and Memories of the Futurecast for a long time. I have always appreciated the courage you show by sharing you feelings. I also find you interesting and funny ( you probably don’t, but I miss the bulldozer). I also purchased the audiobook version of your short story. I can’t speak for anyone else, but if you keep putting things out there, I will keep consuming. Thanks for being you. Oh, to answer your question, I subscribe on the standard podcast app on iOS. Thanks sir. I will be back next time.

  18. Loki says:

    As always, a delight to hear your honesty and your enthusiasm. I subscribe to you via Pocketcasts.

  19. Michael Furnell says:

    Thanks Wil. I also enjoy listening to these shows. I was super excited to see you released a new one today.

  20. Brian says:

    Glad to find another episode of RFB has appeared! Please keep it up!

    Also, hope this isn’t a buzzkill, but your network has been taken:

    Perhaps WPMG?

  21. Crystal L Biggs says:

    This was my first Radio Free Burrito…. I loved it, thank you. Saw it on Twitter after I had a particularly bad evening and I appriciated the “company” for an hour. I’ve missed the CYOA since the Daylight Savings change (Arizona doesn’t switch and you now stream during kids dinner/bedtime) so it was great to get to listen to you musings for awhile. Anyways, I appriciate the things you make and I hope you can find what you need to keep that spark going.

  22. Gina says:

    Wil, your voice is unique and irreplaceable.

    Star Trek, being a child actor, growing up in the 70s and 80s, anxiety, raising stepkids while dealing with a difficult bio-parent, wanting to write/trying to write/being a writer, rebooting your daily life, keeping us non-techies informed about important tech issues — NOBODY covers as much ground as you. And you do it in the most emotionally satisfying (and often hilarious) way.

    What you contribute to our culture is much, much more special than any regular ol’ actor’s!

  23. Giulio Motta says:

    Hey Will!
    What’s wrong with you? You are so beloved I have no idea why you think you shouldn’t be relevant. Like you noticed yourself for Mad Men, and just like that show, you have a more dedicated and selected audience than most. And don’t worry about numbers! I sold my book in the hundreds, I sell my guitar pedals in the tens, but still keeping at it.
    Love TableTop, always waiting for a new episode.
    Love Radio Free Burrito, do more!
    The only annoying thing about this episode is that I had no idea who Chris and Lydia were and I had to Google them.

  24. Julian says:

    The Audience is Listening!

    Never knew you had a podcast until seeing you on the Big Bang Theory episode “The Fortification Implementation.” I’ve been a subscriber on Pocket Casts ever since. Thought you had given it up (or been very busy acting) since it had been over a year since that last new episode.

    Thanks for the new episode of RFB and for your great reading of “Ready Player One” on audiobook. I Highly recommend it to anyone else reading these comments and looking forward to the movie in 2018.

    Hey, just looked up that you read about a dozen other audiobooks, will have to listen to those too! Any favorites you can mention on your next podcast?

  25. Phil says:

    Hi Wil. It was a nice surprise when a new burrito popped up in my podcast app this morning. I wish they were weekly! Believe me, you have an audience. I love listening and enjoy your appearances across all media. Don’t be downhearted or discouraged.

  26. Brian Lockwood says:

    I want to see your cheesy but earnest horror movie! I have friends that I’m sure would feel the same! Please make it!

  27. Ponchifer says:

    This episode came out on my iTunes and I was really happy about that. Thanks for starting it with NLMDA, it was exciting. 🙂 I like the idea of your making a horror film, and don’t forget that BAD horror films are a thing of beauty too. Lastly, I grok the coding/time ramble.

  28. Another episode, yay! I’d really love finding a new episode every week in my podcatcher. And since you asked: I use Pocket Casts, but I don’t use their discover function, since it only lists English podcasts. I already had subscribed to your podcast anyway, probably after you mentioned it on twitter or your blog.

  29. Anna says:

    Hey Wil! I listened to the podcast and loved it! It appeared in my iTunes app. I subscribed a while ago but took me a while to realise you had one at all so maybe there might be a way of self-promoting it more across your online presences? It’s hard to keep up with everything your fav creators are making and so inevitably you can miss out on some things here and there.

    I love how honest you are with how you’re doing. As a freelance creative I can often feel alone in my self doubt, so your honesty really helps. Please keep the podcast up!

    I think you’re right in that there is so much free brilliant stuff to dip into right now that even for established creators when trying something new its difficult to build up an audience for that thing. I know from personal experience how much it can hurt when something you’re invested in doesn’t quite hit the same as other things you’ve done but please don’t give up!

    Personally, I love both your podcasts and would love to hear more! Of your recent output I particularly loved Titans Grave. Its authentic, full of imagination, fun, collaboration and magic. I hope there’s more story-telling coming, and I hope you keep making online content as I think its criminally under valued in general.

    Basically, please keep making stuff!

  30. SuperLisaa says:

    Hey Wil, just chiming in to let you know I heard you and enjoy your work, always. <3
    The way I got this is through my subscription that I’ve got set up on Rhythmbox on Debian:

  31. Mikkel Hansen says:

    Originally found the podcast during the earliest episodes of TV Crimes, but saw your tweets about it while listening. Glad to see my keeping subscribed in iTunes paid off 🙂

  32. Megan says:

    Thank you for the feeding, burrito daddy. I enjoyed this episode like I’ve enjoyed all the episodes. I had my first burrito sometime around the end of last year and have since gorged myself on all of your lovely, stale burritos that you have laying around here. I don’t remember where I had heard of RFB, but I specifically remember having a ‘why the fuck am I just hearing about this’ kind of moment. I, obviously, had a crush on Westley growing up and I was super amazed when I found TitansGrave. That was my initiation into the Wheaton fandom and I’ve just got to thank you as stupid and depressing as that is, because you hit me at just the right time that I really needed something, and you really fit it, superb, exacto. Thanks to you I am a more motivated person and I don’t want to think where I’d be at in this moment if you hadn’t helped me then just by doing this stupid shit that you do.
    Btw, idk if you’d take suggestions for Tabletop guests, but I’d like to nominate Ted Leo and Ryan Alosio.

  33. Stephen Hammond says:

    Hi Wil, just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of we are listening.
    Love your work and wish I lived in the states so I could stalk your appearances 🙂

  34. Krash Coarse says:

    WW, love listening to your thoughtful perambulations. As another 40something male wondering about his relevance, I say: feel good about all you’ve done. We the faithful will follow you there and back because you are not a dick.

    RFB subscriber via rss (Doggcatcher) for a couple of years now.

  35. Kevin H says:

    Wil – Glad to catch a new RFB, long time listener. Appreciate hearing your voice as always, and keep it up.

    RE: Pop music, I wanted to share this, it seems like it would be something you would dig.

    Enjoy, and don’t let the depression win. It’s your mind, you are in control!

  36. BastardSheep says:

    Commenting as requested. I was quite happy to see you tweet that another RFB had been recorded, I quite like this podcast and was missing it.

    My iOS podcast app “downcasts” downloaded it automatically. I have no idea whether I’m subscribed to an RSS feed directly or via iTunes, it doesn’t tell me – it just shows me the RSS feed either way.

    Would love it if you could bring yourself to do weekly shows again, but don’t strain yourself for it.

  37. Grahm Eberhardt says:

    A shiny new burrito is the perfect way to start my day!

    As a kid, I would stand at the wall of VHS rentals while my mom paid for groceries, staring at the horror movies. I remember being scared of the Boggy Creek covers. I never did watch them though I do have fond memories of the Phantasm franchise.

  38. Think about it: Clay-mation, stop-action horror! Could it be done?!? Something like Robot-Chicken, but horror…

  39. Jared B. says:

    Hi Wil!

    We’re out there. When I saw that a new episode was up (I listen through Podbean), it made me do a happy dance. As a dude of roughly the same age, I completely get where you’re coming from lately, and the two things that get me through the tough spots are a small bit of recognition now and then, and the fact that people like Tom Waits managed to remain popular and relevant and fresh even as time did its best to grind them into dust.

    So keep doing what you do. Your voice is a distinct voice, and it’s needed out there, even though the cacophony of modern life makes us all think otherwise. I love how outspoken you are politically, how your love of gaming has spread all throughout the land via Tabletop, and I look forward to seeing more acting, more projects, and more Burrito!

  40. EarFuel says:

    awesome to have a new episode! When you spun The Rezillos, it made me think you should check out The Ruts album “The Crack” (late 70s UK punk) and the songs “Savage” and “Lipstick” by The Fun Things (70s Aussie punk).

  41. Fred Walsh says:

    Hey Wil,
    Yes we are still out here and yes we enjoy listening to you talk about stuff 🙂 I have your stream thru ITunes and have for several years now. I imaging its hard in the acting world but know that you always have a group of people who care about you as a person as much as an actor. As for a weekly radio type show (YES PLEASE!!!) Its been great meeting you at conventions thru the US and Canada (BTW where have you been? No Calgary con for several years now!!!) Take care of yourself and your family!! Hope to see you again soon.

  42. John Rudy says:


    Just finished RFB on the commute to work. On my office wall I have a quote: “I have to remind myself that the goal isn’t to be perfect. The goal is to make a thing where there wasn’t a thing before.” It really inspires me. You said it on RFB. There’s also a picture of you making a Harpo-esque gookie next to it. Everyone who comes into my office comments about it and say something akin to either, “good quote,” or, “I love him.”

    You’re not obscure, but you’re right that the single and noise ratio is hurting you in the interwebs streams. I didn’t know about (or catch that I could listen to / that you were done with) Dead Trees until you mentioned it here. So now I have a new audiobook to buy!

    I have missed RFB. It’s imperfect. It has skips and blips (I seem to remember that being an issue with your screensaver?). But it’s a thing where there wasn’t a thing before. A thing that, when I’m updating my podcast app before my commute, I quietly do the “yes!” of victory when I see a new episode in the Apple Podcast app.

    So please keep doing RFB. And do that damned horror film! I’m not a horror fan, but I’m a Wil fan and will buy what he sells me as long as the “ad” reaches me.

    Also, W-Don’t Be a Dick is already a Fox affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi. But I think KDBD is still available. And it’s the one the FCC would give to a left coast operator like you. 😉

    Keep making things!

  43. David Dennis says:

    Nice to hear from you. I listened on iTunes but heard about it on your twitter feed.

    I appreciate your time and effort in putting out schtuff.

  44. Andrew Sievert says:

    Will, I’m fairly sure I originally heard about the podcast though something you were doing on Geek and Sundry. I always enjoy hearing your stories and getting some not so typical music. I use the Podcast Addict app to listen to the show and find out when new episodes have been released. I keep meaning to get better at twitter so I can find out things there, but I just don’t have the time or energy to put into that. Hope you keep making the show and would love to have a long form radio show with you playing music.

  45. Victoria says:

    Hi Wil! Stopping by to say you’re not just talking to the void and I would love to hear more from you! I’m subscribed via iTunes and it’s always a joy to see a new RFB pop up. Your honesty means a lot and I enjoy hearing what goes on in your head; I think all of us are looking for reflection and connection, so thank you for sharing in that with us.


  46. Seth Reineke says:

    Hey, Wil! I loved this episode and would love to see future episodes. I’m listening via Overcast, and this episode showed up just fine!

    I just picked up the Kindle version of your new novella, and can’t wait to read it!

  47. Scott White says:

    Hey Wil!

    Long time listener, first time commenter.
    I really love listening to your show to find out whats going on in your life and to find new music. I also love watch Tabletop, which really helps me pick out the next game to own. So thank you very much.

    I download via Itunes cause I am bit lazy to find a podcast-catcher.

  48. Mohammad Hawwari says:

    Greeting from Sweden! I really enjoyed this episode.
    I listened to it through Pocket Casts

  49. Nick K says:

    Hey Wil!

    It was great to get a new RFB, like a lot of the other people I missed hearing from you. Totally support the idea of crowdfunding that horror film, it sounds like a lot of fun. I was listening to the episode on the iTunes iPhone app, and I too notice some skipping issues on the latter half of the episode when you were talking about Pop music and on. Just know we all love you Wil, keeping doing what you’re doing and I would love to have a weekly episode of RFB to add to my queue!

  50. Eric B says:

    Good Morning Wil,

    (point form)
    – ITunes delivered in Canada.
    – Keep WDBD radio on air.
    – Being in your 40’s can S&^K.
    – You are not young as you used to be, but your not as old as you are going to me.
    – The interweeb is forever, you will never go into oblivion.

    You have:
    – made many beautiful things,
    – many great friends,
    – people that love you,
    – touch many people (emotionally and some physically)
    – beautiful pets,

    Keep being you. It is all good.

  51. Guro Sylliåsen Lein says:

    Hi Wil!

  52. Breezy says:

    Obligatory I love everything you put out that I consume (I’m sure I don’t catch it all) post. I’m always ecstatic to see a new podcast ep from you. Please do more. We hear you, we love you, we appreciate your content. I listen to RFB on the iTunes podcast app bc I’m a basic butch like that.

  53. Hi Wil!
    I too did a happy dance when I saw that there was a new episode of Radio Free Burrito! Radio Free Burrito was how I discovered podcasts! I use the Podcast Addict app.

    I am also a creator of things, and get very discouraged often because I feel like I have no direction. I haven’t figured out my niche. What is the thing that I love – that I want to do with my life. I love the Nerdist podcast and Chris always makes the point about how he finds that when people find what it is they love and just do it, that is when great things happen. So I am trying to follow that advice. I also feel rushed because I am about to turn 31 and it’s like – holy shit I need to figure this shit out now.

    Anyway, I love the group of creators that I follow including you, Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick, Veronica Belmont, etc. Y’all inspire me to keep creating. I am glad to know that even though I will probably never get to know y’all IRL, we are all living in the same creative space with similar interests, floating through the universe on this speck called Earth – and thats pretty cool.

  54. Kirk Schobert says:

    Per your request at the end. Enjoyed the latest installment, which I downloaded through ITunes podcast app, because I am old and don’t know how else to do it. Haven’t heard about the homebrewing in a while still doing that? (I don’t, but I enjoyed hearing about it)

  55. Derrick Freeman says:

    Hey Will, much like Dr. Frasier Crane, I’m listening. Not only to this podcast, but also your TV Crimes podcast and I’m a big fan of Tabletop. Keep positive, I (and many others) enjoy the things you do.

  56. Steve says:

    Hey Wil, love the podcast iv been subscribed on iTunes for awhile now. I also live in the Detroit area and look forward to meeting you this weekend at Motor City Comic Con.

  57. Rob says:

    Great episode, as usual. You are so open and honest in your sharing, that is always interesting and engaging to listen to your show. I feel sometimes I know you better than many of the friends and acquaintances that I see every day in my daily life. I have to say I disagree somewhat with your premise that in today’s world content creators are beholden to some media executive who can deny them work based on some arbitrary reason like social media following. Not that it does not happen and is not happening, but today any creator can simply share their creations directly on the internet. The notion that some intermediary is required to enable this process seems quaint and old fashioned somehow.

  58. Jesper Karlsson says:

    Hi Wil!
    I listened to the whole thing, found it because I’m subsctibed on iTunes.
    Loved hearing the show again!

  59. Simon says:

    Hey, Wil.

    I am not a void! (Not always)

    iTunes subscriber here and very happy to have a fresh burrito.

  60. Rob says:

    BTW I listen to your podcast on my Android phone, using the DogCatcher app. I am struggling to remember where I discovered your show, but I think my interest in your show originated with watching FULL PAX 2012 Penny Arcade DND Celebrity Game on youtube. I am a huge star trek fan and a huge D&D fan and your performance on the show led me to find places I could find more of your work.

  61. Ben says:

    Enjoyed the episode! I subscribe on Pocket Casts on Android… Helped get me through my work day. Keep it up.

  62. David says:

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you sharing with all of us. I may be an oddity because I didn’t really know you from Star Trek. I mean I knew you were on Star Trek but I sort of only caught the edges of the show and it slipped by me. I really became a fan of yours because of your work on Big Bang and other stuff. I started looking for more information about you and the more I found the more I thought that you were someone who had something worthwhile to share. I checked out your podcast and it really does contribute something worthwhile to my life. I truly appreciate how open you are with all of us listeners. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that there is someone out here listening. Also, I use Overcast for my podcast needs.

    Thank you for your words.

  63. Shanoah Maine says:

    Hey Wil,
    It’s a funny thing feeling like you know someone whom you have only met very briefly in passing (surrounded by 10,000 other strangers and payng for the interaction anyways…) BUT that seems to be life in this publicly connected privately estranged world. So I feel like I’m reaching out to a friend to say hey, I validate that thing you did on your podcast and support you and your ambitions.

  64. Matt says:

    Hey Wil, I really enjoyed this episode. RFB always gets an immediate listen from me when it comes out. Keep going, for real! We need stuff like this in the world.

  65. Jenna P says:

    Thank you for doing these episodes, it always brightens my day when they come out. I listen to a lot of podcasts because my job has almost no human interaction for 10 hours a day. I use the Podcast Republic app for android and it seems to work well. I don’t remember how I found your podcast but I’m guessing it was your blog.
    I’ve always really like how open and honest you are with your podcast, you always have a really interesting way of looking at the world and I love listening to your stories. The clips and music choices are always interesting. I really hope you move to do this weekly or at least have the new radio show released as bonus podcast episodes. (Good luck with the show btw!)
    Again, thank you far the hard work you put in to it!

  66. Dave says:

    Hey Wil, thoroughly enjoyed the episode. It’s always exiting g to see a new RFB episode appear on my podcast list (iTunes here). I’ll just simply echo everyone else on here and say keep up the good work, in everything you do!

  67. Michelle says:

    I was so excited to see a new RadioFreeBurriot in my iTunes feed! Missed you and glad to hear you back. I was watching a show just last night (it was iZombie–great show), and a character (the victim) sported a beard. For a moment I wondered if it was you, reaized it was not you, then wondered why it wasn’t you (but he got killed, so…). I want more Wil Wheaton on my TV. Who do I talk to about this? You’re great, and I’m so glad for the work you put out in the aether for us nerds to enjoy. Best wishes!

  68. Chris Patti says:

    Hi Will! I totally love the podcast! I just went and bought a copy of your Novella. Looking forward to reading it! I can only imagine how difficult it must be as an artist trying to make your voice heard when everyone is awash in a sea of information and entertainment options 24h a day.

    But don’t underestimate yourself. You have a loyal fan base who admire your work and, speaking for myself, I really appreciate the fact that you’re brave enough to really put yourself out there.

    Let us know what we can do! I bought the Novella. Are there any other ways I can help?

  69. Kitty Horton says:

    Hey, Wil!!!
    I enjoy listening to your brain, which is how I feel RFB kinda rolls. There were a few chopped spots where I felt I missed the other half of sentences, but otherwise great show. I listen to you on soundcloud. My favorite episode was your reading of that short story murder mystery. I think you could branch out into reading books on tape, and I’d love to hear more. Read your own stories or those of others. Maybe people could send you shorts to review and read?

  70. Chris Patti says:

    Also, just gotta say, 64 responses to an episode of a podcast that hasn’t had a new episode since 2015? That’s phenomenal response sir. Numbers don’t lie 🙂

  71. Richard says:

    Great to hear from you again (via RSS feed).

  72. Just finished listening to the latest episode. As usual enjoyed it. Seeing the comments shows that it is not going out to nothing. For getting the episode, I just pulled it from via Music Bee’s Podcast system. So if you do this weekly, I would be listening to it.

  73. Linnea says:

    Hi Wil, I’ve been a huge fan since TNG. I’ve been subscribed to Radio Free Burrito since ep 1, and I loved Memories of the Future Cast too (I also love TV Crimes too) . I really enjoy the things you put out. Keep it up, buddy!

  74. Heath White says:

    Love the podcast. Great job.

  75. Brennan says:

    Finding new things in this time is like reaching into a firehose and pulling out a pebble.

    Got this straight off, told via Twitter.

  76. Sara says:

    Hi Wil! Since you asked to hear from us if we made it through the episode, here I am! I absolutely love listening to your podcast and your words. As an artist myself, an actor mostly, I really relate to your comments on artists not having a proper outlet these days, particularly based on politics of the industry. It’s so great that we have a voice like yours to speak out on issues like this! Here’s the great thing, though, you’re making your work and creating so many awesome things that you inspire so many others to do the same. I started writing recently so I can get my voice out there and a lot of it is inspired by you and what you do. I’m terrified of failing at this and a lot of things but that fear is rooted in the fact that I feel so strongly so I must be doing something right! Keep creating and doing all the wonderful things you do because it is so appreciated!

    I also subscribe through the iPhone podcast app, just so you know how I listen!

  77. Bruno says:

    Please Mr Wheaton do not ever stop making content. I absolutely adore the radio free B! This one was very special and near to my heart (discovering new things, taking the time to watch series). Like a fireside chat with a friend who shows or explains things and music he found.

  78. Danny says:

    Yay! Radio free burrito is back!
    Just keep going Wil, the things you create are amazing, I found you through tabletop and that has literally changed the way me and my friends hang out and introduced our group to games and things that we would have likely passed over so don’t stop and keep making more amazing things, the movie idea sounds great and you should totally do it and get some crowdfunding going! Cant wait for more Tabletop and Titansgrave!

  79. Rob says:

    Thanks for sharing, Wil. I get the feeling of irrelevancy, albeit on a more social level. I moved my family from NJ to Nashville TN, I work from home, and outside of my cousins and my wife and kids down here, I have no social interaction any more. We’re doing well, but it gets lonely, and does leave a hole. Hang in there, that’s what I’m doing. It shall pass.

    Also, what do you use to podcast with, in terms of equipment and software? I’m considering starting a hockey podcast with a friend from back up in New Jersey, and maybe by myself as well.

    Thank you sir, for being you!

    • wil says:

      I record straight into Audacity with a simple condenser microphone from Blue (I forget the precise model number) and it works well for me.

      Jericho uses a Zoom H4N with two handheld condenser mics connected through a small mixing board.

      Hardwick uses something super professional, like you’d find in a radio station.

      I understand that Karina Longworth records You Must Remember This directly into Garageband, but I don’t know what mic she uses.

      I’m pointing out all these different setups to make this point: whatever works best for you is what you should use!

      • Rob says:

        Thanks for the info, Wil! I’ve done a test run with a Blue ice snowball mix, right into audacity, and the results work well. Hopefully my friend and I will have something up for the cup finals (GO PREDS!) and I can plug it in the comments here if that’s cool. If not, I shall peddle my wares elseware.

  80. MR Johnson says:

    Thanks for the episode Wil. I was really worried it would be a rant against our current state of politics and was very happily surprised that it was good old style Wil Wheaton just kicking back and chatting with us.

  81. Orren says:

    Fun trailers and songs! Enjoyed your stories as well. FYI Listen to podcasts on an iOS app called “Casts” if it matters.

  82. amysrevengr says:

    Listened to the end!

  83. Lolo says:

    Wil Wheaton! Non-Judgemental Ninja says “You are relevant. Totally” (NJN has been living in The Valley, apparently).
    Anyway, I say– I love your work. I missed your novella release, but I’m going to find it today! My hubby and I fell in love watching TNG and now we’re Re-watching it. It makes me feel like a college student all over again. We just watched The Game last night. You were self-possessed, responsive and engaging. Good on you.
    You are brilliant on Big Bang, and Eureka (miss that show so so so much)
    I have dozens of new games to try because of Table Top. I enjoy the heck out of Titan’s Grave too. Roll a 20 sided die for my enjoyment. That was our DM’s favorite thing to do to our party. 🙂
    I am fired up to hear you want to do a movie. I am already updating my resume for a spot in wardrobe and props. I work cheap, my people will be in touch. Grinning.
    I subscribe to RFB through Google Play Music on my Android phone with too little storage to add any other podcatchers. Frowning. I found the podcast from your blog, which I’ve been following for several years.
    Hope you have a great time in MI. Keep doing stuff, ok?

  84. Andy Smith says:

    Keep at it Wil, it’s been a long time since I heard an RFB and pleased to see a new episode downloaded on my Android phone (via Podcast Addict).
    Definitely not in obscurity in my and many others books I am sure!

  85. Justin says:

    Hey Wil,
    After finishing this episode, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for creating this odd and satisfying podcast for us all to enjoy. My wife and I highly enjoy Tabletop and other creations of yours, including your work on Night Vale. I feel this podcast is an oddity, and in a good way. It feels different, obscure. I tend to listen to it while I am at work and it takes me to another H.P. Lovecraft-like realm for a while. It may be a combination of the “old-timey” music, your thoughts, and your narration, or I am just talking out of my ass and I am crazy. Nevertheless, whatever this beautiful, odd, satisfying thing is that you have created here, please keep it. Please keep creating stuff for us nerds who enjoy the same content as you. You have created a warm and inviting culture in these recent creations of yours from Tabletop and Tales of Titansgrave, and even your Radio Free Burrito. You have created a friendly environment where it always feels like we’re surrounded by friends and family.
    Keep your head up and always know that you have people LIKE YOU who will be there to support what you create. I know my wife and I will continue to do our best to support you and your ventures. In the meantime, enjoy your trip to Motor City Comic Con. I believe my wife will be seeing you there!
    Take care!

  86. Dave MCBride says:

    Hey Wil, Hang in there. Keep it up. Funny story listening to your podcast got me into listening to podcasts period. So I will be here whenever you show up.

    Dave McBride
    Montreal, Que. Canada

  87. Dave MCBride says:

    Itunes. Is my podcatcher of choice.


  88. Brad L says:

    I was super stoked to see a new burrito in the ol’ podcast list today. You definitely still have an audience, and I do hope you will continue to make content.

    I’ve been subscribed to the podcast using the Doggcatcher android app for years… I really don’t have any recollection anymore as to how I found it, but between the burrito and the memories of the futurecast, you’ve brought me a lot of laughs and even a few soggy-eyed moments.

    Anyways… that’s my 2 cents… I hope to see more burritos soon, and I hope this comment from a random stranger on the internet brings you at least some bit of validation. 🙂

  89. Nick R says:

    Big fan, listen every time you put one of these out. Keep them coming. I watch virtually everything I see your name in so know that there are those of us out here that love your brand of comedy, drama, games. We just really enjoy you.

  90. Neil D says:

    Hi, Wil.

    I was quite happily surprised when my app displayed your podcast logo. I’ve missed it so much. I use Podcast Addict on Android to get my shows. I drive about 4000 miles a month so it was refreshing to sit and listen to you chatter for a bit on your thoughts. My wife and I are creatives (new human species subset?) in a different vein but always making. The thoughts/fears/ideas that you monologue about, we’ve found ways to apply them to our makes. So please keep at it. Thank you.


  91. Candice says:

    Hey Wil – you asked for feedback, so here you go. First off, I’ll add to the commentary evidence that you are not, in fact, podding into the void. I was thrilled to see a new RFB pop up. Second, I really enjoyed listening to Dead Trees Give No Shelter – it’s good. Please keep writing. Third, since you asked, I’m subscribed to RFB (and TV Crimes) on iTunes.

  92. Joanne says:

    Hey Wil, two thumbs up for making a thing for our ears. I am subscribed to the feed in iTunes.
    And I did not buy your novella because I do not like things which are scary or suspensful or horror or horror adjacent. Nope nope. I am sorry you didn’t get the market you were looking for though.

  93. Natalie says:

    Hooray RFB! Thanks so much for making a new episode! It’s one of my favorite things.

    I appreciated your candid discussion on some of the BS even well seasoned artists have to slog through to get work. Personally, I’m always worried about not having enough of X, Y, or Z to even get considered for art gigs. It’s a messed up Catch 22, sometimes, of needing work to get the experience/perceived renown/body of work/etc. required to get work.

    Again, thanks so much for this podcast!

    (I’m subscribed via iTunes.)

  94. Jamison Swift says:

    Hey Wil. Long time fan here. As many people our age (I’m 43) can say, we all grew up with you, together, on Star Trek. Therefore, I think a lot of us relate to you and your cultural sensibilities. Because of this shared history, often when you’re talking or writing, it’s like talking to an old friend, or enjoying a story that they wrote and are sharing just with you.

    I followed your original blog a little bit, but really got more connected with your work when TableTop came out, and I’ve been a follower ever since. I hear about RFB episodes mainly through Twitter and your blog. I actually don’t follow you on FB because… well… F* Facebook and their algorithms that try to limit what I see. I do enjoy your tumblr… especially the 70s sci fi art that you find.

    I hear what you’re saying about your career as a creative. I’m not the best creator myself (more of a producer/director type), but a few years ago you inspired me to try and create something every single day. I’ve been doing a daily blog for 2.5 years, and it’s been a great outlet for me to share, and talk about things that interest me. You should know that YOU inspired me to do this.

    I feel like you’re at your best when you’re sharing things with the world. I love Storytime with Wil (Melchizedeck44), Tabletop, and the short lived Wil Wheaton project. You have an incredible ability to connect with people, to share fun stories and cool ideas. Not in any way to dismiss any of your on-camera acting work, but I always like Wil Wheaton best when he’s just being Wil Wheaton. That guy who’s into similar kinds of stuff that I am, and makes me feel OK about being into it.

    It makes many of us want to hang out with you over a beverage-of-choice and just bullshit about fun and silly crap that we like. I never listened to Hamilton until you mentioned it a month or two ago (speaking of being late to the party) and now… if it was a cassette tape I’d have to be replacing it because I would have worn it out.

    I’m not sure where your next step will take you, but just wanted to make sure you knew that there are many people, like myself, out there who genuinely like the person we see when you’re sharing the things you love with us, whether it’s on-camera, audio, or written word. Thanks!

  95. Bogue Spear says:

    Hey Man,
    My 1.0 Life is starting and running radio stations for the big media companies yet still in my early 40s.. lmk if you have any Qs I can help answer… and yes I get 5 yr old birthday excited when I see your cast pop up when I sync for new content. Bring it…. in any form.

  96. Bart Neefs says:

    Hey Will,

    Found this new episode on my soundcloud timeline. Thanks for another great episode.

  97. Thomas Gockel says:

    Hey Wil! Let’s see, I found the podcast because you talked about it somewhere a couple of years ago, and I use podkicker as the app to listen to my podcasts.

  98. You are heard; I’ve been subscribed to RFB since inception, and it never leaves my subscription list. Currently listening on Downcast on iPhone, and it was super easy to find you when I switched over from an Android phone. Want a suggestion to get yourself in the public eye? Hit up Leo Laporte and see if he’ll toss you into an episode of Triangulation, or maybe sit in a MacBreak Weekly or This Week in Tech show. Get involved when Felicia does the much-rumored follow up to Dr. Horrible 🙂 And OH MY GOD, if they ever do more Leverage, get in on that! Miss that show horribly.

  99. Leif Hassell says:

    Hey, Wil-
    Thank you, so much, for being who you are and sharing it with us. I’ve missed the burrito, and was overjoyed to see it pop up on my phone again.
    I know you likely hear this a lot, but as a man a couple of years behind you, living with anxiety and depression, you’ve been a really positive force in my life, and I’m sure in the lives of many others as well. Don’t let self-doubt stop you from creating.

    Leif Hassell

  100. Bryan G says:

    Wil, you are definitely heard. I subscribe via Pocket Casts, which I listen to in my webbrowser at work.

  101. Bob King says:

    When I saw there was a new podcast of RFB on my iPhone, it was like Christmas morning. I listened to the whole episode and like the best of presents it didn’t disappoint. Please do RFB more often and also TV Crimes, there is plenty of crap TV out there to talk about!

  102. RomeoKilo125 says:

    Hi Wil,

    So happy to hear that you’re considering doing RFB weekly! I get it from Apple Podcasts; since you asked. Did you have issues mixing or compressing? I had a lot of skips in my downloaded copy. Will relisten from the site to figure out if it was me or the recording. Either way, keep them coming and I’ll see you next Monday for story time!

  103. Robert Foster says:

    Hi Wil,

    I really enjoyed the latest episode of RFB, and it’s great to hear that your thinking of doing them weekly. I subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Best of luck with your projects!

  104. Stephanie says:

    You know why this was awesome? Because I was listening to you play one of the songs wondering “what is this? and why am i listening to it?” And then you explained what it was and its significance and I was like “hey, thanks Wil.” Also I was thinking that you should have your own radio show, because I really like listening to you, and your voice kind of does this gravelly sounding thing that’s kind of hot and then you said you were in talks to do your own radio show, which was awesome.
    Also awesome, Phantasm. My ex was raised by his paternal grandparents, who, being old, had a VCR and his dad, who I think must have had some kind of mental illness (he made his own teeth out of plaster of paris and always wore this raggedy toupee that used to flip up at the back when he lay down and loved Bill O’Reilly – we called him the Wigmeister because teenagers) anyway, he used to record movies obsessively. He must have had thousands of tapes stored in their basement, (either several of which had recordings of Cat People, or we just kept grabbing that tape because that basement was… inhabited by something and we were in a hurry). This is how i came to see not only Phantasm, but ALL of it’s terrible sequels. I had totally forgotten about that, so thanks for the mental meandering.
    Hey, I’m sorry you’re disappointed in how your story is doing. It seems like maybe it was a bit of a departure for you, and you made some pretty bold narrative choices, so maybe it’s kind of slow burn?

  105. Damon says:

    I have this page in my RSS reader and get notifications that way.

  106. Ehren David says:

    Heya Will!

    When I saw this pod show up in my feed (PlayerFM, android) I was really happy! I listened to the end and I enjoyed the music, the new ideas and I agree whole heartedly with the sentiments.

    When I sound similarly on the negative inner/outer monologue it’s often also the case that I’m stuck in the “now” or “between time”, feeling the weight of entropy. I find moving forward on any project or interactions alleviates this to a lesser or greater degree.

    Also, never underestimate the power of pizza.

    On a serious not I also feel insignificant and I’ve noticed many of our (I’m also a fellow quadronaught on this dirtrocket) generation expressing similar sentiment regardless of their occupation (public or private sector). The few I know who are content are in what I’d term “closed systems”, like the military. Not sure what that says..

    First with G&S and then with your blog and podcasts I’ve appreciated the aggregation you’ve done for me. Music, other talented people and your openness with challenges associated with mental health have all made my life measurably better. Hopefully you’ll do more podcasts because that’d be amazeballs!

    Either way, thank you Wil, for making this world smaller and more enjoyable!!


    #listenedtotheend #dbad #curatemylife

  107. Oreo says:

    Wil! You’re back! I listen on DoggCatcher on an Android phone. I think the skips are in the file, since they are in the version on my phone and in the web player on the site. It actually skips seconds, so I don’t know what’s up with that.

    My friend is making a thing! It’s a horror movie, and he’s got less than 15 days left on his Kickstarter. Please check it out: If it’s something you’d be interested in, I can get you his contact info.

    Keep the burritos coming, please. I miss hearing them.

  108. Stephen says:

    Hello. Thanks for making and creating. If this podcast does become weekly, you’d make a lot of us very happy.

    • Stephen Moore says:

      I forgot to mention that I’m always excited when I encounter another Mike Doughty/Soul Coughing fan, and I always encounter them in the weirdest of places…like a podcast.

  109. Beth Damiano says:

    Is it odd that when you said ‘please leave comments’ that I was very relieved? Because I spent most of this going “I want to talk to you about the thing!” So I take your desire for comments as permission and apologise in advance if this gets long (spoiler alert: it did).

    The ONLY horror films I will watch are the bad ones. I get scared easily and do not need more nightmare fuel, ta. But I will watch (and I did this with a friend in college and into our post-collegiate life but now he has a wife and three of the cutest kids in the world and is busy) a bad horror movie and MST3K the ever-loving hell out of it. A couple times I went when Meltdown did its MST3K-like nights, but it’s been a while. Which brings me to
    If you are doing an Attack of The Killer Tomatoes type, this-is-terrible-and-we-know-it-but-we’re-gonna-be-serious-anyway-except-for-the-theme-tune-cause-that’s-just-fun of film count me in, if you want me. Seriously! Acting, VO, PA-ing, fetching coffee, whatever is needed. I would love to be even the tiniest part in something like that because it’s a genre I adore. 🙂 Like, I am mentally doing a Fellowship of the Ring thing here as in “You have my sword.” “And my bow.” “And my axe.” I would LOVE to help in whatever way I can. 🙂
    On-camera acting is so tough to get. I was basically just told that I shouldn’t expect to get a theatrical agent of any sort of quality until December at the EARLIEST and that I have pretty much spent the last three years here in LA doing precisely the WRONG things if I ever want to do on-camera work (which I do because it’s my happy place when it isn’t driving me mad). So I’m going to throw myself at VO stuff (I have my second solo session at the SAG Foundation VO Lab next week and I’m going to read one of my own short stories and maybe put it up on SoundCloud or something for my mom and maybe my friends because no one else will care about it, but it’ll be 100% MINE) while working towards on-camera stuff. Because I have devoted my life to storytelling through acting and writing and such and I will be DAMNED if I give up when the stupid voices in and out of my head tell me to.
    That arbitrary #-of-social-media-followers thing is the worst and I would like it to die a painful death so I can salt and burn the remains and it never returns.
    RADIO SHOW IS EXCELLENT IDEA! I had a weekly radio show in college and I LOOOOOOOVED it. Like I knew sod-all about the alternative rock music that I was given to play (though I learned and quite like some of those artists now), but I made up a segment called Week in Geek in which I talked about the TV shows I loved (Supernatural had just come into my life) and movies I saw and comic books I’d started reading and all manner of nerdiness (I’m 100% sure at least a couple of them involved cool things you were doing at the time, probably Leverage) and writing that thirty second spot every week was the highlight of my days. 🙂 So if it all works out, I bet you are gonna have a freakin’ BLAST doing a radio show! 🙂
    I’m watching Sense8 right now and as much as it sometimes pains me to wait, I watch one episode a day (if that) and give myself that time to think about it because it is such a complex and thinky show and I adore it.
    Because Twitch was being a Dick to me on Monday, I never did get to give all the Storytimers my good news. I got a part in the SAG radio plays! I’m Mrs. W (cause I can sound 40 apparently) in The Summer People and it’s such a great genre story that I feel like fits our little group of nerds and I WISH there was some way for them to hear it (I don’t think there is though). So yeah, I got my what I have decided to consider my first profession VO gig and I am proud. 🙂

    • wil says:

      Holy cats! Congratulations on the VO gig, Beth!! That’s awesome!!

      I was already thinking of asking you to get in on this movie if I make it, so I’m thrilled to know you’re interested.

      • Beth Damiano says:

        Thanks! 🙂 I’m stupidly excited and running around trying to find friends who can make the show to give my comp tickets to because I want to know at least a couple people will clap for me, even if I suck. Anxiety is being a dick right now. :/
        OH! Would you and Anne like to come? It’s June 1st at 7:30. I’ll probably be as nervous as you were at the library. On-camera work? Psshaw, I got this. Voice work? explodes into nervous confetti

        Yesssssss, I am SO IN! 🙂 And you should make it, because the best filmmakers are those who have genuine LOVE what they’re doing. I’ve worked with many kinds and I’m sure you’ve worked with all kinds and it’s true. 🙂

  110. Beth Damiano says:

    Shoot! Forgot to mention that I see Radio Free Burrito on your tumblr, listen to it there from SoundCloud and occasionally wander here to the actual website to post stupidly long comments. 🙂

  111. Michael S says:

    I am always excited to see a new RFB!

    Listening is always a good time and makes me evaluate. It is like hearing from someone who understands my life as a parent, husband, depressive, etc.

    “Don’t be a dick” was one of my parenting and general life mantras.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  112. Louise says:

    Just letting you know that I listened to and enjoyed the latest episode of RFB. Even if you’re feeling uncertain over your own creativity at the moment, listening to how you express your thoughts inspires me and helps me to create. Good luck with the radio show.

  113. Firkin says:

    Hi wil,
    It was a pleasant surprise to see another burrito pop up on my iTunes podcast feed this morning. It looks like we’re all still out here waiting for you and I hope these messages give you the hope and motivation to keep going and “make a thing!” as Chris says.

    We missed you!

  114. Marie says:

    Just adding my two cents worth. I am listening (alone with many others it looks like). I have been a fan since Stand by Me.
    I like your podcasts…I am stuck in a wheelchair in my apartment and it is great just to listen to you talk. Don’t give up!

    We are here and we are listening! (or something less creepy)

  115. Scottor says:

    Hey Wil!

    I just finished your podcast which I get via my iTunes subscription on my iMac which goes into a smart playlist which syncs with my iPod Nano and iPhone. I like to listen via the Nano to save Bluetooth battery juice on the phone.

    I just have to say that I appreciate your work whenever I run across it. I love the BBT eps when you appear and I especially love your audiobook narrations. I finished scalzi’s The Collapsing Empire last month and I had to buy the audiobook version when I found out you were doing it. I enjoyed your voicing Lock-In too. You really have a good talent for narration. IMHO you’re up there with Scott Brick, Dick Hill and Marc Thomson.

    The only thing we don’t have in common is a love of Horror. I always empathize with the characters too much and it’s just to painful for me to watch. I love reading Stephen King however so maybe it’s just a visual thing.

    KUTGW and if I can’t SEE you, at least I can HEAR you. Much thanks for your bright light of talent in this increasingly grey Trumptard world.

  116. JimK says:

    Thanks for the episode. I enjoyed the music, and loved the Phantasm commercial. I have RFB subscribed in BeyondPod on my phone.

  117. Andybeale says:

    Thanks for the show, it was a joy to find it popping up my iTunes feel. Please keep it up.

    Andy & Stef, UK

  118. Trip says:

    I don’t leave comments very often, and maybe I should leave more. But, I heard your request. I am a huge fan of your creations. You have such a unique voice and point of view, that I find appealing. I’m a bit of a troglodyte, so I consume my podcasts by downloading them directly from the web myself…I know there are better ways, but what are you gonna do.

  119. Allen says:

    Hi Wil!

    I was so pumped to see your tweet that you put out a new RFB. I listened to it yesterday evening while working in my garage.

    I hope you keep em’ coming!

  120. Hello!

    You probably don’t remember me, as I met you only once at PAX in 2010, but I have been a long-time fan. In fact, it was your experience with self-publishing that inspired me to “get excited and make something” which ended up being the book that I gave you that day. (Said book is now a trilogy, so thanks for that!)

    Anyway, you asked for people to report in if they had heard your latest RFB, and indeed I did. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see that a new one was available, and I enjoyed it immensely. Please keep them coming.

    I hope you get the radio show gig you talked about! You obviously get a lot of enjoyment out of doing this sort of thing.

    Also, I totally understand the whole “fear of sliding into irrelevancy” thing. It’s a natural thing for any creator to feel. Just don’t let it overwhelm you. You do have an audience and they will always stay with you.

  121. Oh, I forgot to say where I got the podcast: I saw the new episode was available on Twitter, and Overcast on my iPhone downloaded it automatically for me. Cheers!

  122. Rachel says:

    Thanks for a new episode! It made for great listening while I cleaned out my inbox. I downloaded it through Overcast.

  123. Chris Hopkinson says:

    Hey, Wil. I really enjoy your work as a podcaster (and TableTop…I’m thinking of picking up Fate Core because of you. Yet another game I’ve been exposed to because of you, so thank you for that). 🙂

    I found out you posted the new RFB due to Twitter.

  124. Hi Wil, I squeeeed when my podcast app (Overcast) told me I had a new RFB episode. Loved it, and when I have had a chance to read “Dead Trees” I’ll leaves a review.

  125. Jared Bentley says:

    Hey Will,

    You don’t want to know how exited I was to get the email notification from RFB that I had a new podcast from you. Needless to say, as soon as I got home last night, I downloaded it from iTunes so I could listen to it at work today.

    Please do the weekly!

    There were other things I wanted to say, but I know it was also very good to see you doing well at PlanetComicCon.

    I know you are an introvert with high intelligence, which can make it harder to see how much people care about and are interested in you. I’m partially introverted but have enough of the extrovert that for many of my creative friends, I help them do the networking and promoting they need. This is part of why I’m glad you are good friends with Hardwick.

    See, until an introverted friend had me listen to RFB 1 on a road trip, I hadn’t known of it. But when I binged on those first year or two of RFB, I learned about Chris and the Nerdist. You brought the joy of the Nerdist to me. From Chris and the Nerdist, I’ve found other podcasts, like Anna Farris is Unqualified and more.

    I could go into why I like your style, but right now it is more important that you know that I really do. You may feel like you are rambling, but it is a real insight into deep thoughts, some raw humor when something strikes you, plus music. I like Chris’s work because he also keeps it more real and genuine like you.

    But I digress.

    I was talking about how I have learned that Introverts, which most creative’s are, need someone with extroverted tendencies to help them network and promote themselves. Another thing that I consider it my “job” for the group of creative I call My People, is to encourage them. To inspire them. To remind them that while they are being uber critical of that one little detail, to anyone else, the work is amazing. Of course, this only works if I give honest critiques so they can know that I’m focused on being honest, not just blowing smoke.

    Promotion is hard and it sucks. I was blown away by what you said about the voice actor not getting a gig due to not enough Instagram followers. But promotion is how we find out about thing, sort of like that email letting us know you had a new episode out. Or previous promotion of TV Crimes, which led me to that hilarity. I know you aren’t comfortable promoting yourself, because at the end of the podcast your volume and tone dropped below the background music so I couldn’t hear what you were promoting. (And I want to know! Something about Twitch?)

    But it doesn’t always have to be you doing it. Chris has the Nerdist Community Corkboard and promotes so many people who just message him letting them know something is going on! I am sure that he would love to promote someone he cares about like you.

    And that idea you had for a horror film? If you can’t find people to help out there with Chris’s habitual networking (something I personally identify with, as something we can’t help but do) I know some people outside of LA that do smaller productions that I would gladly poke to help.

    While I’m encouraging you to have more Chris time, it isn’t just Chris. You have a lot of people who care about and support you, even if we do it from afar.

    So please, do the weekly productions. DO the THING! as you put it so well in previous episodes.

    If you need help doing the promotion, well, you have friends and fans that will help with that.

    You matter. Not just because you showed me that overthinking doesn’t mean that the dark thoughts are true. Not just because I’ve enjoyed your work. You matter as a person, even if you never do another thing.

    But since I know you feel better when you are doing the things, I will gladly encourage that.

    But enough of my own rambling, my break is almost over at work. I couldn’t wait to get home to say this because it was important to me to say it.

    Be well, and do the thing! 🙂

  126. Mikey B says:

    Wil. I always engage with your brilliant creative, eclectic work. Don’t stop making all the stuff, no matter what it is. Your brain tells you it’s no good. Our brains tell us it’s different, clever and honest. We’re out here!
    (iTunes subscriber)

  127. DT says:

    Wil, this was an excellent podcast. Thank you for making this. We care about you and want you to be able to make cool things forever. It’s okay to feel depressed or like you don’t matter, but you do.

    So many of us love the things you’ve made and can’t wait for what you’ll make next. You are an artist that makes great art, you have created before and you will create again. Your work is not just dissolving into the void, the people that care about you will find your work and carry it into the light.

    Until next time

  128. Kristen Imler says:

    Hey Wil! Just wanted to chime in and let you know that your fans are still out here and listening! I’ve enjoyed so many things that you’ve done, sir, from Tabletop (which got my family into gaming) to audiobooks (I’ve listened to so many that I never would have sought out on my own solely because you narrated them). In no way do I feel that you are fading into obscurity. And to be frank, I would love to hear a weekly RFB, even if it is 60 minutes of rambling about old movies, home brewing, and the random loud construction noises outside… I love subscribe to RFB (on Google Play) for the same reason I follow Jenny Lawson’s blog… It feels real, like a conversation with an old friend, and so few things that come across our speakers and screens are these days. So thank you for sharing your little piece of the world with us. You’re awesome 🙂

  129. Adam says:

    I listen through my subscription on iTunes. Always happy to hear from you.

  130. Jessica says:


    Loved this episode, it actually helped me to realize how a Youtuber was able to get a role in a pilot TV series so easily. I do mean easily, this individual did a year of evening acting classes, went to one or two auditions with no experience in the back pocket, and got the role. I was flabbergasted by it because although they are a lovely person (and Youtuber), there wasn’t any acting talent from what was shown on YouTube (I sound like a bitch I’m going to stop).
    Anyway, once I get paid this week I will be purchasing your novella audiobook. Keep up the good work, and keep going along!

  131. Kyle says:

    Hey wil, just here to to assure you that we are here, and that a weekly Radio Free Burrito sounds amazing. Also, I don’t know if this is just me but there are some weird audio edits at the second half of the podcast, again, don’t know if that’s just me though.

    Have a great day!

  132. Tim says:

    I enjoyed the episode. I was happy to see a new episode show up on BeyondPod.

    Thanks to TableTop I have purchased dozens of games.

  133. Jeff says:

    Will – When you said you need to know you aren’t throwing your work into a black hole, it reminded me of a conversation with a writer friend who said almost exactly the same thing; how important it is to know you have an audience. I’ve been a follower of yours for a long time – ever since a blog post you wrote about what The Sandman meant to you. I attended your talk at Denver Comic con a few years ago, where you were asked by a kid about growing up being a nerd. Your answer was one of the most honest and eloquent things I’ve ever heard about that experience. One which I could identify with so strongly. I recently showed the video of that answer to my own kids saying “It’s ok to love whatever fandom you want to love, in spite of what other people think.” So let me say thank you for that. Don’t stop talking – some of us are still listening.

  134. Chriss says:

    I am oh so very happy for a new RFB! Your podcast is such a bright spot in my life, I’ve been sad without it. I’ve been subscribed for quite some time now (via iTunes) but I think I came across it … through twitter maybe, or just searching your name in iTunes. I’m not sure which. I want to say, I’ve been a fan since Star Trek, but when I explain to people my Wheaton fandom, what I talk about most is your podcast, your voice work and your written work. You’ve said a lot that has resonated within me and sparked my creativity again and made me love me again. That is no small task. I am one that has read some of your work. I enjoy your writing and would like to support more. It’s exciting to hear about the possibility of a radio show, because I would be all over that! I drive a lot in my work, sometimes 12 hours in a day, so podcasts, audiobooks and radio are my friends. Your mixed tape in March really helped through a hard time as I was driving away from an airport after leaving my husband to tend to his sick Father. It was not easy driving home that night and when I saw you had put together a little something, I plugged it in, and let myself slip into that little world you created that night. So, thank you.

  135. Kyle says:

    Wil – Been subscribed for a while now and love listening when they come through. Would love to hear more!

  136. Sherri says:

    My husband and I both work very hard to find ways to consume anything that you are creating. It takes us some time to be able to purchase things but we strive to show our support however we can. Please don’t allow the minions of self doubt and current societal trends chase away your muse or silence your creativity.
    I, personally, would love to have a radio free burrito weekly again! I receive mine through my Iphone, in the Itunes podcast app. I found it through searching your website and it was the first and only podcast that I was willing to really give a chance. I am still very selective of what Podcasts I’ll consume but none would exist in myself with out yours.

    You have inspired my husband and I since your time on Star Trek and continue to do so with your current projects. Table top has brought us so many new games, and the love of board games into our lives. We now take a copy of Star Fluxx with us anytime we go out to eat, so that we are interacting as a family instead of doing the, now normal, hiding in our phones. Titans Grave has convinced me to try my had at playing a true RPG with PEOPLE of all things.

    I wish nothing but the best for your and success in your continued endeavors. Those people in Hollywood just don’t know what a true talent they are missing out on by passing you up. F-them, we know how full of awesmeness you are. 🙂

  137. Marq says:

    Thanks for the episode. Always happy to see a new one arrive. I listen on android using the RSS feed from

  138. Mike says:

    Hi Wil, per your request, one more letting you know I’m still listening. I was super excited to see an RFB pop up on my list this morning. I subscribe through iTunes. I love TV Crimes whenever that meanders in as well.
    Your work is not getting lost in the aether!

  139. David says:

    Hi Wil, like others, I’ve been subscribed for a long time (through Pocketcasts/Feedly).

    I really enjoy the podcast and wish you luck on the radio gig (hopefully it will be released as a podcast for those outside your area).

    Also, thanks for the recommendation for Retrowave recommendation. I didn’t know that was a thing, but its certainly rocked my world. FM-84, Gunship, Timecop1983 and MASTER BOOT RECORD, are now in my daily playlist.

  140. Hey, Wil! Just listened to the latest episode and thoroughly enjoyed it (well, except for the Public Enemy track; I try, I really do, but I just can’t get into rap and hiphop). Anyhow, I know how you’re feeling with the middle-aged thing… I’m 47 and feeling relevant is a daily struggle. Also agree with the self-defeating stupidity of the social media algorithm thing that seems to be shaping the media world today. It sucks.

    Oh, one more thing: very excited about the possibility of your radio show. Hope that works out, and keep us posted!

  141. Sean Bonner says:

    Loved it. I think a lot of us struggle with these things on various scales, so it’s oddly reassuring to learn we aren’t the only ones.

  142. Claire Pegg says:

    Hi Wil-

    I’m a complete nobody actor/VO/improviser who works in a library and I’m thrilled to have found your podcast. (Found it via following you on Twitter after a re-tweet from Adam Savage.) I’ll be 45 later this year and even down at this level the fear of obscurity is oppressive. Feels sometimes like nothing I could possibly do from here out could ever matter, and I sure haven’t done anything notable up till now other than raise great kids. I’m grateful for your candor and willingness to expose anxiety and worries. I makes me and I’m sure others feel a lot less alone. Thank you.

  143. Nick says:

    I’ve listened to every episode of RFB since you started it years ago and I listened to this one as well. Thank you for the regular amount of joy you bring into my life via this, your blog, your tumblr and your feud with CM Punk on Twitter. Take care. Also, I listen to this on Overcast.

  144. Harper says:

    Always enjoy this podcast! Glad to have you back in my feed!

  145. Chris says:

    Hey Wil

    Glad to see you back at RFB. Love whenever the Podcast pops up and would love to see more of them. Every time I listen to RFB, I experience something new, either a compelling bit of story telling, some advice or insight into life, or a nice song I like but haven’t heard before. I look forward to the next one.

    Wanted to comment to let you know there’s +1 more listening and looking forward to what you put out. My podcatcher of choice is the Android app Podcast Addict. I also catch other podcasts on Google Play Music from time to time but not the ones I regularly listen to.


    PS: If your eyes do happen to fall upon this, and you’re feeling generous in the moment, I would like to apologize for a former asshole moment that cause you to block me on Twitter. It was a dick thing I said, insensitive, and was most uncool. I’m sorry bro. If you’d be gracious enough to take a moment and unblock me, my Twitter is in the website field. Either way, keep up the good work, I look forward to the next RFB.

  146. Brian Kofford says:

    I enjoyed this episode just as I always do with anything that shows up in the feed, or in the TV Crimes feed.

    I use PodcastAddict on Android, and both feeds have always been easy to find using its built in search feature.

    I did not buy your book because I did not know it existed until you mentioned it in this episode.

  147. CurtCole says:

    I would love to see more of these, and I’m always thrilled to see a new one. Keep up the good work! You’ll always have a fanbase here to rally behind with whatever you create. I hope you continue to persue film work, since you are such a talented actor. Would love to see something that you write, direct, and star in that is 100% Wil, I have no doubt people would line up to support it.


    Dud, I get the depression thing, and you sounded way down during the recording. I hope you get out of the funk, but I know that it’s not that easy. Hollywood is a shitty place to try and make a living, but know that I will always follow a project that has you involved in it.

    I got the podcast downloaded automatically to BeyondPod on my Android phone today.

  149. Dave Sayrs says:

    Definitely listening, Wil. Thank you!

  150. xylog says:

    I came across your podcast after watching a celebrity D&D youtube video. Being a massive star trek fan as well as D&D fan, I was so impressed I immediately went to find where I could see more if you.

  151. Mike king says:

    Got you brother thanks for taking the time to make a new podcast had to put radio free burrito on the back burner in hopes you would continue making them. If you start a radio show I would listen, as of now per your request I catch your podcast using an app called podcast addict. Thanks again, continue creating things as you have inspired me to fight on.

  152. Brion says:

    Hi Wil,

    I loved this episode, It was great and I’m listening to a bunch of old school rap right now. I like the music you intersperse and the work you’re honesty about your anxiety or not believing in yourself. Having grown up on TNG and watching tabletop you’ve kind of had a legendary feel to me, but being truthful about how you feel really helps me feel a lot better about things

    So thanks for being awesome.

  153. Erik G. says:


    Thanks for the awesome show man. I can’t really articulate why I like this podcast so much, but seeing a new ep always puts a smile on my face! Whether you are just playing music (always enjoy the fantastic obscure and/or forgotten tracks), talking through what’s going on in your life, or analyzing the industry, I look forward to it every time. Can’t remember how I found the podcast originally, but I stream it from Overcast.

    I forget which episode it was, one of the 38’s maybe, where you were talking about writing and the importance of producing things even if the individual things itself wasn’t great. You said something to the effect of “I made a thing. It might not be great, but it’s a thing and I’ve made it”. This simple statement pulled me out of the Dark Pit of Not Making Anything Because of Fear, which is totally self-fulfilling. I am forever grateful for that simple thought, it has directly impacted my life and my ability to get things back out into the world.

    Anyways, you keep making things and I’ll keep consuming them! Deal?

  154. Jerry Copus says:

    Hey Wil!

    Always excited to hear a new Burrito on good ol’ WDBD! I’ve been using Overcast on the iPhone for awhile now, so it’s reachable there. Caught the last half with my family while we were chilling in our basement during a tornado warning. That’s Wisconsin for you…

    We’re all huge fans of all your work and hope you keep on keeping on. You were a topic of conversation when we met John Scalzi on his tour and with John Kovalic when we delivered his Defender game awhile back. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person when you and Sean were in Madison for HRC. I gave you the Beer and Boardgames “Baby Cookie and Cream Stout” at Westfield Comics. Aaron “Chad Vader” Yonda was there too, so we got to chat as well. We were both hoping you’d consider doing an episode of B&B with them if you’re ever back in the area. Of course I remembered afterwards that you were giving the beers a break, but again it’s Wisconsin so… The little video shout out you and Sean gave to my daughter’s 7th grade class trip in Washington D.C. the next day was awesome! Very generous.

    So, we’re out here and there’s probably more of us than you realize!

  155. Sandra K Lang says:

    So glad Radio Free Burrito is back. Your reflections always give me a great deal to think about. I bought both the Kindle copy of your new book and the audio. To you it may seem like ramblings sometimes, but I always come away with new insight into the human experience. I use Sticher Radio as my podcast manager, but I am glad you always give a direct link. Voices in the wilderness are heard. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  156. Brent W Smalley says:

    Good Mr. Wheaton. Per your request in the episode I use “Podcast and Radio Addict” android app to listen to your creations. I believe it gets its listing from the iTunes directory.

  157. Chinami says:

    I was so excited when I refreshed Podcast Addict and a new Radio Free Burrito appeared. The music, clips, and talk make the show enjoyable. My hope is when you get your radio show I am able to listen to it if I’m out of the area. Also, TV Crimes is another one of my subscribed podcasts.

  158. femlafrog says:

    I have missed the burrito. Glad you are thinking of doing it more. I really did enjoy the audio/music mixtape you put out there.

  159. michelle says:


    Learning that there was a new RFB made me super happy yesterday. I have been listening for several years. Of all the great things you make, the burrito might be my favorite. A weekly episode would be awesome.

    Like everyone else who’s chimed in here, I think your projects have been relevant and well-received, and I look forward to whatever’s next.

    On RFB in particular, your honesty, personal enthusiasm for the things you share, and unique insights, make this podcast stand apart from all the super-commercial, overproduced podcasts and radio shows in the world.

    It’s been inspiring to listen as you keep getting excited about stuff, and telling stories, while at the same time you’re honest about the challenges facing you. For me, that’s something to aspire to.

    Since I don’t subscribe to podcast managers / apps, I found out about the new burrito on Twitter.

  160. Thomas Chambers says:

    Really enjoy RFB and hope you continue to make more. And just make stuff in general because I enjoy just about everything you do.

  161. Nathan Grange says:

    Skipping. On here and in player.

    I use podcast addict.

  162. Brian says:

    I love radio free burrito and that would be amazing if we got them once a week. I subscribed on the podcast app for apple

  163. juls828 says:

    Hi, Wil! I was so happy to listen to a new RFB episode this week! I love listening to your podcast no matter what subjects you talk about. I listen thru the iTunes app. (Like a few other people mentioned, I too noticed a little skipping in this episode.) I started following you on Twitter after one of the times you were a guest on the Nerdist podcast. (I think it was the gif episode.)

    I cannot imagine the anxiety and worry that actors experience in trying to make a living. I personally could not handle it. I’m glad my boring desk job gives me a paycheck every 2 weeks, even though I only make $14/hour. (Another random fact about me: I’m 45 years old and have been working at this same job for about 10 years.)

    I try to watch/listen/read as much of your work as I can. Your narration of Ready Player One is one of my favorite audiobooks that I’ve listened to multiple times. I’m re-watching NextGen and listening to Matt & Andy’s podcast about it. I downloaded your ebook Dead Trees Give No Shelter and will review it on Goodreads as soon as I get a chance to read it.

    I hope you soon get whatever it is that you want to happen in your career and I hope you find more confidence in yourself in general. Looking forward to the next RFB espisode! I’ll be reading your tweets in the meantime. 😉

  164. Dan says:

    So happy for the return of Radio Free Burrito! Wil, keep making awesome stuff!

  165. Ealasaid says:

    Commenting as requested! I’ve kept RFB in my podcatcher (Beyondpod on Android) all this time in hopes you would start up again, and the new ep downloaded automatically! Yay! I listened to most of it while driving home from work today, and it helped make the drive less crappy, so thank you.

  166. Jason Greenwood says:

    Hello Mr. Wheaton,
    Just want to say that I am a big fan of your work. Love the podcast love your acting. Keep doing you bud.

  167. Chris says:

    Hi Wil,
    I have Radio Free Burrito subscribed in Pocket Casts on my iPhone. like others here, I too moved it to the top of my listening cue as soon as it dropped. I follow @wilw on twitter and I think that’s here I first found out about RFB a few years ago. My son is a big fan of your voice work: Ready Player One and What If are each played through once or twice a month.
    thank you for bringing good things into the world.

  168. dark_neverland says:

    I listen to these on Soundcloud but would also listen to them on Spotify, if they were uploaded. I will have to check out the Twitch thing.

    I love your meandering; it helps me feel #NotAlone because my brain makes “strange” connections too.

  169. Chris says:


    I don’t really remember where I heard about Radio Free Burrito, but probably from one of your appearances on the Nerdist podcast. I’ve got it set to download with the standard iPhone podcast app. I look forward to each episode, and usually end up listening to them ASAP (maybe because they’re not on a regular schedule).

    I love that you share things that you find interesting (ding!), no matter how eclectic the topics. Sometimes my taste differs from yours, but exploring the connections you share that I hadn’t previously seen is exciting.

    You share some very open, honest and raw confessions about both your personal and professional life, which has helped me to become more introspective and accepting of myself. I find it therapeutic and I hope all the many comments here go to show you that there is some very real value to not only this podcast, but also all your other projects (especially Titanfall and TableTop).

    Please keep making things.

  170. Walter Manbeck says:

    Good to hear more Radiofree Burrito. You’d make great radio host that I’d listen to.

    I’m listening from Menlo Park, CA and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

  171. Hi, Wil. There are very few things in life that make me as happy as seeing a new RFB appear in iTunes, and the prospect of more RFB more often fills me with antici…

    I miss talking to my friend as often as I’d like, but hearing him is almost as good.

    “Dead Trees” is amazing and I’m proud to have been a little part of it. I hope everyone here gives it a chance. Let’s do more of that (meaning you should do all the hard work and I’ll splatter red ink like Jackson Pollock to make myself feel useful).


  172. Tine says:

    Greetings from Germany. There are people listening to you all over the world. Loved the new RFB. I really like listening to your voice so I’m looking forward to the next episode.
    Subscribed to RFB and several other of your podcasts with the android app Pocket Casts.

  173. Rich says:

    Hi Wil,

    I love your podcast. I subscribe off of itunes and found out about it when you mentioned it on your tumblr, maybe?
    I love listening to people like you and Hardwick because you guys are the type of people that refer to your brain as a database. I can relate to little things like that. I also love this podcast because you are not trying to impress me in any way. You are sharing stories, emotions, memories, movies, and music.

    Also, I don’t have many friends and I don’t fit in with my co-workers. So I listen to podcasts to feel less alone and it works.

    Thank you for doing what you do and I’m excited for the next podcast and Titansgrave.

  174. Chad Walter says:

    Hi Wil,

    I just listened to the podcast and wanted to say thanks! I enjoy these rare and random glimpses into your brain!

    Sorry that things are tough for you right now. Hopefully that pendulum swings back the other way for you soon! Until then, keep being your awesome geeky self!

  175. Chad Walter says:

    Oh yeah, totally forgot. I’m subscribed through Overcast.

  176. When I saw a new episode in apples Podcaster I downloaded it directly. Have been missing your show. I love a intelligent ramble like you have.

    Now after driving around and listening I have to say that this is one of my favourite podcasts. You and 99% invisible.

    Had forgot to check on getting the audio books that you have narrated because I love how you tell a story

  177. Manuel says:

    Hey Wil,
    I just finished listening to the whole episode and just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed hearing (from) you again! Keep it up!
    Cheers, Manuel

  178. Paulo says:

    Hey Wil,

    Just wanted to pop in and let you know I enjoyed this episode.

  179. Frankie says:

    Great to have this back Wil, nice little surprise to see it pop up on my Overcast feed. Hope you’re able to keep them coming

  180. Raewyn says:

    Dropping by
    Saying hi
    I love what you do
    You’ll see it through

  181. Victor Ainsworth says:

    Hey Wil,

    I’m still listening and loving the show, I think it’s really important that you talk about the low times as well as the awesome stuff.

    I listen via BeyondPod on Android, I manually added the RSS many moons ago.

    I hope you keep making things.

  182. Andy W. says:

    Hi Wil! In response to your summons, I’m letting you know that I’m listening. Sorry that you feel like your at is going into a vacuum sometimes and that you feeling down. I eagerly await new episodes of RFB and it is one of the two podcasts set up to auto download all new episodes on my podcast app (Pocket Casts).

    I feel happy for you that you have this radio opportunity and hope that it goes well for you. I want to be selfish and say “don’t do it” so that we can get more RFB episodes but i can hear that you are vey excited about this chance and i think you should go for it. You will do well in it.

  183. Kai Herrmann says:

    Hi Wil,

    I’m watching and listening to your stuff from Austria, so I really appreciate the possibilities the Internet offers. The biggest part of your work first reached me via Felicia Day and Geek & Sundry, but for a couple of years I have also had an RSS-Feed to your blog and RFB, which I both regularly consume.

    I like you and I like what you do, so you will definitely stay relevant to me, no matter which way your life path takes you.

    Thank you for everything you are and do!

  184. Nikoah says:


    I am going to speak to you as if you are my friend, because I grew up with you. I first saw you in “Stand by Me” and am an avid Star Trek TNG fan. And, yes, I read some of those stupid magazines, but it was later when I got to know you on social media, especially your post on FB about what you post, and what you expect of your followers, that I really began to relate to you. I really liked this episode because you were honest about how you were feeling. Now comes the friend part: We your true fans will stand behind you no matter what. I wish you could see yourself as we do. I have enjoyed everything you have done that I have come across, and I will admit, it is not as much as I would like. I am a homeschooling mom and I have lots to do in a day, but now that I know about your book, I am going to buy it and read it. I would love for you to post a new Podcast every week. Within 10 min of this one, I sent it to my husband, and have harassed him several times in the last 24 hours to listen to it. In my opinion, you are one of the most real down to earth persona there is. I know you are feeling unappreciated, but know there are fans out here like myself that will do her best to read, watch, listen to, or whatever to keep you relevant.

  185. @listener42 says:

    I listen to the show using Pocket Casts on my Android phone. I am always excited to see a new episode in the feed.

  186. mlp codingCat says:

    First, Thank you. I love me some burrito. I love the delightful rambling you do between obscure music and sound bites. And, I love the idea of you getting a radio show, even if I’m not part of the listening audience.

    Next, To answer your question this episode popped up in the feed on my needlessly complicated iphone pod cast app. I have been subscribed for at least three years but I don’t remember where I heard about it originally… probably from something you have done through geek and sundry.

    Finally, I understand the search for relevance and need to reach an audience. I am a hot shot programmer turn CS Teacher, and the joy of sharing my talent with teenagers is endless. However, there are those moments when it is hard not to feel remorseful when after finishing a particularly entertaining bit of code knowing that the audience is only my students.

    But that doesn’t make the art any less valid. Know that you are having a positive impact on the world even if all you are reaching is a small and dedicated group of nerds. And know that if you ever want to make the burrito a more regular gig, just set up a Patreon account. I’m sure I’m not only one who would help make it worth your time.


  187. Duncan says:

    Hey Wil,

    I always enjoy listening to a new broadcast from WDBD and listened all the way through.

    I’m subscribed via Pocket Casts, so I get notified whenever a new episode comes out.

  188. Mr Wheaton!

    The last couple of months I have been thinking about sending you an email or just a tweet to ask if the absence of episodes of Radio Free Burrito is a sign of you feeling well and being busy with other things, or that your mood had taken a darker turn and couldn’t muster the energy. Your well being is somehow of interest to me, a person you never met, who lives across the world in Sweden. Isn’t that strange? You move people with your work and your personality to care about you.

    Anyway, I still must say that I strongly disagree with you about a lot of things. I believe you are completely wrong and without insight or knowledge about many things you talk about. But you are nevertheless one of the few people from the USA who have an opinion I respect, and enjoy listening to. You might be wrong, but I still respect your opinions. 🙂

    BeyondPod on my Android phone tells me whenever there is a new episode, and as far as I can recall (it was quite some time ago), I entered the RSS-feed manually.

    Best wishes, both for your career, your hopes and your health.


  189. Christopher Pope says:

    Is it ironic? I subscribed to your channel last week on SoundCloud, and was disappointed to see that your latest recording was so long ago. Then suddenly you release a new one!

    I really enjoyed it, and will really look forward if you continue more regularly. SoundCloud is my podcast app of choice for my long trip to work and back each day.

    I used to watch you on Star Trek so many years ago (I am 46 and also going through some mid-life crisis thinking at this time…), and only recently “rediscovered” you from TableTop on YouTube at the same time as I am rediscovering my love of boardgames. Will be looking out for all your creative endeavours in future.

  190. Luke says:

    Loved seeing this appear on my podcast, even more to hear about your novella (I’m bad at keeping up with my social media). If you keep making them, I’ll keep listening.

  191. matt says:

    Hi Wil, I made it through, so here’s my comment. I was so happy to see this pop up in my podcast feed and put it at the top of my queue. Like some of the others , I had trouble with the audio skipping sometimes, but I’m such a fan of you and your work that it wasn’t a detraction. Keep making the things, we are out here!

  192. Ryan says:

    Hey Dude,

    Wow looks like i’m late to the comment party…its great to see so many folks who feel similar to me about what you do here.

    Please continue to do these podcasts on more regular basis. If you set up a patreon I’d be happy to support. I really enjoy hearing you just talk about whatever you feel needs to be shared. I find you to be quite inspiring and I often need a kick in the pants to just make something….or a reminder to “not be a dick”!!! hahahah

    I really enjoyed your memories of the memories of the futurecast shows, I also just recently downloaded ready player one that you did the audio book for(highly recommend to anyone here!) It couldn’t have been read by anyone more appropriate. I’m also coincidentally rewatching TNG….at end of third season….you’re looking good in the red shirt!

    Anyhooo,,,,don’t get down on yourself man. I really look forward to hearing about what your up to. Keep it up!!

    Ryan from Toronto

    Long Live The Burrito

    ps. I get the show through the itunes apple podcast app

  193. Iain B says:

    It may have been a while, but this show always sits in the first spot on my podcasting app (I use PocketCasts on iOS). Was great to see and then hear a new show.

    Would certainly be interested in more frequent podcasts and wish you every success with that and your other ventures. Though not so much success that you require goons. That sounds dreadful.

  194. Jess says:

    I’m SO happy you put this out. I was just doing my thing, obsessively listening to Wise Man’s Fear audio, and my podcasts (subscribed via apple and have the app) updated and LO! RFB!! I squeed. My coworker can attest.

    Thank you for the content and thank you for encouraging us to not binge our shows. I’ve been grumpy b/c I want to watch Sense8 faster, but my wife and I are watching together and we’re not always in a watching place at the same time. Now I’ll just remember that I’ll have more time to savor. <3

  195. Melissa S says:

    I was so excited when this episode popped up on my itunes podcast feed. You totally made my morning with your rambling and obscurities. Yes, I listened to the end. Yes, I’d love for you to continue the podcast. AND… a radio show!!! That’s fantastic news! I’ll be tuning in for that as well.

    Aside from being a celebrity, you are a person. And as a person, I can tell that you are struggling on the inside. Just know that you are not alone and you are not the only one fighting this disease Ramble all you want to us. We’ll listen to every last drop no matter how off track you get. Honestly, that’s one of the things that makes your show great. You are real with us. We’re here Wil. We’re listening. And most of all, we love you!!

  196. Russell says:

    As requested…

    I saw the episode pop up in the podcast app I use, and I shuffled it towards the top of the list.

    Subscribed using Overcast.

  197. Kevin says:

    I was really hankerin’ for a Burrito, and was so excited when I saw it pop up in iTunes, I started shouting excitedly. Life has been really overwhelming lately, and podcasts have been the major way I’ve been coping. And the Burrito, in particular, always makes me feel like I’m not alone.

    Thanks for hooking me up, Wil.

  198. Heath says:


    I was so excited that I saw that you dropped another Radio Free Burrito! I was that on my Feedly RRS feed. My thoughts go out to you. I would be excited if you did a radio show. I live in MN but I will try to find a way to listen to it. I would also like if you did more Radio Free Burritos. Best of luck to you!

  199. Tiffany says:

    Just wanted to add another voice to the many excited about a new RFB. I know one comment can’t waylay fears about languishing in obscurity, but maybe all of them together can. At least know that your work had a positive impact/influence on many lives; I can’t think of anything better to accomplish in life. As requested: I subscribe on the iOS podcast app. I found it a couple years ago, though I don’t remember how I found it. I always love the music you play and am excited at the prospect of a weekly (or more!) radio show. Thanks for all you do.

  200. Robert says:

    Same as the others, I heard the call to let you know that we are out here. I was a fan from Stand By Me and Star Trek and discovered your blog back in the 90’s. I have you to thank for my monthly game nights now since my friends and I are big fans of Tabletop and that lead me to your podcast (and the TV Crimes one). I am still trying to figure out how to get your short story audio on my phone but I’ve never been great with technology. I also downloaded Ready Player One on your recommendation. Looking forward to hearing you read that. You have a lot of fans out here. In a media landscape that is more fractured than it has ever been (and only getting more so), you should be proud that you have a voice out there. Also, how many people can say that they have changed lives and helped people? I saw your answer at the Denver ComicCon to the little girl about bullying. That’s important, that changes people for the better. I tend to get a bit competitive playing games, so your advice about focusing on the joy of just playing and not letting winning or losing make or break the night is one that I follow. And lastly, you talking about your frustrations and depression/anxiety does give comfort to those of us out here that suffer from the same. That’s important.

    Oh, and I get your podcast from iTunes and look for the new podcast notification often. Same with your TV Crimes one.

  201. Dave says:

    Listened to the end. Thanks for producing this. Everyone struggles with relevance, meaningful work and relationships, and (as we get older) our place in time. I feel your struggle, and I admire your public candor. You rock.

    I listen in Overcast.

  202. Dan says:

    Great episode. Thanks as always for the entertainment. Overcast listener here.

  203. Fabian says:

    Hi Wil,

    haters are quick to comment, but people who enjoy silently have to be compelled. So did I. Unfortunately, I seriously don’t remember where I read about RFB. Maybe Patrick Rothfuss mentioned it or something. But before that I was an avid watcher of your Tabletop show.
    Although I’m a Trek fan, that past isn’t what defined you in my mind. I love your YouTube content and your podcasts (including TV Crime, of which there need to be more!) and I’m all for a weekly Burrito.
    As long as you keep posting them via the feedburner RSS feed also, you’ll reach my podcatcher.

    Thanks for everything.
    Hope your mood gets better, ’cause you’re one cool dude!

    Fabian from Germany

  204. Daric says:

    Well I enjoyed RFB episode 46! I’m using the Overcast app to download Podcasts and you’re right, it’s not easy to discover new things.
    I’d certainly listen to a mostly music radio show! The last RFB that was mostly music and some old sci-fi clips was superb. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to an hour of music curated by someone else and didn’t skip a single song.

  205. Jan says:

    Hey Wil! Thank you for the Episode and the Courage to share your Feelings! I have to admit… as I am not relly on twitter or tumblr I kind of lost track of you and your work when your blog started to be less frequently updated and only noticed you when there was a tabletop Video or a new Episode of RFB. The episode in my inbox Kind of reminded me “Oh! Will is still doing stuff?! Great!”, so it was a bit of a shock when I heard about your doubts. But I will gladly catch up with your work. Heck! I paid for this stupid Project Alpha Thing to get Access to Tabletop so I can check your other stuff out as well. Cheerio! 😉

  206. Paulie says:

    Hawsome time listening to the show. 🙂

  207. JJRinSF says:


    I’ve been a huge fan for years. No, I lie, decades. The acting, the podcasting, the blogging, the book writing, the DBDing, the w00tstocking, the Tabletoping—I’m all in. I kind of feel you broke a lot of ground for other artists by using the web to not be dependent on others to create. It’s really inspiring, actually. So, put your big boy pants on and keep making stuff we all love. Be well.

  208. Elizabeth says:

    Always so happy to see a new Radio Free Burrito on my iTunes feed. I’m sorry you feel discouraged, remember you always have fans who are genuinely excited and inspired by the work you do.
    Don’t let the muggles get you down!

  209. LB says:


    I’m listening! I enjoyed this episode! I want you to know that I became a fan of yours because I listen to A LOT of audiobooks and you have become my favorite narrator. Sometimes I will purchase audiobooks simply because you are the narrator. You are such an enthusiastic performer! My husband makes fun of me for being a fangirl of all audiobooks of yours but he is also a fan of your work. Thank you for speaking out about anxiety and inferiority complexes. You are good enough. You are valuable and you make a difference!


  210. Ed says:

    <3 from Gainesville, FL from a fellow Sea Monkey. I enjoyed the episode, particularly including the storytelling.

  211. Loes says:

    Hey Wil,
    this is the first time I have ever commented but the end of your podcast motivated me to tell you that you have an avid listener in me. Your voice always sounds more human than most, by which I mean that when listening to you or reading your words I feel less alone because in a world of plastic smiles you feel genuine and well… human.
    I’m so sorry you feel like this and I truely hope you find your baring soon. Please know that being needy and asking for this feedback is not only brilliant self-care, but also helped me be brave enough to type a message online.
    I hope you are not discouraged from trowing your voice into the black hole that is the internet, we are listening and very grateful of you.

  212. Alison says:

    Thanks for giving us another episode. I’m always happy when it shows up on my iPhone podcast app.

  213. Kit says:

    You are not alone. Thanks for another great episode. You’ve been one of my creative heroes for years and it’s been a joy to follow your career.

    I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from you as I’ve struggled and found great joy in making my own creative thing. Onward.

    I’m subscribed over iTunes.

  214. Jim McPike says:

    My fiancée and I love you and everything you do! We want you to come to our wedding, let us know if you can. Feel free to email/DM on twitter @Bard_Brehon

    Also I subscribe to RFB on iTunes, hope that helps.

  215. Lisle Rohlwing says:

    Good to have the RFB back Wil. Subscribed on Itunes as well as Podcast addict. Would like to see you back on TV more, particularly think you’re part as a villain on Dark Matter is excellent. Who’d have thought that an actor who’s always been the hero would make such a great villain. Which casting agent do we need to threaten? We’ll send a couple of guys over to have a talk with them.

  216. Heidi Lyn says:

    Hi Will,
    As I was driving to my summer class (on the Psychology of Humor, natch), I was surprised and delighted when a new episode of Radio Free Burrito popped up on my feed. I had literally just searched for new episodes a few days prior because I wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed any.
    We met a couple of years ago at ComicCon (with Bill Prady) and you told me to continue pursuing what I want to do (in my case, a book on animal intelligence), so I’m returning that favor. Definitely continue making things – there are people out here waiting for them AND listening all the way to the end. 😉

  217. Mandy says:

    Hey, Wil! Just wanted to drop by and let you know that someone else listened to the whole episode and would love to hear more from you in the future. I listen using the Podcast Republic app.

  218. Jess says:

    Hi Wil!
    I’ve been listening to RFB for a couple years now. Crap. years? when did that happen? These days I listen with Player FM. I really hope that your radio scheme works out how you want it to and that us folks not in your neck of the woods can listen to it somehow. Your podcasts are a nice break from others that take themselves a little too seriously. I enjoy the stream of thought that your podcasts are. I have no idea what I’m going to listen to, but I’m going to be smiling at the end.

  219. Hi! I listen to all your podcasts. When you had time to do them weekly I would just check this site for them, but I found this one via your twitter feed.

    I like to watch/listen to all of your little side projects like this and Storytime with Wil. I think your voice is really authentic and I appreciate who you are as a person as well as your creative work. I also think you’re a great writer and I got your short story, though I haven’t had time to read it yet. Mostly I find out about your stuff from twitter or twitch.

  220. Brad C. says:

    I’ve been subscribed since ep10 and love the Burrito. Keep believing in yourself like we all do! Enjoyed seeing you in the new MST3K.

  221. Scott says:

    Very excited to see the show in my feed. Definitely. It hitting vacuum here. Glad to hear you’re thinking of upping the frequency. Love WDBD

  222. Tokind says:

    Thanks for the new episode Wil. For what it is worth, my friends and I will buy ANY Audiobook narrated by Wil Weaton. Vis this postcast and other appearances – I don’t always love what you say but you are well worth the listen.

  223. Laura says:

    Hey! I got an e-mail notification and listened from the embedded thing. As you said, podcast apps are getting weird, I’ve been using less of them. Greetings from Estonia!

  224. Andrew says:

    Just letting you know that I’m listening from all the way over in Stratford upon Avon. Your musings and oddly enlightening musical selections make a welcome distraction during my drive to work.

    Keep up your good work!

  225. Dave says:

    You are not alone. Your voice is heard. Your voice is appreciated. And, often, your voice is desperately appreciated. The world is incredibly exhausting and draining right now because rage is exhausting and draining and we have the terrible choice of withdrawing from a fight that desperately needs to be fought or spending all of ourselves on that fight. I can’t even imagine what it’s like right now to try to make art, and so the art that you make is so important, and so appreciated.

    We hear you, and we see you, and we are thankful for you.

  226. Rick Talbot says:

    Hi Wil,
    I was introduced to your podcast by a friend about two years ago. There’s only a half-dozen that I subscribe to, mostly science related. I use the Antennapod app for Android, which piggybacks on the Apple podcast database.
    Your sales rank on Amazon of 17k is actually not that bad. There’s an incredibly long tail of low selling books, and a very small head of commercial successes. Partly it’s Amazon’s algorithms, which don’t help with discovery. They surface already popular works as well as works that are exclusive to Amazon, which doesn’t help if you are new.
    As a fellow writer of fiction, it’s frustrating that getting discovered is so difficult. I completely understand the anxiety and frustration caused by the ‘business end’ of writing. I wrote my heart out for my first novel, and it didn’t sell. I’m currently writing a sci-fi trilogy – I’m writing for fun this time, dammit – but I’m not counting on sales. The fear and trepidation is real. The procrastination it spawns is insidious. All the best. 🙂

    Rick Talbot

  227. Dennis Cenholt Andersen says:

    Thank you Wil for another great episode. I love to listen to you talk about almost anything. Today I listened to the podcast, on my way to work. A workplace I really love, and you kinda had something to do with.
    A couple of years ago I was really really unhappy. I was in my late 20’s with 2 awesome kids and an equaly awesome wife. I was working as an accountant, and i fucking hated it. But quitting didn’t fell like and option, and all of the years of study shouldn’t go to waste. But my unhappiness startet to show, I yelled at my kids, i was always tired, I was a total jerk. Then I got fired from my job, and I got a small depression, and my beeing a jerk didn’t stop. Then a friend of mine introduced me to a board game called Small World, but he got the rules wrong. So I went on YouTube to find rules help and I found Tabletop. I knew who you were and I was instantly in love. I watched all episode available at the time, and got totally into the hobby. I been playing games with family and friends ever since, and have a massive collection. And my current workplace… is an online board game retailer, and I fucking love working with board games. And I hope I’m not as big of a fuckup anymore. Thank you so much Wil!

    Kind regards
    Dennis (From Denmark)

  228. Sarah Williams says:

    Good to have you back in my ears.
    I subscribed a while back, and enjoyed several episodes, and then they kind of petered off. Keep being excelente.

  229. Will says:

    I just finished the latest burrito. As requested I am commenting to say I listened. Audio issues aside I enjoyed it. Hey, you should talk to James Rolfe of cinemacacre. He has the same taste in whore of the 70s . I bet the two of you could write direct and star in a great terrible horror movie in that style.

  230. Paul says:

    So Wil-
    this is my daily routine: go to Overcast, check my Humor playlist (includes Radio Free Burrito, TV Crimes & This one time…), and hope there’s new content to listen to. Just after you brought up WDBD and transitioned to the song, I thought how great it would be to have a daily/weekly session with Wil.
    To provide some context of why an increased frequency of your show would be good (for you and me). 1) I’m 42, and many of your thoughts / anxieties that are “age and stage related” are similar to the challenges I’m battling as well, 2) your honest battle with depression encourages others to not take our struggle inward, and share our challenges with our peers, and 3) you bring an amazing mash-up of pop culture / knowledge of the LA scene / sciency & nerdy stuff (I have a CS degree, and get your computer metaphors) / punk & metal / parent & marriage knowledge.

    To be honest, I did watch TNG growing up, but gravitated back to your content recently through my new muse board gaming, and your show Tabletop. After further exploration, I found TV Crimes and binge watched listened to every episode. My family routinely found me laughing hysterically while listening. When that wasn’t enough, I started listening to the burrito. Don’t stop Wil. You are funny, transparent, and thought provoking, which is rare to have all three.

  231. Alina says:

    I really enjoy the content you create, Wil. Both the blog, and this podcast (speaking of being embarrassingly behind the curve, I just starting listening to podcasts a few months ago). Your honesty is refreshing and encouraging; it reminds me that I’m not alone in struggling with things like motivation and discouragement that I feel like I should “know better” or always be able to get over. I hope you’ll keep creating content, but most of all I hope you’ll keep doing what you love and gaining joy from it.

  232. Yeeeeeaaah!

    Thanks 😀

    Love the show. A true inspirational for members today start my own.

    Can’t wait to listen to that new episode tomorrow morning.

  233. V says:

    Hello! I was very excited when this new episode popped up on my podcast feed (Player FM). I enjoy this mix of music and stories and stream of consciousness. The podcast is both fun and a comfort and I loved the long episode. I hope you will be back with more 🙂

  234. Denise says:

    Hi Wil, I just listened to your latest RFB and am checking in. I get it on the Podcasts app on my iPhone. I enjoy both the stream of consciousness of RFB and the fun repartee on TV Crimes and look forward to finding them on my feed. I’m sorry you’re a little stressed out right now and am sending positive vibes. Maybe there are behind the scenes things that I don’t know about and it’s not your cup of tea anymore but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen you do on GeekAndSundry. Your enthusiasm about all games and D&D is so infectious; I wish I could see more projects with you on G&S. I know it’s not acting acting but you are a highlight in the content over there.

  235. Bob says:

    I listened all the way to the end and enjoyed it except for the closing bit. Either you were mumbling or the background music was too loud but I could barely make out what you were saying about the choose your own adventure read.

  236. Brooke says:

    I’m subscribed to RFB through the Podkicker app and was pleased to see this new episode there this week.

    It was so good to hear from you again. I’ve been having a stressful time lately (educator at end of the semester) and listening to you helped keep me motivated as I finally caught up on some long neglected housework.

  237. Dave Diamond says:

    I got the episode in the Podcast app, to answer the question at the end of the episode. I subscribed when I set up my iPhone. I was thinking the other day how much I was missing the Burrito, and how exciting to see a new episode ready for listening!

    I’m a big fan of your work on Star Trek and on recent TV. I’ve enjoyed your writing, podcasts, videos. I know I’m not alone hoping for more Wil to watch. I’ve often wished I could write something for you to act in. But alas, I’m not so much with the writing.

  238. John Patsynski says:

    I was just thinking the other day that I’v really been missing WW in my earbuds, and I was hoping for a new RFB. I really enjoy hearing you talk through your process. It helps me focus my own, and I feel like the podcast is a pep talk. So glad you’re here, Wil! Thanks!

  239. Jessica Entis says:

    I’ve been a long-time listener of this podcast and even though you don’t update it that often, I’m always super excited to see a new episode pop up in my podcast feed! I’m a designer, and I have other artists and actors in my family. I always find the personal and professional experiences you share on the podcast fascinating and inspirational, and I also really appreciate how frankly you discuss anxiety and depression (things I and many of my creative family members also struggle with). I wanted to write you to express my appreciation for everything that you do, and I am listening! I would love for you to pick this podcast up again more regularly, and if you do get to make your radio show I hope they’ll make a way that anyone can listen from wherever they live!

    A tech note: I listened to this both using your direct embed link, and via my Apple Podcast app, and I was having an issue. Periodically words will drop out of the recording, it almost sound like the file is skipping a few seconds ahead randomly. It happens more frequently towards the end of the episode. I think this happened on the last episode you did too. Is there something up with how it’s being compressed for upload, or is it something on my end? Any insights?

    • wil says:

      I think this happened on the last episode you did too. Is there something up with how it’s being compressed for upload, or is it something on my end? Any insights?

      I has to be something with how I use noise cancellation to reduce the background noise from my aquarium, and maybe the click removal I use? Or maybe it’s something with my computer shitting itself when the screensaver comes on. I’m not sure what it is, precisely, but I’ll put some actual time and effort into figuring it out before I release another show.

  240. Adam C Lipscomb says:

    I would pay folding money to watch a Wil Wheaton short horror film. Kickstart that shit!

    I know you’ve cut back on your drinking, but have you tried brewing a batch of beer lately? Might give you a chance to sort out some stuff in your head while you go through the steps. I’m sure you could find friends that would gladly dispose of your beer for you once it was done fermenting.

  241. GrantGravity says:

    I’m here, Wil! You should try making a Patreon!

  242. Ian Mahuta says:

    Hi Wil,

    I get RFB through the Pocket Casts App on Android and I was glad to see a new one pop up in my feed! Thanks for making the show and I look forward to more in the future!

  243. Sarah says:

    Wil!! I was so happy to finally have a new RFB, please make more. I am subscribed via CastBox. You are awesome.

  244. Josh Thomson says:

    Hi, Wil! I found out about this episode via Twitter, and I’m listening to it directly from

    I’ve always enjoyed RFB, and I super appreciate you introducing me to stuff I might not have paid attention to.

    Considering everything you shared, I wish I had advice or words of comfort or something. But sometimes all I can say is “that sucks.” I hear about your life and I care and I appreciate that you’re willing to share all this stuff.

  245. Liza says:

    Thank you for starting the podcast back up. I missed listening to it and it’s part of the podcasts I get excited about when it pops up in my feed. I use iTunes for all of my podcasts. Just a huge thank you for you being you. Please don’t get discouraged and continue to be awesome. <3

  246. Dave Slusher says:

    Hey Wil, I’ve been subscribed for years and am always happy to find a new episode in my BeyondPod. Keep it up, thank you.

  247. SarahBeth says:

    Hi Wil, I’ve started and erased this comment at least a half dozen times…but it always ends up being a teal deer about all the hope you’ve given me throughout a lot of my childhood through now. Then I tried to listen again (as the skipping on Pocketcasts made me miss a bunch of stuff I fear) and when you talked about being a source of nostalgia for people instead of being relevant now I decided against it, maybe sometime I’ll get the courage to do that. That’s not what you asked us for. I listen to many podcasts throughout the day and the style of RFB is my favorite format (As is evidenced by my great love of the Nerd Pride Radio podcast, which is similar in its a wonderfully charismatic nerd talking and sharing things he loves ame his musings with us…just like you do, only with a couple audience participation things thrown in.) I love the sense that we are just having a conversation as of we were real life friends. This episode was especially relevant to me because I, too, am going though a lot of…issues about whether everything I thought about my self and my relevancy is a lie. These feelings contrarily existing alongside of being loved by family and friends. I want you to know that we, who listen to you, support you and I love the content you produce. Wow, attempt 7 and I’m still babbling on with no point in sight. I won’t give you platitudes about how I’m sure you’ll be working a shit ton in the future, because I f’ing am given those all the time and I’m so over it…but you’re amazing and an inspiration and I’m totally going to stop typing right (and hope I don’t panic and delete this whole thing, cause I know you wouldn’t) now.

  248. VanessaLP says:

    I was actually having a fairly bad day yesterday when I saw a new Burrito starting downloading into my Player FM ap. I think that was my first smile yesterday.

    I’ve been having a bit of my own existential midlife crisis lately. It is a bit of a relief to know that I’m not the only one.

  249. Carl Setzer says:

    Just finished both the May issues of Radio Free Burrito. Wil, you asked for some demographic stuff. Here’s mine.

    My podcast app is BeyondPod, and I listened on my Samsung S7. Often I listen via Soundcloud.

    I discovered RFB via, well, you. You made a post about the podcast on one your blogs (was it Wil Wheaton in exile?) and had it on my podcast subscriptions ever since. I generally can’t listen day of, but definitely within a few days.

    I would be delighted to see you do a radio show (“see” “radio”….I feel quite clever…). Sounds pretty cool.

  250. Shelby says:

    Hi Wil,
    I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to more! Several years ago I went to your panel at Rose City Comic Con and was intrigued enough to look up this podcast. It’s truly one of my favorites! Thank you for your honesty and your willingness to share.

  251. Zane says:

    Your voice is very comforting. I’ve missed your podcast- thanks for making a new episode. (I listen via iTunes)

    I have recently discovered Geek & Sundry and your contributions there- so much content! I would love to see even more with you there.

    Thank you for everything you do and create, and for being so open about the challenges you face. Please know that you make a difference.
    I hope you get the radio gig!

  252. Heather says:

    Hey Wil. I just did 7.5 mile run and caught up on my podcasts. So, this is a little late, but you ask and I wanted to let you know I’m listening. I use Pocket Casts for all my podcasts and it works. I queue up a playlist of what I’m going to listen to (I am running into the problem where I have more podcasts than time) and listen to the things. I think I’ve only been listening to WRFB for a couple years now, and I never skip an episode. It may be later than I like when I get to listen, but there just isn’t anything else I’ve found out there that hits this weird combination of nostalgia, geekdom, music, and chill. Also, you have a very pleasant voice to listen to, which is a nice bonus for an audio-tactile synesthesia person like myself. Your voice is often like a warm, comforting hug. That probably sounds weird, but it’s just nice to run, listen to RFB, and squash down the anxiety and depression my brain likes to create. Thank you.

  253. Jetski says:

    Good morning from the UK.

    Just a note to say that I appreciate the podcast, I subscribe to six in total of which one is yours, through iTunes so it is automatic and your absence has been felt.
    I do not use social media so never look or follow anyone on Twitter or Instagram but have actually checked back on here a couple of times and googled you to make sure all is well.
    Pretty daft really.

    You a good man Wil Wheaton never let anyone tell you otherwise, you are not afraid to tell it how it is for you and more importantly your words do bring comfort to others.

    So thank you for the thank you.

    I will be thinking of you on June 3rd when I am watching Depeche Mode in London.

    Best wishes and if time permits I will play a game (more would be a miracle).

  254. TRath says:

    I was glad to come here and already see hundreds of comments. Your audience is alive and well!
    Sounds like I beat you to Rock and Morty by about a month, and I agree with everything you had to say.

  255. laura smith says:

    Finally I can comment on here! Been struggling for a while, I listen to you all the time 🙂 Get notifications from email RSS Feed

  256. Milton Smith says:

    Will! Your audience is out here and I have always enjoyed RFB and listening to you “ramble” as you put it. It just makes you feel more “real” to me and not just some guy I have seen on TV. You’re a real person with real problems and you go hang out at friend’s houses and watch movies and make fun of the movies when you watch them,etc. Hope to hear more RFB in the future! As for how I heard about this. Been subscribed to get RFB updates when you make new posts so I get an email when you post new stuff, keep ‘am coming!

  257. Erica says:

    Hey Wil,
    Thanks for the new episode, love Radio Free Burrito! I listen via iTunes on my commute. Only part I couldn’t hear very well was the last couple of minutes, the music was stronger than​your voice.
    Looking forward to the next one!!!

  258. -F. says:

    A bit late, but I’m here and listening!

  259. Kirby Moyers says:

    Sorry couple days late — I’m listening on Android app “Pocket Casts”.
    Your “career reset” issue sounds familiar. My brother is an older engineer who is now searching for work like he did in his twenties — very hard!! I’ve been lucky so far, hope it holds. FWIW, there are plenty of us listeners out here, so keep the faith. Maybe give that shellfishcore hip hop thing another go? Your pal,

  260. Alon says:

    I meant to write this yesterday, when I listened to this, but forgot until I saw your thank-you-cast pop up in my feed this morning.

    Anyway, I listen whenever you put up a new RFB, usually within 24 hours. I’m actually more likely to listen to these than I am to read your blog posts, lately – I’ve fallen behind on that. I can listen to a podcast while I’m doing other things, though, so I listen to a lot of audio stuff these days. I subscribe to the RSS through the Apple Pdocast app on my iPhone, incidentally – mostly because I haven’t taken the time to find a better one, and Apple’s works okay for the purpose.

    I empathize pretty strongly with your feelings regarding your stuff disappearing into an abyss. I’ve been trying to get a freelance illustration and design career off the ground for the last several months, and it’s really, really hard to build an audience (especially when I have no skill for self-promotion at all, and the field is so crowded).

  261. Cathy says:

    Yes more episodes of the Burrito are coming!!! I have never unsubscribed from the podcast on iTunes, and whenever a new surprise episode shows up, it’s like a little present. Thanks for sharing your life with us on the blog and here. -Reading and listening since 2001, Cathy

  262. Izzy says:

    Hello Wil. Listened to your podcast on my way to work through the app Overcast on my iPhone. Your art is being heard and not just vanishing in the ether. I Enjoy hearing your thoughts and find your trips down the rabbit hole interesting. Keep doing what you love.

    I will say that there were some audio encoding issues with the podcast. Audio would skip at random intervals and I’d lose portions of your sentences. At first I thought this was due to some weird bug with Overcast and the speed boost feature that eliminates some audio silence, but even with all time saving measures turned off the skips remained. It was a shame because there were a lot of thoughts I missed due to the glitchiness.

    Anyway. I did my part and reached out. Rest assured there are at least some listening all the way through.

  263. Ben says:

    I’m a bit late to this but I really enjoy Radio Free Burrito and I had been missing it recently. I was actually thinking about emailing you to ask if there would be more but I didn’t want to bug you…

    Anyway, I subscribe and listen to the show through the Podcast Addict app.

  264. Garrett says:

    we are listening. We like the meandering talk from the heart. Keep doing what your doing.

    (I use Overcast to grab your podcast for what it is worth.)

  265. Jacob says:

    Seeing a new episode of Radio Fee Burrito pop up in my iTunes podcast list is always a nice surprise and listening to it is a treat.
    Please keep making these, rambling and going off-topic and all (the skipping was a bit annoying but I can live with it).
    Same goes for TV Crimes, I always enjoy when a new one drops. Would gladly pay for new RFB and TVCrimes episodes through a medium such as Patreon if that option existed.

  266. Scott Kuban says:

    Great show, I love how real you get. Keep it up!

  267. Nerobro says:

    We are listening. I really enjoyed this episode.

  268. Mick says:

    Subscribed to RFBs rss feed on Feedly. I forget how I originally found this. Most likely through one of the social media sites I follow you on.

  269. Allen W. says:

    Dear Mr Wheaton, I listen on iTunes and am glad you are making episodes again. These stream on consciousness episodes are the best, they are like real conversations. Best wishes in your current and future endevours!

  270. Allen W. says:

    My comment seems to have disapeared, let me just reiterate, best wishes on current and future endevours.

  271. Evan says:

    Hello Wil,
    I’ve been following you for years and enjoy the content you put out, especially this podcast. I live in Torrance, CA. I work as a Software Tester in Santa Monica. I subscribe to the podcast through the Android app AntennaPod.

  272. Adam Eaton says:

    Good to have this podcast back. Please make more.

  273. Gingerob says:

    I love the podcast, really love all the content you. I listen from the UK using Podcast addict on Android. Live old films, music, homebrew and boardgames so listening to you is like a photo e all from a friend!

  274. Jocelyn says:

    Here. Listening. Excited and thankful to hear your voice again! And via boring old Apple Podcasts, so no fancy tool to worry about.

    Thank you for coming back to us!

  275. chele says:

    Hi Wil!
    Thanks for a new episode! Great music choices & I always love to hear your thoughts. I’ve got your book on my Kindle app & it’s the next thing on my TBR list.
    Funny story about Phantasm, this tweet happened recently:
    I watched it alone as a teen, on late night tv. The tall man scared the crap out of me. I haven’t seen it since, but his image in the bathroom mirror has stayed w/me for decades.

    Enjoy your burrito!

  276. Greg Blundell says:

    Hi Wil just wanted to say enjoyed the episode and really appreciate all you create keep up the good work.

  277. Peter J. says:

    Hi Wil! Glad the Burrito is back! It’s no fun shouting into the void, but worth it for the rare times the void will shout back.

    I guess this is as good a place as any to report an issue, too: there were all kinds of skips when I listened to this episode on my Nexus 5. They happened both in AntennaPod and Chrome, so I’m thinking something in the encoding is incompatible. (Haven’t had a chance to try on my Linux box or an iDevice, or to listen to the next episode, to see how consistent/pervasive it is.)

    Keep doing what you do. We’re out here.

    • Carl S. says:

      Thanks for bringing that up, Peter. I noticed that, too.

      • Kirby Moyers says:

        I noticed a couple people commenting on skipping in the episode — I thought it was just me, but apparently not. My player is Android Pocket Casts on a nexus 6P.

  278. Sean Mahoney says:

    I’m hearing you, Wil. Keep talking, and writing, and playing games, and making!

  279. Matthew says:

    Hearing you loud and clear, Wil.

    I manage all of my podcasts through Pocket Casts on Android.

    Keep making things and putting them out there.

  280. Doug Wild says:

    Please do keep making these; really enjoy your work, whether rambling or structured. 🙂

  281. Craig P says:

    You mentioned towards the end about a series you can binge watch but to step back and enjoy by taking your time with it. My wife and I have been doing this with Legion. OMFG, if you haven’t watched it, please give the first episode a chance! I think you will appreciate the art, how well thought out the story is written, and just overall amazingly created.

  282. Gabriel Balme says:

    Hi Wil! I’m sorry that your projects aren’t reaching the full audience that might appreciate them. I know I don’t always enjoy everything you’re in, but I DO tend to enjoy the things that you create. I like the person that exists in my head that created those things. I know you may not be very close to that person in my head, but it’s the best I can do from who/where/when I am. I know I’m just adding a tiny signal to the noise, but hey, for what it’s worth, I appreciate you.

  283. Mike D says:

    Thank you sir, for the new Burrito sans Radio, I’ve been hungry for a new one. Stay awesome!

  284. Hydrohead says:

    I’m going to make a guess, that you spent a not insignificant bit of your childhood watching good bad-movies on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon on a local UHF channel.

    I don’t remember where I first heard about the burrito. I think it may have been your blog… maybe. It was somewhere in the early 20s when I started, and I binged all the old episodes.

    I currently subscribe to the RSS using the Pocket Casts app (Android). The show does come up on a search in the app, so no manual entry needed. Before that, it was Dog Catcher (iOS), and it might have been iTunes before that.

    The Burrito, along with Coverville, and Critical Hit make for some great field work podcasts. The Burrito and Coverville may be the best radio shows ever made (that have never been on a radio).

    I have a Wil Wheaton search on my TiVo, that automatically records everything that has your name listed. Freakishly, your Family Ties episodes aired shortly after you covered them in TV Crimes. Of course, BBT is airing on like 3 different channels daily and so those get re-re-re-re-recorded. And I only have the absolutely barest minimum of Cable. I watched NIM a few months ago, because I was scrolling around the TiVo, and there it was. Your episode of Highway to Heaven aired earlier in the year. I could not finish that. The video and sound quality were just horrible, and the acting (except for Victor French) was… Well, my mom told me, if I can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. But your stuff pops up here and there. OH! And I just can’t bring myself to delete Deep Core from the TiVo. But you are right there with Real Genius on the TiVo Cue. (I’m a geologist who likes bad geology movies, and I’m not ashamed to admit it)

  285. Rob says:

    I’m subscribed via iTunes.
    Yes I listened to the full thing.
    And yes I enjoyed it.
    I’m hoping you do these more frequently.

  286. Scott Heron says:

    I was so happy to see another radio free burrito appear on my podcast list. I listen using pocket casts on Android. You should totally do a live hangouts or Skype session, get some real time feedback, or do a live radio free burrito!

  287. SMP says:

    My podcast app (Podacast Addict) didn’t download the episode until today, but I awas very excited to see it! It immediately went to the top of my que. I have always loved your work and eagerly await more stuff where stuff wasn’t before.

  288. Aramann says:

    I just love hearing your podcast Wil. Every time it drops into my download que (In Podcast Addict) I just can’t help but grin like an idiot. I would have a nice case of permagrin if you started putting them out weekly.

  289. Nick says:

    Hey Wil, thanks for the new episode. I appreciate your work and your imaginary company lol.

  290. Hey there Wil. Been a follower and fan for years. I get the show through iTunes, and try to listen as soon as I can when it pops up.

    I find myself in a similar situation to you in regard to the feeling of obscurity with regard to creating art. I’ve spent the last couple of years producing material for a tabletop role-playing game (Earthdawn), and am getting frustrated by what feels like a failure to spread the word about the game.

    So… I sympathize and empathize with where you are. I happen to be in my early 40s as well, and that mid-life thing kind of lurks at the edge of my awareness.

    Don’t give up. I find some comfort in hearing creative types I admire going through the same thing as me.

  291. Garrett says:

    Hey Will!

    I’ve been listening to RFB for about a year now and have loved every episode, a weekly podcast would be amazing! I tend to check if there are any new episodes at least once a month and have missed walking around listening to you in the background.

    I listen to RFB on podcast addict on Android.

    Don’t over think it, the way in which your podcasts usually turn out, rambling/going off topic is one of the things I enjoy about this podcast. Your world view is fascinating and very close to mine.

    So please keep it up!

    -Garrett from Canada

  292. Smk4 says:

    While listening to your recommendation for Shock Festival and your discussion of Phantasm, I was conflicted between needing to recommend two collections, and recognizing there was a high probability you already knew of both.

    Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide – a doc on the British panic that arose from the birth of the VHS era, and a reminder of the chaos that was the early Mom + Pop video shops, and Mom + Pop video distributors before the major studios had figured out what home distribution was. Plus the trailers and discussions of the 39 films that were banned in the UK VHS market in the 80’s (

    The 42nd Street Forever series ( – Grindhouse and exploitation trailers of the 50’s through 80’s

    • wil says:

      I knew about Video Nasties, but I wasn’t aware of 42nd Street Forever. I shall now begin a quest to own them both. Thank you!

  293. Carolyn says:

    I got this episode because I am subscribed on apple. I don’t know you, but you’ve been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember, so I do that dorky/creepy thing where I feel like you are my friend. I had a really really shitty day today and I listened to this, and honestly misery loved company and I cried and then felt a little better. You make such rad stuff, but I just want you to know you seem like a really cool/genuine person, and I hope you know you are. Ok, I sound like a damn stalker. I’ll shut up.
    But thank you. So much.

  294. MissM says:


    When you were in TNG, I was in school studying for my second career as an engineer. I feel like we were both going through a journey, even though I was twice as old as you, at the time. Not anymore 😉 Keep up the great work! I enjoy everything you do

  295. Matt janssen says:

    Hey, good to see you back. As a fellow really white really middle class guy I strongly endorse your Public Enemy drop. I dig the Burrito and think the radio show you mentioned was in the works is definitely one I’d tune in to.

  296. jayjay says:


    Thank you for a new Burrito. It made my commute through DC traffic bearable today. As a fellow hockey fan (Go PENS!), what are your thoughts on the playoffs this year?

  297. Matt says:

    I’m out here Wil! One of many 👍

  298. Liss says:

    Hi Wil,

    Usually come to your page when I get an alert from Twitter that you posted something.
    I love this podcast… t.v. crimes is an activity I share with my SO. We are looking forward to the next one.
    Prefer to DL straight from the site and play it on my android using the app listen audio book.

    Always happy to watch you work as an actor on tv or otherwise… def on board for what ever is next. Please don’t give up!

    We are out here and listening. Looking forward to the next RFB.

  299. DetailBear says:

    I have you subscribed on iTunes.

    I always love your content. Today’s closely clipped editing was a bit disconcerting, though. A bit like a skipping record.

    I’m older than you, and my favourite ‘found’ music is genre-crossing types, like Hayseed Dixie (bluegrass AC/DC) and Babymetal.

  300. Jon says:

    Hey Wil,

    Listened to Episode 46 all the way. As always, really appreciated hearing your thoughts which are extremely coherent and really well presented. I’m about the same age as you and really relate to what you say.

    Also, I like your ‘late to’ spot as, being in the U.K., finding out what’s great coming out of the U.S. isn’t always easy (for me at least). I’ll keep an eye out for your recommendations.

    I’ve subscribed to your Podcast channel through Apple for a while now and try to keep up with all your activities as you remain both relevant and inspiring to me. Thank you.

  301. Steve Madsen says:

    G’day Wil, I currently travelling and I have a huge backlog of podcast listening but I played Radio Free Burrito the day it landed in my Overcast playlist.

    It always makes me want to create something new after listening to your show. Keep throwing your stuff out there, your audience will find you.

  302. Wil,

    In the words of Frasier Crane “I’m listening…”

    Be strong, stay safe, play more games, don’t be a dick and LLAP.

    Mark (MayContainGeeks)

    p.s. RFB is on my auto download list on podcast app.

    p.p.s. Please release Memories of the Future Vol 2, I’d really like to read it.

  303. Julian says:

    Hey Wil,
    For your notes I listen through an android app called pocket casts, in Perth encase that was the other thing you wanted to know.
    Love listening when you get a chance to put a podcast up.
    Thanks brother

  304. Dan Richards says:

    I always enjoy the podcast. I listen to it on the generic iPhone podcast app.

  305. Chris says:

    Wil! Nice to hear from you again! I’ve missed you.

    I’ve been listening to RFB for a while, so it makes me smile when I see that a new one is released in to the wild. Like some others here, I also use Pocket Casts on Android.

    I encourage you to keep making things for where there wasn’t things before. I watch/read/listen to most things that you’re involved with.

    Think I arrived at the Mr Robot party at about the same time you did, and also loved it. Will check out the others too.

    All the best.

  306. Joe says:

    Dear Wil,

    I loves me some Radio Free Burrito! I love your creativity, and your insight, and most especially your bravery at discussing your anxiety and depression. I too suffer from this and I’m so inspired so see someone struggling with this and yet be so prolific. Alas my illness paralizes me so I create extremely rarely. If I can ever become a professional actor like you one day….so inspiring. When I saw there was a new radio free burrito I was so excited that, to quote the philosopher Nick Swardson, “I almost took a shit out of my dick!”

    I listen to this on the itunes. I don’t know if anyone else had this problem but significant parts of this episode seemed to be missing. I would be listening and the audio would jump cut. Sometimes it would be what sounded like further on in the musing and sometimes it cut to a completely different musing. I tried listening to it streaming and downloading the episode and neither helped so maybe it’s iTunes? Not sure what happened there.

    Anyway, you’re amazing, awesome, kind, and a genius and I love your work. When you’re sad remember taking about it helps a lot, dogs and cats help as well, and also don’t forget your PAX soft kitty video. Have a great one, Wil and Burritoites! Cheers!

  307. Tim E says:

    I think I spotted Radio Free Burrito on your twitter a few episodes back and I subscribed on iTunes.

  308. suzanne smith says:

    Loved your panel at MegaCon and was impressed with your showmanship, comedy timing and stories. I checked out your website and listened to all your books. Found Radio Free Burrito and LOVED it. I have been hoping that you would have time to get back to it. I look forward to listening to new episodes. Around a year ago started watching Tabletop and the whole family loves it. My husband and son play D&D and I have difficulty staying with it, though you suggested Ticket to Ride as a starter game and you were right! We are addicted and have purchased the Europe version. I have a closet full of games that we are scheduling time to play together. You and your wife are inspiring and intriguing. We will continue to follow whatever is next for you. FYI- just purchased your new book and looking forward to a good read. Suzanne

  309. Ryan Stahl says:

    Your time, talent, and creativity are greatly appreciated sir. I listen to your podcast via Apple Podcasts. Very excited to possibly meet you at the Motor City Con tomorrow.

  310. James says:

    Love, love, love this podcast! Absolutely listening, Wil. Ring of Fire story is classic! I’ve been there, my friend. Yeah, I’ve definitely been there. Lol

  311. James says:

    I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. Great entertainment with a variety of topics! Listening via iPhone podcast app.

  312. M says:

    Hey Wil,
    I first “met” you when I was a kid and my mom watched a lot of TNG, so by extension, I also watched a lot of TNG. Not necessarily every episode or even in order, but I remember loving that there was a kid on the Enterprise (and that Data had a cat). I have a theory that TNG is the reason I’ve been a devoted reader/watcher of sci-if for most of my life. Bonus points if it takes place on a space ship. Have you read The Expanse? I’m older now (obviously) and my husband and I are planning to watch every episode of Star Trek in order. We’re on season one of TOS and I’m so eager to get to TNG because I feel like I already know all the characters and will get to introduce my husband to them. (And by “every episode” I mean TOS and TNG and then we’ll see.)

    I discovered your blog when I was in college, I think. When I had a twitter you were one of the first people I followed, along with Anne and the guy you did the cruise with who had the video about walkie talkie shenanigans. (I eventually decided that twitter wasn’t for me but I fondly remember the burrito updates and the dog pictures. #GoSharks)

    When I found your podcast via your site I had to go back to the start and listen to every episode. I’ve been caught up for over a year now waiting for new episodes to show up (via the Apple Podcasts app for iPhone. I listen to a lot of podcasts). I love podcasts that are more conversation than façade because I love feeling like I’m having an interesting friendly conversation without the pressure of contributing (is that cheating?). You seem like a real person even though I’ve never officially met you and that makes me appreciate your work even more.

    I watched Stand By Me for the first time a year or so ago because you mentioned it on a podcast and I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner.

    My husband and I watch Tabletop because it’s also like a hang-out with no social pressure. lol And we discover new games.

    We’ve seen you on TBBT even though that show has since moved way down in our watchlist and we’re a season behind at this point. (Personally I think the jokes are often mean-spirited and the show has lost its charm for me after years of that, but that’s just my opinion. I like your appearances on it, though. There are just so many good shows that the ones I don’t feel crazy about drop off the list.)

    I love how much you and Anne love your dogs and cat and I would love to have a dog one day very soon. I have three cats currently, all from shelters, and all sweet adorable assholes. I would love to add a dog to the family but we both work a lot. I’m still trying to find a way though. I’d love a pit bull but I know I’ll just go to the shelter and see what new friend I connect with.

    I didn’t realize how many ways you’d intersected with my life Before trying to explain it to you here, as per your request at the end of the episode. I love hearing your version of things not because it broadens my horizons (I think we agree about many things already) but because it’s nice to hear someone else say what I’m thinking. I often feel a lack of confidence or I feel inadequate or I worry that I’m not working toward the life I want or that I am and no one notices. It’s a broad spectrum of feeling shitty about seemingly random things at seemingly random times. I know I’m lucky. I have a goof life. I’m in physical good health and I’m not about to go hungry. I have friends and family. But somehow that doesn’t always factor in to feeling like shit sometimes and not even feeling like I can explain that without sounding whiny or ungrateful. You and I don’t have the same life experiences, but it’s still encouraging to hear a real person struggling to explain something that I also feel. Or a thing adjacent to something I feel. Or just a person describing a feeling when I feel like I also want to describe a feeling. I’m a big fan of communication, in case you couldn’t tell.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe add in some other stuff if there’s more you want to do. Maybe stop doing things that you don’t want to do anymore. Basically, just do what you want and statistically speaking (disclaimer: no math actually happened) people will find it and appreciate it. I’m probably be one of those people. 😉

  313. Jessica Willson says:

    I’m out here, I love the stuff you make, tabletop, short stories, autobiographical short stories, CYOA on twitch, novellas, Titansgrave, etc. You are a captivating storyteller, and storycrafter. I subscribe to radio free burrito through the downcast app (T.V. crimes too:)). Thanks for making stuff and taking risks.

  314. JetpackBlues says:

    Downcast subscriber and there was a surprise 2-fer waiting for me when I refreshed the feed. Thank you for coming back to this, we’re all here for you and willing to listen.
    Hope to feed the Burrito @Awesome Con in a few weeks, if paths cross.
    Off to comment on the next mini-episode.

  315. Will Horton says:

    Hey Will,

    After jibing comments on instagram posts I am now pleasantly surprised at a new episode of Radio Free Burrito. Oh how I missed these! moreso because your keen ramblings are outward expressions of my own inner monologues.

    How I found your cast… through your Nerdist interviews.. How I found Nerdist… through their meeting with Roosterteeth way back. Ergo it was Red vd Blue that led me to your show after loving your roles in Star Trek and Toy Soldiers all those years ago.

    Keep up the good work bud. oh.. I starting to make a thing(s).. its not much… but its a thing(s). Cheers for the inspo.

  316. Zac says:

    Hey! Loved the episode – felt very personal. I hope you keep creating despite your recent insecurities.

    I get your podcast through Podcast Addict – I’ve been subscribed for a while.

    Saw you’re coming to SLC! I can’t wait!

  317. Kappatau says:

    Another long time listener, first time commenter. I think I found the podcast through your blog, long enough ago to have subscribed through Google Reader. Currently, I get it through Podcast Republic on Android.

    I love your stuff and follow you on Twitter, but I don’t seem to hear about about new things you’re doing. Maybe it’s a signal-to-noise issue, maybe it’s a timezone issue. Anyway, now I know there’s a bunch of cool things to enjoy. Yay!

  318. Tricky says:

    So happy to see a new Radio Free Burrito drop into my ITunes podcast feed.

    Like a long lost house pet that finally found its way home.

  319. Mike Arnesen says:

    Wil, thank you for making a new episode of RadioFreeBurrito! I bought my dream home recently and hearing a new RFB episode was the highlight of my month (year?). It’s that awesome. I love this podcast. It’s hard to put into words why, but I listen to a ton and this is my favorite by a mile. Please keep creating them for us!

  320. David W says:

    Just wanted to say thanks. I have always appreciated your frank conversation. Love the show, especially the musical interludes and stories. Keep up the good work!!

  321. kevin says:

    Just finished the episode today wanted to say thx for making it and i use podcast addict on my phone but on my computer i just use the rss feed hope it helps have a nice day

  322. Matt Millard says:

    Love having new RFB in my podcatcher!

  323. Ian R Buck says:

    Yes, Will, we’re here and we love listening to you! But even if there weren’t that many of us, I think you would still do it because you enjoy it.

    By the way, I notice in the show notes you say you haven’t done one of these since 2015. But I see in the RSS feed the Space Pirate Mixtape from earlier this year, and before that a proper episode of RFB in 2016.

  324. Cale Anderson says:

    I love this podcast so much if you did this weekly I would be so happy. This was the podcast that got me into podcasts it’s always so good. The music and the conversations are always so interesting.

  325. I subscribe on iTunes, so whenever you post anything, it downloads, and I listen. Not always RIGHT away, because I listen to a LOT of podcasts. But I am here, I am listening, and I intend to continue to do so. 🙂

  326. Samantha Nork says:

    Hey Wil,

    I just finished listening to this episode. I have missed the Burrito SO FREAKIN’ MUCH! Thank you for bringing it back. I’m always going to be here listening to you no matter what. I know sometimes i don’t mention it, but I’m always here. Listening to your podcasts and audiobooks, reading your blog and your books and watching you gust star on shows… Also seeing you every once in awhile! Thank you so much for everything you do!

    You inspire me so much. You inspire to keep going with life while also inspiring me to keep pursuing my passions to somehow hopefully get to do them as a career one day. So, thank you for that. You are my hero and I wouldn’t want anyone else as my hero.

    See you soon! It was such an amazing experience and a pleasure to see you this weekend. I loved every second of it. TELL ANNE I SAID HI AND I MISS HER! 🙂

  327. John Carney says:

    I caught this episode on the Overcast iOS podcast app, and I loved it.

    I’m excited to see to more RFB’s coming out!

  328. Brandon Bennett says:

    First off, welcome back! I’ve definitely missed the episodes coming out more frequently, but always a warm welcome when they pop up in my feed. (I use podkicker on an Android phone. It actually has a recommendation function that will base it’s choices by the podcasts that you already subscribe to.)

    At 37 I’ve been going through a very similar thing in my life. As someone who has depression, and suffers from anxiety, knowing what to do, or where to go next can be frightening. I’m surrounded by extremely talented indie filmmakers here in the Midwest. So many of them are doing things that are truly remarkable. But… But it’s frustrating, and hard when I’m often not included in these projects. Years ago I thought I would be in their shoes, making a lifelong dream come true. Now I’m not sure, and I worry it will never happen.

    You spoke about wanting to make your own horror film, something you might look into is the sort of subgenre of Shot on Video horror films that were made in the 80’s, all the way up to the very early 2000’s when digital started coming into play. There were these fantastic indie filmmakers shooting low/no budget movies on VHS. Sort of these backyard epics. Sure they were limited on everything, but they had such heart and dedication that it didn’t let the limitations stop them. Some directors to look into: Todd Sheets, John and Mark Polonia, Chris Seaver, Tim Ritter, Scooter McCrae, David Decoteau, Kevin Lindenmuth, Chris Lamartina, and David A Prior. Those are some fantastic examples to get you started in this rabbit hole.

    Thanks for continually being open, and vulnerable. Being a nerd, growing up loving punk music, playing PC/video games, etc.. while we do not know each other, I have always found a kindred spirit in you. We are all seeking some kind of acceptance, even if we can not openly admit it. And as we grow older, making new friends can be extremely difficult and exhausting. Fuck, keeping the ones we have and finding time to get together is hard enough. It’s what I hate most about being an adult.

    Thanks for everything you continue to do, whether or not you know you are. So much love and respect big guy.

  329. Chris says:

    Hey Wil,

    I love what you do, hang in there and just be you. It will work out.

    I download in the UK from the podcast republic app.

    Keep up the good work.

    Chris 🙂

  330. Erica Burns says:

    Listened all the way to end! (as always) I was DELIGHTED to see the episode and the subsequent follow up land in my podcast app. I noticed it on Friday 5/19/17, and my catcher doesnt tell me when new episodes drop, so I have to make an effort, Wil, to see your stuff. I am a weirdo with a windows phone and use the native podcast app. It could use a few features, but it doesn’t have ads and whatnot and I don’t mind it.
    Keep creating things Wil! I hope this radio thing works out for you. And CYOA night is the bomb diggity. Been there since the beginning!

  331. Laura Jean says:

    Hi Wil. I am late to the party, but I am here, too! I’m subscribed to your podcast through Apple’s My Podcasts, and I have been listening for a long time now. My commute is short, so it takes me a while to get through a longer podcast, which is why I just finished #46 this morning. I have been watching you and listening to you for most of my life (which sounds reeeally creepy, but I assure you it is not), and you matter to me. You matter, you are heard, you are seen, and you have encouraged lots of people (including me) to “make a thing.” Thank you for all that you do, and keep on keepin’ on.

  332. Lee says:

    I’m out here, keep it going Wil. Would also love to see you do a horror movie!

  333. ddavidn says:

    I’m out here! I listened to this via the Pocket Casts app, where I get all my podcasts.

  334. Joe H. says:

    And myself, I listened to every single word, both of this and the follow-up, as I was walking around a lake this morning, and was happy to do so.

  335. Mark Waters says:

    Always a nice surprise to see a new RFB pop up in Podcast Addict.

    The skipping was a little frustrating, but didn’t stop me enjoying the episode as I always do.

    I hope you get the radio show you’ve always wanted and that it’s also available as a podcast. 🙂

  336. Amir says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see another episode of RFB pop-up in the queue (using Podcast Addict on an Android phone).

    I hope the Talks about your radio show work out because I think such a show could be amazing (and hopefully available internationally).

  337. Ann Westland says:

    I’ve listened to every ‘Radio Free Burrito’ that you’ve put out and have enjoyed them very much – I hope that you continue to do more of them. I also want to put a shameless plug in for ‘TV Crimes: A Work of Podcast Justice’. I think that you and Mikey really have something there, that you could turn into a bigger something.

    I had further thoughts, but I just saw a millipede run across my desk and have lost my short term memory in favor of short term panic.

  338. James says:

    Wil! You are awesome! Please keep doing stuff, the world needs more Wheaton at the moment!

  339. Tom says:


    I always enjoy the burrito. I hope that this period is just a blip in your radar, as a designer and creater I have a huge amount of respect an appreciation for the community you’ve created and continue to create.

    +1 for the Blondie. Oh, and I’m listening through PocketCasts

  340. Stephen says:

    Hey, Wil. I’ve been following RFB for years and I’m excited that you may be doing a radio show. Will it be available online (outside the L.A. area)? Too soon to tell?

    FYI, I downloaded this episode directly from, although I am also subscribed to the podcast on iTunes. Since the social media thing seems to be important to casting people, I must now go follow all of the artists I love on Twitter.

    More than one person has recommended Rick and Morty. I haven’t seen it yet, but I love me some Dan Harmon, so I’ll have to check it out.

  341. Dave says:

    Hey Will,

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this part, it takes me a while to get through a podcast

    I was really excited to see a new Radio Free Burrito drop in from my iTunes feed .

    There are totally fans who want to hear about your life and work, who want to see and hear the things you put into the world.

    All the best, and thank you for all the things you make

  342. cutthequag says:

    Just got through this episode today from my iTunes Podcast queue and am totally ready for more Radio Free Burrito in my life. 🙂 Thanks for making my podcast listening and tumblr feed browsing more enjoyable with your presence.

  343. phil says:

    Hey Will, always enjoy it when a rfb drops. Keep it up. Your work isn’t just going off into the aether, it at least makes it as far as australia. take care mate.

  344. CJ says:

    I see you’ve already received plenty of comments, but I’ll just add another here to let you know you have people out there supporting you. I was excited to see a new episode pop-up in my feed in my Overcast app, so thank you for that.

    I want to leave you with a message of hope, but as someone facing similar concerns I’m not sure if I can. I can point out that you’re at least making things and getting work out there. You’ve got fans that look forward to seeing what you do next. Personally I’m struggling just to get through my day, and wish I could allow myself to attempt projects I find interesting. Even so, I know that I’m not doing as badly as others (or even as badly as I used to) and I should be grateful for what I have. But I also know that these words are probably more helpful for me to say then for you to hear. Look, it’s tough when you’re not where you want to be in life, not where you hoped you be. Maybe, where we are, can still be appreciated though.

    I don’t know. I’m just rambling. Sorry to emotionally vomit all over you.

  345. Arlene Alamo says:

    I have been waiting for your latest podcasts and I’m glad you’re back to it. I love Radio Freebie Burrito, TV Crimes, Memories of the Futurecast…anything Wil Wheaton. Hope you continue to create. I’m at work listening and I tried buying your Novella. But operator error on my end…gotta wait till i get home. Anyways, I’m a fan for life. Keep creating and I will Lee listening and supporting. I would love to see the horror movie you decide to create in the future.

  346. beowuff says:

    Just listened to this one on the way to work. You always help my commute go by much more quickly! PLEASE keep making new things. Trying new things, etc. You never know what will stick.
    To try to answer the questions at the end…
    iTunes podcasts that I’m subscribed to. I listen on my iPhone, usually in the car. I’m thinking of switching away from iPhones for my next phone (no headphone jack?!?) so I’m not sure what podcast apps are out there for android.

    And again, THANK YOU!

  347. Julio Capa says:

    Just finished listening and here I am! I love listening to your podcast Although I’ve been our of touch a bit but I’m back and here to stay. Your off topics are almost more interesting than what message you were trying to convey abd I love em!

  348. Simon Toothill says:

    Thanks for the podcast. I got it from iTunes, always a bit behind on podcasts. Just so you know I always value your work and look forward to catching up with team Wheaton, be it your, hopefully, more frequent podcasts, table top YouTube content but most importantly the random dog tweets.

  349. Chris says:

    Thanks for making RFB, I seriously thought it might be done with after a year of no new burritos! It’s funny because my favorite parts are the random off topic randomness that happens, Don’t be so hard on yourself for getting off topic. Also, I really have liked the “storytime with Wil” segments where you tell a random story that happened recently in your life. Please keep making burritos, I would love a weekly show!

  350. Jeff says:

    We love you will! Keep doing you and we’ll try our best to support you monetarily for it!

    I was late checking my email but I get updates through the website! I also am subscribed through iOS podcasts app.

  351. Brian L says:

    Hey Wil,

    Thanks for another episode! YES, MAKE MORE!
    But seriously, I always look forward to another show whenever they pop up.

  352. Mat says:

    Thank you Wil for sharing your thoughts , fears, loves.

  353. Jeff in Queens says:

    Hi Wil,

    Thank you for the new RFB! I’ve missed my favorite podcast. Keep making stuff, creation is its own reward.

    Also, thanks for reminding us of Dead Trees Give No Shelter. Kindled, will be read soon.

  354. Sean says:

    Great episode! It felt intimate. Thank you for publishing it.

    I subscribe to your podcasts (including your television review podcast) on the iTunes app. I purchased your novella soon after you released it. Given how much I’ve enjoyed what you make over the years, it was a no-brainer.

    Thank you.

  355. Bill Hunsicker says:

    Mr. Wheaton, I just wanted to say that I look forward to and really enjoy this podcast. I especially enjoy all the unusual music and weird stuff you share. I would not hear any of this wonderfulness if I didn’t listen to this podcast.
    I listen on iTunes and my iPod classic.
    I would love to hear more and would be willing to pay to hear this “thing” on a regular basis.

  356. Missy O says:

    Thank you Wil for showing up to make something new! I enjoyed spending time with you on my drive to and from work today. I hadn’t heard of your book but looking it up now. Keep stepping out!

  357. COD says:

    Listened today while making the drive into the city to meet an old college buddy for dinner. I subscribe, so I never miss a RFB.

  358. Mimi says:

    We are here and listening! I think I got notified by email of the new episode. I’d love to listen to a regular radio show.
    And I’d watch the fuck out of your horror movie. Sign me up.

  359. Mimi says:

    Oh and the music playing at the end is wayyy louder than whatever you were saying. I really could not make out much of what was said.

  360. Monica says:

    I love all your stuff Wil Wheaton!!! I have been suffering greatly, due to the lack of RFB! I am also glad for new episodes of TV crimes! You guys are hilarious!

    Keep on keeping on Wil. You are loved!

  361. Monica says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I subscribe on the standard podcast app IOS.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there Wil. My life is brighter with you in it!

  362. Craig says:

    Yes the skipping on the iTunes feed was very distracting and meant I missed quite a lot of detail in the chat sections. Otherwise an interesting listen, thanks Wil

  363. Ciel says:

    Thanks for another great Radio Free Burrito! I’ve missed your podcast and am glad to hear you again. I have to listen to things (& miss reading) so I’m grateful for your work.

  364. Matt D says:

    It’s currently 1:59am Wil. I can’t sleep well but I heard you and came here to say I really like seeing a new burrito episode on “Pocket Casts” app.

  365. Jinx says:

    Listening to this at work and its always nice to hear Wil’s thought patterns and first off I got an email update about the episode, sadly due to work took me a while to get around to listen to it.

    Wil it is a pleasure to see you whenever you are on camera and you deserve to be on it more as your characters get a flair that is very you and so interesting to watch and hear when your on the mic, so don’t be so down, keep on with that and I am sure you will never fade into obscurity.

    The other thought I had was about the social media aspect and how it effects actors and other artist, its a large complex issue that can keep going but it, to me, feels like the idea of social media currently has a nebulous notion around its purpose as what it was intended for is slowly changing and few people really are ready or even paying it any attention, I not really explaining that as well as I like ( I will work shop it)

  366. Matthew says:

    Did not listen to the podcast until just now.. literally hearing you say “thanks for listening” just now. Wanted to drop you a note to say that not only do you matter and whether you think you are relevant I find that when you were younger I did not connect with you at all (FYI, I am 47). However, I have totally adopted you as one of my favorite people.. not entertainer.. people. I have my “It’s not what you love” shirt that I wear just so that people will ask me about it and I can explain the Wheaton-ism’s that I have pulled into my life. The way you care about things and people make me feel better about the whole world and about Humanity. I know you probably won’t read this but just writing it made me glad to express the way I feel.

  367. Joseph says:


    Pocketcast listener and long time nerd-boater here.

    I always love seeing RFB show up in my feed. Just having you along with me in the car for an commute or two is like catching up with an old friend again.

    Count me among those rooting for weekly Wil.

  368. Luke says:

    Keep on truckin’

  369. Regie Rigby says:

    Hey Wil – I’m a little behind on my podcast listening so only just listened to this episode. Great to have more Radio Free Burrito in my ears! I’ve missed it!

    Here’s to many more!

  370. Sally says:

    WIL!!!!!! I was driving home when the podcast came up next in my que. I use the apple podcast app so itunes is how I find you. I was so excited when I saw it was a radio free burrito. I yelled “YAY, finally!” I think you do great work, and I hope that you keep the burrito going.

  371. Thiefree says:

    I’m here! I’m late but I’m here. New phone, podcast addict doesn’t transfer data, it’s a whole thing… I think I’ve asked you if you’re ever going to update RFB after literal years without it. I think I ask every couple of years.

    It’s not about Twitter numbers, although numbers are nice: is about who listens, and who talks back. Connection is harder to measure, but far more worthwhile. Anyway. I’m still here, about 14 years after finding you. Keep creating. X x

  372. Mandy says:

    Dude, keep it up with the podcast and all the things you do! I found your podcast by way of the Nerdist podcast. I had been listening to the Nerdist, I’m a TableTop fan, had read your books and blog and started searching by name/topic for other podcasts. Alas, there was Radio Free Burrito. Subscribed right away and listened to the backlog. Always psyched to see when a new one is available. Really enjoyed the Halloween one you did last year where you read that story about the hotel. Looking forward to anything else you put out there!

  373. So glad you posted a new one (one and a half?). I listen on Podbay which doesn’t tell me if there is new episodes and I don’t check often on Radio Free Burrito or TV Crimes since I know they’re sporadic schedules. Glad to hear RFB might go to weekly – even a 20 min would be welcome.

    Looking forward to seeing you put things into the world; a radio show would be perfect. Know that you are seen; even if your blip on the radar is small, watch out because all of a sudden the world will realize that blip was just the honing beacon for the Mother Ship of the UDBAD Wheaton (United Don’t Be A Dick).

  374. zack says:

    In this world of overproduced “content” it’s nice to hear someone just talking from the heart about whatever.
    It’s like finding a long message from an old friend on your answering machine.
    ..because.. answering machines are a thing that used to exist… back when I was a teen that liked listening​ to weird radio… umm.. anyway…
    Welcome back, dude.

  375. Jim "nappy" says:

    Mr. Will,
    I hear you.
    And I look forward to listening to anything you care to share. This podcast was honest and brave. Thank you.
    I enjoy your work and love to share table top with my kids.
    Looking forward to sharing Titan’s Grave with them some time in the near future.
    I like your work. I like you.
    And if I may share something with you in the least geek shaming way….?
    The clip in the opening of RFB that says something like “hipsters, flipsters and findger poplin’ daddies” is Lord Buckley. Find his work and dig it man…. it’s super cool.
    I mention this because I heard you mention you didn’t know who that was many episodes back.
    Apologies if you have become familiar with his work since.
    Just remember I will always lend you my lobes….

  376. Kristine Ross says:

    Hi, I’m always happy to see a new episode come up in my feed.

  377. Bec says:

    I subscribe through iTunes and I always get excited when a new episode drops. Keep going, your struggles and fears are felt by many of us; life can be a lonely road even when you are supported and loved.

  378. Bryan Graham says:

    I realize I’m late to the party, but thought I’d leave a note anyway. I’m always happy to hear a new episode of Radio Free Burrito, regardless of how it goes.

    I listen on my Android phone using PocketCast, which I think just uses RSS as the backend.

  379. Karen Blythe says:

    You are amazing and talented Wil! Keep up the awesomeness, I look forward to hearing more in the near future!

  380. Tam says:

    Hi Will, per your request, dropping you a note to say I really enjoy RFB and I’m delighted whenever​ a new episode shows up. Best wishes!

  381. Rachel says:

    So glad to have a new episode of RFB and to hear you on the Nerdist intros! I want to hear more from you. I like hearing what you have to say so please keep doing it!

  382. Jon says:

    Welcome back i have missed the RFB on WDBD

  383. Ariaflame says:

    I must admit I am one of those that didn’t get the book, but that is purely because horror is not my thing. I enjoy listening to RFB and watching tabletop etc. and the Choose your own adventure stuff. You are valued

  384. Laura says:

    not sure i agree with you on the movie House with a 1000 Corpses as being a movie that ages well. Of course i have not seen it since it came out, but if i had to choose a movie that is about killing and torturing people for fun, i would probably stick with Texas Chainsaw. Have fun writing your horror movie from Golden, Colorado.

  385. Mary Kubasak says:

    Hi Wil!

    As I don’t feel alone, this episode generating long and detailed comments, I’m going to join the throng!

    I picked up Radio Free Burrito on Downcast about episode 4 or 5, and have been listening and not commenting ever since (sorry – the feedback thing – it’s easy to overlook you don’t get all the giggles, nods and other appreciative gestures somehow magically brought to your attention!) – you have a voice that could read me the phone book, and content to boot! – what more could I ask for in a podcast.

    I am also a maker of things, mine tend to the textile/fiber style rather than performance art, but a lot of your observations are very applicable all through the making of things universe. I really do appreciate the things you make, and hope you will go on to get the radio show, hopefully it will be available a bit further north in the SF bay area…

    I’m also a long time psychoanalyser of computers (I spend a lot of my time looking closely at them and saying “why the **** did you do That!) – more normal folks around me call me “QA” in digital media production, and a very long time gamer (both computer online worlds, and tabletop/board games and RPGs since the D&D red box – I joined my husbands game which had been running at weekends since 1989 in 2004, and we are still going strong today (now running in a Burning Wheel world, and loving the flexibility of that system, the group of us built the world cooperatively first by using Microscope, I don’t know if you have run across it, but with a creative group it is an amazing way to get an RPG world that is intimately familiar to the player group, without the need for the GM to write and present every painstaking detail – it really helps when we get to this age, and none of us really have the time we used to have to put all that effort into a single pot)

    Anyway – my punctuation is getting tortuous, hopefully I was still making sense at the end there… there are folks out here who love the work! keep going and we’ll keep being here to appreciate it!


  386. Joshua says:

    Woot super excited that you are back and putting out some more stuff.

  387. Ross says:

    Sorry wil! A bit late to the party but I was waiting till the right chilled moment to listen. Love your stuff, your honesty about life, your music choice and your ability to dig down into the annals of the past to bring us some of the weirdest stuff about lol

    Keep it up m8, love n hugs, ross from Scotland

    P.s. Apple man here so I’m using overcast for my podcasts.

  388. Peter K says:

    Late to the party, but new fathers can’t be choosers. I’ll listen to anything you put out, whenever you want to put it out. That said, I certainly would mind another Mixtape. That was my jam.
    P.S. Subscribed on iTunes.

  389. John Cornish says:

    Wil, thank you so much for bringing RFB. I have truly missed the depth of topic, the silliness of your bits, and the frank discussion of your anxiety and insecurities. I suffer from much the same and like you, take solace in not being the only one. Please find the strength in you to continue doing these weekly again. They’re great for us as your audience and hopefully they’re therapeutic to you. All the best.

  390. Jeff Good says:

    Late listening but still want to say that I was overjoyed that you referenced Screenwriter’s Blues.

    As for relevance, there’s been way more Wil in my life in the past decade than when I was a kid in the 90s watching Star Trek. Like, 21st century Wil is a real dude who championed the best in gaming culture when we needed it most (both when gaming was first becoming mainstream to more recently when the dark side of gamers came out of the woodwork).

    I’d love to see all my favorite creative people pool their many talents and make a movie together.

    Until then, I’m happy to have more radio free burrito and TV Crimes when those happen 🙂

  391. Kit says:

    Hey Wil!
    Thanks for making your podcast. I hadn’t stopped by to listen in a while in part because I’d devoured the burrito! …wait…does that sound bad. 🙂

    Anyway, I love listening into to your podcast. I always appreciate your sincere transparency about how you feel. Your radio idea is excellent. You can host a huge variety of segments: gaming, music, obscure things…obscure gaming music…and so on. Please continue in this vein of creative expression. You rock!

  392. Kit says:

    Damn, forgot to add that 90% of the time I’m streaming through Google Play, and the rest on Stitcher Radio. Hope this helps!

  393. Dan says:

    Listening in Virginia! I’m pretty sure I first heard about RFB on The Nerdist, it’s been in my auto-update feed ever since. I enjoy your story-telly way of describing life. Listening in the car, it’s like I’m picking up an old friend at the airport and catching up on what we missed on the ride home, complete with “hey wait a minute, crank up that song!” breaks.

  394. Tony Collett says:

    Hi Wil,
    I heard RFB for the first time today, via the SoundCloud app on my phone. I was listening to the Ming And Mike Show (of Comic Book Men fame) and your show was one of the “other podcasts you might like” listed. After M&M Show ended, it went right into this episode.
    Hope the radio show works out. One humble suggestion: play music from the 70s and the 80s that were hits but don’t get airplay now. For example, I haven’t heard “French Kissing In The USA” by Blondie that you mentioned here since its radio heyday. Every station that plays 70s and 80s music play the same songs over and over. For Blondie, it’s “Heart Of Glass” or “Call Me”. What about their other hits? The other songs on their 6 albums? Once in a while on Fark someone posts a Top 40 list of a particular week in the past. I’m sure that can be found online, look down the list, and see a few that haven’t been played since they were a hit. Or songs on an album that weren’t a single, but still good.
    Hope this helps.

  395. Jerod Bennett says:

    Hey Wil,

    Keep making RFB and I’ll keep listening!

  396. Hendryk says:

    Late to the party, but just wanted to say thank you for coming back to do RFB. I never was into ST:TNG so I “met” you as an adult on The BIg Bang and your blog and shortly afterwards your podcast. I am subscribed on the apple podcast app and listened to almost every episode. I am glad you want to return to a regular schedule and wish you all the strength for your endeavors. Greetings from Switzerland and play more games.

  397. Peter says:


    Thank you for continuing RFB. I’ve been listening to RFB since the beginning and have loved everything you have ever done with it. Listening to you speaking so freely about your creative process and experiences gives me inspiration. My own desire to create /things/ is marred by feeling that I’m not creative enough, I’m not good enough, and being too afraid to show people the thing I’ve created. Listening to you talking about experiencing and overcoming the same feelings that I have gives me hope to continue. Please keep doing everything you are doing. Thank you.

  398. Tim says:

    G’day Wil,

    I listened! I got into your work through TableTop (sorry, never seen you on Star Trek) and recently found your Podcast searching online. You’re being heard in far away places like Australia, and I hope that’s encouraging.

    Cheers, Tim

  399. Brendan says:

    Great episode, glad to have you back Wil! Fyi, I’m listening to this from Pocket Casts (Android).

  400. Amy L. says:

    Hi Wil! I was so excited to see a new RFB! I listen on my iPhone Podcast app. I thoroughly enjoy listening to your journey! I find your perspective very valuable – thank you for being so open about anxiety. Anyways, you’re awesome!

  401. Andy Francis says:

    Hey, Mr. Will Wheaton,

    Today was today for me. I listened to ep. 46 as I sat working. Great to have another Radio Free Burrito after a delay. Love your work, however and wherever I can find it.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you griped about the heavy influence of marketing on what gets made or who gets to make it. It also explains why RFB is so good. It isn’t made by a marketing committee! You capture something of the great, living, breathing, real life radio personalities that I loved listening to on local college radio or community radio stations back in the day. The overlooked or forgotten nuggets of audio that you dredge up, the cool b-side songs you play, and the personal and relatable stories you share really fill a hole for me in the way real, home-made food does after you’ve eaten nothing but garbage on the road for days.

    You are being heard and I’d wager you’ve got a solid fanbase that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Keep making stuff and don’t let the bullshit (although necessary) business side of things get you down! Hope you’ve cheered up a bit in recent weeks.

    All the best,

    I listen through itunes on my phone.

    • Andy Francis says:

      Forgot to say that I “met” you via Stand by Me” and then ST:TNG. I am the same age as you, so of course as a kid I was fiercely jealous of Wesley Crusher. Love that series and character, though. Loved you in The Guild, love your game play with Acquisitions Inc. Not a huge fan of BBT, but I didn’t know you were on it. Might have to give it a second chance.

  402. Jesse says:

    It’s not going into nothing. In fact, this is my favorite podcast. i really appreciate your honesty and ponderings and adventures. Thanks for doing this.

  403. Kendra Z. says:


    I was already intending to leave this in your Tumblr box, so I guess it’s a good thing that you directed comments here, because goodness knows it’s probably easier for you to sift through these comments than whatever it is tumblr is doing with its format these days.

    Anyway, I was warmed to see that there were three episodes waiting in my podcast app for me when I got back from a recent Seattle trip. I’m very much of the “if Wil wants to put out another one of these, I’ll be here” mindset, and it is always a joy to hear from you. I hope you’ve continued to have safe travels since the cruise.

    As for the feelings about figuring things out, that’s where my problem with saying comforting, empathetic things comes in. I’d normally substitute a hug or some kind of hand gesture, but that’s rather difficult in this format. If you’d like, though, feel free to imagine a hand gesture that you feel represents solidarity. Because I’ll be here to listen as long as you feel the impetus to speak.


    • Kendra Z. says:

      Oh, and I use the iTunes podcast app. I remembered you’d asked how I found it and forgot to tell you.