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Radio Free Burrito Episode 48 – Big Canned Pasta

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It’s time for a new Radio Free Burrito! This week, I brave an unexpected headache from hell to bring you music from some friends, the origin story of a nemesis, SPORTS!, and some thoughts about this moment in history.

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82 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode 48 – Big Canned Pasta”

  1. Mimi says:

    Gah… sports! I have (had?) played pub trivia for years and I’m pretty good. Our team name is the stepdads. Why? Because we are always beating you. Aaaand we are banging your mom. However, none of us ever know anything about sports! It’s so gahhhhh to go into the final question in first place and blow it on sportsball. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Alice says:

    Thanks Wil. Thanks for recording, even with a hideous headache. Thank you for playing Killing Joke. I adore that song, and it had me goth-dancing around the empty workroom in the university library where I work, distracting me from my own headache. Thank you so much for telling your story about the monkey last week. It seriously made me tear up with sheer “Animals-are-amazing-aaaaaah”-ness of it, and with how much I could hear that it meant to you. And thank you for giving that speech, and reading it to us. I’m an Australian in Australia, so I’m not as directly affected by the horror of Trump as you and your fellow Americans, but I share the horror and WTF feelings that come with the news ever day. You did a good thing and, for what it’s worth, and to the extent that one can be of a stranger, I’m proud of you.

  3. Les says:

    Wil, thank you for returning to the ‘airwaves’; I was looking for something new, and ventured onto SoundCloud only to happily find RFB 48. I used to play pub trivia in suburban DC (team name was Minivan Mafia: sports was our weak category also); loved * infinity your ADL speech. Looking forward to seeing you at AwesomeCon in two weeks 🙂

  4. Kendra Z. says:

    I had forgotten until you played it that the reason I’ve sung “uh-oh, spaghetti-o’s” my entire conscious life is because it was a jingle that lodged in my gray matter, never to be released. It was a real “of course” moment.

    And I will absolutely say that for me personally, the style in which you tell these rambling, ten minute stories leaves me fully entertained.

  5. EarFuel says:

    I am totally with you on the magic of spinning records. The Wife and I host monthly Record Clubs at our place here in NYC. It begins with a potluck from about a dozen friends. After everyone is well fed, I reveal the “surprise album” for the evening, and we listen to it from beginning to end — with one caveat: no talking/phones/noise.

    It’s all about collectively digging the music and creating that communal experience. It’s one of my favorite evenings each month, as people rarely make time to actively listen to music anymore, and I love turning people onto music they haven’t heard before.

    What turntable did you get?

  6. Jamison Swift says:

    Would love to hear the story of your family history and Dodger stadium!

  7. Joanne says:

    Lots of warm thoughts to you Wil (I am writing this in the pre-migraine calm, where auras are in full force but no headache yet). Your ADL speech/story made me cry, thank you for being awesome.

    Also, Dodgers stadium family history would be interesting to me 😊

  8. Ryan Stahl says:

    Delivered on time: Check

    Exposed me to two new bands (that I enjoyed): Check

    Fun stories that kept me entertained on my walk: Check

    Challenged his audience to think about what we can do to help others at a time when our government seems intent on hurting or destroying anyone or anything that is incapable of hiring a lobbyist: Check

    I’m going to give you a solid A on this week’s work. In fact, since you delevered with what sounded suspiciously like a sinus headache, I’m going to award you bonus points and adjust that to an A+. Well done sir!

    Would love to hear about the Dodger Stadium connection in an upcoming show.

    You also mentioned about doing an ask me anything segment. I heard you answer, at the Motor City Comic con, a question your favorite video games (which I won’t spoil here because I think others might enjoy you talking about that). Have you played any of the newer Bioware/EA game series like Dragon Age or Mass Effect? Any thoughts on those games?

  9. mimi says:

    YES! spaghettio’s smell like vomit.

    Yes people still listen to records. My friend Todd, who is by far the most creative person I know, built a turntable out of wood and parts. BUILT IT. And had a party where a bunch of us came over and played records. It was beautiful. He also built a car out of wood…(and like, car parts) for real. They call it the woody.
    I had a dream last night told someone to be kind, because it should be easy to just be kind. The rest of it was kind of vague. I think it was because at work yesterday some guy called and another agent refused his business. He had never worked with us, wanted a one way ticket from Delaware to Detroit for that day. Red flags all over the place.
    The guy called back and I took the call, even though I had a regular client at my desk booking a trip for Italy and Sicily. He called back JUST to tell me that she is a stupid bitch. So much effort to just be mean.

    The bit where you talked about “what would you do” gave me goosebumps. What I’m going to do? Teach three people to be welcoming to everyone. To take care of our Earth.

    Yes I’d like to hear the Dodger stadium story.

  10. Ryan Stahl says:

    I’m giving myself a D on spelling.

    “delivered” Really?

    It’s like a Trump tweet. /sigh

    Well, I’m off to see if I can figure out what covfefe is.

  11. Amy L. says:

    Way to go, Wil! Thank you for standing up publicly and holding people accountable. Many people don’t out of fear of offending someone or making waves. Bravo, I say! I’m always up for listening to the pieces you’ve written. Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing you at Awesome Con! My husband and I have a Photo Op with you and I promise to thoroughly brief him on what not to do!

  12. Jeff says:

    Thanks for being a rational voice with all the bullshit going on right now! We all need more you!!! Brought to you by way of my asshole and verified by your mom!

  13. Hey Will
    Love your podcast. I love the variety. Also we’re similar in age and with similar mental disorders, so I enjoy hearing someone else talk about things that I hear in my head a lot. My wife and I are also big fans of table top. As far as being late to parties, I literally just got in to listening to podcasts about a month ago.
    Keep sane ish

  14. Bob says:

    Come to Spokane WA. You can always Eat a bag of Dick’s Hamburgers 😜

  15. Chris Hopkinson says:

    Lol. I no longer own many records (I don’t currently have a turntable). I do still have that specific Missing Persons record, though. That is a good album.

    Also, Spaghetti-Os gross me out. I agree with your assessment of the scent they give off.

  16. Jocelyn says:

    Hi Wil! Thanks for talking to us, even through a headache. I’m avoiding all triggers right now cause I have migraine fog with brain dumbness and can feel the shadow of where it would be, but so far no headache, and if it hits, it’s dark room and avoiding life time, so I appreciate you sharing yourself with us even in discomfort.

    I would LOVE to hear the sordid history of the Los Angeles Wheatons!

    And thanks for a great Chris story. I really, really love the little window into the friendship and antics of two people I just adore.

    Down with Big Canned Pasta! Damn the man!

  17. Dave and Rhiannon says:

    Heya Wil
    So bloody great to hear you back on the podcasts again. Everyone in my family, my wife and all three of my (now very grown up) sons listen in whenever there is a new episode. We love your stuff and really enjoy your eclectic musings. We are around the same age as your good selves and loads of the music you play and the way you connect it with the events in your life have a load of similarities to our distant youth. Great work Sir! Loads of love from faraway Wales!

  18. I think in the last podcast you asked where we get podcasts from, so I wanted to say that I listen to most things on Google Play Music. I searched for this one there today and didn’t find it, so I figured I’d let you know that. I don’t know how hard it would be to add it there, but that’s another place for you. I’m perfectly content to keep this website in an open tab on my phone and refresh it after Mondays, and just listen to it here like I always do if its a pain to add over on Google. As always, thanks for doing what you do. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say.

    • I think in the last podcast you asked where we get podcasts from, so I wanted to say that I listen to most things on Google Play Music. I searched for this one there today and didn’t find it, so I figured I’d let you know that. I don’t know how hard it would be to add it there, but that’s another place for you. I’m perfectly content to keep this website in an open tab on my phone and refresh it after Mondays, and just listen to it here like I always do if its a pain to add over on Google. As always, thanks for doing what you do. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say.

      Edit: Disregard! It turns out it is on Google and I just don’t know how to search podcasts.

  19. Jeremy says:

    Listening to music while cooking has also become a tradition lately in our household. My favorite thing to do is try to find music to pair with the food (rustic Italian tunes with pizza, etc). Fun!

  20. Nikoah says:

    Another awesome episode. I really liked the Uke Box Heros. I added them to my playlist.

  21. David says:

    You said Wayne’s World and Blues Brothers are the only good movies based on SNL. That is double plus untrue. Watch or re-watch Coneheads. It is funny and even inspirational.

  22. Jason says:

    I would absolutely love to hear about your family history with Dodger stadium. Even though I am a huge sports fan (gasp!), I think the history behind the stadiums would be fascinating even if a person doesn’t care about sports at all.

  23. Josh says:

    Good show. I’ll help you in pub trivia if I’m in the valley

  24. Whoooo!

    3 weeks in a row!

    Will be great to listen on my way to the UK Games Expo.


    Thanks Will

  25. Monica Malakian says:

    I love you Wil! I’m so happy that you are back! Please, oh please don’t leave me again!
    You are a fantastic human being, funny, handsome, witty, and super smart. Please do not feel like you don’t have an audience, because you do, and its huge! I loved the tracks you played from Uke Box Heros. I’m going to buy the album! And I think I read about your Dodger story in one of your books. That is great story and I think you should tell it on RFB. Anyway, take care of yourself, and don’t forget how much we love you!

  26. matt says:

    Hi Wil,
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m glad you’re back. For the record, I sports about as well as Chris, but I’m interested in the Dodger stadium story!

  27. S. Nelson says:

    I was reading ‘Grit’ by Angela Duckworth and she mentioned this exercise by Warren Buffet:
    1. List 25 career goals.
    2. Circle the 5 most important/essential.
    3. Ignore the other 20. They’ll distract you from from the 5 that matter.

    Before Chris Hardwick was ‘king of the nerds’, you were. Not because of Star Trek et al, but because of Your blog put you on the map in 2000 and made you relevant. Forget stuff like coffee roasting, bread baking, and all those other distractions. Your blog + Radio Free Burrito are your ticket to regaining your relevance and your numbers. Also, consider not wasting your nerdy social capital endlessly tweeting about Trump. Your BFF Chris Hardwick keeps his Twitter content tight. You need to think of yourself like Wheaton Industries and rebuild your brand 🙂

    • Suchit says:

      You mean “kinj of the nerds” 🙂

      At any rate, I don’t believe it has to be a numbers game. The motivation for recording these podcasts should certainly not be to win some kind of a competition. To me Wil has always been relevant with all of his uplifting messages about mental health and anxiety related issues.

      • S. Nelson says:

        That makes him relevant to you, but that’s not pertinent to what Wil has been discussing over the past 3 podcasts. His numbers are down, and if you’re a “new media star” then the numbers are vital to your success. was a big deal in the early 00s. It won him a lot of press, blog awards, readership, writing gigs like suicide girls. He used his blog to become a writer and further advanced his nerd cred. It started to diminish as his acting picked up and he mostly posted to Twitter and Tumblr in stream of his blog.

        He realizes this, that’s why he’s been talking about recapturing his earlier success and perhaps pivoting away from acting. He’s watching the numbers and they’re not good, not for what he wants to do. He’s smart to understand how social media works and hopefully he can make it work for him.

  28. scott imbeau says:

    I miss Miracle, and Mellie, and Echo, and Victor as a girl dancing in a club and decking assholes.

  29. Suchit says:

    The history of LA Dodgers and the Wheatons would be a really cool story.

  30. Mike says:

    Hey, is a thing that exists. Maybe they’ll send some swag for the free ad 😛 Thanks, Wil

  31. Gio says:

    I’m like 3 weeks late, but I wanted to say Thank you so so much for doing RFB again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  32. Jess says:

    Oh gosh, spaghetto’s are like my comfort food. I think because Mom never bought them because heavens, it’s just terrible spaghetti circles in could that actually be some kind of actual tomatoes what is that color sauce.

    As I tread through my workday mainlining Excedrin, I feel your headache laments. Why is this a thing? Why haven’t we evolved beyond headaches?

    And reminder would love to hear about the LA Dodgers and the Wheatons!

  33. Elizabeth says:

    I relate very much to the notion of having a nemesis who doesn’t even know I exist! Looking forward to next weeks episode

  34. E.K. Green says:

    I highly approve of your new selections. Your speech at Bill Prady’s event was so moving.
    Reminder: Yes please! I would love to hear about the LA Wheaton history!
    I am excited about the return of the bell! I love that bell.
    p.s.: Thank you for all you do. It’s greatly appreciated.

    • E.K. Green says:

      My above comment should have read ” I highly approve of your record selections.” Sorry.. I have stupid fingers.

  35. Dan McD says:

    It is good to hear your voice again. I’d like to hear the story about your family’s connection to Dodger Stadium. That sounds interesting.

    Also, perhaps you could read a bit of Dead Trees on an episode. You used to occasionally read passages from your written works, which was enjoyable. It’s what got me to read “Just A Geek.”

    (I already bought DTGNS, btw. Not looking for anything for free.)

  36. AliQat says:

    I too am a few weeks behind, but I’m listening!! You are my companion on my daily walks, and often when I’m making the trek down / up I-5 between Sacramento and LA. Thank you for keeping my brain occupied!

  37. Mike says:

    Thank you for everything that you do, Wil. Whether it’s making Burritos or challenging Trump supporters. What I’m going to do is get involved in local government. My city is having a meeting next week regarding plans for California’s high-speed rail, and I’m going to attend it, and express my opinions about their plans.

    I would also love to hear about your connection with the Dodgers. I grew up in LA and I’m the same age as you, and I followed the Dodgers and Lakers when I was a teenager. Most of my sports-related memories from childhood are narrated by Vin Scully and Chick Hearn.

  38. Shawn Carroll says:

    I’d love to hear about your family’s history with the dodgers.

  39. Kristen Imler says:

    I typically don’t comment on podcasts, but I couldn’t resist jumping in on this one. I really enjoyed the music by Uke Box Heroes… And the most beautiful thing about it was, as soon as the first song started playing through the speakers in my car, it began pouring outside. Driving home in the rain? Not so great. Driving home in the rain with some great ukulele tunes? Definitely much, much better. I actually had to pause your podcast to go find them on Amazon so I could listen to more! But, now that I’ve found their latest album and left this comment, I’m going to go finish the episode. It’s very nice to have you “on the air once” a week, sir. Looking forward to more good tunes and interesting stories 🙂

  40. SarahBeth says:

    I just finished Dead Trees Give No Shelter (radio version). Thank you for that. I am sitting here shaking, it was fantastically good. I had tears rolling down my face, multiple times for multiple reasons. Just excellent work and I can’t wait to hear more of these as you create them. Again, just thank you.

  41. Heath says:

    Could you please fill us in the Wheaton Dodger Stadium story.

  42. Dan says:

    Love the return of Radio Free Burrito! Definitely want to hear more about the Dodger Stadium connection. I’m not a sports person either, but I’ve been to more Dodger games than any other team. I’m from Boston, but my mom is from CA, and my grandparents had Dodger season tickets going back way before I was born. One of my favorite things about going to visit as a kid was going to games with my grandparents. Go Dodgers!

  43. Owlbear says:

    Can I suggest next Pub Trivia name?
    Delectable Derrière!
    Let Tasteful Sideboob know you’re gunning for em 😉 #butts

  44. Liss says:

    Would be very interested in your family history with the Dodgers.

    Great Episode! Hope its not one of those long term headaches.

    If you decide to do a Q&A – Will their be a Vol 2 of Memories of the Future?

  45. Erica says:

    So glad that Radio Free Burrito is back! And would really love to hear your family’s Dodger story!

  46. Justin L. says:

    Another great episode, Wil. It really doesn’t matter what topic you’re talking about, you always find a way to make it interesting and I can totally see a weekly radio show working, so I really hope that comes to fruition. Can’t wait for episode 49!

  47. Hello Mr. Wheaton,

    My name is Catarina, I’m from Portugal, and I’ve been a fan of your work since I watched you on “The Guild”.
    Since then I’ve devoured every episode of Tabletop, listened to all your audiobooks and searched the internet for anything else you might’ve be on (Loved Eureka!).

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue Radio Free Burrito. It’s been way too long and I have finished the latest “TV Crimes” a few weeks ago, and so, was left with no new content with your beautiful voice to listen to at work!

    I’ve got to say, even when you talk of things I have no knowledge of (or sometimes even interest, like baseball) you never fail to be entertaining in the way you tell your stories or give your opinions.

    After listening to the last 4 episodes this morning, I felt the need to let you know how much your creative works means to me. I haven’t gotten the chance to read “Dead Trees Give No Shelter” but it is now on my to buy-and-read list!

    I’d like you to know you inspire me to create new things and you’ll forever be in my internet bookmarks, so I can keep up with your all of your work!

    Hope you feel better and that all the feedback motivates you to create more!

    Thank you for being you!

  48. Matt J says:

    Hi Wil, I’ve read your blog for years but am just getting into your podcasts. You are a gifted storyteller. Keep up the good work!

  49. NJMoleman says:

    DUDE!!! Great podcast. But thank you for the Uke Box Heroes referral. I now own all the albums on MP3 and have the CDs on order pending stock coming in. MoonDance was my wedding song 21 years ago… Keep it up Wil we need to hear from you.

  50. Dan says:

    Wil. Awesome podcast as always, I’m so glad it’s back.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself when you “ramble”. I’ve recently discovered the phenomena that is having certain people that can open their mouths, and I’ll hang off every word. You and Cliff Ravenscraft (The Podcast Answer Man – who I have also introduced to your show!) are those people for me. Keep talking and uploading shows, and I’ll keep listening and loving every minute.

  51. Brandon says:

    You need to do a real radio show and do it in a way I can access it in Florida.

  52. JB Lawton says:

    So glad to find that you’ve begun podcasting here again! Thanks.

  53. Anne says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast. I don’t do the sports at all, but have fond memories of watching the Zephyrs play when they were in Denver as a kid, so I would appreciate hearing Dodger stories.Thanks!

  54. Ashley Capps says:

    I love pub trivia names. Ours is Free Beer Tonight.

  55. Marc says:

    Bonjour Will! Always a pleasure to listen to you from France! I love listening to a new episode in my car while driving to work! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

  56. Geoff Owens says:

    Wil: Great Episode. My friends and I have been playing pub trivia for years. We love it. We’ve also been listening to records again as a group. I had forgotten how much fun it is to just sit as a group and listen to music. We also started putting together sound tracks for our table top gaming. It is a fun exercise to match music to a game.

  57. Yay, you’re making regular podcasts again! I listened to the whole backlist of RFB earlier this year during a rough week. Much cheer. Love hearing your voice!

  58. I would love to hear your story about the Wheatons and Dodger stadium! Like you, the Dodgers are a big part of my life. Not to the same degree, obviously, but I grew up with the Blue.

    Also, I really hope Anne is doing well today.

  59. DJ says:

    Yay! More silly adverts! 8)

    That stadium story: ship it!

  60. Flight_Test_Bunny says:

    I was so excited to find RFB back in production (at least more regularly). The Memories and The RFB early episodes were my first foray into podcast listening. It is my go to podcast when I’m working around the house; it’s the little bit of anything and everything that keeps my brain from being lulled into complacency (which usually results in a hammer to the thumb, or such). I have enjoyed your work, partially because if your art, but mainly because of your message of inclusion, your encouragement to be oneself and make things, and your acceptance of you for you.

    Also, as a member of the military, I left my California home at 17 (20+ years ago) and haven’t had the fortune to be posted back there. I say this because you have become one of very few touchstones to my Cali roots. It is for this reason, and remembering my first game with my Dad, I would be over-the-moon if you did a show about your family and Dodger stadium. No pressure, but I think it would be amazing if you did something in the vein of “The Cecil Hotel” broadcast…perhaps even with the content authored by one Wil Wheaton. (Oh geez, that could sound very Superfan/Dance for me monkey-like! Not meant that way. You’re the artist, I just enjoy the art, I’ll leave the creativeness to you!)

    Keep up the great work; we enjoy the heck out of it!

  61. Jason says:

    OMG you’re back!! I keep checking every week. I’m so happy!
    I would love to hear your Dodgers story.
    Keep up the awesome work, good to hear you again. Hope you and your family are well.
    Thanks Wil!

  62. Shauna says:

    Thanks for bringing back The Burrito. It was missed!you never fail to inspire me to be better and to do better. I would love to hear your dodgers stadium story. Thanks for the pro tip on Uke Box Heroes. Their rendition of Glitter in the Air is my favorite song this week.

  63. Shauna says:

    Thanks for bringing back The Burrito. It was missed!you never fail to inspire me to be better and to do better. I would love to hear your dodgers stadium story. Thanks for the pro tip on Uke Box Heroes. Their rendition of Glitter in the Air is my favorite song this week.

  64. Nathan says:

    Always enjoy Radio Free Burrito; so glad you have been making them again!

  65. Blake says:

    Glad to see Radio Free Burrito back! I have enjoyed this podcast for a long time, as well as your blog and I really appreciate everything you have to say. Keep up the good work and keep being creative!

  66. MonkeyShaman says:


    I mean it’s fine if you’ve decided to run then by weekly, I’ve surrendered to possibly only getting one episode annually before.

    I get that the powers that be might have decided that the return of FTWD is enough to keep people from voting for total planetary annihilation when the aliens arrive but getting the tv burritos double features was awesome.

    • Dan McD says:

      He had a terrible week, which he detailed on his blog. Let him got for a week or two.

  67. Matt Freeman says:

    Wil, just leaving a note to say thank you for the frequent updates, and I’m really enjoying them!
    I also wondered if you were aware of the genre of music known as Chap Hop – an answer to the question “What if hip hop was invented by Victorian English Gentlemen?”
    The two to explore are Professor Elemental and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.
    So glad to hear Anne is getting better too, look after yourselves.

  68. Dani Marie Kice says:

    Another episode!!! I was so excited to get the download on my iPhone. It really makes my day and picks up my work nights. Thank you thank you thank you!!
    P.S. I work at a school for the Deaf and they are always curious what I’m listening too. Try explaining not just podcasts, but a rambling (love the rambling btw) podcast by Wil Wheaton. It’s been a fun challenge.

  69. Bryan Graham says:

    This is actually a comment about Ep 47, but apparently comments are closed on that one. I listen to podcasts primarily while driving, so sometimes I get behind.

    A) Great to hear your podcast back “on the air”. I look forward to listening every time PocketCasts tells me there’s a new ep.

    B) I really enjoyed your stories. Even with the best writer in the world, there’s something about oral/vocal story telling that just does a better job conveying the feelings of what’s going on in a story. I teared up during the monkey story, which would have been better if I wasn’t driving at the time 🙂

    C) I think it’d be really cool to meet you at a Con someday. If you’re ever headed to RTX in Austin of Pax South in San Antonio, let the podcast know.

    D) Regarding your experience in Detroit, I had a similar epiphany awhile back, so after running the experiment for about 15 years, I can say that my results have been fantastic. I’m kind, and it seems to spread.

  70. David Deakin says:

    Awesome to see more episodes, I like to check back in from time to time and was over the moon to find not just one, but 4 new ones. I really wanted to comment on Episode 46 but couldn’t for some reasons and I have yet to list to this Episode 48 (savouring it for some quality listening time), but it’s amazing to hear hear the real Wil, it takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to the world the way you do and sometimes you’ll be surprised how the word comes together to support one another.
    I try to catch anyone you are involved it, from your appearances on TV, Table top or anything you’ve written, the talent you have across a number of platforms is amazing and I’m thrilled to have just found “Dead Trees Give No Shelter”, which I have just purchased without hesitation (or even knowing anything about it lol)… I think I need to go see if there’s anything else out there I’ve missed.
    I sincerely hope to see more of your creativity, TableTop is amazing, can’t wait to see TitansGrave return and any more surprise appreances, like when I watched MST3K and didn’t even know you were involved, yay 🙂

  71. Jess Lawson-Hart says:

    VERY late to the party, but this is re: episode 46. James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) is also pipe-dreaming about putting together a low-budget horror movie. I know it’s unlikely the two of you have crossed paths, but he has thousands of hours of in-front-of and behind-the-camera experience including many short horror films. Could be just the right person to add to your growing Dream Team.

    Short of that, he’s also a board game fan and has an extensive collection of classic titles, so maybe an appearance on TableTop could break the ice?

  72. Mike says:

    Hey Will,

    We are listening in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks for asking us to post comments to you. I always feel weird sending email to someone out of the blue, unless I have a good reason.

    Want to let you know I am fond of your work on TNG and Big Bang. I am following you on twitter, which is how I found your podcast. So if you are keeping a list, please put me in the fan column. I just turned 50 and love to hear those old advertisements. They really take me back to my childhood. I thought those were local advertisements at the time. But I guess the world of communications was a lot smaller back then and we were all hearing the same thing.

    Your podcast really makes me think about myself and how I feel about the topics you talk about. Looking forward to the next Episode.


  73. john Piwowarski says:

    Hi Wil,
    you said leave a comment to let you know we are listening and I am. Great Podcast I always enjoy hearing your voice and glad to hear you might be doing this once a week. Sad to see I missed your signing in Chicago, and I wouldn’t have over stepped my boundaries I totally get it. I would wait in line to see you. Your a great human and very entertaining.

  74. Desiree says:

    Thank you for recording these again!! Especially with a headache!!

    I would love to hear your family history with Dodger Stadium!!