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Radio Free Burrito Episode 50: an episode of arbitrary significance

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Stuff and things and other things, and moog synthesizer music. Yes, it is all in one place, and it’s all for you, Damien! IT IS ALL FOR YOU!

Here’s your embed:

and here’s a direct link: 050-RFB

70 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode 50: an episode of arbitrary significance”

  1. Nick says:

    I like the show notes!

    • Candice says:

      Me too! I have learned all kinds of cool or entertaining things from those notes and hyperlinks.

  2. SweetChuck says:

    I was really excited for Mr. Robot. But because everyone was so worried about spoilers I went in thinking it would be a good technical thriller. But the last third of the first season really turned me off when it became apparent the show was a psychological thriller.

    Nothing against psych thrillers (River on Netflix is pretty awesome), it just wasn’t what I wanted based on the hype I heard. I’ll probably swing back around after the entire Mr. Robot series is done.

  3. Matthew says:

    If the show notes are what is preventing you from doing episodes, then by all means, dump the show notes. Yes, I read them, but I’d rather have more episodes!

  4. Mimi says:

    I can’t listen yet, but wanted to say I always read the notes. Don’t let that stop you from making RFB though. Tis better to have the show alone!

  5. laura smith says:

    I always read the notes, like to see what the topics I am going to listen to are. I am not too fussy if you take them away mind. However when I saw your show notes about meeting a monkey, i was like OH i have to hear this now

  6. I enjoy the show notes … it makes it easier for me to find that one show that I want to go back and listen to after a couple of weeks have passed. I may not remember the songs played, but I remember I want to listen to the episode that has the Dodger Stadium story in it. Helps out a lot.

  7. Seth Reineke says:

    There are two shows where I always read the notes: yours and Reconcilable Differences. I love being able to easily to back and source the little things that popped up.

    Obviously, don’t do them if they’re killing you, but they are genuinely appreciated when they’re there.

  8. One show my wife and I watch just to feel better about the world is “Steven Universe”. It’s a show that does everything it can to be wholesome, adventurous, and genuine while doing some of the best short form story telling I’ve seen in a while. We’re watching it on Hulu and haven’t seen the newer episodes, but when we come home mentally drained by the world we just watch reruns of Steven Universe and feel better about things.

  9. Jennifer Nash says:

    I’m one of those that rarely looks at show notes unless you’ve added links or something that I’m interested in, so you do whatever you want with the show notes.

    I had already read the blog post your “5 Things” segment was based on, but I didn’t mind hearing them a second time, plus you elaborated! Also… thank you for mentioning the HVAC filter. We just hit 100 degree heat indexes this week and because of you, I remembered to change my dog and cat-hair clogged air filter!

    • Jennifer Nash says:

      Also, my husband and I love Silicon Valley if you’re looking for a new show.

  10. codingCat says:

    It is what it is, and it is great.

    Do mention your feelings on current events. It is bad to pretend that political things aren’t unraveling and it is comforting knowing that there are other people concerned and that there are actions to be taken.

    Do not spend a lot of time discussing it, because as you said I don’t come here for that and it is nice having an intellectually stimulating outlet that isn’t all darkness. The time you spent on it was about perfect.

    And thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Marshall says:

    Glad the Burrito is back with regularity.

  12. James A says:

    Dude, Thanks for another truly entertaining episode of RFB! I’ve been running “errands” all day for my wife just so I can have some alone time in the car to listen to RFB without interruption. Listening on iPhone podcast app.

    Three episodes of Westworld under my belt and I’m hooked. Check it out.

  13. Anthony says:

    Add me to the list of people who like and use the show notes, but understand that if they hold you back from producing the show then leaving them out is perfectly fine.

  14. Great episode!
    (Don Ralke- with a long e) was a relative. He also composed music for Disneyland and did a great album “But You’ve Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos” that you might enjoy.
    FYI, we enjoy hearing what you and Anne are watching.

  15. Mike says:

    I love your “use the offer code Nerdist” running gag. 😀

    The story about your AC reminded me that I need to clean the filter on mine. THANKS!

    I had no idea that you had studied improv! That’s really great to hear. I’m going to watch your Whose Line episode tonight.

    I say don’t worry about the show notes if they’re so much trouble for you. As long as you mention the name of a song or story that you have in the show, we can google it.

  16. Paul says:

    A friend pulled me aside at work today to tell me how much she loved you on “whose line”. At length. Well done you.

  17. Tracey says:

    I read the show notes and go back to them if you play music I like. That might be the only thing I’d ask you to continue to include, links to the songs. But as others have said before, it is definitely not a deal breaker.

    As for TV, I am really enjoying the show Claws. It’s terribly cheesy but I love it!

  18. Don says:

    Love the show notes, but they are not make or break. Loved the show.

    Thanks for the creating!

  19. Thea says:

    I cried when you started talking about coming back to games. I needed to hear that. I haven’t done what I love for a few years, because of shitty people and shitty anxiety, but I’m going to try. Thank you.

  20. zack says:

    Great episode!

    Show notes are nice. Not suffering is nicer. Don’t suffer for the show notes.
    As a rule, the more hate something inspires on Reddit, the better that something is.
    “There is something you love that you have forgotten about” was an aha moment for me. Apparently there’s a lot I’ve forgotten about.
    The show that gives me the most joy these days is not even on TV. It is Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team. It’s funny and exciting and lovely and nsfw and contains very few acid related deaths. Very few.

  21. Jamison Swift says:

    Nice episode. I always liked the show notes, and have used them in the past to get to links from the show.

    Happy to hear you’re back into gaming a bit. When you asked what people are watching my answer is “Catching up on the latest season of Tabletop” LOL

  22. Brandon says:

    Great episode Wil! Loved your r/boardgames rant, those guys are ridiculous. For me, the time I spend with friends and family while playing games is most important. It’s just a bonus if I win, or manage to keep my wife from winning. She’s super dominant at the boardgame table. Not in an annoying way, she’s just so damned smart and can figure out the best move now, three moves ago.

    Tabletop is great! Watching you boardgame with friends and faminly gets me excited for the next time I get to do the same. Those asshats at r/boardgames don’t understand Tabletop, so of course it’s the worst. I can’t say I watch religiously, but I get to them all when I have a few minutes which is usually while having lunch at work. So here’s to lunch Wil!

  23. Rachel says:

    I throughly enjoyed The Good Place. It’s made by the same people behind Parks and Recreation. The first season just ended, and I think you’ll really like it.

  24. Greg M says:

    Friend Wheaton:

    I really want to recommend the “American Gods” series that Bryan Fuller is doing on Starz.

    CNN claims the TV Show is a miss because it’s awash in Smoke and Mirrors, but I’d strongly argue that they’re missing the point by it being square between their eyes.

  25. David J says:

    Hi Wil,

    I always read the notes and, I make use of the links you provide there to further information.

    On a personal note, I sincerely enjoy listening to your anecdotes and other things. Thank you for sharing!

  26. The only thing on air that I’m really excited about is Twin Peaks. 18 hours of Lynch-directed imagery crushes everything else on the small screen. The rest just feels like cute little people telling each other their cute little stories. As usual, I’m probably in the minority on this one.

    • Omar Metcalf says:

      Have to agree, I was going to say more or less the same thing. It helps to have seen the original Twin Peaks but not having seen that is harder to imagine then The guy who hasn’t seen The Wire. Also: people who attack Wil’s creative endeavours are absurd & ridiculous. I was just imagining what if a famous painter like a Van Gogh or whoever did a painting & and was displaying it on the street (like, before they were famous) and some random guy passing by was like: “That Sucks!”, “You’ve Ruined Artful Depiction Of That Thing You’ve Painted!”.

  27. Tine says:

    Hi Wil,

    thank you so so much for reccomending GLOW. I watched it all over the past few days and I LOVE it! Just wanted to let you know.

    Greetings from Germany.

  28. Raygan says:

    I know I’ve said this to you before on another format, but you are the sole reason why Leverage is now my all time favorite show. I’ve watched it all the way through about 5 times now.

    A show you might be interested in is the Lethal Weapon remake with Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. I’ve always loved Damon as an actor and a comedian and he really knocks it out of the park as Murtaugh. Clayne is a far better Riggs than Mel ever was.

    Anyway, please keep doing RFB, I always enjoy listening to it and I hope your upcoming birthday is a great one.

  29. Mike says:

    Hi Wil!

    Not sure if you were only looking for scripted series, but last year I stumbled across a show on the History Channel that I cannot get enough of. The show is called ‘Forged in Fire’. It is structured like a competition cooking show, only instead of making food, they are forging bladed weapons from assorted metal objects. Definitely worth a view if you enjoy watching talented people create.

  30. Thomas C says:

    Really enjoying the show, it’s nice to hear music I wouldn’t ordinarily listen to.
    Most of the shows I watch on regular TV are on hiatus so I’m watching a lot of internet stuff like, Dread and Shield of Tomorrow on Alpha. I also really enjoy The C Team on Hyper RPG.
    And if you are in the mood for craziness, down right stupid stunts and a little prison toilet wine might I suggest The Modern Rogue on Youtube? It’s a really fun show.

  31. Logan says:

    Hey, I just wanted to plug my current TV obesession, Sundance channel’s “Cleverman”. This show is amazing. It is sort of an urban fantasy spin on District 9. It revolves around Australian Aboriginal mythology and folk magic in modern day Sydney. A ‘Cleverman’ is like a Native American Medicine Man, a spiritual teacher and protector. The main character is a young criminal who has inherited the mantle and has no idea what to do. The show is about racism, otherness, tradition vs modernity, and what Outsider have to do to be part of the dominant culture. It is so well written and most of the cast are Abos. Season 2 just started and season 1 is on Netflix.

    I’m a big fan of Tabletop and hope you get the joy back. I just stay off Reddit by default, and I’m happier for it. Did you see there is a Betrayal at House on the Hill set in Waterdeep?

    You “WLIIA” spots were great, and you seemed to be having a good time.

    Keep doing what you do and I’ll keep being a fan.

  32. Dave says:

    I use and also enjoy your notes. Great to have your shows back again. Thank you Wil 🙂
    Your perfect pondering makes my day better.

  33. jeremy says:

    Thank you very much for this ep. I had received news of the passing of an old friend and it was the perfect distraction i needed to get through my day.

  34. G says:

    Hey Uncle Wil! 🙂

    You asked us to talk about what shows we’re watching right now (I think? Right?).


    For the last couple of years, I’ve been rewatching TOS and TNG, because I listen to a podcast called Mission Logs where they go over every episode in order and talk about the messages, morals, meanings, whether it holds up all that good stuff.

    I’ve also started re-watching DS-9 because it’s my least favorite Trek series but I like some of the characters. I like it a LOT better, for some reason, once Worf joins the cast.

    I’ve also been watching Parts Unknown, because Anthony Bourdain is my culinary spirit animal. And he’s cute.

    I’m also a big fan of The Incredible Dr. Pol (there are episodes available on Hulu), Bandit Patrol (wild animal rescue/rehab, also on Hulu) and Dr.K (exotics animal vet in FL, also on Hulu).

    I recently discovered a show on Hulu called The United Shades of America which stars comedian Kamau Bell. Each episode, he explores something unique about America that makes him vaguely uncomfortable, like visiting the KKK (Kamau is black), talking to black men in prison, etc. It’s really interesting and I love hearing his take on certain things. I’m a whiter than white chick who has, pretty much her whole life, strived to understand where other people are coming from, what their lives or their cultures or their language or their homeland is like. Because that stuff is interesting to me.

    Things that made me sad this week: The Activist Mommy.

    You can go look her up if you want, but don’t do it on a full stomach. You’ll probably want to puke from the hatred and garbage she spews. I don’t understand how the kind of intolerance and garbage she puts out on her webpage, Youtube channel, etc are tolerated in this day and age.

  35. Jon M says:

    Its a shame about TableTop I really enjoy watching the episodes. Did you guys get rules wrong sometimes? Yes, but who hasn’t done that before? That didn’t detract from the entertainment that it provided and as a proud Season 3 supporter I would have happily donated/supported the development of season 4 and on if it meant that it could have been a better experience. I hate that the trolls of the internet basically made it such a terrible experience. I would love to see you do something different video wise in the TableTop gaming sphere because i just love seeing your passion for gaming and having a good time with your friends. You are awesome Wil keep producing content and I will consume it.

  36. Gordon says:

    I freaking love Tabletop. I watch it with friends. I buy games I see you play that look fun. I get to play games I already have that I never grokked until I saw you show me how they work.

  37. Mayra Dudrenova says:

    Halt and Catch Fire is great! Find it on Netflix, a few seasons in, two I think. I watched it because I love Lee Pace, and he is great in this series.

  38. john p says:

    Hi Wil, thanks for yet another great show. I took that step and wrote my letter to the FCC and submitted it. Also something I forgot about that I loved was board games until I rediscovered you and brought tabletop into my viewing. Also one more thing I discovered was playing the guitar in which I just bought one and learned two new songs. Thanks for helping me remember what I use to enjoy and introducing it back into my life.

  39. Rainhall says:

    A media list would be nice, even without links. Just a mention of songs you played and TV/Movies you discussed. I listened while walking today, and heard about several things I want to explore.

    I heard about RFB from your appearance on Lovett. I’m a regular Pod Save America listener, and downloaded Lovett when I heard you would be on there. You really killed it. Your clarity and gravitas make you an excellent spokesperson for progressive ideas.

    Good show! I’m off now to hunt down as much media as I can remember, starting with Whose Line.

  40. Todd Miller says:

    Hello, Will. You seemed to say that you were not sure if you would continue the podcast. I cannot say whether you have the time/energy. I can say, however, that I look forward to the podcasts and would miss it if you stopped.

    Any act of creation takes a lot out of you. The question is whether creating things, be they stories, podcasts, shows, etc. also feeds you. I selfishly hope so, because I enjoy what you create. Thank you

  41. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the new episode, Wil. I can’t believe people would hate on “Table Top.” WTF, hater dude? I’ve loved that show and Titansgrave. My friends and I have played several of the games after watching your episodes. #FiveDayOldSeafood

  42. Another great episode. I got Dreams Of Freedom when it was released, and it’s been my go to for background music when I can’t sleep. It does a great job of turning off my brain when it’s running at a 1000 miles an hour.

    A couple of suggestions for TV shows to watch. I’m going to be patriotic, and offer up some Aussie TV shows.

    Check out Cleverman, about an indigenous Australian superhero character in a dystopian Australia. I think this is available on SundanceTV

    Also try out Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It sounds like a twee BBC show, but it’s about an strong, independent female detective investigating murders in the 1920’s Melbourne underworld & high society. You can find this on Netflix.

    Thanks for RFB!!

  43. Scott Van Essen says:


    I wanted to let you know, in response to your comments in this episode, I love hearing your stories and listening to you talk about your life and whats going on in it. If anything (and please take this not even as constructive criticism but rather market research on a sample of one) I would prefer (if given a choice) to hear more of you and fewer (or shorter) musical interludes. I’m always glad to be exposed to them, but few are my cup of tea, and I would rather have more time listening to you, as you are my cup of tea (to strain the metaphor)

  44. mimi says:

    It never occurred to me that we put significance on multiples of five and ten because of fingers and toes. Mind blown.
    I also loved Mr. Robot. I loved Stranger Things, and I have been guilty of hatewatching shows. I hatewatched the Blacklist and others, but have recently been quitting more shows. I want the tv I’m watching to be better than what’s on my phone.
    My favorites lately? Westworld was beautiful but I think you watched that. THE OA was magnificent. I also REALLy enjoy Silicon Valley, the writing is clever, the actors are hilarious and Guilfoyle is hands down my favorite character ever.
    Looking forward to watching GLOW. I’m on season 6 of Shameless – never got into it until recently and can’t stop watching it (late to the game). I also didn’t watch Game of Thrones until January and once I started (with closed captioning on) I could not stop. I’m a #1 uber super fan now.
    Glad to know I can just jump in Parks & Rec on season 2. I keep thinking I’d like it, but can’t get past the first few episodes.
    My brother and his wife came to town last month and we always play games together. It’s my favorite thing. This time we played Utter Nonsense, Wits and Wagers and Bucket of Doom. The last, Bucket of Doom was THE BEST. You must storytell your way out of a deadly situation, using one of your lifesaving items (from your cards in your hand). Like, tell the story of how you escaped a plane full of snakes using only your 12 inch rubber dildo… or whatever. They key to it being fun, is the more elaborate you make your ridiculous escape story. Also, change the rules to vote cards against humanity style. (The card reader picks their favorite.)
    Something I love I forgot about? Getting lost in other countries. I got to listen to this while riding from Waterford to Dublin and it was neat to see the rolling hills, sheep and horses and just breathe for a while. #fivedayoldseafood
    I know you’re busy, but I already miss Monday storytimes.

    • mimi says:

      And I listen to Bob Marley in the winter… because I associate it with the hot steamy summer. It makes me happy.

  45. Alex says:

    Thanks for making another great episode. I hope you will find the time to keep doing them as I always enjoy listening to Radio Free Burrito. And please keep the show notes. They have been really useful to me in the past for easily finding back some of the things you recommended during the podcast without having to find the exact moment again in the episode where you mention it.

  46. rabbitnat says:

    Really happy to see RFB popping up in my feed more often. I’ve missed your lovely rambling stories that make me feel like we are chatting over dinner.

    Thank you for being so honest about your struggle with depression. I hope you know that you are not shouting into the dark. People are hearing and value your creativity.

    The thing I had forgotten was how much of an impact music can have in your life and on your mood. I had got so caught up in just getting through everything each day that I forgot how fun it is to listen to old favourites or find new gems.

    I love your eclectic taste in music. Never know what I am going to hear and love the surprise.

    Thanks for the podcast

  47. Metz says:

    I finally got to listen to RFB for a bit today, I ration my podcasts and only allow myself to listen to them when I’m out walking as a form of motivation (recovering from pacemaker surgery) so it can take me a while to get through my queue of favorite shows. As a recent addition to my rotation I am loving what I’m hearing so far. Even though I’m not quite finished with this episdoe I wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoyed you on WLIA. I disagree wholeheartedly with THAT Guy who complained at you on Twitter about the Helping Hands sketch. I get the feeling that he’s been conditioned by the numerous “helpers” through the years who have stood there not doing anything, mostly because they are not well versed in improv and therefore Ryan and Colin have to carry the whole thing. But geeze, I cannot understand why he got so upset when Ryan is visibly happy at how the scene is playing out, he even FREAKING SAYS as much in his comment about how happy he is that he’s got someone to do all the eating this time. So great work! Thank you for that, and for RFB, and the added incentive for me to get out there and walk every day.

  48. Jeremy says:

    Loved this episode! I just started listening to Pod Save America, and Lovett mentioned you were going to be on Lovett or Leave It which got me to jump over there (I now enjoy that show more than Pod). As far as show notes, I find them very useful when trying to find a topic I remember but can’t recall which episode it was on! But I primarily listen through my app and don’t normally read them otherwise, so if less hassle will yield more eps, I say drop the notes!

    On you request for show recommendations, I have two I have become obsessed with in recent history:

    1) Sense8!!! Seriously this show is all kinds of mind-blowingly awesome! It is worth every minute of your time, and with a combination of Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, how can you not be intrigued? Also, your whole point of “just wait, it gets better” does not apply to this show. If by the end of episode 2, or at the latest episode 4, you are not digging the show, feel free to bail, because if you’re not into it by that point, you’re not going to be and the show just isn’t for you. It’s all on Netflix! Try it!!

    2) STEVEN UNIVERSE!!!! Someone higher up recommended this and you should listen to them (and me)! This wonderful show about a boy being raised by his mother’s female alien superhero friends who teach him how to use his inherited powers and protect the earth has become literally (not figuratively, LITERALLY) one of my favorite animated series of all time! It’s heart-warming, funny, badass, has great music, and is SUPER progressive! There is also so much story going on in what could be just a simple, silly kids’ show (seriously, more fan theories than ASOIAF)!! The episodes are the standard Cartoon Network 11 minutes or so long, so it’s easy to stop whenever you feel like (though also easy to end up watching more than you intended). First three seasons are on Hulu!!!

  49. John Powell says:

    In the near but still mysterious future please discuss your favorite Star Trek Animated episodes and why they are awesome.


  50. Ann-Mi says:

    Oh no! Was sad to hear Tabletop is giving you such bad mojo from naysayers.
    My husband and I both watch it and we really really love it. It especially keeps me company on evenings when I’m homesick and alone. Never fails to cheer me up.
    Thanks for your hard work. <3

    • eyal polak says:

      hmm me and the wife need to be more coordinated….I am the post below it…

  51. eyal polak says:

    Thank you so much for the show. And please don’t stop the Tabletop show. Me and my wife just love it.
    Thanks from Israel

  52. Metz says:

    Just letting you know that I’ve been listening via Google Play Music. I agree with all of your praise for it. 😊

  53. John Skinner says:

    Hi Wil, long-time listener and first-time commenter here. I like the notes and would miss them if you stopped entirely, but as many others have said I’d rather have lots of burritos without than fewer and painful-for-you with.

    • John Skinner says:

      Forgot to say: what I particularly liked about the notes was clicking on all the links you put in. Hard to make a clickable spoken link 🙂 but if you can solve that one, patent it and retire to the [absurdly luxurious place of your choice].

  54. Jason says:

    So I do like the show notes, it’s helpful especially when you provide links to things/band/etc that you talked about or used. But I also understand it’s probably a lot of work.
    you do you man. keep up the awesomeness!

  55. Sarah says:

    Hi Will,
    I like the notes, as I was able to find that sweet Killing Joke song link, a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise, I would have been like: “yeah, Will Wheaton played this sweet tune by a band from the 80’s I missed.. it was like the killing game or sommmethin’?…somethin’ like thaaat”
    Anyway love this podcast, and I miss t.v. Crimes!

  56. Erica Burns says:

    heh. I just read your post about not being on twitter, and that is where I told you about the shows I’m watching. We just finished Fargo season 3, which I’m sure you will get to as a fan already. I have been on board with Fargo ever since I heard that Martin Freeman had a mid-western accent- and it is DELIGHTFUL! I”m very much into Outlander right now (Starz) and am kinda obsessed with the books as well. Also if you still have Hulu then try The Path, Casual, & The Wrong Mans. a while back you recommended The Booth at the End which I really enjoyed. It was totally weird, but so good. Sneaky Pete and Bosch on Amazon Prime are also really great..

    I’m hit or miss with the show notes. I like them every time I read them, but I don’t always visit the webpage.

    Oh hey- um.. I would love a RFB t-shirt. can you design one on Zazzle or something similar? I want to support my favorite podcasts, and feel cool so I thought I would try and get some t-shirts or something. and then I can wear it on JoCo cruise in Feb and maybe we will run into each other #soexcited

  57. Rhett says:

    Sorry about your recent bout of depression and having your energy sapped from internet trolls on Reddit. My family and l love Tabletop and in fact as a direct result, we play a lot more games together. When I think of all the entertainment I’ve enjoyed over the last decade, Tabletop figures prominently in my mind as one of the most fun to watch. It is certainly easier to be a critic of someone else’s work than to be a creator. I hope you continue to follow your instincts and only work to satisfy your own standards. If you like what you’ve created then the right people will like it as well, everyone else is invited to find something else or make something different.