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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Fifteen

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

I started this episode on Monday, and real life (and trying damn hard not to suck) kept me working on it until Thursday. Let's find out if it was worth the wait!

Show Notes:

Ready? Then now would be a perfect time to

Download Radio Free Burrito Episode 15!

24 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Fifteen”

  1. Feel free to go as long as you want in future podcasts!

  2. Tem78 says:

    Loved the podcast Wil. I hope this will happen weekly until Memories of the Futurecast returns. It always seems like you have so much fun with them. I love the little sound effects too.
    I do hope that you will continue to answer more of the questions supplied by your followers. Loved the video game section and I agree, a Who version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band would be awesome.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family. If we don’t hear from you next week, Happy New Years as well!

  3. Josh Bokaie says:

    AWESOME!! I laughed so hard about the beer conversation! Horses, really??! Great, great idea you have for the twitter post book. Why must everything be so expensive anymore?? You make it feel as if we are in the room w/you while you read. Glad you are feeling better too! Happy holidays Wil:) Thanks for all the great post this year.

  4. I’ve mirrored the file
    on a new-to-me virtual server that I’d love to stress-test, so please let’er rip!

  5. listening now. 2/3 of the way through.
    Good call on aborting the bit about referring to yourself in the 3rd person. I think some of your audience (myself included) would have found it funny. However, a small fraction would have found it terribly narcissistic and would have spewed vile ichor and poison all over the comments and I’m sure your inbox, because some people can’t take a joke.
    That was very very nice and generous of you to directly answer the one question about voice-over acting. It’s an interesting look into the process, both at the Whoopi-Goldberg-1988 POV and also the Wil-Wheaton-2008 POV. For what it’s worth, your agent dumping you over the phone thing totally totally sucks.
    Continuing listening…
    [Oh…I assumed you are Ok with mirrorinig the file? You always have been before, but I just realized you might not be this time. I’ll remove it right away if you don’t want it up.]

  6. Further along now.
    Thanks very much for using “penultimate” correctly. That’s something I got wrong for years (I used to use it to mean “last”) and so now it bugs me when someone uses it wrong like I used to.
    I totally disagree with you that the Q&A is weak–I think it’s by far the best part of the show so far. It’s very interesting to hear you talk about topics that are tossed at you by people. You have a good feel for the talk-about-this-subject-for-two-minutes-and-then-move-on sort of rhythm that makes, say, talk/interview shows interesting.

  7. Tim says:

    I think that doing a Q and A is a great idea every so often. I mean, dude!, you’re Wil Motherfeckin’ Wheaton, the rising star of podcasters! It took me one listen to Ep. 1 of Futurecast to realize that I really like your material and I totally plan on downloading all of Futurecast and Burrito to my computer in the next few days. But I can totally undestand trying to answer questions about your life when there is no one around to respond right away seems boring. Just trust us, your fans, we like you for what you did so far, we’ll probably like anything you give us.
    By the way, you got me hooked on that one song from Coconut Monkeyrocket on your Exotica and Lounge episode. It’s my new mambo practice music. For, y’know, when I actually learn how to do Mambo…

  8. Marty says:

    If you’re still looking into On Demand publishing options for your Twitter Book, you might want to look into CreateSpace (, if you haven’t already. I used to work there. They are an subsidiary, and cover books, music, and video. Since it is part of Amazon, you can get it listed on Amazon’s main site, as well as your own digital storefront. These can all be distributed both as a physical product (Book, CD, DVD…not sure about BluRay) and as a digital download (Kindle, Amazon MP3, and Video On Demand). I know that their book sizes can be customized, but I’m not sure if they go as small as you want, or how it affects the cost of the product.
    Also, CreateSpace is the part of Amazon that handled the DVD and soundtrack for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, for what that’s worth.

  9. JojiMyers says:

    Just saying the main link won’t save the file on my machine in the Bronx, NY “birthplace” it’s thought of the Commodore chip and various funny people, (Reiners, Brooks, Marshall, etc., and where, by the way, the Capitol Dome was cast and assembled for President Lincoln for a tad over a million $). Loved the surf music, a friend has/had a surf shop in Hampton Bays. Thanks for the mirror site, though it worked fine. Some of the music still coming from the Commodore 64 is amazin’!

  10. Brian says:

    The European budwieser comes from the Chezch Republic and is pretty good. Horse piss is available branded as ‘Bud’. The exception is the UK where they are both called Budweiser, so it’s vitally important that whoever goes to the store knows their beers or it’s chilled urine beverage time.

  11. karohemd says:

    That was a nice mix of things. I was just amused you were playing surf music while a snow storm descended on Southern England. 🙂
    For anyone on livejournal, I’ve syndicated the feed here:

  12. Robin says:

    Woo, thanks for the Oregon microbrew call out!

  13. Ecocd says:

    Have you considered releasing your _140_ book as a DIY .pdf? The .pdf would be normal portrait orientated A4 paper, but there would be dashed cut lines separating the pages. People would be … “given the opportunity” to print it out back-to-back, cut out the pages and find a stapler capable of going through 35-ish pieces of paper. Maybe that’s not a great idea, but it is an idea.
    Alternatively, you could manually put together a few yourself and give away autographed copies as podcast prizes or charity auction events. Just prepare for 100s (1,000s?) of entries for any contest regardless of the prize. You’ve already said it’s a labor of love, so what’s a little manual labor?

  14. Danyiel says:

    Grrrr…am I really THAT iTunes inept, or did this episode lose about 9 minutes for no good frakking reason? You were in the middle of telling the story about the guy in the beer store that you think is From Turkey and the podcast just ended in the middle of a sentence! Furthermore, the feedburner link that I was so excited to feed into my iTunes today STILL is not downloading the episodes automatically.
    Getting to some of the points you raised, no, you are totally not alone about all of these stupid freaking Vampire books, shows and movies that are currently so popular right now for some reason. I don’t get their appeal either, but to answer your question about the “Get off my lawn!” people back when we were kids and Lost Boys was popular, I distinctly remember my Mom ranting about Bela Lugosi, so it probably is because we’re fucking old, or possibly a mixture of the new stuff sucking donkey dick and us being old. Take your pick.
    As for your “Get excited and make stuff!” movement, I think that I’ll start my own movement called “Be apathetic and do nothing.” Can you tell that I’m reading George Carlin’s posthumously released book “Last Words” right now? He has that effect on me, I just have to have a smartass retort to every slogan that I read or hear for some reason when I’m in Carlin mode.
    In all honesty, though, I thought that your Twitter book idea was rather cool. And even though I remember most of the tweets (yeah, yeah, you hate that word, would you rather me call them twats?) that you read during this podcast, I still found myself giggling at them. I’ve said it about a thousand times before, but Anne is just too hilarious for words. I honestly think that you should give her a co-writing credit for your Twitter book that unfortunately won’t come to fruition because the twats (yeah, that’s what I’ve decided I’m calling them in lieu of your hated “tweet” word) that involve the banter between the two of you are probably my favorite ones. I know I probably don’t have to tell you this, but your wife totally rules.
    Me, succinct? Yeah, right. That’ll happen. Not. Moving on: When you mentioned “The Roof is on Fire” I immediately thought about Wilson Goode, who was the Mayor of Philadelphia when I was a kid. He’s the one that dropped a bomb on a house full of MOVE members in West Philly back in the 1985, killing 11 people (mostly women and children) and setting the whole block on fire. And he was re-elected! WTF?! But my point is that the DJ’s in this city thought it was hilarious to play that song on heavy rotation after that happened, which is kind of fucked up. To this day, every time I hear that song, I see people on fire running out of their houses screaming.
    Well I guess that’s about it for my long-winded verbal diarrhea for now. Carry on as usual…

  15. Ken says:

    “Use the ISDN lines”??

  16. Wil says:

    A lot of voice actors build booths in their homes and use ISDN lines to communicate directly with agents, casting directors, or even producers when they run sessions.
    They use ISDN, I guess, because its highspeed and not as lossy as other connections. Its *very* common for people who are on NPR to do things like this: you go to a local studio (Id go to KPCC in Pasadena) and get hooked up with the host in Boston or Chicago or whatever. The sound is so good and so clean, the audience never knows the host and guest are in different cities unless they are explicitly told.

  17. crystal says:

    I enjoyed the whole episode. The game section reminded me of another podcast you may be interested in. ‘The Black Panel’. You can subscribe to them on iTunes. They’re just starting out and have only done 8 episodes. They’re done for this year so time to catch up before next year. They’re very funny & insightful.
    They also have a website:

  18. RavenBlue says:

    I had no idea you were a beer enthusiast. What was the name of the chocolate stout again? I’m more of a stout/porter girl but my fiance loves IPA’s and also the stouts and porters. We’re on the east coast of Canada and there are some fantastic craft breweries here. Picaroons, Pumphouse, Garrison (admittedly it’s been more miss with Garrison, but for some reason we always give them another shot. They had an Imperial Pale Ale that has an IBU around 70. It’s a bit much, kind of like licking a tire.) Propeller. And it’s a macro but Moosehead I have to mention, since they are quite good and the brewery is in our city. Oddly enough, we were down in the states to see U2 a few months back. We picked up a Dundee tasters pack. Enjoyed every one of those. My fiance wanted some Guinness Extra Stout, since they no longer stock it here. And on the side it says it’s brewed at Moosehead breweries in Canada lol. Arses. Why the frak can’t they sell it here then?
    Have you tried Young’s Double Chocolate Stout? They stocked it for a couple weeks here and then cruelly took it away. It’s fantasticly delicious, beyond magically delicious more up into the holy feckin’ hell why didn’t I know about this before, delicious.
    This guys review of it pretty well explains it.

    Anyway, it’s great to hear Radio Free Burrito finally. Ages ago, I once wrote a theme song for the show and you sent me a lovely, kind email on how you actually liked it lol. At the time, I was on dialup and was never really able to tune in. So it’s nice now to be able to actually tune in.
    I wish they stocked more US craft beers in our stores. Right now, it’s pretty much Sam Adams.

  19. Rick says:

    Greetings, Sir,
    This is my first RFB, and shall not be my last. I am a podcaster myself, and have thoroughly enjoyed Memories of the Futurecast, and now I have a whole back log of free burritos to sample. 🙂 Just FYI, my cohosts and I just plugged the hell out of Memories of the Futurecast on our latest show, should you wish to give it a listen we talk about you very early in the podcast. You can find it at
    Thank you for all your wonderful work.
    Rick Tetrault
    Starbase 66

  20. Dylan says:

    I just came across a post on tweetbooks on another blog:

  21. Ashugg says:

    Dear Mr W
    Can you please inform your (possibly) Turkish friend at the liquor store that his Budweiser theory is not only compelling, but rings very true as I think the same thing happens here in Australia with Fosters. They have licensed it to other countries where it is obviously made a whole lot better!
    “While popular in many countries, particularly where it is brewed locally, Foster’s Lager does not enjoy widespread success in Australia.” [

  22. Ashugg says:

    I am pleased to say that more than one of the tweets^w”messages” from your unpublished book 140 are in fact in my Twitter Favorites. =)

  23. Carl Belles says:

    Don’t get too cocky about your inherent WilWheatonness getting you a part written for a character who displays a great amount of WilWheatonness. Craig Ferguson has a story about not getting a part (I think it was reading the “Braveheart” audio book) because he, “wasn’t Scottish enough.” Go figure.
    And if you’re ever in Chicago, you must stop by the Goose Island Brewpub. Really good stuff, and they’ve been doing it since 1989. Lot’s of really complex Belgian-style beers, but they’ve got some nice hoppy brews, too.

  24. I know I’m commenting late but I had just to.
    Grape juice tastes like purple …
    Someone else gets it.