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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Fourteen

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

I'm feeling creatively stuck and frustrated these days, so in an effort to escape from the chains of creative oppression, I thought I'd cook up a little burrito for the people. I hope you enjoy it, and remember to chew your food.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then now would be a perfect time to

Download Radio Free Burrito Episode 14

15 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Fourteen”

  1. TSC says:

    I actually go to school about twenty feet away from that planetarium…

  2. First off, Rodeohead was a tasty, tasty, treat.
    Second, thanks for the Ficlets demise heads up, I signed up for Ficly and found the Ficlets graveyard so I could disinter my old stories.
    Third, thanks for bringing RFB back, I missed it. Were you to provide the world with an RFB promo, I would gladly play it for my listeners.
    Lookin’ forward to more…

  3. Jody Garrett says:

    I know this is stupid but how can I subscribe to this with the Zune software? (I know I know)

  4. Oh, one more thing. A while back you did a blog entry where you mentioned the ‘Pseudopod’ podcast. On your recommendation I listened, subscribed, and was so impressed with the stories I volunteered to read for them. I’ve narrated four stories for them so far, and gained a metric buttload of experience as a voice actor, learning how to adapt my VO style to other people’s work. I even had one of the authors e-mail me personally to compliment my narration and express an interest in having me read his future stories (which is triple awesome as his writing is INCREDIBLE. Check out ‘Love Like Thunder’ and ‘Reservation Monsters’ over at Pseudopod. His name is Jim Biyeh, and if he’s not in a ‘Best Fantasy of the Year’ collection soon, then there’s no hope for the world).
    Anyway, the point is, I have you to thank here. If you hadn’t plugged Pseudopod, then I would never have had one of the coolest experiences of my life.
    Thanks, man!

  5. Tem78 says:

    Okay, loved the podcast. So glad to have Radio Free Burrito back. Absolutely loved the story, I wish there was more.
    Okay, I didn’t love the ad for the planetarium. I live in Toronto and everytime I try to visit the planetarium, because such a cool thing, it’s closed. You got my hopes up. I was literally opening my internet explorer when you said it was old. So sad. Really it was a cool ad,I just wish it had been current.
    Looking forward to more Radio Free Burrito!

  6. Justin says:

    Nice! A Toronto shoutout in the old RFB (incedentally I happen to work at the old CFRB radio station… coincidence?!)
    You’ve got yourself a new listener. It seems to me that Memories of the Futurecast was my gateway drug to more Wheaton.

  7. Karohemd says:

    The mental image of a greased commando Ninja you is still with me after listening to it last night. 0_o
    Excellent podcast, I’m definitely looking forward to more.

  8. karohemd says:

    For those readers on livejournal, there’s now a RFB feed:

  9. Thiefree says:

    JOY! You’ve made my day Wil, I love RFB and this was a pleasure to listen to.
    I love that Hard n Phirm song almost as much as you. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    Also, I like the look of Ficly, I’m going to give it a try 🙂

  10. grkjf says:

    I’m slow. I only noticed today that there was a recent RFB. I really liked it, especially the mention of Ficlets/ly. I remembered the blog entries about “make something” from a few weeks ago but I didn’t know what to make, until you described ficly. So I wrote something; it’s pretty bad (not going to share my pen name nor the title of the story), but it felt very good writing something else than tech specs, for once.
    The 1024 character limit did remind me of how I tend to be overly verbose.

  11. Danyiel says:

    “You know what doesn’t have a greasy ninja escape tube in it? Yes, as a matter of fact we do, Wil. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing has a greasy ninja escape tube in it.”
    Again. Pneumonia, groovy cough medicine and that. Or rather, THIS. There were other things in there that were probably more enjoyable/funny than that remark, but my ever dwindling brain cells were both delighted and repulsed by that little bit that you did there. I am now convinced that the “monsters” in your short story are greased up ninjas and that someone really should have built them a goddamn tube!

  12. Silver Ilix says:

    Thanks for the Rodeohead…. made me laugh out loud at work….. oops.

  13. JE Smith says:

    Have you ever heard of Hayseed Dixie? They do bluegrass versions of heavy metal songs like “Ace of Spades” and “Detroit Rock City” that are absolutely hilarious. “Rodeohead” reminded me of HD. Great stuff.

  14. Russell says:

    Wil, if you like Rodeohead so much, maybe you should check out an artist from here in NC. They are called The Avett Brothers and they are awesome!

  15. Tristan says:

    I totally remember hearing that Laser Zeppelin ad on the radio when I was a kid!
    What a totally bizarre and awesome flashback to 1980’s Toronto….