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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Nine: The Unearned Bell

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RFB LogoIt’s late, but for good reasons. Welcome to Radio Free Burrito!

This week, I talk a little bit about my creative process for the Tabletop RPG Show, my D&D 5E campaign, and I ring an unearned bell.


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Radio Free Burrito Episode 39



21 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Nine: The Unearned Bell”

  1. Takashi Toyooka says:

    WAV format? 700 kbps? I re-encode my podcasts to 64 kbps mp3, to save space. This file compressed to about 17M. I’m concerned about your bandwidth!

    By the way, I’m delighted that RFB is back on the air!

    I listened to your experimental episode, and I have to say, it lacked your usual energy, but interestingly (ding), it felt a lot more authentic as a result.

  2. Kevin says:

    Can you please make RFB available in mp3 in the future? kthxbye

  3. Michael Trevino says:

    I have not listened to this episode, but I need to say, I like your show. I have for a while. Whether you are experimenting or attempting something “Polished” I have always like this show. This brings up, Feeding the Burrito. I have listened to more than my fair share and have always meant to feed the burrito. (I have been in perpetual poverty for most of my adult life. Perhaps the right-wingers are right, I just might be lazy and looking for a hand out.) I digress. I feel it is high time I feed the burrito. Where is the Feed the Burrito button?

  4. Hey Wil,

    Wrapped up listening to Ep. #37 and wanted to chime in as per the request at the end. I’m so glad to have Radio Free Burrito back as a regular in my podcast feed.

    I also wanted to add that my favorite thing from older RFB episodes is the music you introduce listeners to. My music library is filled with many great artists thanks to your recommendations including the amazing Mike Doughty.

    Have a lovely day!


  5. Spikalicious says:

    Players never do as you want or need them to do.

  6. John says:

    May I suggest that possible genocide is far more consequential that a burst ball? … But hey, that’s just my opinion – and we know what they’re all like, right?

  7. Fantastic choice of music! The Doubleclicks are the bomb.

    How amazing that Amy Dallen and Nikka Harper are in your campaign. At least one of them has tweeted about being at Castle Wheaton; now we know why. Cool! (I would NOT assume that they do not listen to your podcast.)

    And I’m not finished listening yet, but I’m so jazzed that you invoked the Chekhov rule of dramatic causality.

    As always, thanks for posting. Can’t wait for the RPG show. Whoo-hoo!


  8. Now done listening.

    Um…Wil…listening to you chat about stuff is exactly why we tune in. You can’t have anyone over to Castle Wheaton to game that wants to, because you’d have 47,000 people at your door, and it would be hard to feed them, even with something scalable like pasta. You talking about your gaming experiences allows us to experience that vicariously, which is really fun.

    We don’t mind chatty RFB’s. They’re fun and interesting. Keep up the good work, sir, and I hope that the cruise will be/was delightful and fun.

    Take care!


  9. Takashi Toyooka says:

    “Enjoy your burrito” should be your tagline! Couldn’t you license it from Nerdist Industries?

  10. Rebecca says:

    Just chiming in after listening to this episode, and I have to say that I totally don’t listen in order to hear certain things, I love just hearing whatever you have to say because it’s entertaining (this sounds a little creepy, I think. Basically, just keep doing what you’re doing).

    Also, I really enjoyed the bit about your D&D 5e campaign. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, because my group is making its way through a 3e campaign before we jump into 5e. It’s nice to hear what you have planned and how your group is playing it.

    Thanks for taking the time to put out another podcast this week. Enjoy the boat trip!

  11. Stephen says:

    Hi Wil. I’m finally getting around to commenting on episode 37, since you asked for feedback. Yes, I listened to the entire podcast. Personally, I prefer to download it, instead of using the embedded link, so that I can listen on another device when I’m away from my desk.

  12. John says:

    I get it … You just post semi intelligent nonsense on here, sit back, n let the good times roll?! … I’m in!

  13. HairlessWooky says:

    I drive truck for a living and I have been binge listening to the burrito podcast which I have enjoyed listening to quite a bit. A question I had for you is this first part are you going to be involved with Star Trek Renegades at all? Also as a writer and a previous Star Trek actor have you ever considered pitching a new show? As of right now there are no space like shows on TV. The closest thing to a space show would be Defiance on SyFy. It really is a big gap on TV. We have cop shows, supernatural shows, super hero shows, reality TV, the list goes on. We are missing the star trek, star gate, and a firefly like shows. There is a huge following of people that like these shows and want to watch them. Also loved your show on SyFy was sad to see it cancelled, reminded me of G4 Attack of the Show. See there is another huge gap in TV the death of G4 I mean who watches esquire? I thank you for your service to the geek community and keep on playing more games.

  14. Harold says:

    I also don’t listen for any particular content. You’re “ramblings” and thoughts are the reason I listen. I’m also a board gamer, D&D player, father of a 25 year old and enjoy hanging out with my wife. You would be surprised how many of us are out there. Keep doing what you do.


    Remember, the idea is to make something.

  15. Mark Hoelscher says:

    This is actually the first one of your podcasts that I found and listened to. I really enjoyed it, and wanted to say thank you for putting it out there. Since I’m sure you have an owl in your area that’s simply superb, I hope you had a great superb owl Sunday!

  16. Seth Moko says:

    I just want to check in to thank you for making a thing. Something about these burritos appeals to me – it stimulates my mind and my creativity to listen. So thank you for making a thing. And also – just for some feedback – LOVED listening to the episodes where you converse with Anne. It reminds me of wonderful times my wife and I have had sharing dinner/games/both with wonderful couple-friends. Just the way you make one another laugh and talk is somehow inviting. Thank you.

  17. Chad says:

    Thanks Wil! I’m enjoying listening to the podcast. Anne adds a great touch as well. I hope to someday go on a JOCO Cruise. Seems like all the cool kids are there!

  18. James Griffin says:

    Thank you for continuing Radio Free Burrito, it has been enjoyable to listen to your podcasts. My favorite, so far, was your family’s travels to Canada, sound like a wonderful experience. I rarely write publicly, but you both seem to be good-hearted people, and hope that you continue to share your thoughts. All the best, and good luck in Dragon Age.

    Your friend,


  19. mimi (okay so my real name is melissa) says:

    I was going to say something about how I really want to listen to these and rarely do I have a chance to sit and listen to a thing, without interruption and then I realized two times a week I have a one hour round trip to work and … DING, uninterrupted listening time. Only I am dumb and click on this page and then play it through my phone, and then when I pick it up later I have to try to find my place and ugh and is there just one page with all the links to the burritos because I forget which one I listened to already? And just now I looked on iTunes and found I could subscribe to the podcast and that’s probably going to be more user friendly. Le Duh.
    Dat pic of Lake Louise, though.. .am I right? Holy shite.

  20. Jessica says:

    I’m just now catching up on the reboot of RFB, and just wanted to say I’m really enjoying it, and I’m so glad it’s ‘a thing’ again. Really excited for the possibility of guests!

  21. Luis says:

    I picked up the D&D 5e starter set this weekend so that I could introduce my kids to D&D. I had just finished reading the first two adventures last night and started listening to the latest podcast on the way to work this morning…talk about fortuitous timing! I’m pretty nervous about DMing since I’ve barely played RPGs myself. Thanks for your tips and advice on DMing, hopefully it will help me as I get started with my first campaign.