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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-One

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Holy Crap, it’s time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito! That’s two new episodes in two weeks, for those of you keeping score at home.

On this RFB, I read the story I wrote last week, called 239 Sycamore St.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then tear down the wall and 

Download Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-One!

8 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-One”

  1. Mars says:

    Sweet! I wasn’t hallucinating after all when I saw a fresh steaming burrito sitting nice and quiet like on the right side of the page. Can’t wait to listen. Thanks Wil.

  2. beth9133 says:

    *My first concert was Duran Duran in the nosebleed section when i was 12. My next one? Same arena, 30 years later – AC/DC. Friend had tickets – it was AWESOME! I’VE MISSED OUT ON SO MUCH!!
    *I loved your short story! I like how you bring in the psych-out late in the story. I wrote something like it in 9th grade English with a sentence starter that ended with “…and then the phone rang…” Do more, you’re getting really great at it.
    *Which character from your stash of stuff did you channel for the voice of Wil in your “infomercial”? Hmmm.
    *Can you call your mice fighting arena “Mad Mice from Thunderdome”?

  3. karohemd says:

    The one production of The Wall I really wished I had been able to see live was the one in Berlin after that wall had come down. However, they did broadcast it live on TV and that was really overwhelming already with the gradual building up and taking down of the wall.
    I saw on Twitter that you enjoyed it. Excellent.
    I’m surprised that smoking is still permitted at live shows in California. It’s been banned in the UK for a few years now and it’s so good to actually have a voice after a gig.
    What are Opal Fruits called in the US now?
    The show Ork-hive!
    Argh, now you’re making me watch all of TOS again to find which episode that Uhura clip was from.

  4. Albatross says:

    Why does the link say Episode Thirty? Are you trying to confuse us? We’re not terribly bright, you know.

  5. TonyCaselli says:

    Two RFB’s in two weeks?! Fantastic! Man, I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I listened to the last episode last week, and I’m thrilled there’s another one today! Thanks Wil!

  6. DrBones says:

    Ha! I have that Star Trek LP somewhere!

  7. Is it really that odd to be a Pink Floyd fan and not be a stoner? I was surprised to hear that correlation. It’s not like they are the Dead, Doobie Bros, or Jimmy Buffet.

  8. Hey, Wil! I just ordered 6 of the shirts for my crew as Christmas gifts. Well, at least I think I did. I ordered the 3 Woot max twice. Hopefully, they will let me slide!