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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Seven: In a Row?

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RFB LogoIt’s later than usual, but it’s not a year later! How about a new Radio Free Burrito!?

This week, I talked a lot about our secret vacation, and Anne joined me to share a story from her blog.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of mixing podcast audio in Audacity, largely thanks to the wiki.

A couple of very  notes:

Here’s a direct link:


Here’s an embed (does anyone use the embed?):

263 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Seven: In a Row?”

  1. Scott says:

    Yes I listen via the embed.

  2. martinifontaine says:

    Thanks for the stories! Lovely to hear from Mrs. Wheaton.

  3. Stephen Staver says:

    Thanks for making this podcast. I really enjoy the insights and humor.

  4. Jon says:

    Another great episode!

  5. Johny says:

    Listened till the end, but I almost always listen to all podcasts I subscribe all the way through, so not sure if I should be considered a template, probably more like an exception, rather than a rule. Also, not sure how many like me have been a listener since 2005/2006.

  6. Mattchik says:

    Don’t listen via embed but did listen to the end here in The Hague, the Netherlands!

  7. Sven says:

    Hey, all the best for your Orson Welles performance!

  8. Although I did listen to this on soundcloud this time, because I think that’s where you linked from Twitter, in general, I do like to use the embed, because then I’m on the site with the show notes and stuff.

    Yes. I like embeds.

    Craig Steffen

  9. I got this episode seemingly out of nowhere from iTunes. I must have subscribed a long time ago. I came here to comment.

  10. Daniel Mann says:

    Great show today. Love the interaction between you and your wife. Thanks for doing what you do. Also, Stone Age was one of the best episodes of Tabletop ever!!

  11. DJK says:

    I don’t use the embed, but did listen to it all the way through. Keep it up!

  12. I listen while I draw/work via iTunes. i listen till the end. great hearing you talk about your struggles and victories. it brings you down to my level. Much appreciated. Anne’s part was fun too. Thanks again and please keep up the hard work.

  13. Oh by the way Tabletop has brought my family together around the kitchen table and we are having a great time. Thanks

  14. JS says:

    Really glad you enjoyed your time in LL!

  15. Littleheart says:

    First time listener.
    Great episode!
    Listened via soundcloud, but I do like embed.
    Also thanks for reminding me of Maiden’s great album.

    Greez from Germany.

  16. Robert Sanford says:

    I listen to the end, I also listen to the embed. I usually pull it up on my phone and listen while I’m playing video games on a day off

    Love the interaction with Anne, it is obvious that you two are just made for each other, great to see

  17. Jesse says:

    Great podcast. I really liked what you said a few episodes back, about making a thing just to make a thing, not a perfect thing, but a thing. Too often when I create something I scrap it feeling it is not “perfect”. I need to get in the habit of making things, perfection be damned! Anyways thanks for the podcast Anne’s travel tips were great!

  18. Jerry says:

    I listened to the whole thing. It was my first time with the podcast. I will listen again. I appreciate the real sound effects.

  19. Sven says:

    I listen to it via Doggcatcher. I have subscribed after your appearance on the nerdist. And since I don’t read your blog (I should I know) I at least listen to the entire episode.

    I really appreciate how personal the podcast gets and you need to have your lovely wife on more often, we need more puns 😀

  20. beth9133 says:

    Is there a place to feed the burrito?
    Remember when we could feed the burrito?
    I was there when the burrito was fed.
    I want to feed the burrito!
    How can I feed the burrito?

  21. Anthony says:

    I always listen to the very end, I love every second of RFB. Really happy to have it back.

    I don’t use the embed; I listen via my podcast software of choice (currently Pocket Casts).

  22. Matt Riddle says:

    Thank you for another great RFB! I am so glad to see the return of the Burrito.

  23. Ozzy says:

    I’m disappointed there was no reference to the Overlook hotel in Anne’s description of the snow storm. 🙂

  24. Kevin Sean says:

    I listen to the podcast via embed as well. Downloading is usually a headache for me in terms of storage space. I love you and anne together. You have a great Lucy/Desi meets the Seavers thing going.


  25. J.M. says:

    I’ve heard it until the end 😉

    I like this podcast and re-listen to the old episodes from time to time.

    your stories are great
    you are a fantastic storyteller
    the music (range) is awesome
    you inspire me
    there is always something “interesting” to learn 🙂

    As you have mentioned it in an earlier episode, like Seinfeld said: “Don’t break the chain”.

  26. Carly Hannon says:

    More please. Thank you. 🙂

  27. Andy Beale says:

    Just enjoyed listening to the podcast over dinner here the UK. Please keep up the good work, Its worth your time for us.

  28. Jamison says:

    OMG I’m trying to not laugh out loud while listening to this at my desk at work while Anne is reading….

  29. Thiefree says:

    All the way to the end, baby! And it was SO so great to hear from Anne, she truly is the raddest and you are a lucky dude.

    Also, I don’t know if you’re going purely off numbers for RFB, but I am really really enjoying it and would gladly feed the burrito via Patreon if that’d spur you on.

    Also ALSO as well, love the misty-eyed dad moments, and glad to hear there are complementary misty-eyed son moments. But y’know, I think that’s three RFBs in a row discussing evil BioDad.

  30. Charlie says:

    Another awesome podcast Wil! Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the great work!

  31. Molly says:

    Hey Wil, I’m really loving these episodes. Listened to the end with the embed.

  32. Scott Haring says:

    Listened to the end, on the embed. Really enjoyed it.

  33. Lauri says:

    I listen on the embed – work is notorious for having really old browsers w/o the ability to update.

  34. Andrea says:

    Loved the podcast today. Laugh out loud funny. (Sorry boss.)I listen on the embed as well, because of download restrictions at work. I look forward to your podcasts and Tabletop every week.

  35. Tiwow says:

    Embed for me as well.

  36. Just finished listening to this radio free burrito. I can’t speak for others but i also listen to hardcore history so whatever length you feel like giving us is the right one.
    I really hope someone gets that joke.

  37. Milt says:

    Listened all the way to the end, loved it ! You and the wife should do this more often. Not that it isn’t enjoyable with just you, but it adds a new dimension to it having you two play off each other.

  38. Ian McArthur says:

    good stories, lots of fun to listen to, wishing all other Burritos were this tasty 🙂

  39. Gareth Coates says:

    Listened to the end, really enjoyed it

  40. cathy says:

    I listen all the way to the end, and have since episode one. Glad to have you back in my podcast rotation.

  41. Michele H. Aka chele_sews says:

    This was my first RFB listen (used direct link). You & Anne are so cute together. Glad you had such a lovely secret vacation w/the kids.

  42. Russ says:

    Hey Wil, I embed-joyed the end of this ‘cast enough to wish that you win one of the two hugantumongous lotteries this week.

    (Tickets not included, some assembly required, not valid in AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MN, MA, MS, MI, MN, MS, MO, MN, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI or WY, prior performance not an indicator of future results, your mileage may vary.)

  43. Tiwow says:

    Also listened to the end while drinking an artisanal Belgian beer, because I can.
    Thanks for being a great human being.

  44. blondechick80 says:

    I finally figured out to to subscribe to the pod after the phone fix-it store broke my phones main board and having to replace all the pods i subscribed to. and of course I have a windows phone, which I do enjoy, but their native podcast player isn’t the best, in that it can be tricky to find pods I listen to. I have used the embed, but now that I figured out how to find your pod I can listen on my phone. anyhow. I listened to through to the end.

    I really enjoyed having Anne on RFB. She is always welcome 🙂

  45. Patrick says:

    Great episode, it was nice listening to Ann. I listened all the way to the end. I download all the podcasts that I listen to, so no I don’t use the embed.

  46. chrystal says:

    I listen via the embed too! Also Hurrah for the burrito, I’ve missed you!

  47. Christian says:

    I have Radio Free Burrito setup in iTunes for pull the feed, thus never missing an episode. I also listen until the very end of each episode, it helps get through the day. Of course this last one at least no one heard me laughing during the portion when you and Anne talked about your trip.

  48. Tony says:

    Listen to every episode, all the way to the end. I don’t use them embedded player though, I just get the episodes from iTunes and play them on the IOS built in Podcasts app.

    Thanks for the podcast, for TableTop, and other assorted Awesomeness.

  49. SweetChuck says:

    I listen all the way through. I’ve listened to this run on the web page, but my preferred method for podcasts is through iTunes.

  50. Natasha says:

    I discovered RFB just recently and listened to some old episodes but it is so exciting to have new ones! Please keep them coming!

    As a nerd and young(ish) mother I like hearing the stories about your family. I listened all the way to the end.

  51. Al says:

    Hey Wil,

    Listened all the way through this one and wanted to fulfill my half of the broadcaster-listener contract. Thanks for sharing and getting the burrito rolling again.

    I remember listening to the early episodes when they originally came out. I had an extra long commute for 2 months because I got picked as a juror for a murder trial and i needed something to get my mind off the case. Enter the burrito.

    I’ve listened to a few of your audio book readings on Audible and love your work on them. Your enthusiasm during Ready Player One when the character goes over his studying habits is very genuine. I was also surprised how much I liked Lock In. I hope Scalzi does more with that world.

    Thanks again for the extra work and Eff those haters, Cruz is a moron and I hope he cant do too much to science in the time he is there.


  52. Dave says:

    I listen via embed and think it’s great

  53. Chris says:

    I listened all the way to the end. Will you do the same with mine?

    I don’t use embed I subscribe because I listen on my phone primarily and I’d rather get it on wifi while home instead of using my data.

  54. Linda Gentile says:

    Thank you so much for making me laugh, cry(good tears), and have a completely entertaining hour. I loved hearing about your trip and the amazing moments you shared with your family. Not everything in life is always easy, but as you show you work hard and the reward is well worth it 🙂 Hope Anne can stop by again sometime soon. Oh and I live for puns! 😀

  55. @Sldwlsn01 says:

    You and Mrs. Wheaton should do more things together. You bother have that natural comedic timing thing going on and it’s hilarious!

  56. @Sldwlsn01 says:

    Oh, and I use the direct link.

  57. Allecia says:

    I listened via the embedded link. AND I listened all the way to the end! 😀

    I’ve heard about your podcast for awhile now, but apparently it took you having your lovely & amazing wife on before I would listen to it for the first time, lol. I don’t know why I haven’t listened before because I love the things you write. Sorry it took me so long! 🙂
    Anyway, I would LOVE to hear more of you and Anne together, you both made me very happy listening to your banter & stuff. It was awesome. Reminds me of my husband and I. It’s great to have such a fabulous spouse huh?

    Have fun and thanks!

  58. Heath_Bar says:

    Been listening to the podcast for awhile. Great podcast, glad to have it back.

    Here is a picture of 7 Wil Wheaton (in one picture), taken at conventions past over the past few years.

  59. Jeff says:

    Creative ring-the-fucking-bell commons license! I listen via the iOS podcast app (subscribed!)

    What bribe would it take for you to come hang out with us at PAX South in a few weeks?

  60. Steve Madsen says:

    G’day Wil, loving your podcast and I have subscribed through the Overcast app. It inspired me to start doing making more things. Keep them coming.

  61. Jason says:

    I think Anne is hilarious. I love how you two share the same taste in corny puns and innuendoes. Please keep up the good work.

  62. David Betz says:

    I use the embed. And no, of course, that’s TOTALLY not a ripoff of Chicago. Doesn’t sound like them at all. rolls eyes

  63. Dan McD says:

    I listened to the end. The guest segment with blogger Anne Wheaton was adorable and hilarious. You should definitely have her back on the podcast.

  64. lm23 says:

    I finish every Burrito. More of that entertaining couple’s banter please 🙂

  65. Laurel says:

    I don’t use the embed; I use PocketCast on my android phone.

    I enjoyed the guest appearance by Anne, you two had me laughing out loud as I listened while walking my (rescue) dog this evening.

    I always listen to podcasts to the very end… I’m afraid of missing anything!

  66. Jade says:

    I listened (via iphone Podcast app) all the way to the end, because you made it all the way to the end. 🙂 Thank you for making a thing!

  67. Rachel says:

    I subscribe and listen to the podcast through the podcasts app on my phone. Please keep making the podcast – you and Anne had me giggling in my cubicle today!

  68. Tunnel Rat says:

    Think I’ve listened to every single RFB, always by .mp3 download to my laptop. Used to follow link from your blog, now I usually keep up with new bloggage & RFB thanks to your twiterfeed

    You should have Anne on RFB more often, you guys are so good together

  69. Brian Kofford says:

    I listened to the end. Do I win a prize?

  70. PatG says:

    I don’t use the embed – just the RSS. Length is good but to pander to my particular needs you could add a few more minutes.

    I listen to RFB on my walk to work which takes 60-70 minutes. When you wimp out decide to end at 45 minutes I have to switch to something short and of less merit for the final few minutes.

  71. PatG says:

    Oh and I do listen to the very end – see above 😉

  72. T.J. says:

    I get your feed on podkicker and get happy when I get to download another RFB. I listen to podcasts to, from and at work and enjoy longer form. Do what you love Mr. W.

  73. Kes says:

    Second time listener here, first time listening to the very end. I actually don’t and haven’t listened to podcasts but I’m discovering it’s a good way to have something interesting in the background.

  74. Jon says:

    Great episode all the way through, though I confess I laughed the hardest at the accidental reference to wheat and wheat byproducts! WTNV FTW.

  75. DetailBear says:

    I diligently remained subscribe to the iTunes podcast, so I would be counted in those downloads. Going to separate websites is not a preferred method.

  76. Terry says:

    I listen on the embed here and to the end.

  77. Amanda Syndelin McCaffrey says:

    Here until the end, and used the embed. 🙂

  78. Auntie Dawn says:

    Hello, long-time listener, first-time commenter, here. I get my RFB from iTunes, and listen to the very end of each and every one. 🙂

  79. Stolen says:

    I listen to the embedded version because I’m an old man and never got on the podcast train. Doesn’t help that I don’t have iTunes.

  80. J says:

    I listen via iTunes, and I do listen to the ends!

    <3 your Mrs. and would love to hear her pop in again sometime!!

  81. Scott T says:

    I want to let you know, I listen to RFB and listen to the end… That is all… Go about doing what ever you were doning.

  82. Luke says:

    I’m listening to very end.

  83. Ross says:

    Hi Wil,

    I download the podcast to my phone using Pocketcasts (if that matters to your demographics) and listen at work. I generally listen to the end but do sometimes skip the kazoo music and licences stuff.

  84. Peter P says:

    Soundcloud via G+ all the way through and left comment as 1stmoondog handle 🙂

  85. Simon Brown says:

    Another one listening all the way to the end, and another vote for Anne guesting again.

  86. Peter Hansen says:

    First time listener, nice to here from you.

  87. Franklyn says:

    I listen to the burrito on my iToy using Downcast. Glad you had a great vacation and were able to give Anne her burrito debut. However, I need to make you a new, more manly bell. Maybe something made from the top of an oxygen tank or something.

  88. Bill says:

    I listen, and listen all the way to the end. I also listen to the embed if I’m at my desk, RSS if I’m away.

    And yes, have Anne on again sometime! Totally worked.

  89. Erich says:

    I listen to the end. It gives me much joy to know that someone else has trains of thought like I do.

  90. Benjamin Guilbault says:

    I listen to the end! I listen using the embedded link if I’m on my MacBook and I listen using Overcast if I’m using my iPhone. 🙂 If you are getting enjoyment from this podcast, then please keep doing it! You have listeners who appreciate your stories and wisdom.

  91. Lacey says:

    I listened all the way to the end! I love the podcast and hope you keep it up, found out about it when you were on the Nerdist most recently. I listen through the Podcast app on my iPhone! 🙂

  92. Matthew says:

    I listen to the very end and.

  93. Janet says:

    Listened all the way to the end and reporting as requested. 🙂
    I really enjoy your podcast and especially enjoyed hearing Anne. I love her blog and tweets.

  94. Larry says:

    I’ve been listening to the Burrito for long enough that I can’t remember when I started. I’m subscribed via iTunes and always listen to the end. I really enjoyed episode 37 and look forward to more.

  95. Charles says:

    So glad that RFB is back and with so many episodes back to back, please keep it up! I always listen to the very end of every single episode!

  96. David McBride says:

    I listened all the way to the end. I am glad you are back. As I think about it you are the reason I listen to podcasts. I didn’t really know they were a thing until I was reading your blog. You mentioned Radio Free Burrito there and I wnet to listen and now i have around 30 podcasts in my itunes cue.

    I am also from Canada and have been skiing up at Lake Louise. It was and I am sure still is an awesome place.

  97. Jon E Sager. says:

    I listen all the way to the end. And I love the format you run.

  98. Nick says:

    I listened all the way to the end. I’ve been a listener since day 1. I really enjoyed Anne on this episode!

  99. Morgan says:

    Listened all the way to the end on Android phablet using PocketCasts.

    I love you and Anne, you’re hilarious. She should be a guest more often!

  100. Sprague says:

    Anne’s story reminded me of my first and last time skiing in college. After wedging and falling several times, a ski instructor with a herd of 5 year old students came by.

    They were without poles and moved like snowy gazelles. As the past my fallen form, this is what I heard.

    “Are you hurt?”

    “Are you alright?”

    “Your new at this, aren’t you.”

    The urge to stab at them with my ski pole was almost impossible to avoid.

    Thanks for the great story and I love the podcast.

  101. Chuck says:

    I listned all the way to the end. I am a recent subscriber and listen on soundcloud. Love the show!

  102. Mike says:

    Listened all the way til the end. Always enjoy it,particularly with Anne Wheaton guest appearance. Listen on my phone during my commute.

  103. Nick says:

    I listen all the way to the end! I subscribe to the RSS feed via RSS Radio on iOS. I love your shows, and love hearing Anne’s awkward stories. As a consumer of things, Thank you for making things. My family and I appreciate it.

  104. Stacey says:

    So many things about this episode!!!!
    1. My husbands family and our daughters are all from Banff, our kids are 5th generation born there, I felt very proud to hear about how much you loved it there, and I might have a tiny bit taken for granted how awesome it is to look at.
    2. I hate and am terrified of winter driving even though it is a reality of literally half of my life!
    3. Love hearing about your family!!
    You guys are awesome, don’t stop!

  105. Simoyes says:

    Hi Wil et Al.
    Thank you for RFB, it brightens my commute to work and back again, especially when you get me laughing out loud. I have to admit to having no idea why you ring the bell, I assume it is something to do with puns or smut or smutty puns whichever it is, it adds to the humour of your wonderful show.
    I am a vanilla Apple podcast downloader it’s the only way I can guarantee uninterrupted entertainment in the backwaters of the British countryside.
    Thank you again keep up the good work

  106. Jenn says:

    I also listened all the way to the end! I hope you continue on with these podcasts.

    Side note – I do listen to the embed. For some reason my browser doesn’t want to allow sound any other way but with the embed.

    Thanks for doing all you do!

  107. Kit says:

    Since you asked… I did listen. And I’m really glad you’re back to doing this again. Also just wanted to say that it was nice hearing from Anne too. I mean, it’s one thing for you to talk about your family and how happy you are, and another to actually just hear it coming through in the way you interact.

  108. Gerry Reidel says:

    I listened all the way to the end! Yaaayy!
    I listened on the Casts app for iPhone. Oh, and you and Anne are adorkable.

  109. Joey says:

    I’m so happy that Radio Free Burrito is back. Loved Anne joining in on this episode.

    Hearing stories of you and your boys brings me joy and inspires me as a stepdad.

    Listened to the end. #TeamRacecar

  110. Coke says:

    Yup I listened to the end. Thanks for sharing!

  111. Mike says:

    I listen all the way to the end. Anne is awesome. Always enjoy RFB!

  112. Tim says:

    I listened to the end. Thanks for sharing. Please keep up the good work.

  113. John says:

    iTunes subscriber, listened all the way to the end. Thanks for sharing and entertaining me on the miserable freeways here in LA!

  114. Identity4 says:

    I listen to each and every RFB episode all the way thru, and subscribe to it on iTunes. Thanks for starting this back up, I missed mah burrito fix.

  115. Michel Sabourin says:

    Loved the episode. So nice of you to share your family life and adventures with us. Very touching and heartfelt. Also thanks for the phrase “cockface” which may soon become a favorite replacing “shit dick”. Keep up the fine work and keep ringing that bell

  116. Rob A. says:

    I listened through the end, as I always do, and am commenting as instructed. 🙂 I subscribe via RSS and download the files manually to my MP3 player.

  117. Ordith says:

    Loving having the Burrito back. I missed hearing you while it was away. You were asking if we listen to the end and i always do. I love your opening too “hipsters, flipsiters and finger popping daddies; lock me your lobes..” love it Thanks for making my work day better,

  118. Melissa says:

    I really enjoy RFB. Thanks for starting it back up. It’s a wonderful distraction while I’m at work. Thank goodness I wear headphones!

  119. Andrew says:

    Yup, listened to the end and yes, I used the embed…

  120. Sarah says:

    I listened all the way to the end, via the old school way – transferring itunes to my ipod. (iPod classic! No longer made!)

  121. Artemiy says:

    Hey Wil. Just letting you know that I did listen to the end, but not through embed. I use Overcast app.
    By the way, thank you for making new episodes. As soon as I found out that you have a podcast (which was maybe january 2014 or a bit earlier), I immediately listened to like 20 episodes and then was really sad that you don’t make them anymore. So now I am really glad that you started making them again.

  122. Christian says:

    Hi Wil,

    I also listened through the whole podcast (and have listened to all your earlier episodes). Usually I use BeyondPod on Android but sometimes the embed is very handy, too!
    Btw: Will there ever be new episodes on Memories of the Futurecast? That would be really awesome!!
    Keep up the great work!


  123. DerKork says:

    As you asked in the post-show stinger (and I actually was thinking “Which CC license exactly” before you clarified it, Wil):

    I listened to the MP3 file using WinAmp on my desktop computer at home in germany.
    The MP3 was downloaded through this site, no iTunes or RSS feeds were involved in the accessing of the file.

  124. Mike D says:

    Hello! Long time listener, first time commenter….
    Just wanted to say thanks for making a thing. Believe it or not, your struggles help some of us remember that it’s okay to make a thing that’s not perfect, just so long as it gets made. I try to remember that every day.

    I listen via iTunes, all the way to the end.

    Thanks again.

  125. RSH says:

    Hi Will – I listen via Downcast – to the whole episode and have listened to them all before you went on Hiatus. Thanks for bringing it back!

  126. Rob Logan says:

    Hey Wil, I listen via iTunes, all the way to the end. I also do a geek-culture podcast called The Geek Generation and would love to have you on!!

  127. Rich says:

    Listened all the way to the end – I enjoy your podcast and adding Anne was a treat. I think you’ve got a great working definition for being a parent – one that i didn’t realize i had too 🙂

    keep it up. I plan to keep listening.

    meanwhile, i’ll try to play more games!

  128. Matt Fischer says:

    Hey Wil,

    In between fits of creativity where I write my awesome megadungeon, I listen to Radio Free Burrito via itunes. Actually I usually listen at work. I have listened to all of them all the way through and some of them twice. Love the show. I’m glad when you’re able to do it. Thanks very much for she show! Hope that helps.

  129. Mike says:

    Hi Wil! I’m happy that RFB is back on the air. Also I think Anne should be a semi-regular guest because you two are hilarious and sweet together 🙂

  130. Jeff says:

    iTunes listener here!

    Love hearing Anne on the podcast! I love that you’re “making a thing”! Also, keep recording audiobooks and I’ll keep “reading” them!

    How can I bribe you to come hang out at PAX South next week?

  131. I listened via the embed. Just to do it.

    Thanks for mentioning the re-launch on today’s tabletop gag reel!

  132. Bill Bade says:

    Listened to embedded and all the way until the end.

    Thank you for bring this back!

  133. As requested, I’m leaving a note to let you know that, yes, I listen through all the way to the end of these things – love ’em.

  134. Daevid says:

    Nice podcast. Thanks for sharing the sappy family moment and the discussion about your struggles with your boys’ birth-father. I think it’s important to hear that people from all walks of life struggle and that there is light at the end of whatever tunnel you are driving through, especially if you persevere and work hard to make it

    And I listen on the embed, btw.

  135. Matthew Clark says:

    Yep, listened all the way to the end. I download the podcast through the Pocketcasts app, so no embed for me.

    This was a particularly enjoyable show. Loved the interaction between you and your wife.

  136. Trudy says:

    Yep – all the way to the end here too! You made me cry… Upon reflection, not really hard to do 🙂 I really enjoy these podcasts and loved this episode’s special guest. (Soundcloud)

  137. cjstone says:

    I listened to the end. 1 hr is either just right for me or just a little bit long. I can listen to “one thing” (one band, one composer, one X) about an hour with my headphones on, and then I gots to stops.

    If you could put marks on the timeline where you change things, that would be cool. I want my GF to hear the snow-brights story (as that happened to us in Nov 2014, and we LITERALLY made the same comparisons). Without marks I must SEARCH! search! the audio for the story.

    I hope we can work together some day.

  138. Guy who likes stuff says:

    You’re doing the world a service with this podcast!

    For Wil and all the other listeners: I think a recommendation for a complimentary podcast is in order. Check out “Haste” podcast done by the guys over at Obsidian Portal. No regrets.

  139. Ghassan says:

    Listened all the way to the end, via the embed, but it appears the podcast is back to being semi-regular, so I’ll probably be listening through the RSS feed

  140. Bondo says:

    Leaving a comment as requested at the end of 37. Listened via ItUnEs. First time for me but now going back to listen to the older ones. nice podcast

  141. davep says:

    long time listener, first time caller into the burrito. Always love the show. great background when i’m doing work. i use the embed.

  142. Sarah says:

    I really enjoyed your podcast! This was the first episode I’ve listened to, but I’m excited to hear more. I also really liked that Anne made a guest appearance. Thanks!

  143. beowuff says:

    Listened to the end via iTunes. Thanks for returning! Need something to do while I’m at work 😛

  144. Dan says:

    Thanks both of you for sharing those memories, Will and Anne.

    PS. I listened via embed. YAY!

  145. First-time listener straight from the Tabletop gag reel, listened to the end (via embed) and will be listening to further installments!

  146. Diana says:

    Hi Wil. I love the show and listen to the end. (I gave you the crochet D20 at Dragon Con a couple of years ago)

  147. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the podcast. I listen to the end. I listen via itunes.

  148. FrankandBeans says:

    Excellent show. I listened via embed. Can’t wait for the next one.

  149. RabidDog says:

    Loved hearing from Anne. Please have her on again .

  150. Kyle says:

    Listened to the end! please keep making these!

  151. Darkmane says:

    Dude great Podcast I will say we are the same age and im also a geek but this is the first real Podcast I listened to other than vidcast or youtube. I love that your a normal geek like the rest of us. Keep doing what your doing and congrats on your family experience. Nothing wrong about a grown man telling people he loves his kids.

    gonna go back and listen to your older podcast thanks again

  152. Ryan says:

    Wil, love the way the show is going (and the more frequent updates)…also, the show could always use more Anne.

  153. Kelly says:

    I listened with delight all the way to the end. I get the podcast through Itunes for home listening on the Apple TV and Downcast for on the bus listening. I love that you’re podcasting again!

  154. Robert says:

    Hi, Wil! I watch Tabletop and got directed here through your last gagreel on Youtube. I can’t get enough of that show. It has inspired my friends and I to break out the old board games and also try a bunch of new ones. Great work! I love what you do!

  155. Bart says:

    I just realised I’m pretty much the age of your sons… Btw that’s cool you have such a good connection 🙂
    Fun thing is that Tabletop inspired me to try getting my parents into gaming and building a bit better relationship with my dad (we didn’t do as many things together as we used to).
    On the other side I’m trying also to introduce dad to homebrewing 🙂

  156. Martin says:

    Hi Wil,

    thanks for doing Radio Free Burrito again 🙂 Listened through all new ones to the end (at least those that worked via itunes) 🙂

  157. Jesper says:

    Swedish fan who listens to your podcast and watches Tabletop here.

  158. Scott says:

    I listen all the way to the end through the embedded. Lake Louise looks amazing..

  159. Bart says:

    The show is good.
    Nice to listen too.
    And the tips have extra added value when listened to.
    And yes I can say it is way worth it listening to the end.
    Gotta say many bells were rung…
    but as long as the licence does not forbid the abuse of bells than I guess they deserve a little push

  160. Peter Wolchak says:

    Wil, I see I am comment 160. I don’t know if you have time to read all of these, so you may not get to 160, but I hope you do.

    I want you to know that I listened all the way to the end, and I am always happy to see a new Burrito in my feed. Please keep doing these.

    Also, I and many others would love to see the return of Memories of the Future, in cast and book form.

    Thanks, Wil.

  161. Ted says:

    Hello Wil. Glad to hear the podcasts up and running again. Loved the interaction between you and Anne. Moar Anne or riot! 😉

    I really liked your “grateful” segment and can totally appreciate how wonderful and beautiful that must have been between you and your sons. Keep the casts coming sir. Looking forward to more.

    BTW, I did listen to the end and use Android app, PocketCasts, to catch all of my podcasts.


  162. Mike says:

    I listened all the way until the end.

    Thank you for making a thing that I enjoy.

  163. Warren Tegg says:

    Hi Wil!

    I listened via the direct link, all the way to the very end.

    As my first listen to Radio Free Burrito I thought it was amazing, I loved listening to what you and your family get up to on your holiday (we call it a holiday here in the UK!) I have read your blog a few times over the years, but I’m a huge fan of TableTop, so much so that I helped back Season 3. I love Ticket To Ride and have introduced the game to all of my friends and family, we now have regular board game nights playing various games. Thank You, so much, for TableTop as I wouldn’t have the group of friends I have now without it! I shall now be a regular listener to the podcast.

    Thanks Again


  164. Warren Tegg says:

    Oh and I thought Anne was a great addition, if she isn’t a regular on the show, she should be!

  165. Jason Janelle says:

    Great episode! I am a child of divorce with a similar situation but the opposite outcome. Glad to hear that, while difficult, it turned out well for you all. Listened to the end of the show and am wishing for some of that snow to come our way ( Colorado ).

  166. Norman says:

    I too have listened to the…. Out with the next cast of the pods!

  167. Chris says:

    I listen on ITunes, all the way to the end. I tried to find the podcast on Sticher but it didn’t come up, is there an android app that it does show up on so I can listen on the go?

    Loved hearing about your Secret Vacation, and hearing Ann’s tips on visiting other country’s was awesome.

    Thanks for doing things and this thing in particular.

    • wil says:

      I tried to find the podcast on Sticher but it didn’t come up, is there an android app that it does show up on so I can listen on the go?

      I would love to be in Stitcher, because it’s my app of choice on Android, but the agreement I would have to sign to be in their directory was totally unacceptable to me. I don’t know what alternative exists for Android, but I think if you load up the webpage in your browser, you can listen to the show that way. It’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. Sorry.

    • T says:

      It works great using Pocket Casts on Android!

      • Jim Cushman says:

        I second “T”s comment. Pocket Casts is where it is at on Android, iOS, and Web. Syncs your podcasts including listening time (seamless listening from phone in truck on phone to desktop at work) all the time. Also, works amazingly with Chromecast.

  168. John Patsynski says:

    Thanks Wil! Thanks Anne!

    What a great podcast. It rang very personally for me, helped me remember a few important things, and infused me with hope.

    You two need your own podcast together, or at least bring Anne back for more RFB. A total delight to hear.

    Best RFB yet!

    “More, more, more!” (Billy Idol)

  169. matt says:

    Hi Wil, I listen, to the whole thing, and have listened since before the hiatus… I also, obviously, listened until the end. Thanks for bringing the burrito back!

  170. Amonyoshu says:

    Non-judgemental ninja is my new best friend.

  171. Rob says:

    I listened all the way to the end.
    Can I have my burrito now?

  172. Tabletop_fan says:

    Hey Wil,

    Listened until the end. I really enjoyed hearing your stories and hearing Anne and you talk. More witty Wheaton banter back and forth please! Really looking forward to hearing you and Anne on tabletop next week.

  173. Dr Proximo says:

    I listened to the show all the way to the end, as I always do, but I was away from Internet while I was listening, and almost forgot about your request for comments. Then your “I guess I should plug my own work” tweet jarred my memory with the RFB link. I’ve loved the show from the start, and I’m super happy that you’re making more. I really hope you dust off GarageBand soon and make another song or two to share with us.

  174. Dr Proximo says:

    Also, I was delighted to hear Anne make a contribution, I read her blog but it’s very cool to finally hear a voice to go along with the words.

  175. Gronti says:

    To answer the question, I listen all the way through each and every podcast. 45 minutes is the sweet spot, as it matches my subway commute!

  176. Chrysoberyl says:

    Obligatory end of show comment and huggles i knew you had a podcast but this was the first time i listened… i would love to listen again/more and i would hope to remember to do so in the future. ^.^

  177. Cap'n Ho says:

    I listened all the way through. It’s a pleasure having you along on my commute.

  178. Ceriboo says:

    Please keep making Radio Free Burrito! I missed it so much. Also, please have the lovely and talented Mrs. Wheaton on more often – the two of you together are amazingly funny and cute!

  179. Joanne says:

    I listened to the end, but since I was in the car at the time I forgot to comment for another day. ITunes subscribed.

    I’m in Calgary, and even more looking forward to our mini-vacation to the mountains later this month after your stories!

  180. Trey says:

    Have listened to the Burrito for years, and always to the last bite.


  181. I’m so glad that I get to listen to Radio Free Burrito again – I have missed it greatly.

    Thank you so much for having Mrs. Wheaton on the podcast this time – my husband (who’s been feeling a bit down about the world lately) really enjoyed listening to your banter. He said that, “If even Wil Wheaton gets his bell taken away by his wife, maybe things aren’t so bad after all.”

    In all seriousness, it gives me so much hope to hear how much love the two of you clearly have for each other. I hope our marriage is even 1/4 as strong as yours.


  182. Manuel says:

    Well, just the quick “I listened till the very end” comment you asked for 🙂 Great episode!
    Cheers, Manuel

  183. Hidyman says:

    This is the first time I have listened, but I will be adding it to the rotation. I listened via the embedded player.

    Thank you for being.

  184. Martin says:

    Listen all the way 🙂
    Just started listening but love the show.


  185. TGS says:

    Hi Wil

    I’ve been listening to RFB since day one and have never missed an episode. It’s nice to finally have it back! I always listen to the entire thing. In fact there are many occasions where I’ve gone back and re-listened to a few of them. Concerning length, there is no such thing as too long. When I saw this latest one was and hour I was quite pleased. I always download the direct link and put it on my iPod (yes I still use one) to listen.

    Oh… and I also never missed an episode of the Memories of the Future-cast.

  186. Sean Cowles says:

    Hey really digging the show now that’s it’s back. I’ll keep listening if you keep talking

  187. Jennifer M says:

    Hey Wil! I’m another one of the weirdos that listens all the way through to the end to see if I missed anything. So glad to hear Burritos again!

  188. chinkleDC says:

    LOVED this show. So great you all had a fantastic vacation together — you deserve it! I’m an Anne fan (ding) and enjoyed hearing you two together on the podcast. Best of luck tonight as Orson Welles. 🙂 (And, yes, I listened all the way to the end, as I always do.)

  189. Michael says:

    I’m really glad that you brough RFB back to live. Hopefully you’ll always find stories and time to tell.

    Best wishes…
    …from Celsius-Germany.

  190. Michael says:

    oh yeah…and I listen to it ONLY via the embedded…embed… the player on the site.

  191. Jeff Spindler says:

    Listened to the podcast as I was packing for an upcoming cruise (/wink), glad you’ve started it up again.

    Your family should try playing silent Pit every few rounds. No speaking allowed, only gestures… We did that when we played it growing up and it’s pretty funny.

  192. Scott Hedberg says:

    PBS’s American Experience has a great documentary on War of The Worlds. Worth watching:

    …. and I sometimes listen using the embedded player.

  193. Hannah says:

    Awesome hearing about your trip and glad you had fun up here in Canafda! Mrs. Wheaton’s tips had me laughing so I couldn’t hear the rest of the show.

    Always listen to the end; subscribed with iTunes.

  194. Stewart says:

    As requested: I listen to the show, and it gave me a big happy when I noticed DogCatcher had started downloading it again.

  195. beavinator says:

    Hey, I listen via download from this here website, and yes I listen through to the end of every episode. 🙂

  196. E says:

    I listened (using the embed). I never use forums–I’m a forever lurker. I make this exception to encourage you to keep being creative. Thanks!

  197. Pradyumn says:

    I too listen to the end. The podcast could be a little longer as you orate very well. The podcast where you have Anne on sound less awkward and you sound a lot more happy. It would be great if you could do these more.

  198. Justin Hobbs says:

    I listened to the end and loved the episode.

  199. T says:

    I listened today. (To the end of course!) Thanks for bringing the podcast back! I use Pocket Casts on Android.

  200. Bruce Maxwell says:

    I love listening to your posts. I also really enjoyed when you narrated Ready Player One and wish I could find more books on Audible that you have narrated.

  201. I indeed listened to this and all the other Radio Free Burrito episodes till the end!

    I kept it in my PocketCasts feeds in the hope you released some more, because it’s always funny, and you are a really great narrator… and this episode was a nice double feature: first you make me a bit teary eyed with your story about the vacation and the bonding moment with your sons, then Anne swoops in and has me grinning the whole time.

    You won indeed, good sir: Anne is smart and funny and you two make a good team (especially when it comes to innuendo, voluntary or not… “just the tip” indeed).

  202. Brian says:

    Hey Wil! I really enjoyed this episode. Make them as long as you like. I just mainlined 2 straight episodes. Great to hear that bell again.

  203. Matt Dick says:

    I do listen all the way to the end. Enjoying the new editions of the show, thanks for coming back.

  204. Parallax2099 says:

    Hey Will! Love that RFB is back I listen through the end via iTunes.

    Have to call out the TableTop Season 3 backer kits came out awesome.

    Quick question, I live in RI do you know anyway I can get my hands on Woot Stout 2.0?

    • Parallax2099 says:

      Sorry! Wil fucking auto correct on my Nexus.

    • Parallax2099 says:

      WIL you should definitely add an Awkward Moments with Anne section to future RFBs.

      Also, I loved the Clerks reference in the tittle!

  205. Frans says:

    I listen to the end via Pocketcast on Android. I do listen at 1.5 speed, or I’ll never get through my backlog.

  206. Krash Coarse says:

    Always listen to the end, my friend. Lovely to hear you in my head more often these days, enjoy your energy tremendously. It’s fun to listen to you and Anne together. Been listening for a couple of years, and enjoy your writing as well.

    DoggCatcher on Android is the method of delivery to my ears, BTW.

    Respect and cordial greetings from the principality of Oka, in the province Quebeckistan, Canadia.

  207. Amy says:

    I often listen to podcasts while running/working in the kitchen etc. They’re my go to when CBC radio isn’t playing anything I’m interested in. I’m a new listener to RFB from this newest iteration and I’m loving it. The last episode was a wonderful combination of funny, touching, and insightful. Keep em coming! I listen via podcast as it’s the easiest to navigate on my phone – which like most of us I have with me always. Thanks for the energy you’re putting into this, it’s absolutely appreciated on this end. ~A

  208. Noah Bodin says:

    When I started working out again after about ten years; My fourteen year old son urged me to work with him. We did squats, deadlift, and the leg press machine. I decided to just do the weight he was doing. I am a 32yr old, 6′, 280lbs guy and I am not what you would call obese, I carry my weight well and I am strong so the weight was no problem. However an hour later when I was at home I took a step out of my kitchen and into my living room, and my quads decided to disappear. I crumpled onto the floor and started laughing hysterically. My son helped me up and I went on with my day, I fell four more times that day. When it happened it happened without warning. I’d be walking along and then my legs would just crumble underneath me. Moral of the story is start slow and never stop.

  209. Bruno says:

    Yes I still listen to the rfb, and this was again one of these awesome episodes. Spontaneous yet deep, and luckily the bad puns were punctuated by the bell (no bell no pun!)

    Love the show please keep it going. If there would be swag on the rfb theme, I would totally buy it!

  210. I listen through iTunes – all the way to the end! Thanks for putting in all the time, Wil.

  211. Pat says:

    iTunes subscriber here! Love listening to the stories of your family, various nerdy discussions, and collection of internet nostalgia. Thanks for making these Wil!

  212. Bethany says:

    Always listen until the end! I listen via Podcast Addict

  213. Scott says:

    iTunes listener. I am of the opinion that you and the Mrs. may be two of the most delightful persons to grace this spinning rock.

  214. Hey Wil, commenting because you asked at the end of #37: I listen generally by downloading the MP3, or sometimes via the embed link.

    It’s great that you’re doing these again, and the super-rough cut you did to reintroduce this burrito run (I think it was 35, where you were just walking around your house rambling) inspired me to finally do something creative that I’ve been convincing myself that I shouldn’t do for the last 10+ years. So thanks for that!

  215. BKMWpg says:

    Long time listener first time commenter. I am an iTunes subscriber and am thrilled that you’re back to a recording on a regular schedule. Keep em’ coming!

  216. SIMON MILICH says:

    Hey Wil,
    I listened right through to the end, you should definitely have Anne on again, the banter between you two had me in tears of laughter. Good job.

    Cheers, Simon.

  217. Shawn says:

    Listening till the end in cajun country

  218. Greg says:

    All the way through, download for me.

  219. Jim Cushman says:

    Absolutely loved this episode, especially getting the window into your secret vacation. I can not express how happy I am for you guys and so lucky I am to have gotten to meet you and Anne at an Austin show in 2013. Currently listening to the episode I should not listen to and I am loving this interaction as well. I love hearing about all of your adventures, especially with my two rescues; Tootsie (Dobbie hound mix I pretty sure) and Tiberius (Golden Lab Pitbull mix) and hearing some of the similar antics.
    Thank you for all that you do and keep up the amazing winning (except on TableTop) and generally kicking the ass of life.
    Most awesomely,
    -Jim Cushman

    P.S. GO KINGS GO!!

  220. Buzz says:

    Listened via BeyondPod. Very enjoyable episode. listened to the end. Anne was great btw 🙂

  221. Stemnox says:

    I listen until you start talking about what kind of cc license you use. I use the embed on the page.

  222. Kim says:

    Download into my beloved PocketCasts podcasting app

  223. John says:

    Listening via the embed all the way to the end.

  224. Tyler says:

    I listen all the way to the end. I get the episodes through the Podcast app on my iPhone.

  225. The Trek Crafter says:

    I listen all the way to the end, Uncle Wil. 🙂
    I download the podcast via the website because I hate I-things, thus my MP3 listening device of choice is a cheap Sansa MP3 player because it’s a lot easier to use than an I-thingy. I consider myself to be technologically impaired and ITunes (I used to own an IPod but I accidentally washed it) was the bane of my life.

  226. Toby says:

    Listened to the end… just a little later than most 🙂

  227. Sally McKinnis says:

    I always listen till the end. One of my favorite podcasts that I subscribe to. I use the iTunes podcast app on my phone, I am so glad that you are doing these again. I really enjoy your stories and the peaks into your life. Anne was a very welcomed treat and I hope she makes more appearances going forward.

  228. Mick says:

    I listened through to the end, but admit I did use the 30-second-skip-ahead button, mostly during the dog part.

  229. JD says:

    Yep, listened to the end, just on a delay.
    Enjoying the return of your podcast very much, missed it while you weren’t doing it.Love your gr-attitude, humor, humility, and tales of middle age (which I may also be in). Keep doing the things. Even when if they don’t feel “perfect” to you, they are great things, and totally enjoyable.And love the Mrs. Wheaton guest spot, too!

  230. Trent says:

    I listen all the way through! Usually while driving via Dogcatcher on Android. I enjoy the podcast very much. Keep up the good work!

  231. Cory says:

    Late to the party but yes, I do listen. I listen on my phone at work through the Pocket Cast app

  232. Kyle says:

    Hey Wil,

    Listen through to the end all the time. I download the podcast via the direct link from the website.
    I’m not a huge fan of iTunes subscriptions or anything like that so I guess I’m a little old school in hunting down things I like and getting them. Other examples include Penny Arcade’s DLC and Morning Rush with Kris Straub and Mikey Neumann.

    I’m listening from outback Australia (sort of) in a town called Shepparton.

    I love listening to a thing, so keep making things.

  233. Ben says:

    Will – I am so stoked that you’re back doing Radio Free Burrito! I too have listened all the way through.

    Much of what you said during this episode hits very close to home. I recently became a dad and it’s my deepest hope that my son will genuinely like to spend time as a family. It’s incredibly important to me. Further, there are many views, likes, and hobbies you have shared over the years that I immediately relate too. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing.

    PS. Did you ever try the all grain bronze dragon recipe? I end up brewing it up 2 to 3 times a year. Comes out great.

  234. Denise says:

    Hi! I’ve been listening since you rebooted this podcast. I loved this episode with Anne. You’re hilarious by yourself but it’s doubly so with both of you. It keeps feeling like I’m on a phone call with you. Please keep doing this show.

  235. Laura says:

    I’m a new listener and I don’t even know how to listen other than using the embed! I love your podcast because even though I dont actually know you, it feels like I’m hanging out with a friend.

  236. Chris Waller says:

    Hello sir,
    Throuhly enjoying the podcasts!
    Keep ’em coming.

  237. Jon Brotherhood says:

    Hey Wil – listened all the way to the end. Catching up a bit on your podcasts here in the UK – one more until I’m up to date. Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and appreciated the ‘in a row’ title ) Jon

  238. Alison says:

    I listened all the way to the end and I came here to thank you for the story about your family. My family has just found itself at the beginning of a similar situation, but I don’t have a partner to help me through it. There are many times I worry about money and keeping my kids happy, sane, and safe. Hearing your story helps me keep in mind the goal of parenting. I hope one day my adult kids and I have the kind of relationship that you have with your kids.


  239. […] with the links. Amanda mentioned listening to an episode of Radio Free Burrito and thought it was episode 37 (we’ll correct this if it’s not the right one). I mentioned one of my favorite Internet […]

  240. Richard J Foster says:

    I only just started listening, but yup… I listened right to the end. I also see the new episode is available (but for some reason my podcast app hasn’t grabbed it yet – hopefully tomorrow). Guess I need to listen to more podcasts as well as play more games. 🙂

  241. Jason says:

    Hey Wil. Listened to the end. Really enjoyed the episode! Starting the next one now…

  242. Kevin says:

    I listened to the end, Wil. I downloaded it and listened on my mp3 player in on my commute in the car. I enjoyed Mrs. Wheaton’s presence and ironically flagrant innuendos. DING!

  243. Daniel says:

    Mr. Wheaton, I absolutely love your podcast. I look forward to hearing it every week! Especially loved this weeks’ opening with some Iron Maiden!

    I moved to San Diego for the military, and one of my good friends I met out here is a huge tabletop gamer, and before I knew it I was spending my Saturdays playing Settlers, Eclipse, Monsters of Tokyo, Eldritch Horror, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and…well you get the idea. Tabletop is amazing, I binge watched the first couple seasons on my last deployment. Thank you for everything you do, looking forward to the next podcast!

  244. Iain says:

    I have been listening to RFB since 2010 and have listened to every episode available. I always listen the whole way through. I always find it entertaining as you are such an engaging, real speaker. Love that you had your wife on. I generally download the MP3 so I can listen on the go.

  245. Icawn says:

    Loved the podcast. I vote keep it up as long as you have time. If you can’t make a new podcast every week, then try every month if you need the time. Really, whatever works for you. I will still listen 🙂

  246. Matt says:

    Love the podcast. Just started listening, it’s like Table Top with out the filter and you always win.

  247. Jonathan Leggo says:

    Thanks for inviting us into your home. I find myself laughing and responding to your comments as if we are in the same room.
    As a Canadian currently living in Alberta, I am thrilled that your family had so much fun here on your secret vacation. As someone who grew up in Quebec, I’m appalled you fed them poutine outside of Montreal 🙂

  248. Kristin says:

    new listener via iTunes and I listened all the way to the end. : ) bring Anne on any time! The two of you are hilarious together!

  249. Caitrin says:

    I just listened to this today and you told me to come here and comment, so I did. I’ve listened to all the RFBs but I don’t think I’ve ever been to this website before; I’m subscribed on iTunes.

  250. Gary says:

    I subscribe on iTunes and listen all the way to the end. Just not always on the release date. 🙂

  251. Scott says:

    I’ve been listening since the beginning whenever you posted episodes on your blog. I added RFB to my iTunes queue about a year ago (when I started toe listening to podcastsq on by drive to work) “just in case” it ever came back, so you can imagine my excitement when new episodes started showing up.

  252. Maf says:

    Yes, listened to the end, used embed, tracked via RSS 🙂

    Thanks, Wheatons!

  253. Charles says:

    Listening on quite a delay, but listened to it all.

  254. Matt says:

    I listened all the way through to the end! And I used the embed for the Secret Vacation episode because Apple’s Podcast app couldn’t figure out how to download that one.

  255. Tom Armbruster says:

    Listened to you tell Nerdist that you wanted to podcast more, then saw that Anne was going to guest, and she sounds exactly like the voice in my head sounds, so that’s a good thing.

    I too have an ex who lies about how I take care of our (Multiply handicapped) son. She has sued us three times in the last 8 years. It’s not fun at all, and I try not to blame the kid. It’s not his fault his mom’s off her rocker. Anyway, I did listen all the way to the end, and now I want tacos. Thanks. 🙂