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Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Six: Secret Vacation

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Holy crap, it’s two weeks in a row that I’ve made a thing!

I’m on Secret Vacation this week, but I have a few minutes between breakfast and adventure to record a short thing. As I always say, it isn’t much, but it’s a thing where a thing wasn’t before, and that’s okay.

A couple of very brief notes:

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14 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Six: Secret Vacation”

  1. BastardSheep says:

    “This episode is in Ogg format, because I’m in a hurry and converting to MP3 is taking more time than it’s worth, because of reasons.”

    That’s a shame, all Apple users now excluded from listening. Oh well, not like it’s end of world stuff. Just hope the time is more available for future episodes. 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Thank you for making Radio Free Burrito!

  3. Edburk says:

    I loved the SiFi show you did (which should be spelled SciFi). Depression & Anxiety are time stealers. So keep up the fight against those two. Time is irreplaceable unlike money. Thanks for the podcast.

  4. Jess says:

    Thank you for making a thing, and for committing to continue makings of things.

  5. Bethuhknee says:

    I am glad the Burrito is back! I hope you have an awesome vacation with your family!

  6. Jon says:

    New listener here! The “experiment” brought my attention to RFB, and I’ve spent the past week listening to the entire archive. I’m glad you’re doing these again, and I hope you keep it up!

    One question: Did you ever publish more information about the Dungeon Delve you described in #24? It sounds amazing, but I’m having trouble finding details.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more! =D

  7. ohhh greats. Thanks for making RFB

  8. hipi says:

    So excited to hear this!! I’m playing catch up now 🙂

  9. Dunks says:

    Love when you make things. Can’t listen to this thing at work. Won’t work on iPhone. I’ll have to listen to this thing on a different thing.

  10. Konc says:

    Old listener here delighted that you’re making new episodes again!

    I really enjoy listening to you talk about your thoughts, ideas and experiences, but if I may say so I think this episode was the best one yet when you and Anne were going back and forth. I hope she’ll appear in many more episodes to come.

    Also, the fact that you’re just doing stuff (in this case episodes for the Burrito) for doing stuff, not for doing them perfectly only adds a homely charm to it all, and we’re left with a feeling like listening to an old friend trying to explain something in a discussion. I love that.

    In its flaws lies the beauty.

  11. Glenn says:

    Just listen to your podcast for the first time.. I am very impress and will continue to listen.

  12. Darcy says:

    First time listener.
    I really needed the reminder about parenting and things not lasting forever. Without going into too much detail that no one cares about, we are going through a tough time with my daughter and trying to help her. She’s amazing, and it’s tough not being crushed right now. So thank you.

  13. Dani says:

    This is me commenting to say thanks for making the thing! I have been catching up on the new episodes (I’ve missed them and I’m so happy you decided to make them again) while walking about a mile to the bus stop (in the snow because I live in western NY) on the way to work at a bakery at 5am and they have been a great way to start the day!