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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-Three

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Holy Crap it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito! 

Today, I talked about some games I've been playing, rambled a little (a lot) and talked a bit about comic books and beer. It's a stream of consciousness RFB, so you probably want to skip this one.

If you're still thinking about listening to this, be warned: something PROFOUNDLY OFFENSIVE EVEN TO ME comes up in the demo of Cards Against Humanity.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then put in your mouthguard, and

Download Radio Free Burrito Episode 33!


30 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-Three”

  1. beth9133 says:

    Love the teacher bell!

  2. beth9133 says:

    and the “feed the burrito” link still doesn’t work. Is that on purpose? i got a few bucks to load into the machine, rubbed them across the edge so they’re nice and straight…

  3. Wil says:

    It doesn't work for me, either. I'm not sure why, but I suspect one of the privacy-enhancement blockers I use is stopping it.

  4. Halloween, 1982. Universal Amphitheater. My 1st concert. Suburban Lawns opened for Boingo during their Nothing To Fear Tour. How lucky I am.
    BTW, you want Apple to fix the embed bug? Submit it to

  5. beth9133 says:

    Well, hopefully someone can find a way around that or even a different route altogether….

  6. Musicchan says:

    I read all the notes. True story.
    I’m pretty new to your podcast so I’m not sure if it’s just a thing, but your voice sounds very faint compared to the music and ‘commercials’ that you play.

  7. Tonygrrl says:

    Great fun and informative! Will be downloading your future podcasts avidly! Love from the UK, Sheila. xx

  8. Wil says:

    Hmmm… It shouldn't be like that. I'll check out the mix and see if it isn't mastering correctly. Thanks!

  9. Simalot says:

    Abomination, Anathema, Abhorrent?
    Welcome back, RFB. Thanks, Wil!

  10. I think the word you were looking for was: heretical.
    Loved the VVVVV music. Where did you find that again?

  11. Wil says:

    W00t! Okay, I’ll keep writing them, then.

  12. It is your browser.
    Chrome – Feed the burrito *doesn’t* work
    IE – Feed the burrito works
    FireFox – Feed the burrito works
    Safari – Feed the burrito works.
    I am betting you are both using Chrome.

  13. Wil says:

    Yeah, I'm on Chrome. I wonder why it doesn't work.

  14. Wil says:

    It was part of the humble indie soundtrack bundle.

  15. Not sure, I have reported to TypePad and noted it was on “Feed the Burrito” on RFB, and that it only happens in Chrome. At least there is a work around for now, even it is means using a different browser.

  16. beth9133 says:

    Firefox user

  17. Do you think that you and Marc could work out a deal to produce a RFB T-Shirt, or failing that, would the two of you to OK me having one made for my personal use only? Would Marc be OK with sending me a high enough res logo I could get a printer to put on a T-Shirt? That is something I have been wanting for a while now. I love RFB, and would like to wear some advertisement for it to get some more hipsters, flipsters and finger popping daddies to knock RFB their lobes.

  18. Strange, Firefox 13.0.1 works fine with me on feed the burrito. If you have IE you might give that a try.

  19. Wil says:

    It's Anathema. Someone on G+ or Facebook pointed it out to me yesterday. Stupid useless brain letting me down again!

  20. And
    Yes, At least 1 of the 100 people reads the notes you write, and I enjoy them.
    Just for the record, RFB works on Google Listen on my Android. Go to, click on the subscribe link, open in Google Listen, add a subscription and there you have it.

  21. Ok, this link is better, as it has the icon
    Got it from

  22. Pandorasdad says:

    I have read the notes on pretty much every RFB I have listened to. (Which is pretty much all of them)
    Am I wrong everytime I get excited (like, rediculously so) when I see you’ve posted a new RFB?
    Your voice level is so much lower than the music and commercials though.
    Love the RFB!!!
    Anyone else think “Zelda and Link hit the clubs” when that VVVV music was on?

  23. Wil says:

    You're not the first person to note that the mix is off. I'm not sure why that happened, but I'll take extra care to ensure it doesn't happen next time.

  24. karohemd says:

    An excellent mix of things that made my walk home from work a lot more enjoyable, thank you.
    I recently downloaded Cards Against Humanity after seeing various people who had been to Origins rave about it and hope to play it at a party soon. I bet we’ll come with some new card ideas, too, especially UK based ones.
    Pleasae keep the RFBs (with show notes) coming if your schedule allows.

  25. Mndrew says:

    Not a complaint, just a suggesstion/request; any chance we can get these streamed? I like to listen to podcasts at work and downloading is frowned upon; as is having IPod’s out; but jacking earbuds into desk speakers is considered good manners. 😀

  26. I might be showing my age, but <old man mode> VVV brought back a flood of montages of games I spent (wasted?) my youth playing that were loaded with 8 bit music similar to VVV. Star Control 2, Ultima, and a host of other 8 bit games. </old man mode>

  27. Yeah, I read show notes! Although I don’t always. Yay show notes, yay Cards Against Humanity! I bought a set because of the link. Someone else on G+ or that ilk mentioned it this month, but it was not available at that moment. I almost made my own set, but now I just get to hand over credit chits. Wooooo!
    Thanks for the show, Wil- I enjoyed all parts, as always.

  28. Gevmage says:

    Yay! RFB! RFB!
    Yeah, that first bit of music definitely sounded like an 8-bit soundtrack. I was thinking some of the end parts sounded like some of the early MegaMan music.
    Just FYI; your (presumably canned) out-tro says “copyright 2011”.
    Suggestion: you’ve talked about it before, but your answer to the question about being seen as Wesley is, I think, a really good explanation of your feelings. You might make that a separate file somewhere and link to it from your FAQ page (if you have one). Sort of like Adam Savage making a video about how to make ballistics gel so that he didn’t have to answer everyone e-mailing him that question any more.
    Love it. Keep it up!
    Craig Steffen

  29. Christopher says:

    For Wil and anyone who is (still, after all this time) interested, I made a remix of this episode with an increased Wheaton level that I found easier to listen to. Please forgive the couple of small audio glitches.
    Thanks as always for RFB, Mr. W.

  30. I just spent about 49 minutes of my life laughing for spending this much of my Birthday being happily fed what you’re serving.
    I think I’m running out and buying Cards Against Humanity now, (no brick wall complaints from me or Noelle!)
    And so…
    I Multiplied number by itself to get…
    your hungry burrito most happily fed.
    (The note accompanying the donation explains a ticket price)