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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-Two

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Holy Crap, after more than a year, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito! 

Today, I read some stories from my blog, talked about some stuff, and played some weird and wonderful music.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then turn down your lights (where appropriate), and

Download Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Two!

23 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-Two”

  1. beth9133 says:

    OMG another goddamn RFB! This is exciting!!
    (didn I miss something? I didn’t hear Paulandstorm’s thingy…)

  2. beth9133 says:

    And, when i clicked the “feed me seymour”* button, i got the oops message…
    *I know that it is called feed the burrito

  3. I have that exact same message tone! You made me look for my phone xD
    Anyway, YAY! Missed RFB so much <3

  4. LugnutUSA says:

    Thank you good sir, the RFB is appreciated.
    At one point I had them all downloaded on an iDevice for listening to during my long commute. It made the drive quite tolerable, so you have my sword. And my gratitude.

  5. Jayem1425 says:

    Hand to Dog I have that exact bell on my desk at work. I get to ring it whenever I manage to close a particular category of file (heinous and years-long would be the category). #itsthelittlethings #makefriendsandannoycoworkers

  6. Seriously? You need a new bell and don’t want this one?

  7. Melimsah says:

    A well-organized list of things which I want to say:
    1st (and foremost) – [happy-rage-guy.jpg] RFB IS BACK!!! omfg I’m so happy you have no idea!! I love these Wil, I really really do! Thank you so much!
    2 – Paul and Storm’s commercial isn’t actually there. It’s just… silence… Sadface, I bet it’s really awesome!
    3 – Remember when you did that last RFB waaaay back in like November 2010 or something and you thanked a ton of people, except those who gave you RFB stuff at cons and that you misplaced the box in your garage but you still needed thank them and you will in the future? Did you ever find that box? You so need to thank those people! *cough*likeme*cough*
    I really hope you keep getting excited about and thus keep making RFBs! Thanks Wil!

  8. James Harris says:

    Gotta love some RFB!
    I hope I get a chance to meet you tomorrow at the Nerd and Sundry panel I’ve wanted to meet you since I was a little kid. Too bad I didn’t bring my copy of Memories of the Future.

  9. Hooray! Thanks so much, Wil! Missed the RFB. It’s never too late πŸ™‚

  10. Teefnolan says:

    RFB makes me so happy! Yay!

  11. KingRadical says:

    Definitely do more of these! I demand slash humbly request it!

  12. Firstly; Holy shit, RFB is back! Day = Made!
    Everything else-ly; Hearing you pronounce Melbourne made me giggle (sucks that Supernova Sydney isn’t on at the same time, it’d be rad to see you there)
    Thanks so much Wil πŸ™‚

  13. Thiefree says:

    I’ve missed RFB! Thanks, Wil! Your copyright notice still says 2010, so, you know. Shame on you.

  14. I have been jonesing a burrito. I will feed the burrito when I am done listening! You have had a year to get this one ready, hope it is a good burrito!

  15. 1. mmmmmm Burrito.
    2. The random wiki link took me to the article on Dragonmead. Sweet.
    3. There was some silence at the front of the burrito (@ 2:39), so another bonus.
    4. Made me think, made me laugh, Great burrito!
    5. “Feed the burrito” is broken in FireFox, but works in IE and Chrome.
    6. Burrito is fed, Buy your bell, any leftover, look at an ascot.

  16. Jdepould says:

    New Burrito! Holy cow! Thanks Wil, you’re swell.
    As an aside, I just started going back through the archives and re-listening to old episodes (and the futurecast), and thinking to myself, “I miss Wil’s weekly podcasts.”
    Is there anything we can do to entice you to finishing memories of the future volume 2? A box of girl scout cookies perhaps?

  17. New RFB – Awesome!
    Tabletop – Awesommer!
    Good to have you back Wil

  18. karohemd says:

    I’d read all those blog posts you read in this burrito but the little extras and the feel that you read them the way they are supposed to be read and not how I imagine them in my head is cool.
    Looking forward to more if you can find the time, oh and possibly a little preview of Memories of the Future vol. 2?

  19. TristaPolley says:

    Thanks for the new episode of RFB, Wil! I love it!
    I also thought I’d mention that I enjoy the non-edit shows the most. You’re hilarious and I’d hate to miss out on anything.
    Looking forward to more when you have the time πŸ™‚

  20. Wil, is there any chance of getting a “Free the Burrito” or other RFB shirt?

  21. Andrea Reed says:

    Since I didn’t know about RFB until very recently I chose to go aaalll the way back to the oldest episodes and listen to them in order. I’m up to number nine, and have been enjoying them very much.
    In episode four, or perhaps five (I’m not sure which), you spoke about not having done anything creative lately because of the adult real-life responsibilities taking up all your time and energy and I realized that that was the very thing that had been bugging me lately. So I tried some of the old creative things I used to enjoy and none of them seemed to be right, and I looked about for a new medium.
    Lo and behold, I discovered the fun activity of creating fractals, and since you were kind of the inspiration for getting me going in this direction, I thought I’d send you the very first one. I don’t know if you like fractals or not, hopefully you like this one.

  22. Wil says:

    Oh my god, that's beautiful! How do you do it?

  23. Andrea Reed says:

    Thanks! I downloaded a freeware program from (I have version 2.09). It’s lots of fun πŸ˜€