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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Eight

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

Has it really been three weeks since the last show? I guess it has. Well, I brought a note that will hopefully excuse my absence…

Show Notes:

Ready? Then suit up your avatar and get ready to


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314 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Eight”

  1. Wil, I sent you a DM on Twitter but I’m not sure if you’ll actually see that or not. You are credited in the RDR booklet. You’re near the end of the “Local Population” section. I looked.

  2. Magritte is the artist.

  3. Wil says:

    Okay, you're a robot from the future, aren't you?
    (seriously, thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Woohoo for the Sheldon Cooper mention.

  5. Wil says:

    Oh awesome! I didn't see that. I'll look again. Thanks!

  6. Nah, I’m Just a Geek (and former art minor).

  7. Sir_jessifus says:

    Do you have any plans to take Mr Hardwick up on his offer of being a guest on the nerdist podcast? That would seriously be a world ending geekgasm.

  8. Wil says:

    Yeah, I do. We're just figuring out when our schedules match up.

  9. Dear Wil,
    Having that in my Guild set in my DVD collection would certainly give a +3 buff to my saving throws against having a crappy day.
    Your Pal,

  10. Great interview with Felicia! Listening to you rattle off “Those Who Fed The Burrito” made me flashback to Sesame Street… “This week’s Radio Free Burrito brought to you by the entire alphabet and a Muppet in a trashcan!”

  11. Biaxident says:

    Great episode Wil. Loved the interview with Felicia Day. Started listening to RFB only a month ago and they’ve all been great. I look forward to it as much as I do Kevin Smith’s SModcast. Can’t wait ’til the next one.

  12. ziggyeor says:

    Thank you for the awesome listening while I’m getting +1 card making experience and +2 color challenge and plus +2 for using up scrappy stash that’s over a year old. πŸ™‚

  13. I_clavdivs says:

    Can’t wait for season 4 of the Guild. And loved the NASA vid with Amy Okuda. Nice surprise to see you two in that!

  14. Karl_meciuM says:

    Wil Weaton: Making me think about complex quantum physics questions before a huge exam.
    *inhale8 WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAATONNNNN!!! *shakes fists*

  15. Jules says:

    Ah dude! The pressure. I don’t do well under that type of pressure. I can’t do interesting on demand. I’m only ever interesting and funny accidentally.
    I did quite enjoy Felicia’s vaginal comment. People chuckle and/or get taken aback by me when I refer to women as vaginas when they are being girly and stuff. It made me smile to hear someone else use it in the same context as I do.

  16. Nat_A_Lie says:

    I really wish I had seen all of The Guild before listening to this, but I suppose it’s MY OWN DAMN FAULT for being SPOILT. I’m sure I will enjoy it anyway.
    I’ve already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon, but a direct-from-Wil copy would be > that.
    Thanks for the chuckles and the inspiration as always!

  17. Hey Wil, great interview with Felicia and thanks for the link to Slacker. My doctor actually recommend it to me a while back, but I forgot about it until I heard you mention it. I’ll definitely have to set up a custom station…

  18. The bell wasn’t cheapened at all πŸ˜‰

  19. Julietc5 says:

    I’m going to RT my own tweet (oh my goodness, recursive universe, ow, brain ow.). Anyway, the book in the beginning of the podcast (the man with the hats), is called Caps for Sale. Someone probably read it to you when you were little. There are monkeys involved.

  20. St01en says:

    Hooray! I so can’t wait for season 4, I even fed the burrito. *ding* πŸ™‚

  21. Erik Jensen says:

    Hey Wil! Can I make a “Wil vs. Giant G-Damn M-Effing Bulldozer” t-shirt? It’s become a personal dream of mine. I know…

  22. Really weird Wil, when I heard the bells in the interview I could have sworn they were happening in my neighborhood. Maybe our church voted in a new pope. Hmm. Great episode.

  23. Listing to your show is a great way to spend part of my precious free time. I don’t know if you know about “Vinyl Cafe” but your show remind me of it, in a less “Old man stories” format. This contribute to the “Light Side” of the web (as do “The Guild”)

  24. Beaver1224 says:

    Hey Wil. Since you specifically requested no “I’m leaving a comment” comments, is it douchey or contrarily hipster to do so now?
    Anyway, great show as always. I’m always glad to hear more about The Guild, and though I’m not really part of that creative world, hearing the sort of inside-talk hearkens me back (always wanted to say that) to my school days when I was in the school age version of it. Ah, the paths we take.
    Anyway (again), thanks for the show. Have fun!

  25. DJPheonyx says:

    That was a wonderful interview with Felicia Day… it is great to hear that you both have so much fun doing The Guild (although she does most of the heavy lifting πŸ˜‰ ) and both of your insights on how things work in the acting field were very educational.
    You may want to check out for the contest selection. You can have it generate a number between 1 and however many contest entries that you get for the giveaway.

  26. Terrukallan says:

    I feel bad about commenting because it feels like I’m just doing it for the (admittedly minuscule) chance of winning something. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for keeping us well fed with tasty burritos (which is itself fed by your listeners? Clearly I have taken this metaphor too far).
    (My apologies for the lame attempt at humor)

  27. Ptrst says:

    This was an awesome episode, and I can’t wait until Phoenix Comicon! Yay. <333

  28. Shonaso5 says:

    I know you have a busy schedule, but I always look forward to the extra long Radio Free Burritos! …. I very nearly worded that in a very NSFW-sounding way … c_c;

  29. Nic Covell says:

    I just chewed through all of the burritos and the memories of the futurecasts in the last week or so. I really love listening to casual/conversational podcasts. It’s like getting to hang out with these awesome people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to know. I think it’s really cool and one of the great things about the internet along with twitter and commenting etc that allow creators to be more open and interactive. Other fav. podcasts of mine are Paul and Storm’s podcast and basically anything Kurtz Straub and Co. do. It was super neat to get to hear a little about the new season of The Guild too. I’m pumped. Anyway thanks for everything, and just being a consistently neat guy.

  30. Athalran says:

    I agree that this interview was wonderful. But I wonder if next time you do this you could bring along the bell from your desk (just in case).
    I had a thought about Comicon, but I commented on that entry to keep this one just RFB.

  31. I have no idea why I wasn’t subscribed to this podcast. Maybe I lost it in a system wipe. Issue corrected. Joy! Oh, and can’t wait for season 4. I enjoyed season 3 immensely.

  32. Thisplum says:

    If you’re still wondering about the children’s book, I don’t know of any book about a man with a lot of hats, but there is a Shel Silverstein poem in “A Light in the Attic” about a man with many hats and a man with many heads.

  33. OldMiner says:

    Felicia Day is so ridiculously charming. I’m so glad you made sure to give her that ding. She surely deserved it.

  34. Thiefree says:

    So! Wil. The bell. I really need to know: does it mean “that was a joke”, or “that was a reference”, or “I’m proud of myself right now and you should laugh”? Or all or none of these things? I suppose it may have been explained at some point, but a lot of the old RFBs aren’t available any more.
    Every time you ding that little bell I try to work out what in the heck it means! Put my mind at rest?

  35. Suziep11 11 says:

    Ceci n’est pas une remarque. (That’s supposed to be a Magritte reference, get it?).
    LOVED the interview with Felicia Day! Makes me wish I could do a web show–if only I were that clever.

  36. I’ll admit my shortcomings and ask for help. I don’t get the second and third Patrick Duffy links. Anybody want to clue me in?

  37. Coral Durkin says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for remembering about my name πŸ˜€ I got PayPal before marrying and changing my name, and can’t seem to find the option to change my name on it now πŸ˜›
    Loved the episode, and loved hearing about The Guild and your triumphant return in season 4. Looking forward to watching it πŸ˜€

  38. How do you select the music you use in RFB? If what you said about using the royalty-free stuff in garageband is true, you should know that you’re more than welcome to use the music I make royalty free because I like you so much. <3
    Jim Winks!

  39. My heart grew a little smaller when I didn’t hear my name being dramatically read during the kazoo feed the burrito part. I listened again, to no avail. :'(
    I think the audio of the interview was lower than the rest of the podcast. I could hardly hear it over a microwave humming while heating up burrito contents. And that was with the volume all the way up.
    I played my first encounter of D&D after listening to the Penny Arcade Podcast you were in and then the other PA podcast, which you weren’t in. Kind of like in your encounter, I ended up saving the day, then being saved by somebody with a last minute potion. I’m trying to spice the encounters up with flavor text, but it isn’t easy. Props to Wizards for their “Encounters” night.
    Keep up the good work.

  40. So I put Catherine Wheel into Pandora, and you sir have introduced me to some great- possibly excellent- music.

  41. Thanks for letting us know the source of the kilt you wore in The Guild Season 3. As a result of your referral, I purchased a complete Scottish outfit using the clergy tartan, which I’ll wear while officiating at a wedding this weekend.

  42. Love the interview with Felicia. Between The Guild, Leverage, and The Big Bang Theory, this has really been the year of Wil Wheaton: Professional Nemesis. I like Evil Wil Wheaton, but Fawkes was my favorite of the three.
    Also, I should note that “Awkward Stop” is the name of my Alanis Morissette cover band.

  43. I am so damn excited about watching Season 4 of The Guild now!!! (^-^) Could possibly be the best news of the night!
    Thank you kind sir, thank you for making my night.
    I salute you!

  44. Hey Wil. Commenting to get entered to hopefully win awesome Season 3 DVD, but in order to not be lame for commenting just for that, I’ll take this time to give you a ::facepalm::. At the beginning of the recording, you said today’s date was Wednesday March 26th. Oops! Easily forgiven and NOT noticed until I’d started the podcast over and over because my Craptastic Comcast connection kept failing. LOVE the Burrito!

  45. Aerynkelly says:

    That was a great interview with Felicia, glad I listened πŸ™‚ and I’m excited for season 4 of The Guild!

  46. This actually my first radiofreeburrito, and I gotta say I love it. Great interview with Felicia Day. Some questions answered that I hadn’t heard before. Plus you’re very funny and witty on here, except the part when you couldn’t think of the artist… Anyway, you’ve got a listener for life now.

  47. Jason Burton says:

    Awesome interview with Felicia! I am so pumped to hear you’re going to be in Season 4 of the Guild. By the way: I love the kazoo music – where did you find it?

  48. Abroder says:

    Yes! Guild Season 4 details! I’ve kinda of known it for a while, but it’s still exciting to know for sure. The Guild DVD sounds amazing – can’t wait to watch it, even if I don’t win.

  49. AZMIB_Loup says:

    So, what you’re saying is that we are all like the famous cat… both winners AND losers until you make the final selection? πŸ™‚
    Great RFB Thank you Wil.

  50. Tem78 says:

    Thanks for the Burrito Wil, I’ve been very hungry lately. Missed the podcast alot. I look forward to it to perk up my mondays.
    So glad to have you back on The Guild! Can’t wait for season 4!

  51. bluegrey says:

    So glad that you overcame your technical difficulties, I was so glad it was done that I stayed up way to late and will be very cranky in the morning. The kids will be so thrilled. It was worth it. And I forgive you for implying that almost all of us are losers.

  52. Ignotus_ille says:

    I was already eagerly awaiting the next season of The Guild, but this has only served to inflame the eagerness. It has been a very entertaining, fascinating and eye opening series to watch. (As it has opened up all the possibilities of the internet and the next generation of entertainment.)
    Excellent RFB, I must say. Though of course it would be excellent with Felicia Day featured. Er, not that your RFB episodes aren’t extremely good and entertaining anyway, it’s just that the addition of her to something seems to make it all the more enjoyable. Not that it wouldn’t have been enjoyable anyway, it’s just… oh bother. I’m just going to say again, excellent Radio Free Burrito. As always.

  53. chinkle says:

    Best RFB ever! You and Felicia have such a great rapport. I can’t wait to see Guild Season 4. (Hey, that rhymes!) Also: that was totally appropriate bell dingage. Also also: very funny moments in there. AlsΓΈ alsΓΈ wik: a moose.

  54. Hey, Wil. Having just finished my third class in quantum mechanics (quantum applications this time, which I think is a bit of an oxymoron), I think I can shed some light on your physics explanation request. Via the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics (well, the copenhagen interpretation, anyway), we are all both winners AND losers until you roll the excitingly polyhedral dice to make your choice. If you like the many-worlds hypothesis, when you make that choice, a bunch of other universes split off with each possible outcome.
    In other news, I have always loved the burrito and especially Memories of the Futurecast-monday nights were perfect for me. I work at my local observatory as a telescope driver on mondays. I’d just get dinner, go up, and listen to the futurecast before sunset. Great way to relax!

  55. Would I love a seasonable Guild DVD? Of course, but why stop there? Couldn’t Wil give away his actual memories, in the form of mental tissues and spinal fluid? Of course, but why stop there? Why not disassemble all Wheaton-related sufaces and substrates, ultimately parceling them out to various needy genetic charities? Ultimately, couldn’t SyFy spin this process, and its consequences, into at least 5 new series? Then–wouldn’t everybody win?

  56. Simbeau says:

    Great episode, sir. Have you ever thought about doing other interviews with the people you are friends with? I have the distinct impression that your burrito will be filled more and more in the future if you do.
    Enjoy you’re Canucks jersey this weekend and tell the Chief that the 13th Colony is hoping for a season 2 for The Bridge!

  57. It’s awesome that you posted this today. First of all because it gave me something to make up for the terrible day I had at work.
    Secondly because me and a friend were discussing season four of The Guild today, and speculating when it was going to come out, if you were done filming, etc. Also we love Fawkes. And your kilt. That gets bonus awesome points.
    This brought me much happiness and excitement today. So thanks for the new Burrito, and answering my Guild related questions.

  58. Hey Wil, great episode, and thanks for helping me avoid studying some more.
    And on a side note, Caps for Sale was my favourite book as a kid.

  59. KenKopin says:

    “The Pope Next Door” should totally be an album name. And I got name checked. Woo! πŸ™‚

  60. chilepepper says:

    Wow, that interview was hard to hear. Totally worth it though. Can’t wait to see you in Chi-town.

  61. While listening to the podcast, I started wondering why The Guild was censored on the official site, but not on YouTube or the DVDs. Not three minutes later, my question was answered! I think Felicia Day has psychic powers or something.
    Can hardly wait for season 4!

  62. W00t! Awesome news about season 4. I was just recently thinking that I was going through Guild withdrawal. Good to know that I can get my fix of Season 3 AND look forward to season 4.

  63. Great episode and interview with Felicia Wil! And I must concur with SaintNicster- the bell was not cheapened at all. Your little riff on recognizing the Garageband tracks in other podcasts had me rolling. I haven’t played with Garageband (or even contemplated doing a podcast of my own in ages), but listening to you have so much fun behind the mike makes me want to break out my Mac and join the fun.

  64. Lhocke says:

    Love the show, still a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat? really? that was an image I really could have done without. Still I eagerly await the next installment

  65. Sympodius says:

    I just listened to this from my Android phone, downloaded through its interwebs, while sitting in a park in Scotland. That’s some good international karma for you.
    Throws karma at Wil

  66. karohemd says:

    Slacker isn’t available outside the US, unfortunately, but I guess it will work similarly with other online music streamers.
    I really enjoyed that interview with Felicia. A little look behind the scenes (and into the minds of the makers) is always appreciated and makes it much more real. Thank you. Can’t wait!
    Have fun in Phoenix!

  67. Hdibner says:

    I’m a fan of the theory that there are simultaneous universes where every single one of us has won, including people that haven’t listened in this universe, not to mention people/beings that don’t exist here! Seriously though, did you guys set up spycams in my brain? A favorite obscure book from my childhood, my favorite painter, geeky girl reading romance novels, and quantum theory?! Until this podcast, I’d have said the only things those all had in common was me.
    You should know that once again you’ve provided the soundtrack for work on an art piece that will bring much joy to the interwebs.

  68. Great Interview. I can’t wait for season 4. It would be cool if you could do more interviews like this, when the individual episodes come out.

  69. AriUBlack says:

    I have to ask, wouldn’t it be better not to choose a winner? That way we can all keep our probability waves wiggling away happily in a win/not-win state instead of collapsing into a single, static, bland reality.
    Then again, DVD!
    EDIT: Ooo, hey! Thanks for getting my first name right, so few do!

  70. Toboldly_go says:

    I might have had a small nerdgasm/victory dance at the confirmation of Fawkes’s return to the Guild for season 4, and said victory dance might have caused me to accidentally hit the wall.
    While I will deny this ever happened, it really, really hurt. And was so worth it.
    Thanks for the great interview, as well as the nerdist recommendation.

  71. Melimsah says:

    You didn’t just make up that kids book! Observe!:
    Did you notice that I didn’t just say “I’m commenting!” I CONTRIBUTED. πŸ˜›
    (Are you going to have copies of Dancing Barefoot? Or is that omg-too-old to bring to conventions anymore?)

  72. Hey, if I happen to be the winner of this DVD of the Guild I promise I won’t show it to my impressionable kids!
    As always,I loved the episode.

  73. LuisaLucca says:

    Wonderful episode, Wil! I had such a geekgasm when I saw what it was going to be about. You and Felicia are geek gods.
    As for the confusing topic of one of us already being the winner, or not, itΒ΄s a SchrodingerΒ΄s cat sort of situation, isnΒ΄t it?
    Nope, I fail at being interesting. xD Sorry. Thanks for the show!

  74. Mvandervoord says:

    An idea for your wonderfully complex randomization method for giving out prizes:
    1. Take a crappy webcam (any one will do) and connect it to your computer.
    2. Put a black cloth over it (A geeky zombie t-shirt would be perfect).
    3. Max out the gain
    4. Pick a random pixel from the camera (But how to choose that one? Oh no! Infinite Recursion!)
    5. Read as many bits from that pixel forward until you have enough bits (You’re geeky enough to understand that part).
    6. Tada! Random number! (and it’s “true” random… not that pseudo-random-nonsense).
    7. Ignore the random number and choose my comment.

  75. Johnytyh says:

    Great interview Wil, even better because both of you are friends. The insights over the all process dedicated to create the Guild were very interesting. Can’t wait to check out The Guild S3 features about the cast, sometimes the actors can be so good, that you forget that that’s a character being played by someone who can possibly be the complete opposite.

  76. Hello from England!
    You said no ‘here’s a comment’ comments and make it intresting, unfortunatly I’m not very intresting and most of my amusing witty comments are usually sci-fi related or obscure geeky things and you out rank me on awesome geek-fu so I will Cheat and use my QI:Book of General Ignorance and hope that maybe your mind will be blown, as was mine…
    1)The largest living thing in the world is a mushroom. Located in Malheur National Forest, Oregon, covers 2,200 acres and is between 2,000-8,000 years old.
    2)A blue whales throat is the exact same size as its belly button (About the size of a side plate)
    3)Things that aren’t (originally)Scottish: Kilts, Bagpipes, Haggis, Porridge, Whiskey and Tartan. Things that are Scottish: Chicken Tikka Masala
    4)The Earth has at least 7 moons, (But only one we really care about) the others are called; 2000 PH5, 2000 WN10, 2002 AA29, 203 YN107 and 2004 GU9
    5)A European earwig has 2 penises, it keeps a spare incase the first one snaps off.
    6)More tigers live in the USA then anywhere else on earth. It is estimated that there are between 5,000-8,000 tigers left in the wild, while there are over 4,000 in texas alone. 16 US states have no regulations about owning tigers (for serious) and a tiger cub can be bought for a little as $1,000
    7)Around 2 million people every year are killed due to work related accidents. Thats almost three times more then those killed at war. (Also more then killed by alcohol or drug use)
    8)The universe isn’t black with bright sparkly bits, its beige/pale green. On a dulux Colour chart its somewhere between Mexican Mint, Jade Cluster and Shangri-La silk
    9) Water makes up less than 1/50th of 1% of the Earth mass.
    10)Peyton Randolph was the first American president, and there were 13 guys after him. George Washington was the first President of the Independent United States. (of which there are only 46, Virginia, Penn. Mass, and Kentucky are Commonwealths)
    I hope you found at least some of that intresting πŸ™‚
    also feel free to make fun of my screen name, I made it when I was 13

  77. This was my first episode of Radio Free Burrito, but it won’t be my last! I clicked through because I wanted to hear you and Felicia talking to one another, and I really enjoyed the discussion of art vs production. (Hearing you confirm that Fawkes was back for S4 of The Guild was fabulous news, too!) I’m not a podcast listener in general, but yours has just earned the place as my first regular iTunes podcast subscription. Also, happiness: twenty-seven earlier Burritos to enjoy!

  78. CStad says:

    Awesome interview with Felicia. It was really cool to hear that you are in season 4.
    On a side note: It took me 3 times to listen to the whole podcast. You could almost say, the burrito kept blowing up on me, like a “Mucho Grande Burrito”, except without the mess.

  79. John Luiza says:

    I just had a 45-minute squeeeeee. I’m on break from school, listening to podcasts, JoCo, Radio Free Burrito, reading comics, and playing some DnD over skype. Life is good. And I’m a Schrodinger Winner. Thanks for all the win!

  80. Uselessink says:

    There were certainly a lot of P’s in your burrito Pod!

  81. Stitzelj says:

    Great show, Wil! I’m going back through your available archives on iTunes now and catching up!

  82. Juliemaru says:

    OH WOW. My inner nerd (which I wear on the outside) let out a loud squee at the realization that you have a LONG interview with Felicia Day! Excellent and FUNNY conversation- thanks so much for posting this!
    I can’t decide which Evil-flavored “Wil” version I like better; Fawkes on The Guild or Wil on Big Bang Theory. How could one choose? (Which is certainly similar to your quandary in choosing a winner for the DVD.)
    Great podcast!

  83. Teefnolan says:

    Ach! I’m not so good at amusing. You and Felicia put me in Geek Heaven, however, so knowing that you “do good” might make up for any lack of jocularity. Many thanks for being a “web master” who links all us together!

  84. Photogojira says:

    Hello Wil, I think you should know that I’ve become an undying “fan” of yours only since finding you as a blogger & pod-caster, but of course I was aware of you before that. Excellent work on all of it, kudos.
    I thought your interview with Felicia was the best forty or so minutes of serial ass kissing I’ve heard in ages.
    LOVE the Burrito, please update it more often!

  85. Lasaira says:

    THAT was a very filling burrito. This weekend is going to be an epicly outstanding time! I can’t wait to see The Guild panel. I’ve brought my mother-in-law into watching The Guild and she’s as entranced by it as I am and she’s no where near being a gamer. Kudos to Felicia and you!
    The bell never gets old or cheapened. I don’t know how, it just doesn’t.
    I was slightly sad to not hear my name at the end, but I imagine you have A METRIC TON of people who love donating what they can to feed the burrito in all its awesomeness.
    See you in Phoenix!

  86. Brad Lucid says:

    I’m a huge fan of the “making of” extras and other behind-the-scene details on DVDs. I’d love to have season 3 of the Guild for that reason alone.
    Wonderful interview with the lovely Felicia. Thanks!

  87. I listened to this on headphones at work, and the interview portion with Felicia was kind of hilarious. Her voice was coming in only on the left channel, and yours was coming in on the right channel. It sounded like I was sitting directly in between the both of you.

  88. Heya, Wil. I’ve been catching up on your stuff lately — just listened to Just a Geek and The Happiest Days of Our Lives, and enjoyed them both. Great interview in this episode — I haven’t been following The Guild, but now I’ll have to catch up.
    And please thank Felicia Day for using the Commonwealth pronunciation “prymer” instead of the American “primmer”. πŸ™‚

  89. Jakob Punkt says:

    Awesome interview. This is actually the first RFB I’ve listened to, because after MotFcast ended it was *so hard* to subscribe to a new RSS feed. Well, not really, actually I’m just very, very lazy. But it turns out that I heart RFB as much as I hearted MotFcast, even though there is no Star Trek. The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that you, Wil Wheaton, are awesome. Which rhymes with possum. But not foursome. Unless you’re Australian.

  90. Jllaunt says:

    How weird to hear you issue a “Schrodingers Cat” DVD raffle contest…I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but the whole thing gave me a giggle. It’s like celebrating your “Un-Birthday”. Anyway, you and Felicia both have been SO busy lately, and I wanted to thank you for doing the things you do because it makes my life much more fun. πŸ™‚

  91. Dexmail says:

    Yay! Schrodinger’s Lottery. We’re all winners until the end… and then we’re dead.

  92. Dexmail says:

    Baaaah! Beat by one lousy minute! I should have just gone with “SchroEdinger” and not spell checked. First and ignorant woulda been just fine.

  93. Josh Neveln says:

    So as to add some comment here about the actual podcast, nice interview. I found it interesting how new this “small” video series development encounters challenges because the current entertainment business is structured for larger productions, from the sound stages to DVD authoring all the way through distribution. As a (hopefully) normal audience member, I don’t think about these things as I’m watching, which I hope is a compliment.
    It’s a bit different from the audio only world which has a history of small scale record production. But to do video well, it apparently takes a lot more work. It’s nice to see that some of those challenges are being tackled, like the way The Guild and Dr Horrible have found a way to distribute DVDs that makes sense for them. It’s good that some talented and ambitious people are taking up the charge to develop projects like this.

  94. TorontoMatt says:

    Do you really use dice to choose the winner? If so, what kind of dice?
    Also, THANKS for the Schrodinger’s Cat reference! That was hilarious!

  95. Thank you for reminding me how much I enjoy listening to Elvis Costello.
    I enjoy the things you make, please keep doing them.

  96. MEW412 says:

    I have to say that was a great interview. I did love that break of you sounding like the smarmy announcer!

  97. Robin says:

    I knew it! Felicia hinted at a continuation of the season 3 cliffhanger in a recent interview with Slice of SciFi, and you were all working at crazy hours on a secret project, and I knew it had to be The Guild. Fawkes lives! Woohoo!!!!!
    I believe the children’s book you were thinking of is Three Hat Day. (A Reading Rainbow book, even.)
    “They’re selling millions of units.” ::snerk:: I’ll just be over here with my inner twelve-year-old.
    Can’t wait to get my season 3 DVD.

  98. thegr8merlyn says:

    I absolutely loved this show. The interview was awesome and I can’t wait to see more of you playing with Felicia. I am eagerly awaiting the next season and enjoying RFB so much. And we need Wootstock Midwest (KS, OK, or TX).

  99. Thoroughly enjoyed your “interview” with Felicia Day – sounded exactly like two friends geeking out about their shared passions. Oh, that’s what it was…
    Also, seriously bummed that my current employer disallows internet radio usage due to network impacts. I wanted to go create a Catherine Wheel/Lush/Ministry station on Pandora or πŸ™
    I supposed a Guild:Season 3 DVD would cheer me up.
    Keep making the burritos!

  100. Clint Hauser says:

    See, now that you’ve asked for this not to be lame, you’re giving me performance anxiety. Damn you, Wil Wheaton!
    Guess I’ll go back to playing poker now, which is a completely different sort of anxiety.

  101. Nick Danger says:

    You should have just ended on the ‘thats what she said’ joke.
    Since you didn’t, you should make the first letter of the last names all spell something. I listen every time thinking you’ll do that.

  102. Perhaps listening to this while studying fracture mechanisms and stress behavior of materials was not the best choice. Too distracting through the funny.
    Still, awesome ‘cast, Master Wheaton.

  103. debbie says:

    Very tasty RFB. It makes me happy that you will be in Season 4 of the Guild. I am going to purchase my copy of Seaon 3 at Best Buy. However, the signed copy from you would be super special and so please send it to me now! Thank You and have a Great day.

  104. Tanya says:

    That was a great interview- I am really looking forward to more episodes of The Guild!
    Another kids book about a person with many hats- The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, by Dr. Seuss. (though the hays are not bowlers… alas)

  105. Jeff Smith says:

    Hmmm, I bought THE GUILD S3 DVD when it was offered on Amazon in February (which was print on demand, I believe), I assume this is the same content? Anyway, feel free to remove me from the contest running, since I already have the disc(s).
    Very entertaining chat with Felicia, I’m really looking forward to more Fawkes in S4. And BTW, being a huge DOCTOR WHO geek, I love that you wore a Dalek t-shirt in S3. πŸ™‚

  106. Cpcpb says:

    It’s strange how all the funny people I listen to/read on the web somehow or another end up knowing each other. It completes a strange circle in my head that you and Chris Hardwick are friends.
    I’m really looking forward to Guild Season 4. Oh, and also RFB 29! Thanks!

  107. Chivalrybean says:

    I’m leaving a note
    It’s actually a comment
    Also a haiku
    That felt really clever until I did it.

  108. Breakinfree says:

    What is the sudden craze of “antioxidants”? I never heard about this growing up. I didn’t hear about it until the last few years. What is an antioxidant? And why do we want them so bad. My limited knowledge of the English language, I’ve learned this much. ANTI, means against. So we are against oxidants. What did the oxidants do that makes us hate them so much? I mean, why the sudden craze to banish them from the Earth? I mean, do we need to go all Nazi on them? Maybe they’re just trying to make their place in the world. I say embrace the oxidant!
    Unless they steal your shoes. In which case, kill them all.
    Anywho, you said make the comments interesting… so hope this was interesting. Now I sit back and hope to get the Season 3 dvd from ya.

  109. Thank you for the spoiler tags and the super interesting discussion about production, process, and general acting talk. Also – GUILD season 4 almost in the bag. How flipping exciting!!!

  110. Wil says:

    Dammit. You're not the first person who somehow got missed this week. I think ate some notifications, or something. I'm really sorry, but thank you for feeding the burrito!

  111. Great podcast. Loved the interview about the Guild. Can’t wait for season 4 to start.
    Oh yeah, you did cheapen the bell a little bit, but we have faith that you won’t do it again.

  112. Oh man… Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina was one of my most favorite books as a kid. In my little innocent mind I seem to remember the hats as more of the bowler hat style than caps. Ah, childhood memories… nostalgic arrr. Thanks for show and reactivating forgotten memories. πŸ™‚

  113. Eyeofthefrog says:

    I miss the Bulldozer.

  114. Glenn_sccc says:

    First time I ever listened to RFB. Very cool! interview with Felicia was great. look forward to future installments!

  115. Judi says:

    I found The Guild has the right amount of geekery for me, and I don’t play online games.
    The only problem I have is that my husband keeps telling me I make Felicia Day faces.
    Why can’t Felicia Day be making ME faces?

  116. Firey Eyed says:

    Thank you for the note that you really do have to work on your own art outside of work or it gets stale. I’m in a stale phase. Any ideas for un-stale-ing when that happens? Just diving back in?
    Also, holy crap. I totally did that with your little promo towards the end. Damn you GarageBand!! *shakes fist*

  117. JDLucas2000 says:

    Love the podcasts and I just caught up listening though all of RFB and Memories. I was quite excited (dare I say, giddy?) when I heard Felicia and the news on Episode 28. The Guild and other web series like it (The Legend of Neil comes to mind, which also features Sandeep and Felicia… Coincidence?! Doubtful.) are amazing and hearing any good news about them being put into a pay format with bonuses and extras is great. It allows the people who enjoy something they do to fork over some money and show their appreciation.
    Keep on with the podcasts and know there is another RSS feeder loading it on to their Zune (what?) with each episode.

  118. Wil says:


  119. Groovekittie says:

    I’m not that clever, but think about this:
    If I win, that DVD will find its home in Saskatchewan, Canada on a REAL reserve where REAL natives live! With ME! A real MOHAWK/PLAINS CREE person! Now, won’t that be AWESOME?!
    Also, Felicia’s vagina comment was total win. Made me laugh. πŸ˜€ So glad you’re coming back for a real story arc in S4! I was worried it would just be a little blip, or one of those “it was all just a dream!” things.

  120. Worselthx says:

    Great interview Wil! I’m ashamed to admit that this was the first RFB I’ve listed to. Although I read WWdN in exile all of the time. I’ll have to start listening to RFB now!!

  121. Hey Wil,
    Uh…[Insert witty and/or funny comment here] I would like to be in contention for the Guild DVD.
    But seriously, I LOVE your podcast, and I’ve been a long-time reader of your blog, and (much) longer-time watcher of TNG. For what it’s worth, I never had a problem with Wesley, but I was very young during season 1, so maybe I didn’t realize how horribly they wrote for your character at that time. The episode where you were stuck on the shuttle with Picard was among the best. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Chicago for W00tstock. THANK YOU for coming to the middle of the country for this. The coasts get all the cool stuff, normally.

  122. Sorsha76 says:

    Awesome show, Wil! This is the first one I listened to (I know, I know, it’s been on my to-do list forever), and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’m a) anxiously awaiting the 4th season of The Guild, b) wishing I was further along in Red Dead Redemption. I’ve been playing Red Dead too much though; I went outside on my lunch break yesterday and saw a hawk, then immediately imagined a little red aiming dot on it. I will definitely make a point to listen to future podcasts, and will hopefully find time in between skinning computer-generated animals and playing poker in Armadillo to catch up on past ones.

  123. Thought says:

    Will you release the spoiler quote from Felicia once the episode airs? (:

  124. Great interview, Wil. As I am about to embark on my own webseries (assuming a few pieces fall into place) I found the discussion of DVD authoring and distribution most interesting.
    Since you’ll be hooking up with some of “the old gang” this weekend in Phoenix, what are the odds of a brief interview/roundtable with them in an upcoming podcast?

  125. Trey_bushart says:

    I see I’m a bit late with the information that you are in the credits for Red Dead Redemption manual. But you are also in the in-game credits as well. Same section “The Local Population” Yep, I watched through all the credits – what can I say I’m a movie geek.
    Can’t say that I recognized which character you played. Think you could tell us what character you played, if you don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to everyone else (I just finished the game). If I were to guess, I would pick one of the Texas Hold’em players, or is that too obvious?
    Trey B.

  126. Sir, I already wasted my witty/hilarious comment on twitter, when I made the Trackball old enough to drink comment. (Yep I’m Kmanchester) Can I use that “witty comment credit” here? Please? Thanks.
    Anyway, huge fan, and really dug the interview with Felicia!

  127. Jessica Brow says:

    Loved, loved, loved the interview. I was already excited about Season 4, but this totally made my day. And the tweet the other day that you were having lunch with Bill Prady? Everyone in the office stared as I squealed in my cubicle.

  128. Katie Jones says:

    Loved the interview with Felicia — looking forward to seeing you both in Phoenix!
    About the children’s book about a guy with lots of hats — perhaps you were remembering Caps for Sale? (But as LeVar would say, you don’t have to take my word for it.)

  129. Rummski says:

    Great ingredients in this Burrito. Nice interview, hopefully you can make them a part of future burritoes. Keep up the good work.

  130. Lasaira says:

    It's all good, Wil! I just donated a couple of times in response to your tweets about needing beer money. I'm always willing to donate to art, awesomeness and beer.

  131. Aftonshaw says:

    Awesome! This is actually the first time that I have listened to your show, and I adored it! I’ve been watching the Guild for a while and I have to admit that my love for you has been longstanding and birthed from my imaginary marriage to Wesley, when I was but 12 years old. I’m totally gonna go back and check out your other podcasts.

  132. Wil says:

    Yeah, you can certainly spend your earned-witty-comment credit. In fact, that was so funny, I'm granting you a bonus credit.

  133. Rob Steward says:

    Has anyone named A. Dick ever fed the burrito?
    Can’t wait to see you in the next season of The Guild!

  134. Katie Jones says:

    Loved the interview with Felicia — looking forward to seeing you both in Phoenix!
    About the children’s book about a guy with lots of hats — perhaps you were remembering Caps for Sale? But as LeVar would say, you don’t have to take my word for it: here’s the Amazon link:

  135. Lasaira says:

    Oh! And ALWAYS to gaming of any kind!
    [Mod note: removed e-mail address to protect Lasaira from evil spambots.]

  136. I must say, that thanks to the internet there are so many sites/videos/podcasts/blogs/Twitter-feeds, that offer an instant source of inspiration, and Felicia and yourself, Wil are are the greatest source I’ve found in a long time. Thankya muchly.

  137. Doug Jacobs says:

    Great interview with Felicia! And as always a great RFB.
    I see the Kings and Ducks are tied for first place in the 2010-11 season! Go Ducks!
    When you are rolling the dice for the season 3 DVD of the Guild, I will use divine intervention!
    Keep up the good work! You add humor to a horrible world!
    – Doug

  138. Anthro78 says:

    Darn it, Wheaton! Just when I thought I was paring down my copious podcast listening, you pull me back in. WHEATON!

  139. Fun interview with Felicia. One minor bit of feedback: listening on headphones I found it … odd … to have the two of you solely in opposite ears; it was like you were little characters sitting on my shoulders. πŸ™‚ If you do another of these, perhaps mixing the voices panned just a bit off center instead of in separate channels might feel more “natural.”
    Overall, though, a great listen; thanks, Wil!

  140. Wil says:

    Yeah, that's the result of the weird setup we had to use to make this particular thing work out. If I do stuff like this in the future, I'll use a different setup.

  141. I was going to come up with an insightful and interesting post but then you said “stoner roadie science” and it very nearly made me snort coffee out my nose and now everyone sitting near me thinks I’m insane because I keep trying to not laugh at, apparently, nothing.

  142. Thank you for the new burrito its easily the podcast i look forward to the most.
    Also awesome interview with Felicia. I’ve been looking for a creative outlet as of late and hadn’t honestly thought about the web series thing before. Food for thought.

  143. Amy Elk says:

    Oh wow. Wil + Felicia in my ears = massive amounts of inspired and happy. She is so amazing. My list of people I wish I knew IRL keeps growing.
    The existence of stuff like RFB and The Guild just makes me so happy; I can’t thank you all enough for all your hard work.
    Also, I’m sure The Goddamnedmotherfucking Bulldozer misses you too.

  144. Mike says:

    Great interview, Wil. You should have done a companion set of spoiler-filled questions to be aired after Season 4 goes up. Well, I guess you could just do another interview with Felicia. Just don’t forget your bell this time.
    When you were talking about how to explain the physics of how we’re all already winners, I was like “Schroedinger’s cat! It’s like Schroedinger’s cat!” I’m glad to know we both went to the same place.
    And you cheapened the bell for us a LONG time ago, my friend. πŸ˜€

  145. Jcelestino says:

    When you were trying to guess the artist I was yelling Ceci n’est pas une podcast in my head. lol! Can’t wait for season 4 of the Guild.

  146. Timewalker says:

    FWIW, Wil, I liked the stereo separation during the interview. Of course, I was listening via my laptop speakers and not headphones.
    And as an aside, I subscribe via gpodder and it has no problem grabbing the burrito and futurecast.

  147. Melxcloud says:

    I had no idea you had a podcast too! I love the Guild and was directed to your podcast by a guild tweet. It’s Sweet! And I’m a Sweet, so I know of such things. πŸ˜‰
    I’m hooked and am subscribing to your podcast from now on. Thanx and keep up the good work.

  148. Ken Gross says:

    Wil, I am concerned that your DVD giveaway offer is biased towards the literate.

  149. Colonel Dave says:

    As soon as you finished describing – in detail – the manner in which you had been violated by your audio equiment, I said – quite loudly, might I add – “OW!”
    RFB is a great way for me to while away my lunch hours at the office, Wil, and I thank you for it!

  150. K wallace says:

    Stoner Roadie Science is cool. I love your show, but I miss the bulldozer.

  151. mimi~ says:

    Holy bunches of comments Wheaton!
    I would feed the burrito this week, I did it once before, but I literally have $9 in my checking account. I need to wait until payday.
    However, all hail the departure of the GDMFB. One would have been able to find the humble wheaton abode by just searching for large earth moving equipment and a bad-ass VW next door. Now you just have to use the force, er or something.
    I wish I could hail the departure of my next-door neighbors GDMF 4-wheeler. I work at home too with all the windows open and I don’t want to hear it. I’m not even making podcasts.
    Feeling a lack of funny based on the demand so I leave you only with this.
    Have an awesome day.
    -Mimi, (Melissa)

  152. Hrrmm…Must be interesting…Well, now that you’ve set the bar a little higher than the norm, I’m afraid I’m going to have to rely on a hackneyed form of interesting: the Haiku.
    I’ve been amused by
    The interview you had with
    Felicia Day.
    Thank you
    P.S. Thanks for the Jesus and Mary Chain.
    P.P.S. Don’t you find post scripts annoying?

  153. Kingfisherd says:

    Great to hear you’re still a part of Guild Season 4, after the unfortunate news that the Tycho, Gabe and Kurtz threw you out on your ass and replaced you with Kris Straub in the newest PA/PvP D&D podcast. What, you have a single character death and all of a sudden you’re not good enough to adventure with them anymore?!? Damn those bastards! Damn them to HELL!!! πŸ˜‰
    Well, hopefully you’ll still get to play with them on the next game that Chris Perkins runs for you guys. And maybe you’ll be able to convince them to bring Felicia with you, as the podcast could use a solid female character. Unless of course that’s what you intended on playing on the next one. Heh heh.

  154. Great to hear the news about The Guild and such a wonderful interview with the creative talent Felicia Day. And as always its such a pleasure to listen to a geeky burrito!!

  155. It struck me that when you read the names of those who’ve fed the burrito, it’s starting to sound a lot like a numbers station…
    [In the process of logging in via Twitter, I discovered that you need the “Allow third party cookies” option set in Firefox or you go round and around logging in with no success.]

  156. TimsMartini says:

    I’m sure this will be lost to the comment black hole (and maybe someone already said it) but beyond the Magritte reference, you also couldn’t remember the classic children’s book with the man with a whole lotta hats on his head:

  157. Hey Wil, is Felicia doing any more Legend of Neil? I know she was helping out fellow guildie Sandeep on that one as a nympho fairy. I guess she was really helping all of us, wasn’t she?

  158. Naw. He’ll invent a day-of-month die that changes the number of sides based on the value rolled on the month die (clearly, a 1d12).

  159. Simdan42 says:

    Wil, Great Podcast! They are great and I thank you for taking the time to create them for us to enjoy. I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I enjoy listening! The interview with Felicia Day was great and it is exciting that you will be back in the Guild!
    P.S. how about a Memories of the Future Vol 2 update?

  160. Bluefurryone says:

    Amazing! Bravo Wil. Best Burrito ever. Every geek wants to be Wil Wheaton and be with Felicia Day. *DING* Sure Hope I win the Season 3 DVD, cause then I’d be forced to run out and buy season 1 & 2 to complete the collection.

  161. You REALLY need to do the nerdist podcast. I shudder to think what would happen with you and Chris together, but whatever happens, it would be hilarious!

  162. Hailstone says:

    Mr. Wheaton, I’m sure there is a parallel universe out there where you and I are long time childhood friends. That being the case, we should totally have lunch and play some D&D this weekend in that plane of existence. See you at my house alternate #374982348434353417000001.
    Good day.

  163. J'wyl says:

    Nice interview with Felcia Day! You two are kind of my heros, doing what you WANT to do and finding interesting ways to do it. Very impressive… I would love to see your dice to be sure it isn’t just that yours are polished differently than mine and therefore roll higher for you πŸ™‚ Just joking of course, we all rely on the dice companies to make all the dice the same… ahem.
    Just for the record, following you on twitter and via your blog has been a gift, and as I haven’t done so already… thank you! I have always professed that actors, writers, artists, whatevers are just people too, and you are striving to show that you are just one more person (and that much better for aiming to not be a dick) doing what they do to get through this life in the fullest manner possible!

  164. Loved this burrito. I have to agree the insights into the web-acting vs more commercial work was very informative.
    Love the candor, especially when describing the tool of choice of one Manny Ramirez. And well the end of the burrito as well πŸ™‚

  165. Tigerwong says:

    RE: Die-roll for DVD giveaway (“One of you is already a winner”) –
    I think in terms of quantum physics, the equation would be something along the lines of multiplying the number of sides on the die (x) by the number of people who comment (y) to determine the number of possible realities you are about to affect (r). Then you have to multiply that by the number of dice in your collection from which you’ll be choosing (a), and also by the total number of sides (t) on each individual die. Then you also have to factor in the 50/50 possibility that each listener might not actually comment (c over 2), and also those who for some reason opted not to listen to the podcast (p over 2), and also those who only listened for the first time this time around (L) because of Felicia Day (factor of FD).
    So in order for a you to predict mathematically who will win, i think the equation is:
    (xy)at+(cp)squared over 4(FD) = r over L; and then round to the nearest prime number and see which comment that corresponds to.
    Clearly i’m not a mathematician or a quantum physicist, because that will not likely match the die-roll.

  166. Gwensdad says:

    Loved the show. UNEXPECTED FELICIA DAY was awesome.

  167. I’m leaving a comment to say that I’m leaving a comment. Does that make you sad? It should. Nah, I’m just kidding. Don’t be sad.
    Hot Damn, that was an awesome interview. Um… ok, I’m done.

  168. AineMorgan says:

    I’m a huge fan of The Guild and even though I was already super excited about the 4th season, listening to this episode added a few more “super”s to my level of excitement.

  169. genconman says:

    Wil, this was my first time listening to the Burrito. Very cool stuff. Do you have many guests? I haven’t worked my way through the archives yet. I’ve almost always found that dialogue is always better than monologue in podcasts/radio. It sounds more natural.

  170. Pandorasdad says:

    Dude, I listen with headphones at work. Nice use of stereo recording during the interview! You in my right ear, Felicia in my left. Can’t wait to see season 4!

  171. Brob says:

    This is my first time listening to Radio Free Burrito, and I’ve got to say, Wil has a great radio voice. It’s good times, I’ll be back again!
    As for the contest, am I Schrodinger’s commenter?

  172. Lbdwag says:

    1st listen, but what a great time to tune in! Two of the best geeky people on the internet rolled into a single podcast! Awesome.
    Now if I win season 3 of the Guild, that would be awesomer! Not much more could top it!

  173. Suedars says:

    This was the first episode of Radio Free Burrito I’ve listened to, and I’ll now probably spend the next few days going through the archives. Glad I found it.

  174. Tekdiff says:

    At last… New RFB! Cool interview w/Felicia Day. You do that well, you should definitely do more. Interesting people interacting is always good audio. That’s my comment, anyway. Super Duper Excited about w00stock Minneapolis!

  175. vickijohns says:

    Made my day, as usual! So excited about series 4 of the guild now.
    You and Felicia would have awesomely geeky children… just something to think about.

  176. Chris Cowan says:

    That was a hell of a long podcast! Do paraphrases of season 3 count for an interesting/amusing comment?……I didn’t think so.
    Anyway, not opposed to long podcasts. Also not opposed to interesting interviews with famous people. Here’s hoping the next interview will be with Kunal Nayyar!

  177. Cmckinnon says:

    This was a great episode. I loved hearing the two of you talk about the show, and Felicia sounds like such a nice person. Thanks for putting this together Wil.

  178. L.W. says:

    My first RFB and the Mule is mentioned. Awesome.
    This just makes me even more excited for Guild season 4.

  179. I just started listening to your podcast with the last episode, and am loving it. I loved the interview with Felicia Day. I can’t wait for season 4 of The Guild.

  180. pfelon says:

    Felicia is so great. I hope we see a lot more creative work from her.

  181. Kkak says:

    Wil, That was a great episode of Radio Free Burrito as always. And of course it was even better with the ever loveable Felicia Day. I’m sorry that I can’t make it to the Phoenix Comicon this weekend, but there will be another time. And when that day comes, it will be like waking up from a dream, just to see Patrick Duffy in the shower.

  182. Swrightson says:

    There’s nothing that gives me a big goofy smile like listening to you say everyones name over the Kazoo Music at the end of each episode…. it’s just so ridiculous I can’t help but laugh.
    Thanks for making my evening just a little better. πŸ™‚

  183. Matthew Winn says:

    I tried to come up with something interesting for the contest. I couldn’t. Instead, here’s a link to a picture of my friends tiny pit bull with a sandwich roll on his head…

  184. Andrew Meyer says:

    A jumper cable walks into a bar and looks aggressively at the customers.
    The bartender says “Ok, I’ll serve you … but don’t start anything.”

  185. LOVED the interview!
    I listen/watch pretty much all interviews with Felicia and I think that the fact that you guys are friends made the interview even better.
    – Why don’t I have a bell in here?
    – Because you don’t do a nerdy podcast like I do.
    – Oh…
    That made me LOL! =P
    Oh, and on June 8th Kenny will bring something to the set. Something I sent to all cast and crew. If you are there, make sure to get one, and I hope you like it! =)

  186. Mattlargaut says:

    just discovered the radio free burrito with this incredible episode talking about the guild S4 and red dead redemption πŸ™‚ just awesome ! Very Nice interview !! Can’t wait to see S4 !!
    Enjoy !!

  187. FredKiesche says:

    Downloaded the latest episode of The D6 Generation Podcast, with a review of Rogue Trader supplements and an interview about the new Dresden Files RPG…and the latest episode of RFB. So I listen to RFB first and find Yet Another Webseries that I will have to watch. Yikes. So many books, so little time, so many ex-lovers to bury…

  188. I’m totally stealing McKenneth Blue’s name for a novel—unless he’s already stolen it from one.
    Also, I want to be Felicia Day when I grow up.

  189. Wow, my two favorite geek celebrities in a single podcast! I feel faint.
    Great interview. I love to hear creative people talk about being creative. You obviously both love what you do.

  190. Oh, and two more things:
    After Season 3 when Felicia was looking for feedback for perhaps the future, I said that she should bring Fawkes back.
    You should do more interviews, Wil.

  191. Achloryn says:

    This is the first episode of Radio Free Burrito i’ve ever listened to, and I found it thanks to The Guild website. Awesome show, i’ll definitely mark this in my favorite podcasts and try to catch up on the backlogs. The interview with Felicia Day was just great. Look forward to seeing the both of you in season 4!

  192. Jcrodewald says:

    Like all the others I very much enjoyed your interview with Felicia Day. What I really love about it is that one could tell that you were genuinely interested in Felicia’s answers. That was no interview by the numbers in any way! Awesome!

  193. Jim Lesko says:

    Great episode.
    I 100% agree with your tweet — or was it a blog post? — from long, long ago, that “It’s a Mug’s Game” by Soft Cell is underrated and among their best work.
    There. I said it, and I’m proud. Fnord.

  194. Hey Will,
    I’m a long time listener but this is my first time posting here.
    Episode 28 really turned my day around and I’ll tell you why.
    I’m your typical office monkey, mindless tasks take up the majority of my day and I listen to podcasts to maintain my sanity. It’s not all bad, I love the organization I work for and I go home knowing that they aren’t evil…at least I don’t think they are. This day in particular was especially tough. I was told that this coming Friday would be my last day because the company doesn’t can’t afford to keep me on.
    Feeling shitty and despondent I sat down, turned on episode 28 and continued with my monkey tasks. Listening to you and Felicia reinforced what I enjoy so much about the work you both do. You both seem to sincerely love what you do and I admire that. I was sitting at my desk and thinking “I really don’t have to do this, I have an opportunity to search for something different.” I’ve struggled for a year and a half to find work but whenever I get down, your podcasts make me laugh and even reflect on my own nerdy life. Anyway I’m sorry for going so long, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do and that it matters a lot.

  195. karen says:

    The artist you and Felicia both wished you knew is RenΓ© Magritte and that painting is called Son of Man. THOUGHT PATH ALERT! Bowler hat/Apple painting…Pierce Brosnan (yum)/Thomas Crowne Affair…Steve McQueen/Thomas Crowne Affair…”Windmills of Your Mind”/stuck in my head for a week, on full volume. Thanks for that…I think you owe me!

  196. Georomig says:

    This was my first Radio Free Burrito! πŸ™‚ Infrequent updates or no, still subscribing.
    Really enjoyed the interview with Felicia. Love The Guild! Your discussion of acting and the web video culture was very interesting. I think the fact that anyone can do it (not always well, but…) takes a lot of the pressure off and helps things be less competitive, too.

  197. Georomig says:

    Oops, forgot to add: liked what you guys had to say about Venom and her actress, too. As a woman with a disability, I love that she’s not the stereotype. I can imagine she’d be a blast to play.

  198. Nat_A_Lie says:

    I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I really enjoyed your interview style. You did a really good job and I feel I learned a lot from the session.

  199. i showed this to my mom and she busted up laughing at copacabana πŸ™‚
    ….she sat there so refined, and drank herself halfblind…….
    thanks for being awesome!

  200. Holy CRAP, you’ve responded to me twice in one week…I feel special! (no sarcasm either)
    Anyway, thank you for the bonus credit sir. I really only get one…maybe two witty comments a month. I’m quite glad I used/directed it towards you.
    Side note:
    RFB (believe it or not) is actually the first and currently only podcast I subscribe to. *crosses fingers for bonus points* (no not really) All joking and omgwilwjustrespondeding aside, please keep up the good work. I promise you the minute I get some steady income here, you and RFB will be seeing a donation from me. I promise!

  201. Hi Will,
    Thanks for an awesome podcast (infrequent tho’ they be (not a criticism mind, more of an amen from the choir since ya said it yerself)).
    The Guild is SUCH a damn inspiration. I’ve watched each episode — no lie — about 20 times just trying to absorb, by osmosis (e-smosis?) if nothing else, how to make my own show.
    I would love to the winner of the DVD. (Though I guess that goes without saying considering the over-gushing.)

  202. LinksRiddle says:

    Hey Wil,
    Cheers for another tasty tasty burito. Question though, when are you going to get excited and make “Wil Wheaton’s Podcast Bell”TM for our own burito empires?
    I’d buy one. Maybe, even two. You know, in case I degrade the value of the first too much.
    Cheers again from the land down under.

  203. Stile4aly says:

    I’m posting a comment on this webzone. Will exchange pizza rolls for The Guild DVDs.

  204. Gebo007 says:

    Great interview! I just recently discovered The Guild and I think it’s awesome.

  205. There once was a blogger named Wil
    Whose postings are certain to thrill.
    Commenting in kind,
    I hope that I find
    I receive a bit more than nil.

  206. Hi Wil! Thanks for the awesome podcast. More Felicia is always a good thing. I am an actor and musician based in New York, and it was great to hear an NY shoutout! I admire you and Felicia very much, because you are both creating success as independent artists and providing a great example for me as I persevere on my own creative path. Thanks for continuing to inspire! Rachel
    P.S. I support the proposal for a Wil vs. Giant Goddamn Motherfunking Bulldozer t-shirt. I would buy one.

  207. I was listening to the tail end of this podcast on the T home yesterday and just cracked up– you know, like you do– (during the bit about garage band music, if you care) and the older gentleman with the luxurious white mustache noticed and smiled, too. I was tempted to explain what was so funny, but it seemed like one of those things that wouldn’t translate.
    Also, I think I know your “Ken K” who fed the burrito. Weird? Possibly. There’s probably a bazillion Ken K’s out there and a subset of those dudes listen to you and a subset of them are willing to pay for drinks at Comicon. But I think that one was my friend. He knew when I fed the burrito, too. Eeeeerie.
    Have fun this weekend- try not to shoot your horse in the meantime. (That was a great story, too)

  208. Hi Wil! Just finished listening to #28, and I thought that the interview was really interesting. I will admit that I had never heard of the Guild – or more specifically, that I thought it was on TV, and not a web series. I think it’s really cool that the show is having the kind of success it is being on the web.
    It makes me really optimistic about doing cool things online!

  209. Keith Nelson says:

    /e takes on role of Schroedingers Cat.
    A winner and a loser, until the die is rolled.
    Really enjoyed your chat with Felicia. First time listener, long time reader.
    Thanks for doing your part to give us all a little more geek cred.

  210. The bell has been cheapened! LOL! Great interview.

  211. Tedluck says:

    I didn’t realize it would be an interview with Felicia Day when I hit play on the podcast on the way home from work yesterday. I love pretty much everything she’s done. Even the Sears Blue commercials.
    I’m heading to my local comic store this weekend to pick up the 3rd issue of The Guild comic, and I can’t wait for season 4! Very excited that you’re continuing to be on The Guild.
    Also, agreed with comments above that Wil Wheaton on the Nerdist podcast would be truly awesome.

  212. Really fun episode, Wil! Thanks for sharing! Love the interview with Felicia Day, she’s such a sweet geek. πŸ™‚ Made my commute to work today just fly by.

  213. That was a great interview will, Felicia sounds like an amazing person to work with. You do a great job playing evil & manipulative characters, it’s a shame you never got to play a bad guy in the ST franchise!

  214. Wil, the book your thinking of in the interview wherein a man wears many hats is “Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business” by Esphyr Slobodkina.
    And having read it to my daughter every night for a little over a year, I actually yelled the answer at my ipod listening to RFB28 drawing quizzical though not surprised looks from my office-mate.
    I continue to look weird in front of my peers thanks to you and I have now dashed your dreams of writing the story of the many hats.
    Strange, nerdy, and yet wistfully poignant summation comment FTW.

  215. Afblack says:

    I find it fascinating that the Geek World is so close-knit. You’d think that given the scope of the internet and all the different avenues we dorks travel in search of our interests it wouldn’t be the case, but there you go.
    This is the first podcast of yours I listened to and I’m happy to say that I’ll be coming back.

  216. Zak Robinson says:

    Darn, Juleitc5 already beat me to mentioning the title of Caps For Sale, which I loved as a kid. Those crazy monkeys! I’m not sure what kind of hats those caps were, though… they certainly weren’t bowlers, but they look a lot like berets, only not floppy. Maybe they’re newsie caps, or just generic caps of some sort. Here’s the Amazon link, you can decide for yourself:
    Oh, I also would like to say that I thought the “‘Celestial Body Long’ — that’s what she said” joke was quite deserving of the bell, perhaps even quintessential in terms of the kinds of jokes the bell is designed for.
    By the way, thanks for responding to comments (when you can) Mr. Wheaton (you are your father!). It’s nice that we can actually interact with real internet celebrity-ness! πŸ˜€
    Edit: for some reason, I wasn’t seeing all the (hundreds) of previous posts, so now I look like an idiot for not also noticing the dozen other commenters who also pointed out Caps for Sale and its Amazon link. Oh well. πŸ˜›

  217. Syndprod says:

    Today I finished the corrections on a scientific article about utilizing municipal solid waste and tea as compost for Brussels sprouts. Yesterday it was copyediting an article about grinding up the unused portions of fish used in frozen fillets to feed to other fish. Such is the glamorous life of an academic journal production editor.
    Clearly, I could use that copy of The Guild S3 to fill a void in my empty, empty life. Hopefully the dice (or random number generator) will be on my side.

  218. Speed Racer says:

    A meta-rific episode!

  219. Meespatti says:

    So, my mental picture of a bodice ripping season four with a hero in a kilt is probably a little bit over the top? It doesn’t seem like to me…

  220. Donald Haas says:

    I saw your tweet about this and couldn’t wait to get into work today to listen to it. I had to choose between you and’s geeks guide to the galaxy. With Felicia in it, RadioFreeBurrito won. Also, your flicker picture inspired me:
    Just no way I could leave that one go.

  221. Jannines says:

    Wil – you should remember Magritte – from the Paul Simon song πŸ™‚ Rene & Georgette Magritte and their dog after the war… (Felicia is younger than us old fogies – probably why she didn’t remember). Great interview, it’s really fun to listen to you guys chat about your work. thanks

  222. LauraDryad says:

    Listening to you podcast while at work makes it easier for me to deal with working with my republican father and brothers. When they get me down, I know I can always turn to your website and podcasts to put a smile on my face.
    I’m off to feed the burrito πŸ™‚
    Laura K.

  223. neberific says:

    Thought I’d drop you a line to say,
    that I loved your chat with Felicia Day.
    Can’t want for Season 4 of the Guild.
    Fawkes has a hell of a character build.
    I’d ove to own an autographed Season 3.
    So roll your magic die and please pick me!
    And to Evil Wil Wheaton… Shendon and his meema suck!

  224. So excited for season 4 of the Guild! Thanks for the interview with Felicia. She is my hero. πŸ™‚

  225. Wbgraphic says:

    Hi, Wil! Long time listener, first-time caller.
    I anticipate this becoming a rather lengthy post, so I’ll try to keep it organized…
    I’m a big fan of your work on-screen and off. As a male geek of your approximate age, Wesley was my access to the Enterprise-D. That kid building portable force field emitters and hanging out with androids wasn’t Wil Wheaton, he was ME! When TNG was announced, I was honestly more excited about seeing Gordie on a weekly basis than the ship itself.
    Excuse me while I wipe the spittle from my chin…
    I was unaware of your writing until I saw you pop up on Fark, which led me to your blog, which led me to your books. Spongebob Vegaspants is an utterly fantastic story, which I could relate to in some very small way. I live in Las Vegas, and at the time Star Trek: The Experience opened, I was working for the UPN affiliate. I got to walk through the attraction two nights before it opened. Standing on the bridge of the Enterprise-D was just eerie.
    I regret that I didn’t get a chance to meet you at the celebrity opening event the following night (I don’t even know if you attended), but I will always have fond memories of trying to hold a microphone in position for a somewhat wobbly and thoroughly inebriated James Doohan.
    Your writing has never failed to entertain. Your humor is humor is extra funny, your geekiness is extra geeky, your poignancy is extra, uh, pointy? You have a wonderfully intimate style that I always feel that you’re talking directly to me, that guy who has been identifying with you since we were 15 years old.
    That sounds really creepy, BTW. Y’know, in case you missed it.
    I’ve enjoyed immensely your recent work on Leverage, The Big Bang Theory and The Guild. You have a rare gift as an actor: you project a true likability, a sincere personableness, while playing characters who are gigantic douchebags. Bravo, sir.
    I should add here that I am not virtually stalking you by watching everything in which you appear. I was already watching all those shows. Which is not to say that I wouldn’t have watched because of you. But I was, so that makes it not at all creepy. Right?
    Memories of the Future is an entertaining read, to be sure, but your Memories of the Futurecast is an absolute treasure. I’m sure you don’t have the time, but I would love to see you publish an audiobook of Memories of the Future. Not just a reading of the existing
    material in the books, though, but rather a full-length Memories of the Futurecast-style treatment for each episode. The best material is the stuff that isn’t in the original text.
    On a related note, I see that Lulu will be publishing through Apple’s iBookstore. Will Memories of the Future be available there? There is just something so very, very appealing about reading MotF on an iPADD. πŸ™‚
    I know you’re concentrating on producing entertaining content — and doing a swell job, thanks — but as a geek, the technical aspects are, I’m sure, a priority for you as well. That said, um, how do I put this? Your audio levels tend to be a bit… whimsical. The cat-like audio mixing was very evident in this episode, as the excellent interview was much lower than your cut-in pieces.
    BTW, thank you for providing me with my quote of the week, which I will attempt to work into
    conversation whenever its degree of relevance is non-zero:
    “Shit, I’ve used up all the kazoo music!”

  226. Mlv says:

    Great show, as always. Thanks for turning me on to The Guild. I’m already most of the way through season 2.

  227. XenoPhage says:

    It would be incredible to win the Season 3 DVD, especially signed… I wonder if, perhaps, I can influence the random choice…
    ssh root@weatonix
    root@weatonix’s password:
    wheatonix$> echo >
    echo “Choosing a random winner….”
    sleep 10
    echo “The winner is : X{#`%${%&`+’${`%&NO CARRIER


  228. Angel7306 says:

    This was a wonderful episode, as usual. Thanks for sending it out into the universe for us.

  229. Jason Kivela says:

    Well, your interview with Felicia got me interested enough in The Guild again to go back and finish it. Not that I got bored at all, but my list of things to read/watch/listen too is so long it got pushed down a bit. Move back to top of the list now. Thanks!

  230. My day was made when I saw a new RFB in my ZuneHD (yes, I did import one all the way to the UK!) on my commute to work. I love the guild and can’t wait to see the shenanigans in the upcoming season πŸ˜€

  231. OK, mister. I am not the Schroedinger’s cat of your blog/podcast contest… unless I win.

  232. Wil, your roleplay with Penny Arcade was gripping! No, really. You really impressed. So often, roleplayers leave out the roleplay! Anyway, have been digging your show(s) for awhile now. Keep it up!

  233. More Fawkes = YEY!!!
    On a side note, I am sure forty-seven thousand people have already let you know that at the beginning of RFB ep28 you said it was March 26 instead of May 26. πŸ™‚ That doesn’t diminish my nerdy love for you, though.

  234. LWilkesCarey says:

    Dude, this comment room is crowded!
    Excellent podcast as usual, Wil.
    I really enjoyed your interview with Felicia and look forward to seeing more of Fawkes in season 4 of The Guild.
    I love the idea someone else posted about a Wil vs. The M@ther-F^cking Bulldozer teeshirt.
    I remember, after moving away to college, hearing you were living in my hometown
    of Topeka for a while. I would love to hear about your experience in T-town.

  235. FusedLight says:

    It’s not monaural.
    It’s not stereo.
    It’s tbe miracle of Hi Fidelity BINAURAL SOUND!
    Wil to the left of me, Felicia to the right of me.
    Felicia to the left of me, Wil to the right of me.
    The bells, the bells… tolling the passing of time at 10-something.
    The bells…
    To the left AND the right of me.
    It’s the bells.
    The bells.

  236. I think that if I were to receive a copy of season 3 of the guild, I would buy the other 2 because I am neurotic like that.

  237. it seems like there is a porn parody if almost everything these days

    do you think someone out there is looking to The Guild as inspiration for one?
    if so what be the name of the pornstar playing fawkes?
    also feel free to post any XXX parody Guild character names if any just come to you.

  238. Janice says:

    Another great episode of the one podcast that lives on my “must listen” list! I loved hearing you talk with Felicia Day about The Guild as well as more generally about the work of acting and creating. Lots of fun and informative as always.

  239. Shopkin1 says:

    Every time you talked about the GDMF Bulldozer, I pictured you in a bathrobe facing it down – a la Arthur Dent. Alas – that particular nemesis is gone. I can’t wait to find out who your next nemesis will be. (And it can’t be Sheldon Cooper – he’s Evil Wil Wheaton’s nemesis.)
    Great show – look forward to the Guild Season 4 (even more now that know your in it).

  240. I’m so sure the previous 239 comments have talked all about how great/funny/insightful RFB is in general, let alone how great this episode was all of the above in particular.
    So, instead, in my quest for the elusive DVD, I’ll post something great I read recently which makes us all ponder just a little. It goes a little something like this:
    Never regret anything because, at one time, it was exactly what you wanted.
    Continuing to not be a dick,
    your pal,

  241. Alex Pope says:

    You know those lines that never seem to have an end, you just keep going around corners to find more line? This list of comments is like that. But here I am… at St. Alfonso’s Pancake Breakfast…
    Anywho, I agreed wholeheartedly with Felicia that “it was just a dream” would have totally sucked. I drill that into my students whenever I lecture about story writing, because, if I don’t, inevitably there will be a few kids who will think it darned clever to say at the end of a very interesting story “but it was all just a dream.”
    At which point I pull the barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat out of my ass (like you do), give the story an F and move on.
    Oh, and “Barbed-Wire Wrapped Baseball Bat” is my Ozzy Osbourne cover band.

  242. Tom says:

    This is my statistically insignificant contribution to the diminishment of everyone’s odds of winning.
    Great show, Wil. One small suggestion though, the gain was really low on the interview portion (I had to max out my volume on the stereo to hear it). I’m betting you’re probably not up for re-mastering it, but maybe something to check if you do another off-site interview.
    Oh, I almost forgot, I enjoy your performances on The Guild and on The Big Bang Theory… keep up the awesome work!

  243. The interview with Felicia Day was really good. This is my first time listening, so I’m glad that I did! πŸ™‚

  244. Your Awesome Hour today was so awesome. I listened to RFB #28 on the two hour drive to the Phoenix Comicon, which was a perfect segue from regular life to Wil Land. Excellent stuff, was fun to meet you and Felicia Day as well.

  245. Will, thanks for constantly pimping radio free burrito via twitter. Had you not done so, I would have missed all the awesome that is radio free burrito, which I’m sure would make you sad.
    Kazoo music rocks.

  246. Russell says:

    Thanks for posting this interview with Felicia. I became a big fan of hers thanks to Dr. Horrible and then watched the first two seasons of The Guild over a couple of days before diving into Season 3. I am *SO* looking forward to the start of Season 4 of The Guild, especially since I know you are making a return.

  247. Sarah Murphy says:

    There once was a show called The Guild
    Whose cast was exceptionally skilled
    (The crew too, of course)
    Not to beat a bad dead horse
    But I’d like a DVD, if it’s (wil)led.
    Apologies for the terrible limerick, but I was trying to think up a non-“this is a comment” comment on the way home and that’s what came to mind. Thanks for providing such an entertaining podcast, and keep up the good work!

  248. TheOneDeej says:

    One thing Felicia said that really resonated with how she can deal better with audition rejection by having another creative outlet. I’ve been very frustrated with my local theatre scene taht I’ve had to give it up for a bit. Methinks I just have to work at finding another creative outlet for I feel like my talent is wasing away.

  249. I had reached the point I had stopped insessently checking on my xbox for more episodes of the guild and thanks to you I’ve started again.
    Now as for how to make the comment interesting….
    One of the following is not true:
    i) I am credited in the 4th Ed DnD Players Handbook
    ii) I walked out of a plane crash uninjured
    iii) I have a pet dog called Barry
    iv) I worked on Black and White at Lionhead

  250. JasonBlane says:

    This episode was my first RFB! Great radio voice, Wil! It’s a strange and wonderful cross of NPR and Dr. Demento. The interview with Felicia Day was awesome! She really seems like she’s down to earth and fun to work/hang out with. Keep up the good work, Wil. This may have been my first RFB, but definitely not my last!

  251. Just finally listened to it. Loved it, Felicia is an awesome person and that interview really was truly great. Big fan of The Guild.
    A quick question, Wil: After playing a couple of evil characters in various media recently, do you actually enjoy playing evil characters more than good ones?
    Anyway, keep up that good work, and also can’t wait to see you on euReka, actually one of my favorite TV shows πŸ™‚

  252. Beyond Ken says:

    This episode really tests one’s ability to ‘ride the volume control’. Which is not too easy after a few too many Michelob Ultras. (It’s a good thing I’m finishing off last night’s Absolute. (This morning))

  253. I work in television and we still say live on tape. It’s basically an archaic term that while technically inaccurate ninety percent of the time, just seems to work because no one can figure out a term to replace it. And even if we did, by the time it became an industry standard, it would probably be outdated for the next technology anyways.

  254. Am I a winner, or are you, Wil Wheaton, gonna tell me I am a loser? πŸ˜‰
    Anyway here is my comment:
    RFB: opening doors to nerd-dom

  255. Super-pumped about Season 4 after your great interview with Felicia Day. Only a week til Minneapolis welcomes you and the rest of the w00tstock family to our great city.

  256. MissCherryPi says:

    Hi Wil! Thanks for this podcast, and for introducing me to The Guild. I’d heard of it before but never checked it out. I did start watching after I listened last night and it’s really great.
    Did you coin the phrase “nerd adjacent” a few episodes ago? Because it’s an awesome term.

  257. Great interview, thanks for that. It helped make up for the fact that I can’t come to Comicon Phoenix, which I would have loved to go to see you Felicia Day, Scalzi, and the STNG reuninon. Alas – Denmark is just to far away for such unplanned for trips to take place πŸ˜‰ But some day… yes some day…

  258. Douglas says:

    Ok that was a great interview, great to hear your going to be in the new season of The Guild. You & Jelicia Day ROCK. I just finished reading Just a Geek that I got on itunes, are any of your other books coming out in an app? Thanks for playing MC Frontalot his Zero Day is great. Well my dog is telling me it’s time to go for a walk, you know the look. Love the podcast and can’t wait for your upcoming stuff on Eureka.

  259. Jon Allanson says:

    Hey Wil, great podcast. I’m a huge fan (as is everyone here, right?), and I really enjoyed the episode. I’m a little late to the party to identify Magritte or Schroedinger, and while I think Caps for Sale is a great book, your hat-book comment certainly did make me think of the 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Suess, as was also already mentioned. Anyway, glad to here there will be more of you on the Guild, as seeing you get to act on all these great tv and internet shows is a pleasure second only to reading your books and blogs. Thanks again.

  260. DoctorMono says:

    Very sad. I sat here for literally hours trying to think of something, anything funny to say. How sad is that?
    Apparently today I am the fail at funny and have failed my Charisma check.
    Sad face.

  261. warplayer says:

    Wil + Felicia + Guild + Radio Free Burrito = best podcast ever!
    So what did you think of the Lost recaps out there Wil? Not sure how much of the series you watched, but I thought the finale was great and if you find the time (but we all know how little time you have with all the projects you dip your toes into), I highly recommend watching the whole series.
    Crossing my fingers to win a copy of one those DVDs πŸ™‚

  262. Nj_kate says:

    It makes me so happy that you mentioned the Nerdist podcast – I <3 Chris Hardwick. It would make my head explode with joy if you and he could get together for an epically nerdy podcast.

  263. Nj_kate says:

    Meant to add a hopeful arr to that comment. Followed by Scooby Doo arr (naturally).

  264. Abel Goddard says:

    Comment’d. I e-mailed you way back about getting that song you made, but never got a response. Something about ghosts, shoreline, dead town? Fog, maybe? Crap, I can’t remember exactly. The song was pretty cool, though. But even better then getting that song would be getting a signed Guild DVD. Hawesome, even.

  265. Hi Wil πŸ™‚
    Instead of a comment here is a little story I wanted to tell you for a long time, but I was shy. This was a good incentive. πŸ™‚
    My first RFB experience.
    It was snowy winter evening, couple of days before Christmas. The day in the office was really shitty. Took a long, long walk home to clear my head. I was curious to see what this podcast of yours is about, loaded it on my mp3 player that morning and started listening RFB 17. It made me cry, it made me smile, it made my awful day a lot better. Thank you. πŸ™‚
    Next day, on the bus to my hometown I listened RFBs from the begining for 6 straight hours.
    Also, finding out that the artist whose work I admire is a great person, makes me happy.
    Greetings from Croatia
    p.s. got married two weeks ago, killed caek with katana, danced to “Do You Want to Date my Avatar”, retro-geek wedding win! πŸ˜€
    had to brag a bit πŸ˜‰

  266. sry, it was RFB episode 16.
    2.30 am here

  267. Robv410 says:

    Wil,thanks a lot for posting this interview with Felicia. My brothers and I having been gaming for way too long and we’ve been inspired by The Guild. We are in the development stages for our own web series, and I am trying to get as much information about doing it right as I can. Interviews like this are perfect for us right now.
    I’ll let you know when we get the series on-line. πŸ™‚

  268. Kali says:

    Vag-com was awesome. Went to the Seattle W00tstock. You inspired us to to buy three MC Frontalot and a Molly Lewis album, my friend Wil. Also awesome.
    I don’t *feel* like Schroedinger’s cat . . .

  269. Margath says:

    Good show. Hopefully you can get Felicia a bell for her studio so you don’t have to edit in your bell from your podcasting domain next time you interview her.
    (Tell me there’s going to be a next time. πŸ™‚ )

  270. Frotvi says:

    I love Felicia Day so this interview was a must πŸ™‚ I havent heard any of the other radiofreeburito episodes, but they are now on my todo list πŸ™‚ Also like to say I like your appearances in The Big Bang Theory and The Guild πŸ™‚ – but like most I remember you as young Wesley πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to new episodes πŸ™‚
    Greetings from Norway πŸ™‚

  271. I’m walking down the street listening to this, saying “Magritte! Magritte!”. Fortunately no one pointed and laughed.

  272. Wil, this is actually the first RFB I’ve listened to, because I’m super psyched about season 4. And I just want you to know, as awesome and sweet a guy as you seem on your blog and I guess therefore irl, I really enjoy all the douchey lines that Felicia writes for Fawkes. So keep ’em coming! I can’t wait to see what happens! Plus I need more goofy quotes to memorize, to out-quote my Guild-watching friends, ’cause that’s how I roll. ha!

  273. Hey Mr. Wil Wheaton,
    So… interesting comments only. That’s a lot of pressure. I mean level of interest depends on the reader and, as of yet, have not been equipped with mind reading abilities so… yeah, there’s that. Admission: This is the first time I’ve heard of/ listened to your web-show. I know! Been under a rock all this time (cliche alert). But I have been a fan of your work in the past (Stand By Me, Evil Wil Wheaton, The Guild) AND Felicia Day (your interviewee) so listening to this ep was a no brainer. Man, trying way too hard to sound cool. But, great episode. Really enjoyed. Took the time to listen to entirely (not that I was horribly busy but there is that chem project…) Can’t wait to see you again on The Guild and hopefully BBT. Thanks for the laughs–

  274. EMG says:

    Great episode of RFB! I think guest episodes are great so you should def have more friends come on and participate. Maybe a w00tstock episode? Nerdist? David Lawrence? LeVar Burton? I could keep going on, but you get the idea. πŸ™‚
    Course I also enjoy the solo episodes such as when you read excerpts and what not. Still waiting for you to put out Walking Barefoot as an audio book on LuLu. πŸ™‚
    Worst case, have an episode made entirely of kazoo music and/or swing city media.

  275. So glad you had the more-conversation-than-interview interview with Felicia Day on this show. Without her tip about censorship I would have blithely gone on watching The Guild via Xbox. I [bleep] hate it when [bleep] broadcasters [bleep] bleep what people say!!! Like Frank Zappa once said, it’s my language and I should be able to use any word in it that I feel expresses my meaning.
    Thank you. I’ll get off my soap box now. Great interview, by the way.

  276. Loved the interview with Felicia Day! In fact, the interview was so good that I didn’t mind too much when someone driving in another car tried to run me of the road by attempting to lane change directly into my car (luckily nothing happened). Love the show, and as I mentioned at Pax East, your podcasts make long driving trips so much more enjoyable! Thanks.

  277. Dwatney says:

    The “live Wil interrupting the recorded Wil” (multiple times) was great! This was my first RFB, but I did listen to and enjoy all the Memories of the Futurecast segments.
    Not sure why someone wouldn’t want a chance to win the DVD, but to be clear, yes, this is an entry for that. πŸ™‚

  278. C. Ball says:

    Great Podcast Wil.
    do you think you could get some interviews in the future with other members of the guild cast?

  279. Jim Bellmore says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast. My copy of The Guild Seasons 1 & 2 just arrived, and once I’m done with them, I’m looking forward to Season 3 on DVD.

  280. Colematson says:

    Thanks for this episode, especially the interview with Felicia. I did a film about LOTR geeks last summer ( /plug), and Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, The Guild, and Dr. Horrible were all frequent topics of conversation on set. (Not to mention that we shot a few days at Our Local Game Store, and had a blast gaming courtesy of the owner when we weren’t shooting. He even kept the store open late into the night one time so our director could game with the cast and crew.) It’s great to see that geeks – and the brazen enthusiasm we represent – are winning the day!
    Btw, our DP just posted on Facebook about how much he liked playing Red Dead Redemption, which he got for his birthday. He squee’d when I told him you were in it.:-)

  281. John Powell says:

    Hey Wil,
    I’m really glad to know you’re back, supporting direct-to-web series, in The Guild: Season Four.
    I also found an interesting bit of synchronicity in your blog this week. Though I love BBT, I’ve regretfully missed almost all episodes this year, including your appearances, and am sad that CBS doesn’t make them available via the web. But I digress. My point was that I recently had watched the NASA debunk episode of Mythbusters, where Jamie and Adam went to an observatory to test a laser reflector placed on the Moon by Apollo astronauts. Just about any time someone (such as on BBT) mentions we went to the moon, and left something left behind, I’ll always remember that there’s a reflector left up there just to let us continually prove it…
    Or perhaps to prove we’ll leave our junk laying around just anywhere.
    Sounds like you had a fabulous time working with Felicia and her Guild crew, and I can’t wait to see you in the new webisodes this summer!

  282. Loomis2 says:

    You should do interviews more often, since it’s not so much an interview as a geeky conversation. OK, I take it back, you should do geeky conversations more often.

  283. Ashugg says:

    Dear Wil,
    You broke my brain when you declared it to be Wednesday the 26th of March. You don’t do this on purpose to confuse people do you?

  284. Um, I may not be the only one to point this out, but even the eventual winner has both won and lost now, until you roll your dice and run your algorithm. I think. Or am I confused?

  285. TaiiChii says:

    I always listen to your podcasts when I have to take the train to the city where I work, leaving my hometown Monday morning at 5. They really make my Mondays more bearable. So thanks a lot for making these, I really appreciate them and feel very entertained listening to them. Like the interview with Felicia Day a lot, although it was a bit too quiet, especially against the noise of the train.

  286. TaiiChii says:

    PS: I wanted to feed the burrito, but when I click “continue to pay pal”, I get a “Fatal Failure”, whatever that means. I’ll try again on a different computer tomorrow.

  287. ccobos says:

    Great interview! When you and Felicia were trying to remember the hat book I was driving my car yelling “Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!” Anyway, thanks for turning me on to The Guild, and I can’t wait for season four!

  288. Wil says:

    There are mistakes all OVER the RFB archives like this one. I wish I could say that it's a bit, but it's really just me being stupid.

  289. Lunar Vixen says:

    Is it just me or did I hear you announce the date as March 26th?? I “rewound” a few times.. and swear it didn’t sound like May.. but March..

  290. I’ve never actually watched The Guild before, and I’d like to understand all of these references to it next time, so I do sure hope to win that DVD!

  291. Frireworks says:

    great podcast as always. although without realizing it, i pushed the speed up button on my ipod, and for the first 15 mins thought something strange had happened to the recording and made you and Felicia sound a little like robots who talked slightly faster than normal.
    it was much easier to listen to once i figured that out.
    because of this podcast, i watched the guild, which I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. and i loved it. so thank you for the great interview and info, especially on season 4. i can’t wait to see more of you in a kilt! you wear it well. i wouldn’t mind adding season 3 to my DVD collection, so that i may also share the awesome with friends.
    looking forward to seeing you in season 4 πŸ™‚

  292. Miki says:

    Enjoyed meeting you at the PHXCC! You arbitrated a long standing argument between my wife and I about exposing my 3 year old son to video games by coming down smack dab in the middle with a balanced approach; Go with Wii and enforce some equal reading time. I think we’ll also add a third prong: go outside in equal measure. We’ll see how it goes.
    Something during the mention of all your sponsors by name in the podcast reminded me of a show I can’t remember the name of to save my ass now, but you or someone here may remember it….we would have been between 4 and 6 I think when this was airing…a 30 something lady (long dark hair?) would read the names of kids while we watched as the huge loli-pop would twirl as she called out the names of children. The center of the giant swirling treat would fade through kids faces as their names were called out. Every kid’s but mine. Not bitter. No.
    It sounds ridiculously like a bad acid trip, but hey, it was the early to mid seventies and I swear it was an actual show. Besides, that’s too crazy to make up. Can anyone name the program? I grew up in the Oakland, Alameda area in case it was only local.

  293. Y’know, Wil, I’ve been really meaning to check out The Guild. For some reason, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. But giving me the DVD would be a pretty darn good incentive, don’t you think? PLUS, since it’s Season 3, I’d have to go buy the other two seasons also. Just think of it! With one meager gift, you could actually sell two whole DVDs! I mean, talk about bang for your buck. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Don’t you want to be awesome, Wil? DON’T YOU?
    Your Pal,
    — Jason

  294. Perlnixon says:

    episode 28 haiku
    don’t cry Felicia
    Captain Hammer will save us
    from evil Wheaton
    (I put all my build points in CHA, not INT)
    Great interview. <3's.
    PS. from prev episode, planning on making a "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." mug.

  295. OK, so just listening to this now – there is a lesser-known Dr. Seuss book called “The 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins” that might be the book to which you are referring – but they’re not bowlers, I’m sorry to say.

  296. wishbone says:

    I’m so excited for season 4 and extremely happy for Felicia’s success. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at anything on the internets as much as I laughed at the very first episode (well until I saw the drunk ewoks on the Halloween today show special last year). It was great seeing you guys at PCC last weekend, I hope you guys make it out next year!

  297. The first thing I ever saw Felicia Day was in Dr. Horrible. She was so good in it that I started following her on Twitter. Between you and her mentioning The Guild on that wonderful corner of the internet, I eventually broke down and decided to check it out.
    Best. Decision. Ever.
    My geek levels went up +10 watching each episode. I especially loved it when your character was introduced and that he got such a good story. Happy to hear we will be seeing more of him (and you) in S4.

  298. Choobanicus says:

    Interesting comment, eh?
    Preamble- I’ve never done pen and paper roleplaying until the time of this story. Well, at the tail end of March this year I drove north for three hours to attend the Hi-Ex comic convention in Inverness. On the way there, I listened to the D&D podcasts you were part of. While there, I played the Judge Dredd RPG and on the way back listened to more D&D.
    I now play Deadlands every Monday night at my local games store. Thanks, Wil, you’ve made me even more of a geek! πŸ™‚

  299. scifideb says:

    Question. If someone ( and I mean me) has not seen The Guild before can they start watching with season 4 and be able to follow it?

  300. Wil says:

    You can, but you'll *really* be missing out on a lot of cool stuff.

  301. Court says:

    I love your radio free Burritos. I listen to them while I am at work. Its rather quiet in the office and need something to listen to. I am estatic that season 4 of The Guild is coming out, and can’t wait any longer damn it! This sucks that I couldn’t enter the drawing because I was no where near a computer on my vacation to Tennessee and got back after Memorial Day.

  302. Aerynkelly says:

    For what it’s worth, it’s really easy to catch up on all of the seasons. I first found out about The Guild when they had just put up episode 1 of season 3, and I watched all of seasons 1 and 2 that evening. The episodes are short, so it’s not hard to do. Plus they’re on dvd now!

  303. David_b says:

    I’m reading this on my phone so it’s a bit hard to go through all the comments but you were credited in red dead redemption. Your name is under crowd voices I think. I also don’t have my manual here

  304. My wife and I are an senior couple who have used (successfully, I might add) all three seasons of The Guild, your podcasts, and also Memories of Future Past Vol 1 as training materials to help us better understand our adult children. Yesterday, our daughter said, Dad, you’re cool, you really get us! Then she borrowed $40, but later the same day jumped on the phone with those weasels at Verizon and negotiated our cable package down to a reasonable price and set of channels without losing the Mythbusters channel (the channel has another name but it’s not important).
    Our children are not dicks. We can’t tell you–although suspect you know–just how cool that is.

  305. EthanTudorW says:

    Hey Wil, it’s a Sad day here in the Neverhood, Legendary broadcaster Dr. Demento ends his Radio Broadcast….what a
    bummer, end of an era…..People like him, Wolfman Jack and a whole HOST of others (You Included) have inspired me to do what I do…I guess he will keep his Web Broadcast, he was always ahead of his time maybe it’s where our media is going. -Ethan Tudor W.
    The NeverHood Show

  306. Yes.. so. Second listen, first comment! I read your blog as well, though for the life of me I’m not sure where I found it. Regardless, it’s very fun to read.
    I can’t even think of anything witty to say, I am wondering if my FB profile picture is going to show up on my comment. If so, all I really CAN say is…
    Use the Loofah.

  307. Lily says:

    Hey, great interview with Felicia! I seriously can’t wait to see season 4 of The Guild and would also love a signed season 3 (if I’m not too late)! Cheers

  308. Skotte says:

    I wanna know what was said just before fFelicia Day said “We should probably cut that out as a spoiler.”
    It’s a fFunny thing, spoilers. Like, I don’t wanna know, but I do, but I don’t, but I do. I like to get the inside information about what’s yet to be seen. But I also want to experience it when it happens with everyone else. I want to be part of the event, breathing it in as it happens! But I also want to know just a little more about the event than anyone else in the room!
    Spoilers are weird that way.

  309. edr777 says:

    Finally…after days of interesting music, musings and many dings of your magic bell I have caught up to all of the episodes of RFB after being a complete n00b to your site. I surely thought I would have some witty comments…but I’m kind of overgeeked at the moment, so I’ll just say I can’t wait for the next show! πŸ™‚

  310. Hey Wil, a while ago you talked about printing a book of tweets, this site might fit the bill:

  311. Jamie Boyle says:

    What a fantastic first RFB to listen to. Glad I’ve added it to my subscriptions.
    My best criticism is a huge thank you for realizing that it is a pre-recorded medium and you can go back and change things after the fact. I’m also imagining that you have paused recording and looked things up before continuing down the path of idiocy.

  312. So, I actually found this podcast (and your website) through watching The Guild and I first read that little intro bit on your old website, then travelled over to typepad and now I’m here.
    So do you use GarageBand to edit? I know you mentioned GarageBand sound effects at the end of the episode, so… I’ve been dicking around with Garage Band–reading some stories out loud as if I were a podcaster and playing around with edits.
    So, your interview with Felicia was awesome, so thanks for doing that. You rock. (Although your character in the Guild is an asshole. But a pretty rockin’ asshole. Hm.) Also, because I never saw Star Trek, you will always be Fawkes to me. I don’t know if that’s bad or good. You tell me.