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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Five

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

It's a relatively quick show this week, but it sure was amusing to me while I made it.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then wash your hands, comb your hair real nice, and


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20 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Five”

  1. Johnzo says:

    Hurray!!!! I almost had to tweet you to say I burned through all my weekly podcasts during a particularly long Monday at work and that a RFB podcast would be a healthy dose of sanity. You are right on the ball sir.
    Good luck at PAX, I’m sure you’ll be great!

  2. I was just talking about the Personics tapes with a friend a day or two ago. Couldn’t remember the name, though. Wow.

  3. Thiefree says:

    I can’t believe you used to write IF! I don’t know why that surprises me, I guess I’m just a little shocked that we had something in common even when I was 13. That’s when I started getting into text adventures, and I did even write my own.
    I used a platform called ADRIFT that’s free to download even now, and the only game that ever made it to the public eye was called “Crazy Old Bag Lady.” Despite how buggy, linear, and small it was, I was proud of it. I still am. COBL marks the pinnacle of my game-writing career thus far.

  4. Ross Bennett says:

    Happy to note the moral of today’s Radio Free Burrito is “Don’t be a duck.”

  5. Wil says:

    Holy crap, that's really, really funny. I wish I'd thought of that!

  6. Ross Bennett says:

    Well, I had to stop and fold laundry, so I haven’t gotten to the end yet. You might still!

  7. As500 says:

    Wow, Wil, you must have some kind of mystical ability to make an RFB that lasts exactly the length of my lunchtime walk!
    Thats kind of like a third sense?
    Thanks man!

  8. DM² says:

    Damn I’ve got some catching up to do as far as RFB is concerned! Between my Stepdad being hospitalized three times in the course of two weeks, his 2 million Doctor’s appointments and my stubborn assed Mom wandering off to Crazytown, I needed a break from virtual world for a bit so I could take care of the crap that’s going on in 3D world. But this is just pure escapism pleasure, so I can’t thank you enough for cranking out the Burrito each week because it’s just so much fun to listen to!
    I remember those stores at the mall that made customized tapes, but I was too broke to ever really get one made. But I *do* remember my first cassette recorder radio that I would just sit and wait for a cool Tears for Fears or Depeche Mode song to come on and then quickly have to push down the record button so I could make my own ghetto mix tapes. It used to piss me off so bad when the DJ would start talking over the end of the song, I wanted to kill them when they did that!
    Your “Get off my lawn!” rant about the shitty commercials they have today was quite humorous. You better watch your step, man, people will start to think you’re old! Sort of like how you’re STILL one year, two months and two days older than me 😛
    Yes, I broke it out again, sue me. It never gets old to me and since I can’t make it to PAX on Friday due to unbelievably bad luck/timing, your presence on the East Coast without me being able to attend the event demanded that reminder. In your next episode of RFB, please do tell everyone about how you got stuck in the most uncomfortable seat on the plane next to a screaming baby that wouldn’t shut the fuck up for five hours. Because I’ve heard of a conspiracy amongst the airlines that all have this thing called the “Wheaton Rule” to ensure that this happens to you every time you visit the East Coast. Hee.
    Loved the Coree Carter and the Hepcats song. I’m definitely going to need to hunt that down. The first bar joke is one that I’ve heard quite a few times but it definitely holds up. The second joke, not so much. Early keynote draft just reminded me what I’m going to be missing on Friday. If that’s your throwaway material, then your final draft must be totally full of win. You are an excellent storyteller, old pal, and I really hope that one day that I’ll get to see you do it in person. Hope that you and Anne had an awesome dinner, and good luck at PAX East =]

  9. Julian says:

    Hi Wil
    Great to hear you’re still watching Doctor Who. Where are you up to? The new season with Matt Smith starts here in a couple of weeks. Getting quite excited about it. I hope to see you when I come over to Phoenix for the Comicon. I may have a little Who treat for you.
    Take care

  10. Stacey Cahan says:

    Wow. Personics. I thought I was the only one who remembered those. I was always broke at the time, so was never able to make one, but I always coveted.
    This is exemplary of my experience pretty much every time I listen(I remember that commercial!, e.g.), since I was an off-again-on-again Los Angelean up through high school, but this time I had to pause the podcast and take a moment. Thanks, man.

  11. karohemd says:

    I don’t think there was anything like Personics when I grew up in Germany. My early mix tape music came from the radio on my ghetto blaster (remember those?) or my gran’s stereo system (I only got my own stereo when I was 16).
    In Germany those days, there was only public (i.e. state owned) radio so the choice wasn’t great but when the wind blew from the East, we had good reception of a youth radio station from the GDR called DT64 which played reasonably progressive music from both East (incl. some awesome Heavy Metal with German lyrics) and West. I still have some of those tapes.
    Yep, it’s all about the story (and fun for the players) for me, too.
    I’m currently planning a pulp campaign in Spirit of the Century which uses a variant of the awesome FATE system (in itself a variant of/expansion upon FUDGE).
    It combines my need for cinematic roleplaying and a character generation system that doesn’t rely on numbers and therefore eliminates munchkinism and minmaxing. Basically, most of the stats are descriptive.

  12. Kim Ackerman says:

    Just thought I’d let you know this episode isn’t downloading either. Same thing as usual – timing out after getting about 20-40% though. Still haven’t been able to get the last episode either. Makes me sad and also stabby at the internets (or mostly iTunes).

  13. Just a note of thanks for RFB. And for not being a dick. And for making my otherwise-boring work day a little less so. Here’s to a bulldozer free day.

  14. radlilim says:

    You are the only person I have ever heard say “War Hammer Forty Thousand”. I’ve always heard it said as “War Hammer Forty K”. Any idea why? Where did you learn it that way? Maybe it’s a Midwest vs. West coast thing?

  15. JCB1978 says:

    That duck joke wins big time! This was a great episode…just what I needed. Sorry to be so late to the party. Wishing you a safe and fun trip to PAX. The best, Wil. =]

  16. Hey Wil, I caught your keynote at PAXEast and thought it was fantastic. I could only attend Friday, so my time there was limited, but it was the one thing I had highlighted as “Do Not Miss”. The essence of your speech (“We’re all in this together”, if I may paraphrase/summarize) was made readily apparent when I came back to work this morning. I miss PAX already. I wish it were every month instead of 12 long months away (I know it’s 5 until Prime, but that’s out of my budget). Alack and alas…
    Until then, like the innards of a tauntaun, I have the Burrito to keep me warm. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hi Wil. I just discovered your podcasts and all I can say is WTF took me so long? OK, look I was one of those Trekies (yeah I said it) who HATED Wesley, and, stupidly by extension, your own august personage. I could claim the follies of youth as I was a mere cub of 18 (Christ has it been that long) when TNG premiered, but that’s the coward’s way out. Let me say instead that I’ve seen the light.
    I loved this my man and I can definitely feel the olde radio love you’re bringing. I couldn’t add you to my Google reader any faster without breaking a finger so you’re not sending this stuff into the void…unless you count the one between my ears.
    Oh yeah…f’n funny duck joke, but please tone it down. I laughed so hard I nearly woke the kid.

  18. Mendou says:

    I’ve finally caught up with all the RFB episodes!
    I love discovering the real person who played characters that I crushed on *mumblemumble* years ago. You’re a totally cool dude, Wil. Makes me want to brave a ‘con or two. 🙂
    Anyway, your 2008 Halloween podcast put me in mind of this mash-up. The link is below, I hope you get a kick out of it!

  19. Wow you are one odd person *wink*. An adorable geek. I liked this radio free burrito *The word burrito is making me hungry btw*. I could do without the music, just its not my cup of tea. Its different though, and I can’t complain thinking outside the bun. Ha! Maybe you should take it a step further and do XM radio. Then I could listen in my car on my hour commute to work.