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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Four

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

It's one of those shows where I talked for an hour, and feel like I didn't say anything at all.

Also, I am aware that the tags are screwed up and the feed doesn't validate, so unless you're grabbing RFB from iTunes or getting it directly here, it's a giant hassle to get it. I am aware of this problem, but it's a gigantic pain in the ass for me to correct it, given the tools I have available to me. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and I'm very annoyed by it, but I can make a podcast, or I can be a bug-squashing code monkey. I can't do both, and I quite frankly prefer making the podcast.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then roll initiative and…


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74 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Four”

  1. Starting to listen to it now. I get really excited when I hear that Lord Buckley clip.

  2. pojut says:

    Where I once was empty, now I am full…with Burrito.

  3. Thankya! Long night of comic booking ahead, and this’ll be the perfect soundtrack (well, for that hour anyway).

  4. Lhocke says:

    I immediately thought of tribbles when you started talking about aliens spawning when you shoot one with a ray gun

  5. “I want to hear more about the delve!”

  6. Trey_bushart says:

    Right there with you on the D&D tools being Windows only. It’s one of the few things I actually will Boot Camp into Windows for, and it plays reasonably well with VMs like Parallels and VMWare Fusion (printing from a VM doesn’t want to work for reasons unknown yet).

  7. Teri Nolan says:

    We missed you! Enjoyed the episode muchly, and only wish I wasn’t on the wrong coast for EECC and too far south for PAX East. Btw, I got excited and made something because of YOU!

  8. Gravatix says:

    First time Burrito listener and hearing your Delve story made me giddy and then sad that I have nobody to play D&D with around where I live. Certainly nobody who could come up with something that put its hooks in my like that. I also felt that certain kinship feeling at hearing that you were into Warhammer… or at least painting the minis, which is exactly what I did. I never really did play the game much but the stories and settings in the books were awesome. Anyway, keep up the excellent work and look forward to hearing more…

    …Space Wolves Rule!

  9. RandallGlass says:

    great having you at #ECCC Wil. no need to apologize about rockband: having fun > perceived performance.
    the DST couldn’t have helped (i was wiped out before even getting to the show).
    next year you need to convince this guy to attend.

  10. Teri Nolan says:

    and…. “I want to hear more about the delve!”

  11. Wil was a great DM and a lot of fun to play with. We had a great team of players and had a great time.
    Thanks again Wil.

  12. When you talked about the most important thing in a game for you being the story and your desire for your delve players to roleplay, I couldn’t help but think of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to add it to your Netflix Watch Instantly queue right now. I thought it was going to be a badly filmed, poorly acted, amateur production, and it definitely is, but it’s also wonderful and funny and really makes me wish I had the time and the friends to get into pen and paper RPGs. And also made me never want to play a bard. Ever.

  13. Hysterogenic says:

    DDEEEELLLLLVVVVVEEEEEE! Must have more! Must have now!!! Or at your earliest convenince!!!!!!
    I have never played D&D, or any type of role playing game. I was I think too much of a mindless popular sheep when I was younger to dare delve into those, now that I’m older, Awsome things. I really enjoy hearing about how your first time setting something like this up, and it makes me want to show up one saturday at my local comic shop and sit down and give it a go. My brain needs to escape and be creative.
    My brain and I thank you in advance

  14. Danyiel says:

    Christ, Wil! As much as I love the fact that there’s a new Burrito and I finally managed to resolve the issue with iTunes not automatically downloading it for me (it’s still in the process of downloading), I’m going to save this episode for tomorrow (actually today, just later on) because it’s already past 3:30 AM here and the episode is almost an hour long. Yes, I realize that I’m one to talk because of how lengthy my replies tend to be. It sure is good to have my old pal Wil Wheaton and the Burrito back, though. More verbal diarrhea to come later on after I’ve actually listened to the podcast :=]

  15. Matev7 says:

    @wilw, this is Navemgnoll here, (The Human-Deva Fighter /spoilers) I’m amused you remembered the Gnoll’s head trophy and that you enjoyed mine and Agamemnon’s (His actual name eludes me.) back and forth. You were an awesome DungeonMaster and I certainly hope to get an opportunity to do something like that again. As an experienced RPer, I was impressed by how everything tied together neatly.
    Also, tell’ em about the delve, there was so much win (and fail) in there it can’t be contained. =D
    Matt aka NavemGnoll Cleaver

  16. Bookwyrm says:

    Wil, so glad to see you put out a new Burrito. I was needing my fix! I would LOVE to hear more about the delve and I am sure that many others will to. You might be surprised.
    I am waiting with bated breath to hear where in the midwest Wootstock is coming. I have my fingers crossed it will be somewhere near and I can go.
    On a side note, and this may seem odd, but I was happy to hear you say my name correctly in the thanks portion. Not many can say “Aleyna” correctly with out help. I keep telling people that it is spelled phonecitally but they just look at me like I’m speaking Greek.

  17. karohemd says:

    So everybody on TNG wore muscle suits? Were the women “enhanced” as well? That’s false advertising! 😉
    I love the detail you put in your delve and especially the characters. Almost seems a waste for a dungeon crawl but you were lucky in having awesome players who picked up on it.
    If you do that sort of work for a one-off, I’d love to see one of your campaigns.
    Have you ever played Wraith, the World of Darkness RPG? I loved it because you needed to flesh out a full character background or you couldn’t actually put down stats on the sheet. I ran a short campaign and the first two evenings in which everybody died and made their way into the Shadowlands were some of the most intense roleplaying sessions I’ve had the pleasure to witness.
    Excellent burrito and definitely not too long.

  18. Julian says:

    Thanks Wil for another great Podcast! It’s made a cool start to my day off.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in Phoenix.

  19. Amy Elk says:

    Nevermind *hearing* more about the Delve…I want to PLAY the Delve. WAAAAAAAANNNT! *goes to email her friend in charge of Dragon*Con gaming to see if we can get Wil down to run it.*

  20. Add me to “I wanna hear more about the delve!” chorus.

  21. Hey Wil,
    I’m struggling to download this weeks episode. It keeps timing out at 53%. I’ve tried through the site, through iTunes and everything but it still won’t let me download it. Any chance you can look into it?

  22. Barry Holmes says:

    More Delve++
    I love to hear about others adventures. They help feed my DM needs.
    I don’t play 40k any more, but I still paint GW and Reaper minis, usually for my D&D games. Currently working on some of the new plastic minotaurs. Very nifty models.

  23. More Delve! I’m a DM, and I occasionally runs delves for my friends — I know how much work it is, and I love hearing about the choices that other DMs make.

  24. Hekate180 says:

    I really enjoyed this, first time listener (how cliche), I enjoyed this so much the narrative of the delve was so evoking.
    I could smell the forge in hammerfall and see the street with the store all cobbled and with a white shield sign with red edging.
    I was wandering along on my way to work aware of my goofy grin as it took me back to that squeeky voiced teenager who used to play AD&D every weekend in my living room that was myself.
    As per the hatred of the Ultramarines you questioned, I may be able to assist as at that exact time I was cutting my teeth at games workshop and freelance writing for the studio.
    This was asked in meetings and the core answer for the “hobbyists hatred” of the Ultramarines – okay maybe hate is a strong word lets go with dislike was.
    1 Everyone played them, they are like the shirt everyone wears as its “cool” so they became cliche.
    2 They were an easy paint job for younger players who usually put the kits together all to a uniform position and standard and either (a) daubed them in blue THICKLY, or (b) spray painted them.
    3 They became because of this the very young players army in the stores as it was 8+ on the game if you visited a gaming store with live games and heard shrieking it generally came from the blue corner.
    because of this they seemed to become the ultimate “bad thing” to play and instantly lost you “playing peer” points.

  25. Wil says:

    Sadly, I can't come to D*C because it is in direct conflict with PAX. Thanks for the bumper, though!

  26. Wil says:

    That's really weird. So far, you're the only listener who has had a problem like this (that I'm aware of.)
    Everything looks okay from my end. Maybe try again later today? Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  27. Great podcast, as always. Looking forward to your keynote at PAXEast.

  28. Looks like it was a problem with my works internet connection as it’s downloaded fine on my machine at home. Thanks fore replying anyway.

  29. Michelle Fry says:

    yay! Loved this weeks podcast! I was the dwarf cleric in your delve and I had a great time. You are an amazing storyteller. Getting to be in your game made Saturday one of the best days I’ve ever had. Also thanks for calling out my Codex outfit in the podcast! It was a lot of fun to make.

  30. TSC says:

    So… Wil… you know that thing about stealing from everywhere shamelessly for your D&D games? I think Gabe stole that from you. Shamelessly:

  31. Wil says:

    I think it's just coincidence, or a case of great minds thinking alike.

  32. Fitzbubba says:

    Wil, I was chuckling at the Amana spot. There was a scene in last season’s “Mad Men” where they were doing a commercial like that and seeing how many facts they could squeeze into the spot. I’m seeing the listener trying to scribble down all the facts as fast as they rattle them off.

  33. Rayzilla69 says:

    …and don’t forget to catch more Wil on podcast…

  34. TSC says:

    Oh, I know. I just prefer to read drama into everything – makes life more interesting.

  35. Glad to see this new RFB! And one hour, 5 hours, I don’t care. Make em as long as you feel you should! Btw the radio show ECCC promo was a nice thing while waiting for this new show.
    As to possible new BFF (I hate that expression!), for me, he/she would be someone listening to RFB 😉
    Brent Spiner was right btw, you were tired. You said the improv trick thing twice (kinda, but in different words) 😀
    I am so sad that I haven’t found people around here that play D&D. I haven’t played it before but I have been always interested. I guess I should try harder to find em.

  36. Re REM .. I was the same age I expect when I have my REM memories. Maybe. Age 17-19 doing my Art A-Level (UK thing). Working in the art-room with the smell of clay and oil paints and the silly crush I had to on 2 guys who were in the year above me. In awe of them too. But they used to play REM on the cassette player when they were in there and it was where my love of REM began. I can’t even remember the songs .. just the creative atmosphere there.
    Also .. I love to hear you read. I remember listening to Terry Brooks – Armageddon’s Children on CD. All 20 hours or something of it on 2 epic car journeys. It’s the only really long audio book I have ever listened to and was read by Nick Landrum. I loved it and couldn’t read Terry Brooks after that becuase it just didn’t work on paper for me any more. Have you done any audio books other than your own?
    Also .. yes I saw ‘muscle shirt’ … which I felt was very wrong and thought you must have had a ‘moment’. I put it down to that. K. babble over.

  37. This was my favorite RFB yet (almost all of them are my favorite RFB yet, actually), and I’d love to hear more about the Delve.

  38. Erik Jensen says:

    Heya Wil. GREAT episode this week! I definitely needs more delve. I always find it fascinating to hear how DMs prepare and what techniques work and don’t work.
    Sounds like you DM a lot like I used to: furious and copious notes and details on EVERYTHING. It takes wayyy longer, but I found it more satisfying, and I think my players did too. Better DM’s than I however, seemed to learn how to really wing it without so much prep, but I never felt comfortable doing that.

  39. So the elf’s father’s name was “Lay ’em all?” 🙂

  40. Wil says:

    Yeah, he had the most fearsome +1 sword you've ever seen.

  41. Amy Elk says:

    My pleasure! Thanks for playing it; that made my day. Oh well, D*C was worth a try anyway. Silly calendar getting in the way of my fun!

  42. Loved this episode (and no, I didn’t think it was too long at all)! I’d just like to join the “MORE DELVE” queue. Pretty pretty please?
    Oh, also, thrilled to hear the ECCC will be three days long next year! I had to miss out this year for financial reasons, but you’d better bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be among the masses for 2011. Hopefully there’ll be another delve then… ?

  43. Pandorasdad says:

    Great show! Not to long and rambling at all. I actually scared a co-worker from laughing.
    I want to hear more about the Delve. Even without playing, it started off as a hell of a story!

  44. Regale us, please, with more of your tale of Dungeon Delving and let me live vicariously thru your brave and stalwart adventurers!
    You’re a great storyteller, Wil. And it’s been too long since I’ve campaigned. My ears burn to hear the rest of the session. (I, too, am more the roleplayer than the number cruncher.)

  45. I’ve had a similar problem. The server kicked me off. But, I tried again and again and it finally worked. booya!

  46. Hi everyone,
    Maybe this is old news, but there is an interesting, and at times philosophical, 4E adventure podcast at Major Spoilers called Critical Hit.
    Latest episode:
    These guys started with character creation and have worked their characters up a few levels.

  47. Hdibner says:

    Though many previous posters share my sentiment, I don’t know what you’d qualify as “enough” comments so I’ll add my voice to the chorus and say
    More Delve = Very Yes.
    Funny you should mention getting excited and making things and Aeofel’s epic death in the same podcast. It just so happens I’ve been working on an art project that combines the two…and may result in the nerdiest piece of art ever.

  48. MikeN says:

    I’m totally with you on music evoking a vivid sense memory. For a couple of school summer holidays I listened to the music of The Doors pretty much on a loop. Even now hearing those songs for me evokes a strong memory of lying on the floor of my room as I scribbled ideas for ‘Call of Cthulhu’ rpg scenarios into my school exercise books or playing Bards Tale on our old Amstrad computer 🙂

  49. Mike Turner says:

    Just listening to you talking about Warhammer… my sister’s a sculptor for Games Workshop (Trish Morrison), wonder if you’ve painted/gamed with any of her miniatures?
    You should try and get yourself over to a UK Games Day sometime.

  50. Huzzah for the 40K shout-out. The Emperor of Mankind approves of the Burrito.
    And like Mike Turner sez; I’m sure me and the Black Library crew would be happy to VIP you into Games Day, should you ever visit our shores.

  51. radlilim says:

    “I want to hear more about the delve!”
    Hearing you talk about painting 40K figures brought me back to one summer during college when a friend paid me to paint his Eldar army because I didn’t have a job. Good times.

  52. And now I have to go buy the soundtrack to Braid, don’t I?

  53. WIl, I’ve listened to a few now, and the Memories too, and I *really* liked the Delve stuff in this one. You should podcast more about it – sounds like a good story so far.

  54. Paulv says:

    I would love to hear more about the dungeon delve. Especially the details about what took it from good to awesome and what the tile was you designed the end around, etc.

  55. Paul Seul says:

    THAC0 ruined D&D almost as much as discovering girls did.. Thanks for bringing back the REM memories though, I think we had the same teenage life, well, except they didn’t want me to be the updated Space Hippy on TNG…

  56. I *loved* being fed the burrito. I listened to it while doing shopping around the city and was distantly smiling the whole time. To be honest, when you said they know Omin Dran, they were not the only ones to gasp.

  57. Belassiter says:

    I definitely want to hear more about the delve.

  58. I want to hear more about the delve!

  59. Just as an aside, as great as Wil was as a DM, I think he would be a KICK ASS player. The kind that a roll-play focused DM dreams about. His love for the game is obvious and I think he would really lift up the roll-playing of the entire group.
    If any of you folks get the chance to partisipate in one of Wil’s games, you should definatly go for it.
    -The Half-Elf Warloc.

  60. Me too, it gets to about 85% and then breaks off. iTunes downloads the episode up to a point, and then it just vanishes.
    Similar things happened with some of the older ones, too, but since I was catching up on *every* burrito before N° 18, I didn’t bother being bothered.

  61. (iTunes says error 3253, if that’s any help)

  62. This was one of my favorite Burritos so far. I loved every second of the Warhammer and D&D talk. I was just over at the Fantasy Flight website & caught this preview article for their upcoming 40k RPG, Deathwatch, that you might dig: (I’d the link due to a question mark in the article’s URL.)

  63. Kim Ackerman says:

    I’ve had the same problem for the last two burritos – both itunes and direct download will time out or error at the same point. The last burrito finally downloaded after about three of four days of trying pretty constantly, but this one still hasn’t been successful. I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one to have this problem!

  64. Ph_factor says:

    oh, please…more of the Delv….mine kept stopping every now and then, but it could have been my browser, when I moved the mouse it would start again.

  65. Phil73805 says:

    Hi Wil, I know you mentioned it at the end of RFB24 but what was the piece of music you closed with? You said something about Braid? I’m not familiar with the reference but the music was beautiful and I’d like to get it off iTunes.
    Oh and I just realised that I posted my comments on RFB24 on your blog site without realising that I should have posted it here. Sorry.

  66. Wil says:

    There should be a link in the shownotes.

  67. Phil73805 says:

    But of course there is…*facepalm* Thanks Wil, sorry to have bothered you. It is an astonishingly beautiful piece of music.

  68. Jeff Brunner says:

    Wil! What an excellent podcast this week. I want so badly to play in a Wil Weaton D&D event. Please, PLEASE give us more about your delve.

  69. Twine says:

    Thanks Wil – this was AWESOME. I love it when you ramble. You had some great insights on creativity in there.

  70. I don’t know if this is an immoral thing to ask, but could someone maybe upload the file to Sendspace or a similar site?
    Because I’d still love to listen to it, but haven’t found a way to get it (CasheViewer doesn’t show it for some reason, and disabling the firewall didn’t fix the iTunes problem).

  71. I’m behind and only listened to this today, and I was so, so, so happy when I heard the “Braid” music at the end.
    I was also glad to hear about more w00tstock dates. Know what I would love? A w00tstock in Atlanta. I bet you could sell out Variety Playhouse for it, and my support for this theory is that Jonathan Coulton’s/Paul and Storm’s last show there sold out, as did the TMBG show a few weeks ago.

  72. nevermind, it finally worked!

  73. pitmonkey says:

    +1 to more delve.

  74. Banzai says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I love it when you get all rambly. Seeing you on great shows like Big Bang Theory and Eureka has been great. Your blog posts about working on those sets & shows is great. More Burritoness is only more sauce.