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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-one

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

I must say, I'm pretty proud of my ability to get this one out on time. If I keep this up, I may have to remove the phrase "infrequently updated" from the show's description.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then keep your electric eyes on me and 


p class=”asset asset-audio at-xid-6a00d8341c59aa53ef0128770accbc970c”>Download Radio Free Burrito Episode 21!

43 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-one”

  1. Lmurawski says:

    The art is present. Can you set the genre (podcast) and date mp3 tags also? Keep up the great work.

  2. Phil73805 says:

    I’m still catching up with Memories of the Futurecast, I can’t wait to get started with Radio Free Burrito. Please do chase up your publishers and/or the Kindle store to get your books available on it.

  3. mimi~ says:

    I’m not smart today. Just how does one ‘feed the burrito’?

  4. Wil says:

    Theres a little button up at the top right corner of the page for people who want to throw some change into the hat, if they want to do that sort of thing.

  5. karohemd says:

    First things first, I assume you have heard of the Gamers Help Haiti bundle on DriveThruRPG? For a lousy $20 you get a whole load of gaming PDFs (and a few mp3s) worth over $1,500. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and they’ve already raised over $129,000!
    I’m so with you re having fun while playing games without winning. The majority of what makes a game for me is having fun with friends. It seems to be a trend, too, because more and more cooperative games become available.
    Argh, muzak.
    The volume of the Dancing Barefoot section is rather low compared to the rest of the podcast but it just about works. Lovely and sad story. Thank you.
    If you were to produce an updated/annotated audio version of Dancing Barefoot, I’d buy it.

  6. DarkSir says:

    Good timing! I was a few hours away from posting a reminder about getting with Yuri and Tara about doing a podcast about voice acting. 🙂 I’d had a reminder set on my phone since early December.
    Haven’t finished the podcast, but will when I drive home from work. Love it when you talk about games. We picked up Pandemic and the expansion shortly after you posted about it, and we’re loving that.

  7. karohemd says:

    and here’s the link to the bundle:
    (I made you a link but typepad eated it for some reason)

  8. Ryan says:

    If I was local, I’d totally go somewhere to hear you do a reading of your book(s). I was at PAX and went to the Awesome Hour (3rd row seats thanks to my friend, an omeganaut). It was awesome, one of the best panels I saw. Definitely hope you do it again next PAX and I can avoid waiting in line for days just to see it.

  9. grkjf says:

    A very moving RFB; it triggered memories of my now deceased grandparents and of time spent as a child in their home. Some sadness as I do miss them, but also much happiness in knowing I’ve shared my life with these wonderful and loving people.
    Thank you.

  10. Brian T says:

    yay it’s radio free burrito time!

  11. Nothing is better as an author reading his own stories…
    You made me cry this time.
    Thanks for RBF!

  12. Bill says:

    I’m a fan, and all I can do is give you my own opinion.
    Don’t try to “change the writing” in DB. It reflects who you were then. I’d be concerned that, in trying to fix it, you’d lose the story you were trying to tell.
    I have all of the books, and of course I can see how your style “improves” over time, but DB is as good of a book as the others.

  13. tee says:

    between Houses in Motion and Neil’s cat Zoe, I’m all tears today. But it’s good, that’s life and that’s love.

  14. Rob Chambers says:

    Wil, You made me cry. That’s a good thing, kinda. You know what I mean. I had an aunt like that. I know exactly how you feel/felt.

  15. Wil,
    Another great episode, thanks for sharing that story this week – beautiful.

  16. msfayzer says:

    Loved it as always. Houses in Motion was very touching. I remember the first time I read it in Dancing Barefoot and just sobbing. It was nice to hear you perform it.
    I also think that picture you linked is darling. You look like you think you are very slick for getting a kiss, lol.

  17. Wayne Hughes says:

    Hi Wil, I just wanted to tell you about the odd thing that happen. This episode of RFB ended (Very moving by the way) and Itunes pick from my library Willie Nelson’s “Always on my mind” to play next. Not your cup of Earl Grey I know music wise but the parallels between your RFB story today and the song are striking. Just thought I share that with you.

  18. Thank you for this weeks RFB, and I often am having fun gaming without winning – have you tried Times Up! I bet you and all your geeky actor friends would love it.
    Very emotional story – thank you for reading it, I loved it when I first read and hearing you read it makes it so much better.

  19. Lharbron says:

    Beautiful story, Wil. I’d definitely come see you if you toured around reading!

  20. Nearfargone says:

    Non-competitive gaming is the cornerstone of Play, it makes me giddy to hear your appreciation. It takes courage to play for fun, just as it takes serious courage to share intimate stories written in the past. Last year’s notebook can be a terrifying thing.
    Thank you for sharing your bravery so freely.

  21. Ross Bennett says:

    I had never heard the advice about starting out with a sad piece. Or at least I’d never heard it quite that way. But I think there’s a bigger principle at work there.
    When you show your love for someone or something, others begin to love you for it. I think when we see someone who loves, we realize they’re open to being loved, and it feels good to love that kind of someone.
    I cried today, too, Wil. It was a good cry. You say it was sad, and yes. But it was also beautiful.
    Thumbs up for Aunt Val, and all the Aunt Vals.

  22. Wil that was a great story, but I was in no way prepared for how it would effect me. As I was listening to it I was overcome with a memory of standing in my grandaddy’s workshop after he died. That was the place that I always associated with him; it always smelled like his pipe tobacco, even years after he stopped smoking. As I was listening to you tell your story, and my own memories were coming back, I could smell that smoke just like I was standing there again.
    This story has just wrecked me this morning. If I had known how much this story would get to me I would have never listened to it at work. I was fighting back tears the whole time.
    Thank you for sharing your memories and bringing back mine.

  23. MikeN says:

    Wonderful story Wil, I’d read it in DB but your voice really conveyed the emotion in the story. i felt bad because you had to open yourself up to the grief again but I appreciated your bravery in doing so.
    I’m a big fan of Rock Band and I thought of your comments as I was in a music store today. I spotted books on the shelves that had guitar tabs for “music from Rock Band / Guitar Hero”. Anything that can drive kids to seek out ‘new’ music can’t be bad.

  24. Andy says:

    Thanks for this, I was excited to get RFB 21 downloaded (you’re becoming quite the regular feature of my week, you know) and was listening to it in the car on the way to work today. Was not prepared for ‘Houses in Motion’ at *all* and had a tear in my eyes the whole time. You have ‘the gift’ of a great storyteller, in that you firmly put the imagery of what you are describing into the listener’s mind. I only started reading your blog and listening to your podcasts on New Year’s Day, but you’ve had me nodding in agreement and contemplating my own family history a whole bunch of times already. I guess where ‘Houses’ works so well, is that you tapped in to the collective (I presume) childhood memories of staying with an elderly relative and having the *best* time (and as you note, getting away with things – like watching ‘grown-up’ TV – more than with your parents). You really got me thinking about my Grandma, probably for the first time in several years at least (my bad), how much I missed her, and also how my 13 year old bratty self *didn’t* seem to miss her as much as my 39 year old self does (my bad, again).
    +1 on the ‘Dancing Barefoot’ audiobook. You’ve got this listener’s purchase already lined up.
    Thanks Wil, and have a good day.

  25. aichambaye says:

    Oh Wil.
    I just sat for the last half hour in my office eating my lunch and sobbing. I’m sure my eyes are read and my face is all blotchy, and my nose is running and all. Een talking about it is making me tear up again.
    Thank you for sharing such an honest and emotional story. I miss my Granny and my Pa so much now.
    I’m sorry I can’t be more articulate, but I have to pull myself together. I look forward to next week.
    Heather Mbaye

  26. Rick says:

    Hey, Wil,
    That was beautiful. I’ve had many family members pass away in the last few years, but your touching tale of your feelings for your Aunt helped punch a hole in my pain shields and let me explore the happy memories. Thank you for sharing that bit of yourself.
    Rick Tetrault
    Starbase 66

  27. DarkSir says:

    By the way, I’m definitely interested in a Dancing Barefoot Audiobook 🙂 Even if it’s just to hear you read the entire Vegaspants story.

  28. Widowspider says:

    Thanks for a touching and honest podcast, Wil. Like many others, it put me in a reflective state of mind remembering my uncle, who passed away when I was 20, and my grandfather, who died suddenly at the age of 85 when I was 21. Some fond and funny memories came back to me, and I am grateful that you helped me remember them.
    Will try and feed the burrito again soon – I was lucky to get three of your books for my birthday in December (I already read them all) so I like being able to contribute even in a small way towards supporting the art you produce for us. Thanks!

  29. Donna says:

    Very touching. I’ve had more family members pass away over the last couple years than I think is fair for any one person, and this definitely struck a cord. Done the ‘clear out Grannie’s house’ thing and the ‘Nana’s house’ thing, and others, and it’s always bittersweet.
    I now live in my Mom’s house, which I inherited after she passed away, and which I contemplated selling many times. It’s difficult to let go of memories, but it’s also so difficult to hang on in a way that honours their memories and doesn’t piss others off. I obviously don’t know the story behind why your cousin sold the house, but I can say I can’t blame her. For the first few years after my Mom passed if I moved a knick knack or changed a room layout I offended at least one person who thought I wasn’t honouring her memory or was trying to ‘change things’.
    Way to make me bawl, is all I’m saying =) You know a good writer when…

  30. VacaBoca says:

    Awesome RFB, moving and a great investment of my listening time… count me in on buying a Dancing Barefoot audiobook were you to make one available. I just bought the Just a Geek and Happiest Days of Our Lives audiobooks, and am really really really enjoying them. THANKS!

  31. Rachel says:

    Fantastic Radio Free Burrito! I recently lost a member of family and your reading this week struck just the right cord. Thanks for bringing the awesome and making me smile with your memories.

  32. Wil,
    This week’s reading was touching. You expressed how we all feel when we lose someone we love. The sorrow and joy in your voice when recalling your memories strikes a chord in me because I don’t have very vivid memories of my childhood, not because it was terribly bad but because it was terribly average. Thanks for bearing your soul.

  33. Wil,
    Thank you so much for sharing this story. It reminded me once again, to not take anything for granted.
    Thank you!
    Sweet Chuck

  34. Kristen says:

    I am most definitely not a nerd because it took me this long to figure out there is a comment section to each podcast *facepalm*. Annnnnyyyways. Thanks so much for sharing such a deeply emotional story. I definitely know the feeling of not only losing the person but the house where the memories you made are connected with and it is nice to know you are not alone with these feelings even though you feel like that at the time. Thank you so much.

  35. Rebecca says:

    I love the podcast… The picture you linked is absolutely priceless!! Brings back such memories of being a teenager. Like all teenagers, I thought life was so hard… if I only knew how tough being an adult would be I think I would’ve enjoyed it more.

  36. Jim Galovics says:

    That was wonderful. Please give regard to reading the whole book.

  37. Ethan Tudor W. & Yolanda says:

    Hey Wil, man your show keeps rolling along. You inspired ME ! I have been doing a Pod-Cast on “The Neverhood”, we did a show yesterday about filmaker Mike Jittlov (The Wizard Of Speed And Time) and we have MEENO PELUCE (Yup, the guy from “Voyagers”) on at 10am next week. You mentioned once that you were a fan of that show, you should call in. We will be LIVE. My point is, Wil, YOU inspired me to do something more on the web, thanx man, I love RFB and you introduced me to a new hobby on the web! Come visit the show next week and chat up Meeno. Details below. -Ethan Tudor W.
    Meeno Peluce.. Actor/Photographer.
    Hey folks, just letting you know that on Monday, Feb. 8th at 10AM, Meeno Peluce, star of the hit TV (And now DVD,) series Voyagers! Will be with us LIVE here in “The NeverHood”
    at, Meeno will be stopping in to say Helllo, and talk about some of his photography projects he has going on, and what he SEE’s thru that lens
    of his, It’s another day in “The NeverHood”.! We will be taking calls LIVE AT 347-324-3691. Come, Enter– Wander The NeverHood…. hosted by Actor, Ethan Tudor W.

  38. Wil,
    I just listened to this again this evening. My heart sunk as I listened, as I was reminded of when my maternal grandparents’ house was cleared out. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and highly emotional story.
    Russell (@PrayForAidan)

  39. Mark says:

    Sir, you made me want to start crying at work as I listened to this podcast while unloading a truck at a department store. Lifting heavy things, crying amongst almost nothing but women, it would have ended badly for me I think. I haven’t had to go through the emotional trauma of losing a close relative, and yet you managed to convey all the feelings I know I’ll have in the future when my grandparents start going.
    Also, you have convinced me to start off any book I may write with the saddest story I can tell.

  40. Todd says:

    Great ep. Thank you! A few weeks ago, I had asked for permission to play RFB episodes on our shoutcast server, between the times when we were doing live shows. Since then, a few of our shows have gotten sponsors, so there are advertisements on the stream when their shows are on. We do not charge for the shows, but I was not sure if having adverts on shows adjacent to yours would violate your CC license. I have pulled the repeats of RFB for now, just in case. Can you let me know your feelings on this? (Sorry for putting this here, but it is the only way I know of reaching you) Thanks!

  41. Holly says:

    Thanks again for a great podcast. That was a fantastic story, and what made me cry, was how much you loved her. I am glad i don’t work direcly with customers….. that could have been embarrasing.
    I appreciate you honesty. Can’t wait for the next show.

  42. RachaelKay says:

    Beautiful, evocative storytelling, as usual. Thank you for sharing this with us. I haven’t read Dancing Barefoot yet but it’s on my wishlist and this really makes me want to read it even more. And yet I’m almost glad my first exposure to it was listening to it here, because I almost think hearing it in your voice will be better somehow.
    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is one of my favorite albums of all time, too. That little snippet of Moonage Daydream you used totally reminded me of listening to that album (on vinyl, and I still have it) over and over again when I was in high school.

  43. Julian says:

    Wil. Your story about your Aunt Val is wonderful. I have read it so many times, both years ago on your blog and in Dancing Barefoot. It comes straight from the heart. It also mirrors perfectly in my life with my Aunty Peggy.
    As for putting together a show and taking it on the road? I would come over from the UK just to see that! Well, I actually did just that last year when I came over to Phoenix. I really don’t think you need to worry about your audience numbers. You have so many readers.
    Take care