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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Three

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

It's a very brief episode this week, because I've just been too busy to cook up a proper burrito.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then shuffle your Mystic Warlords of Ka'a deck and…

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36 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Three”

  1. XDiablis says:

    Why did you have to throw that Doctor Who bit in at the end!? I’ve been having serious Who cravings for weeks, specifically for “Blink” no less, and you had to dangle that juicy stake in front of me.
    Ok, now that the dramatics are over, great episode. I love hearing behind the scenes stories, even if I don’t really watch the show.

  2. Thanks for the episode! It’s great to hear that those stories (me and the boss are BOTH stuck at the light??)… hope the acting n writing go well, looking forward to the products of them AND more full-length RFB! Keep it up, kiddo!

  3. karohemd says:

    Hi Wil, thanks for making the time for this week’s episode.
    A really nice anecdote, thank you. If you get permission to do a full production diary, I’m so there, because it’s fascinating to read/hear how TV production works.
    Have fun!

  4. Vmivey says:

    Wil, you’re awesome! Deafening- girly shrieks of happiness ensued when I saw you on “The Big Bang Theory,” and I’m ecstatic to know you are returning. Thank you for making me toe curling happy.

  5. JCB1978 says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to update us on your greater than awesome day!! Haha, that will forever be a fun memory to look back on about parking in Leonard’s spot.At least it wasn’t “sheldon’s spot”. =]
    You more than deserve all the great things you have going for you. I am just as excited for you. Can’t wait till your episode airs. Have fun working on the Big Bang. Man, I wish I were you. =]

  6. Mlegower says:

    SYSK is a great podcast. Also, I recommend Comedy Death Ray Radio with @ScottAukerman (and frequently @PFTompkins) for alternative comedy fans.

  7. aichambaye says:

    Glad you posted a new Burrito today. A friend is over here, and we all listened. She says that podcast has made her have a little crush on you! LOL. We love Evil Wil Wheaton on TBBT.
    By the way, Bad Astronomer posted Wil vs Sheldon in technobabble. I voted you, hands down, because you’re a real boy, Gepetto!

  8. Good story… I just wonder though… if the odds are as astronomical as you think. For a rather small pool of people to be heading to the same place at the same time… I don’t think they are as high as you think.
    Just saying. 🙂

  9. Mike Sperry says:

    Waitaminute… you use a famous quote from Lord Buckley ( at the beginning of every RFB, but you don’t know who he is?
    I’m shocked.
    Also, go see

  10. Aerynkelly says:

    So my question from this is: how long will you wait at a light (that is obviously not going to change) before just going on the red?

  11. TSC says:

    Okay, you know how you say that you enjoy listening to podcasts by people who are very interesting to you? That’s why I listen to RFB, MotFcast, and the D&D podcasts.
    Yes, this is just gratuitous praise, but you deserve it. Pat yourself on the back, sir.

  12. Wil says:

    Yep. I just thought it sounded cool. Thanks for the link!

  13. Wil says:

    That's really kind of you to say. Thank you.

  14. Danyiel says:

    Hee. Loved the story immensely. You totally cockbolocked Johnny Galecki’s car, stole his parking spot and then proceeded to channel Sheldon Cooper to him in your conversation with him. That’s some pretty funny shit, man! And you’re right, podcasts are fun, both to listen to and participate in. I was fortunate enough to do one with an industry insider a while back and I had a blast doing it. It’s crazy how you can do a podcast with someone out in Lala Land from the comfort of your home on the East Coast via Skype.
    I’ve listened to Hardwick’s a couple of times and he is a pretty funny guy. Sometimes I question his sanity, but it’s all good because I happen to speak crazy fluently. I’ll have to check out Corolla’s, but I’m not sure that he could fill the RFB void. For this being such a short episode, it was certainly entertaining, and while I’m glad that you’re otherwise engaged in other fun adventures, I hope that my “old pal” Wil Wheaton doesn’t make me go through Burrito withdrawal for too long. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to do an abridged podcast today, I mean you did make it just for me, after all. Yeah, you’re totally not going to live that comment down for a while. lol What can I say, old pal? I gotta be me, even if it is Annoying Chick from Philly™ Light.

  15. MissM says:

    I don’t use itunes to get podcasts, I use juice and rss to get the podcasts, for some reason “” doesn’t work. Memories of the futurecast rss works fine. I notice that there’s no RSS icon in the address bar also. If not for you blogging a new episode, I miss them. So please continue to cross the streams. Love your work, and can’t WAIT for the new BBT.

  16. Oh Wil Wheaton how I have missed you (though not obsessively so). Today’s Burrito was just sweet and short but lovely. Am going to hunt out the recommendations now.

  17. Im a fan, been following you on Twitter for some time now. Now im quite glad I took the time to listen to the Burrito. You really know how to tell a story and share the emotional/human part of the story, connecting your listeners to you and everything and everyone around you. Im looking forward to a glance back to previous Burritos and returning for the new ones.

  18. Ferrioclef says:

    I’ve found that Radio Free Burrito (usually) on Mondays and Stephen Tobolowsky’s podcast ( on Fridays turns out to be wonderful bookends to a work week or a weekend, depending on your point of view. Thanks for the podcast Wil, I’m always thoroughly entertained, and I’m looking forward to the return of Evil Wil Wheaton!

  19. Wil says:

    Try instead. I think that should work across all platforms and devices.

  20. Danyiel says:

    Nope. You gave out that feedburner link before and I was all doing the dance of joy, only to find out later that it won’t make iTunes download the episodes automatically. I don’t mind downloading them manually, it’s worth the extra effort IMO, but it’s kind of a mild inconvenience. I have no idea if it’s just my system that’s rejecting automatic downloads, human error (I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I’m totally iTunes inept) or what. MotFcasts worked just fine, but methinks my iTunes has a bad case of acid reflux and rejects the Burrito.

  21. Danyiel says:

    Stephen Tobolowsky does a weekly podcast? Did not know that. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check that out.

  22. shrednfred says:

    Thanks for the burrito Wil. I was starving. Hey, I have to ask. What is that gooky music you’ve been playing at the end of each RFB. It’s so funny. It reminds me on Benny Hill or something.

  23. Chuck Bryant says:

    Hey there, sir Wheaton – thanks for the continued support and pluggage!
    When are you going to get to Atlanta for a HSW tour and a beer? And when do I get my free burrito already?!?

  24. Wil says:

    I'll bring the burrito if you bring the beer. Then we can tell the world precisely how burritos work!

  25. BustertheDog says:

    RFB!!! Love that I now have your voice to go with the blog.
    I have recently started listening to podcasts instead of the radio on my commute, too. My recommendations may not be as funny as yours but I highly recommend the BBC’s A History of the World in 100 objects. The title is an apt descriptor. A British Museum curator spends about 15 minutes with an object telling about it and thus at the same time giving a history of the world. Starts off with stone tools and moves gradually toward modern times. One episode every week day.

  26. T_kreuter says:

    Wil, for a short burrito, it was good. This could almost be like a Radio Free Taquito, for its length. But I enjoyed it a lot, so let’s leave it at that. I’m also glad that they all love you so much on set.
    It’s exactly the environment that all businesses should have, that of “Welcome back, friend. Let’s make something exciting and wonderful happen today, now that you are back.” And that’s how they greet you every day, even as a full-time associate.
    BOOM, economy fixed.

  27. Wil says:

    I'm glad you liked it. If I'd wrapped it up in something crispy, it could have been Radio Free Chimichanga!

  28. Peterjanes says:

    Wil and Spark: two great things that taste great together?

  29. Ethan W says:

    Hey Wil, HSW is freakin BRILL, mostly I listen to HSW and RFB when I’m in the car, in fact, I’m at a red light right now! You turned me on to podcasting and HSW, what are you going to bring in to my life next? Would you be willing to come on “The Neverhood” for half an hour on Monday, March 8th at 10am (PST) for a LIVE show? I think it would be fun to have you on and take some live calls from folks and talk about RFB, TBBT, and your writing if you have the 30 min. to spare. We could take a lot of calls in 30min. Give it a think Wil, if you have time we would love to see you here in The Neverhood. -Ethan

  30. Wil, do you still need and/or want bumpers/plugs for your podcast? If so, I recorded one for ya. Granted, it’s not exactly a celebrity plug, since your blog is orders of magnitude more popular than my booze blog, but I figured what the hell. You liked my tiki mission on PMOG (before PMOG died), so I thought I’d inquire. Let me know if you’re still taking them, otherwise, just keep up with the Hawesomeness.

  31. Since I tend to eat my Burritos in batches, I’m a couple of episodes behind at the moment, but I did want to say that I really enjoy your burritos, they are quite delectible. The music is always interesting and enjoyable (which reminds me, I need to go visit some show notes and grab some links) and the stories are well told. (I enjoyed your Happiest Days and Just a Geek audiobooks as well). Anywho.. enough time wasting. OH, and if it won’t break any rules to mention it, check out a band ‘Synthetic Division’ – some of your music a few podcasts back put me in mind of them..
    Long live the burrito!

  32. Critus says:

    I just wanted to leave you a comment with a brief thank you. I discovered your podcasts recently and in the process of doing so realized that I could be doing a bit more with my artistic side. I started up a podcast of my own called “The Cast In Order Of Appearance” and I’m using it as a platform to talk about my experiences growing up in the theater. It will, in all likelihood, end up being something that my family will appreciate more than anyone else but it feels good to be creating something regardless.
    I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the hell out of the inspiration. You helped me light a fire under my ass and I’m extremely grateful.

  33. Wil, I take issue with your podcast recommendations.
    The issue is that I already listen to these. (I really enjoyed the physical breakdown of engineering jokes from the Drew Carey episode of Nerdist.)
    So now, the question is; am I incredibly with ‘it’ in the nerd community, or are you in that group for which nerdly ‘it’ has changed and what is ‘it’ seems weird and scary? Either choice seems unlikely.
    Can’t wait ’til Wheaton Recurrence airs.

  34. Hi Wil. I was listening to this last podcast and want to correct you about Mango Mangue. The word “Mango” it’s correctly pronunciated (Too good to be a anglospeaker even :D); however, in “Mangue” the ‘u’ is mute. You see, in spanish, the ensamble of gu* (where * is a vowel) has the u mute for “gui” and “gue”.
    So, the first syllable (Man) it’s correct, however, the second (gue) should be somthing like the beginig of the word “ghetto”.
    It looks very respectfull of you to take the time to try to pronounce it correctly, so I figure you would like to get corrected if wrong.
    I started listening to your podcast from the last “Memories of the futurecast” and have downloaded the old ones of futurecast and Burrito. I even shout “Shut up Wesley!!” at the count of 3 with you in the car getting back home.
    – Greeting from Argentina –
    – Nacho –

  35. AmoebaMey says:

    Hi Wil! You might check out this video of Lord Buckley on the Groucho Marx show for the expanded version of the hipsters quote and the back story.

    It begins at 4:27.
    Thanks for the burrito! I am always looking forward to the next one.