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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Two

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Holy Crap, it's time for a new episode of Radio Free Burrito!

I had a ridiculously good time putting this show together, even though I didn't plan any of the stuff that ended up being so fun to create.

Show Notes:

Ready? Then stir up a Hendrick's martini with a twist and


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44 Responses to “Radio Free Burrito: Episode Twenty-Two”

  1. Matt from Canada says:

    Thanks Wil!! I just discovered your podcasts a couple of weeks ago RFB and Memories of Futurcast have been helping me get through long boring days at work
    Thanks man

  2. Brian T says:

    Yay episode 22!

  3. I’ve been looking forward to Red Dead Redemption ever since I heard Rockstar was going through with it. I put gaming aside between ages 13-18 (mostly because the Playstation crapped out after 5 years), but when I bought an original Xbox in 2005, the first game I bought and completed was Red Dead Revolver. I could not put it down. Hearing you say that you worked on the sequel makes me even more excited to play it and I can’t wait to pop it into my PS3.
    Keep rockin’.
    – Z
    P.S.- I own the soundtrack to FORBIDDEN ZONE on CD. If you want it, it’s yours. Just let me know somewhat soon if you want it and where I should send it to.

  4. JCB1978 says:

    I don’t know where to begin, so I will just say, this was one of the BEST episodes you have done, to me anyway. Me being someone who’s middle name is nostalgia, the story about your Aunt Val and her gift to you was really great to listen to. Nothing beats memories like that.
    You had me laughing hard with the ‘special’ guest segment….lol! Loved that! I can’t wait to get my copy of The Happiest Days special edition!! Gonna soon get the audio version, as nothing beats you yourself reading the stories.
    I have so many good things left to say, but I don’t want to sound goofy, so I will just say, AWESOME job! A great ending to a Monday. Thanks so much Wil. =]

  5. Shedd says:

    Thank you for this, as always, but this time you put me over the edge, and I just had to buy the audio version of Just a Geek (I’ll of course get The Happiest Days of Our Lives audio after that). While I don’t usually prefer audio books, I love your performances and digressions.
    Plus, I can’t read when sitting at my desk drawing pages of a certain Time Lord for a certain comic book company – so thanks for the work time accompaniment.

  6. Ufgood says:

    I cried during E22. It’s not fair using M Doughty to make people cry, bastard.

  7. karohemd says:

    Old mix tapes from my youth are both precious (because some contain songs you can’t get anymore) and hilarious (because there was a time I taped pretty much anything and got some real rubbish, like, dare I say it, Modern Talking).
    Your retro commercials rock. 🙂
    Damn, I wish a relative would have given me a copy of Midgard, the first original German RPG or Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye), the most successful one, but I grew up in the middle of nowhere. I knew RPGs existed but didn’t know anyone who played them so I only discovered them in ’89, in my first year at university.
    Therefore, the Lone Wolf books were my way of doing a little RPing on my own.
    “We had D&D Fever and the only cure was more polyhedral dice.” is probably my favourite line from Happiest Days (I have the audio book).
    Re: Dragon Age, I never thought much of the miniature approach to RPGs. The whole point is that it all happens in the players’ imaginations.
    And thanks for the feeder namecheck (Andreas B)! 😀

  8. DarkSir says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but since this one was delayed from last week, does that mean the one you’re doing with Yuri will be next week, and is that still happening?

  9. Jeff Smith says:

    “Nerd-adjacent” is my new favorite term.

  10. I salute your use of the term “nerd adjacent”

  11. Trickycoolj says:

    In high school I was the “nerd adjacent” girlfriend showing interest… now 8 years, two PAXs, and said boyfriend long behind me I enjoy many things nerd! You never know what you might spark. I love being the nerd in the office full of girls concerned with high fashion and shoes. 🙂

  12. Wil says:

    Yuri and I are doing our best to coordinate our schedules. It turns out that doing that is more complicated than we both thought.
    The idea is still on the list, though.

  13. RachaelKay says:

    Wanting to hear Oingo Boingo right now in your car…that reminded me of 1986, when I heard “Big Time” and “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel on the radio whilst driving around in my Karmann Ghia and I loved it so much I HAD TO HAVE THE ALBUM OMG RIGHT NOW so I went and bought it on cassette and popped that baby in the player right then and there in the parking lot of wherever I’d just bought it.
    You’re so right about the importance of saving journals and mixtapes and photo albums…I do this too, probably to a ridiculous degree because I’m all sentimental and nostalgic like that.
    Mixtapes in particular are like journal entries, stories, snapshots of a person’s life; listening to them takes you back to who you were, what the world was like then, what you liked and were listening to at a particular moment in time.
    As someone who ordered the Subterranean Press ed. of Happiest Days a while ago, I am very excited about its imminent release–but not surprised to hear about how beautiful it is, as Subterranean Press does gorgeous work. Yay!

  14. Tim K. says:

    Wil, loved this episode. I am curious though. Earlier in the archives you said you wanted to do a Burrito with Anne in it. Is that still in the works? I want to hear what your loving wife has to say about you, as I’m sure more people would agree.

  15. Wil says:

    Yep. Thats on the list, and shes into it, so we just have to produce that show.

  16. THE Wombat! says:

    Thank you Mr. Wheaton, I’m glad you had a ridiculously fun time creating this episode, ’cause I had a ridiculously fun time listening to it!

  17. We have a local *conservative* columnist here is good ol’ SW Virginia who says the same wimps who have outlawed+ dodgeball are the same ones who are responsible for the bad grades in schools and the necessity for the SOL.
    +his exaggeration
    I wish I could figure a good way of actually getting the Keep on the Borderlands again so I could start my 7 year old involved in AD&D (my version). Got a good place I can find that old module?

  18. KimJ says:

    My parents also gave me the “you can stay up as late as you want to read” deal, and somehow I still ended up more of a morning person. Of course, a lot of that growing up was always reading the newspaper with breakfast.

  19. ClayRobeson says:

    The Preacher from the Past interview had me snerking in the car on the ride home. But it also made me think you might enjoy this…

  20. DarkSir says:

    I’m glad to hear you got the AD&D books again. Did you manage to get the old artwork books, or the orange binding versions (Well, I know Deities and Demigods and Fiend Folio are original art)
    Also, you mentioned that Ep22 may be the first time you’ve run an old commercial for an existing product. I *believe* Eveready Batteries (for longer, longer, longer life) are still being made 🙂

  21. OSUTuba says:

    Awesome podcast, Wil!
    As one who used to make mix tapes by recording off the radio (I loved that I could talk all I want and it didn’t ruin the recording), I can attest to how much I miss mine. I am sure they are still floating around somewhere.
    With your mention of receiving the first D&D books from your aunt, I was taken back to my first D&D experience. I was 9 or 10 and one of my older neighbors got me and my brother to play once. We played on our back patio because there was a rule that no guests were allowed in the house when the parents weren’t home. I distinctly remember the round we played ended with a she-devil having two arrows sticking out of her left boob. Then, the Satanism stuff came out (I lived in OK at the time, where the Sean Sellers murders occurred) and the kibosh was put on playing immediately if not sooner.
    I thought I would also let you know that I took advantage of the free download of “Your Friend Wil”. Until I downloaded that, my only exposure to nerdcore has been one mc chris (who i really like). Now, I may have to track down some MC Frontalot. Oh, and I can attest to how awesome the chorus of the song is as a ringtone 😉
    In the past few months I have really started listening to a lot of podcasts and Internet radio. I have you and Memories of the Futurecast to thank for that. Now, I listen to RFB, Knights of the Guild, and Haunted Voices Radio/Air Strike Radio on a fairly regular basis. I’m currently in the process of playing catchup with KOTG so when season 4 starts, I’ll be right in sync with it 🙂 I also just watched the first two seasons of “The Legend of Neil” and thoroughly laughed my arse off.

  22. OSUTuba says:

    I am so bummed. I had this beautiful comment about making mix tapes, playing D&D for the first time, becoming a fan of podcasts thanks to Wil, and creating ringtones about “[My] Friend Wil”. I posted it and nothing happened, then I accidentally closed the tab. I think I am going to cry :`(

  23. SmokesMadBluntz says:

    Thanks for an excellent episode as always. The MC Frontalot track is amazing, it made run out (on the internet, no less) to his site and get the Final Boss CD.
    Don’t let him crush your dreams of Shellfish-Core rap! I would totally listen to that. You did indeed drop phat beats.
    Keep up the great work.

  24. Wil says:

    Ugh. Ive done that myself. Sorry about that … but thanks for listening!

  25. VT says:

    I caught up on RFB on my epic 3-hour commute last night. This episode was definitely one of my favorites. You really struck the perfect balance between music I liked, music I’d never heard before, but suddenly loved, storytelling, and commentary on life. (And it totally didn’t matter that I already knew the story.) That you had a ridiculously good time making this episode shows, dude. It rocks.

  26. Ethan Tudor W. says:

    Man, Wil, that brought back some retro memories. that one segment was like .Dickie Goodman and his 1976 interview with “Mr. Jaws”. a VERY famous recording, (Break In Records) were a big thing back in the day (Did I just say Back in the day?!) The Flying Saucer was a BIG 70’s HIT! (Now available on K-Tel!) You INSPIRE me Wil !!! My Neverhood show at Blogtalkradio is because I saw how much fun you were having ( I had Meeno Peluce on, last Monday.). I LOVE RFB, This episode is thus far my favorite. Thanks Man..Yea..we’re out here listening….-Ethan

  27. Marq says:

    Just finished listening to E22 and think it is the best one so far. Be assured that products of all involved will be purchased as a result.
    Thank you.

  28. I had a bad nights sleep courtesy of my sister so I needed the laugh, thanks Wil.

  29. Andrew says:

    The more important queston for OSUTuba is…did you dot the i?

  30. Great story, Wil. I never found the other kids to play roleplaying games with until late into high school, and didn’t really play regularly until university – but I loved your story.

  31. Karohemd says:

    Hm, any idea why the comments don’t atack here as they do on your blog? It’s a bit hard to see who replies to who…

  32. Wil says:

    I thought I had them set to threaded, but Ill go double check right now.

  33. Wil says:

    Oops. It wasn't set the same way as my bloggity blog blog. I've corrected it. Thanks for letting me know!

  34. karohemd says:

    You’re welcome and thank you.

  35. Is the iPad not something you could use to read at nights?

  36. T_kreuter says:

    I like RFB a lot, and I wonder when you are gonna do another all-music episode. I liked the Exotica/Lounge episode (DL’d Shopping for Explosives and Cocktails in Space), especially since I discovered Touch and Go.
    I also used some tax refund money to buy Happiest Days on Audiobook. I related to so much of that (well the sarcastic retorts of your sons, and your younger self being a total geek and having to reconcile that with yourself). So I got to hear the whole Portrait.
    Keep creating, and I hope soon I’ll create something just as worthwhile as you.

  37. Jason Kivela says:

    Awesome episode Wil! Now I want to see if I can find my red and blue box next time I visit my parents.

  38. Obviously I am behind in my RFB-listening, but just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation of Mike Doughty – have just bought Skittish/Rockity Roll off itunes. The albums are beautiful, brilliant, and fit my mood (and the dreary Oxford weather) perfectly.
    Thanks again!

  39. Danyiel says:

    Yeah, I know this is way late and I’m going backwards with RFB episodes but the beginning of this episode is fucking hysterical! Between the “Don’t Be a Dick!” song and the Weird Backward Message Guy From the 80’s, I was practically peeing myself. And your advice about keeping things from when you’re a teenager is just priceless, and very good advice at that.
    I myself am a total packrat, and one of the things that I cherish the most is my TNG scrapbook/episode review (yeah, total nerd here, and I’m talking actual reviews here, not snarky spoof reviews like MotF) book. It’s nothing special, really, just a three subject copybook, with random TNG related newspaper & TV Guide clippings and some really godawful episode reviews. I think I gave “The Naked Now” four stars but don’t quote me on it, all I know is that it was favorable. Uggh. Watching it through new eyes all these years later combined with your MotF review totally made me feel like 13-year-old me was a complete idiot. Which she was, but that’s besides the point. 36-year-old me isn’t much better, but again, besides the point.
    Great episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  40. OSUTuba says:

    BTW, Wil … that MC Frontalot song is awesome and I am looking forward to getting his album when it drops!

  41. JonZelie says:

    Hey, did you know that you can play/read those old Lone Wolf books online?
    I remember having one of these that I had gotten at a used book store when I was about 10 years old and playing the hell out of it.

  42. Nick Danger says:

    Thanks for bringing back a lot of memories of playing D&D in JHS. I can picture us now sitting around tables. Unfortunately for many of the people I only remember first names; Dave, Jen, Dan… But still, great times. I have never gotten back into gaming, mostly because I fear it wont be ‘as fun’ as it was when I was a kid.

  43. CampyFan says:

    LIstening to Your Friend Wil (over and over, actually) reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get some of Mike Doughty’s music. And showed me that I need to check out MC Frontalot, too. Thanks, Wil!