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We’re (almost) baaaaaaack

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So this should technically be episode 35, but it’s really just an experiment to see if I can keep making burritos, so we’re just calling it Radio Free Burrito’s Experimental Episode.


Here’s a cut-n-paste from the mothership:

I had an idea, so I tried it out. I’m publishing it now, before I have a chance to back out and change my mind.

Enjoy the Burrito!

If the embeded player doesn’t work, try this link: RFB-Experimental

8 Responses to “We’re (almost) baaaaaaack”

  1. Les says:

    Wil, thank you for making things. I like the things you make. Please keeping making things.

  2. Benjamin Guilbault says:

    I hope this means that you’ll keep making these, because I know there are lots of us out here who want to listen. Keep at it, Wil!

  3. Dylan says:

    I really enjoyed this one!

    Especially how “real” it felt… it was like you invited us into your life for twenty minutes and had a random conversation with us about whatever was on your mind.

    Side note: is there no longer a way to “feed the burrito”? I would like to put my money where my mouth is… this is the sort of thing I would pay to hear once a month!

  4. Brian Burdic says:

    im so glad your back to podcasting. I enjoy this a lot you being you. I got super excited when I knew you would be doing this again when you told Chris on The Nerdist podcast. Thank you for doing this week in and week out

  5. Alex says:

    Very glad you’ve nipped back Will. Love the format and more importantly the genuine sharing. One thing that stuck in my mind from one of your early shows was the mini rant you had about your neighbour hopping onto their lawn mower, just when you wanted to start recording – the yapping dog thing brought that memory back and made me laugh.

    Keep making things old bean 😉

  6. Rob says:

    Nobody in their right mind would have made a podcast of themselves washing dishes.

    I loved it.

  7. Sherry says:

    Not your imagination. Seamus is making up things to bark at. Have had several pets learn that going through the motions of doing the thing is the same as doing a thing. Going potty in the dark outside the circle of porch light does not mean that the task wasn’t completed, no proof either way. But still has to have the treat.
    And the cats… definitely co-conspire if treats are involved.

  8. Lauri says:

    Finally got a chance to listen to this and I’m LOVING IT! With working from home I get to feeling a bit isolated. So having someone talk “to me” helps a lot.
    This fits the bill so perfectly because it isn’t perfect, or scripted. It’s just life as it happens, dogs included.
    If you listen close you can hear me responding back – LOL.